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Los ingresos extraordinarios del Reino de Galicia en el siglo XV
Rubio Martínez, Amparo
Cuadernos de Estudios Gallegos , 2010,
Abstract: Study of the extraordinary taxes that are levied in the kingdom of Galicia during the fifteenth century. First attention is given to the collection of actual orders during the reigns of John II and Henry IV, then move on to explore other ways of collecting taxes and extraordinary contribution of the Brotherhood and its replacement, from 1498, for extraordinary services approved by the Cortes of the kingdom. Estudio de los impuestos extraordinarios que se recaudan en el reino de Galicia durante todo el siglo XV. En primer lugar se presta atención a la recaudación de los pedidos reales durante los reinados de Juan II y Enrique IV, para pasar después a analizar otras formas de recaudación de tributos extraordinarios como la contribución de la Hermandad y su sustitución, a partir de 1498, por los servicios extraordinarios aprobados por las Cortes del reino.
Irmandades, oficiais mecanicos e cidadania no Rio de Janeiro do século XVIII
Santos, Beatriz Cat?o Cruz;
Varia Historia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-87752010000100008
Abstract: the article suggests a reflection on the insertion means of the artisans in the rio de janeiro political community, during the 18th century. for this purpose it focus the artisan’s brotherhoods, considered as a socialization forms, that has as reference the catholic church and the monarchy. the expertise in the trade was a criterion for the admission, be the brothers free, freed men or slaves. in particular, are analyzed the cases of saint george’s brotherhood - that joined together basically the iron and fire trades - and saint joseph’s brotherhood - that brought together carpenters, masons and joiners. in general terms, the objective is to investigate the nature and the conditions of citizenship of the trades in a society of the old portuguese regime, from the relations between the brotherhoods, the craftsmen and the municipal council.
BSP' Policy of Social EngineeringAn Evaluation
Rajbir Singh
Golden Research Thoughts , 2013, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: The BSP is a social movement along with a political party because political and social reforms are two wheels of the same vehicle and absence of any one of them would bring the vehicle to stop. Both are equally needed. The BSP planned for Bhaichara Banao rally in all Indian communities from time to time. Party wanted to make brotherhood among all castes which are exploited and oppressed.
Retno Hastijanti
Dimensi : Journal of Architecture and Built Environment , 2002,
Abstract: Saminist is Saminism followers. Their culture based on the history of the Samin's rebellion against the Dutch. In 1940, The Dutch exploded Saminist cleansing. For saving their life, the Saminist then made an unwritten-agreement among them to undercover and blend in the middle of society surround, and always assumed the society as sedulur. This unwritten-agreement became their way of life and was reflected in their settlement. This research is qualitative-phenomenology research and using meaning-translation method for analyzing the exclusive space of the Saminist settlement. It had been found that sedulur concept anticipated the formed of exclusive space of Saminist settlement. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Kaum Samin merupakan sekumpulan orang pengikut Saminisme. Budaya Saminisme, berlatar belakang sejarah pemberontakan Samin Surontiko melawan penjajahan Belanda (1890). Pada th.1940, Belanda melakukan 'pembersihan' Kaum Samin, sehingga jumlah mereka menyusut dan tercerai berai. Demi keselamatan mereka, Kaum Samin membuat kesepakatan tak tertulis untuk menyamar dan membaur dengan orang disekitar mereka dan selalu menganggap orang sekeliling mereka adalah sedulur. Kesepakatan tersebut tidak hanya menjadi konsep hidup mereka tetapi tercermin pula dalam permukiman mereka. Melalui penelitian kualitatif-phenomenologis dan penggunaan metoda penerjemahan makna, dilakukan analisa terhadap ruang eksklusif pada permukimannya. Dan terbukti bahwa konsep sedulur mengantisipasi terbentuknya ruang eksklusif pada permukiman kaum Samin. Kata kunci: Kaum samin, Konsep sedulur, Ruang eksklusif.
An Empirical Study on the Contribution of Foreign Trade to the Economic Growth of Jiangxi Province, China  [PDF]
Yuhong Li, Zhongwen Chen, Xiaoyin Wang
iBusiness (IB) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2010.22022
Abstract: In open economy, development of foreign trade greatly impacts on GDP growth. Adapting simple regression for researching the relationship between foreign trade including total export and total import and GDP growth of Jiangxi province, with the collected 30-year statistical data from 1978 to 2007. The result indicates that foreign trade has contributed a lot to the GDP growth of foreign trade and still has great potential to be tapped. There is a positive correlation between the foreign trade and GDP. And import has influenced Jiangxi province’s economic growth more and more. Finally, the paper points out that in order to maintain the economic growth, Jiangxi must unswervingly implement the opening-up policy and be aware of trade protectionism.
Prevailing Somatotypes and Their Contribution Rate to the Coordination Abilities among the Students of the Physical Education College  [PDF]
Aman Khasawneh
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2015.53022
Abstract: This study aimed at identifying the prevailing somatotypes among students according to academic year for males and females, as well as the differences among the frequencies of those prevailing somatotypes. It also aimed at identifying the contribution rates for the somatotype components to the coordinate abilities. A sample of 286 students were chosen, 176 males and 110 females, from the students at the College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, using stratified random sample method. The results indicated that the Mesomorphic Endomorph somatotype was the prevailing one among males, whereas the Balanced Endomorph somatotype was the prevailing one among females. The results also indicated the existence of differences in the frequencies of somatotypes represented by the prevalence of the Mesomorphic Endomorph somatotype and its difference from the rest somatotypes for both males and females. The study revealed also that the Endomorph somatotype contributed effectively to constant balance and agility among males, whereas the Mesomorph and Ectomorph somatotypes contributed effectively to dynamic balance and agility among females. The researcher recommended the necessity for considering somatotypes when selecting students, who had the Mesomorph somatotype or the Mesomorph and Ectomorph one. He also recommended the necessity of benefiting from this study’s results through informing those concerned to have their mechanism and take the required procedures in order to limit the spread of the Endomorph somatotype among students and improve the Mesomorph through certain training programs.
Fame in Psychology: A Pilot Study  [PDF]
Adrian Furnham
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2018.96078
Abstract: An opportunist sample was asked to nominate nine psychologists under different categories. Participants, all qualified psychologists, reported finding the task both challenging and engaging. There was little agreement between participants with a number of nominated psychologists appearing on different, sometimes contradictory, lists. Ideas for a more serious and systematic study in the area are suggested.
Athina Lampridi-Kemou
Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals , 2011,
Abstract: Before the third Egyptian revolution in early 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood was considered the only real opposition capable of challenging the hegemonic government of the Egyptian regime, owing to the popular support the organisation enjoyed; much greater than that of the opposition parties. However, change has not come through the Brotherhood, but through the Egyptian people themselves. In all these years that the Brotherhood has existed on the Egyptian political stage, neither its significant logistic and economic resources nor its dominant role in opposition politics have contributed to any change in the country’s power structure. The aim of this article is to show that the policies adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood in their interaction with the Hosni Mubarak government – both when they were in confrontation and in phases of accommodation – have only helped to maintain the status quo, and that they have, therefore, constituted a centripetal force with respect to the regime. This analysis may also offer a few clues as to the organisation’s future behaviour.
Os pardos forros e livres em Vila Rica: sociabilidade confrarial e busca por reconhecimento social (1747-1800)
Daniel Precioso
OPSIS : Revista do Departamento de História e Ciências Sociais , 2008,
Abstract: This article consists of theanalysis of some aspects of thesocial fight of the pardos, linings orfree, to obtain the social recognition.Locus of analysis will be theBrotherhood of S o José dos BemCasados dos Homens Pardos de VilaRica. For in such a way, we recoupwills and the inventories ofconfrades, letters for addressed themto the Overseas Advice, as well asthe statutes and books of thebrotherhood, aiming at to trace thesocial profile of two of itscontrollers.
The baroque in the ornamentation of the 18th Century brotherhood compromises in Brazil ///// O barroco na ornamenta o dos compromissos de irmandade no Brasil do Século XVIII
Ant?nio Wilson Silva de Souza
Cultura Visual , 2012,
Abstract: O estilo Barroco se manifestou em variadas express es da arte brasileira durante o século XVIII e princípios do XIX, exibindo aspectos estéticos hoje melhor compreendidos como variantes regionais que muito contribuiram para o entendimento, tanto das particularidades do estilo, quanto do eixo fundante que o estabeleceu como express o artística peculiar no Brasil setecentista. Todavia, pesquisas recentes têm favorecido a compreens o da extens o dos domínios do Barroco, pondo o Desenho no seu raio de abrangência. A ornamenta o dos documentos do Brasil do século XVIII apresenta características de projeto gráfico centrado numa concep o estética preponderantemente barroca, sustentada, ademais, por um requintado tra o que, na maioria dos casos, n o fica a dever a nenhum dos mais habilidosos desenhistas reconhecidos pela História Geral da Arte. Destacando de modo especial o elevado nível de elabora o conceptiva e técnica dos ornatos dos Compromissos, sob uma ótica descritiva e analítica, no presente texto, p em-se em relevo as características do Desenho ornamentativo setecentista, bem como seu entendimento enquanto tradutor da estética e da mentalidade barroca luso-brasileiras. ///// The Baroque style manifested itself in diverse expressions of Brazilian art during the 18th century and beginning of 19th century, showing aesthetic aspects that are understood better nowadays as regional variances which contributed a lot to understand the distinctions of the style and the founding axis that set it up as a peculiar artistic expression of Brazil in the 18th century. However, recent researches have favored the comprehension of the full length of the Baroque domination placing the Design in its proper scope. The adornment of the 18th century Brazilian documents shows features of graphical design centered in an aesthetic conception that is predominantly Baroque supported by a refined trait that in most of the cases owes nothing to any talented designers who are recognized by the General Art History.Highlighting the high level of conceptive elaboration and the technique of the ornament ofthe liability under an analytical and descriptive optical in this text, the features of the 18th century ornamental Design are emphasized as well as its understanding as the translator of aesthetics and the Brazilian/ Portuguese Baroque thinking.
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