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The Hole in Holistic Patient Care  [PDF]
Connie Drury, Jennifer Hunter
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2016.69078
Abstract: Throughout its history, the nursing profession has claimed to provide holistic patient care, which is defined as bio-psycho-socio-spiritual care. Today, however, many nurses do not feel comfortable with the “spiritual” element of care and are uncertain about their professional role in the assessment and delivery of spiritual care. Discomfort and avoidance of attending to the spiritual needs of human beings creates “a hole” in holistic patient care. Contributing factors to the “hole in holistic patient care” include: 1) blurring of boundaries in the language and definitions of “spirituality” and “religion”, 2) insufficient attention to definitions of spirituality and spiritual distress; 3) confusion and role conflict with professional identity among disciplines related to responsibility for spiritual care; 4) insufficient education and skill development for nurses and other healthcare professionals in the assessment, intervention and appropriate referral of patients experiencing spiritual distress. The purpose of this article is to explore the history of holistic nursing as it pertains to the human dimension of spirituality and conclude with practice models for spiritual assessment and spiritual care that can “fill” the hole in holistic nursing care.
A General Framework For Determining the Temporal and Evolutionary Dynamics of Religion-Based Website Popularity on the Internet  [PDF]
Michael R. Golinski, Connie Petersen
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2012.24052
Abstract: Religion-based websites are fast becoming a major pipeline for disseminating religious information to broad populations of individuals in the United States.Both mainstream religions and fringe religions are easily accessible to a large population of internet users. The purpose of this review is to develop and examine a general framework that uses simple mathematical and statistical models to interpret and measure temporal ‘snap shots’ in the popularity of religious websites. We extend this framework to include an evolutionary model that has the potential to predict long-term shifts or changes in the popularity of religious websites over time. Ultimately, the goal of this review is to introduce a new modeling framework for research into how the internet is changing the accessibility and views of populations of individuals who follow various religions on the internet and how this may in-turn affect the distribution of religion in the ‘real world’.
Connie Susilawati
Civil Engineering Dimension , 2005,
Abstract: The opening of free market in 2003, leads into the stridently escalating business competition both in domestic and global market. The company, therefore, is trying to win the competition by obtaining ISO 9000 certification which can be applied in the construction business. The purpose of the research is to investigate the reason, the obstacles, the gap between expectation and reality of using ISO 9000, as well as the main priority to be implemented in the company. This research uses survey on contractor companies in Surabaya and Gresik which has implemented ISO 9000. The statistical results show that the main reason to implement ISO 9000 is to increase consistency and to improve its quality. Meanwhile, the main obstacle is time constraint to complete the implementation. Companies still need to increase customer satisfaction and attend on customer focus principle to increase the quality of their outcomes. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Akibat terbukanya perdagangan bebas di tahun 2003, persaingan bisnis makin meningkat tajam baik di pasar domestik (nasional) maupun global (internasional). Salah satu upaya perusahaan untuk memenangkan persaingan dengan peningkatan mutu produk atau jasa adalah mendapatkan sertifikasi ISO 9000 yang dapat diterapkan juga dalam bisnis konstruksi. Adapun tujuan penelitian ini untuk mengetahui alasan, hambatan, perbedaaan antara harapan dan realita, dan prioritas utama ISO 9000 yang harus diterapkan oleh perusahaan. Penelitian ini menggunakan survei terhadap perusahaan-perusahaan kontraktor di Surabaya dan Gresik yang sudah menerapkan ISO 9000. Hasil analisa statistik menunjukkan bahwa perusahaan menerapkan ISO 9000 terutama agar mencapai konsistensi dalam pelaksanaan dan memperbaiki mutu. Sedangkan hambatan terbesar yaitu waktu yang diperlukan untuk melengkapi penerapan. Perusahaan-perusahaan kontraktor tersebut masih perlu meningkatkan kepuasan pelanggan dan menerapkan prinsip fokus pelanggan sebagai prioritas utama untuk meningkatkan mutu perusahaan.
Connie Susilawati
Civil Engineering Dimension , 2001,
Abstract: Dormitory is a very important facility which have to be provided by a university. A survey to Petra Christian University’s students has been conducted to understand the required facilities and their financial ability. Linear programming has been used to calculate number of rooms and area of each facility which could satisfy the constraints and to obtain optimum profit. Number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and area of each facility, such as: living room, dining room, common room, cafeteria, book shop, mini market, phone booths, sport facilities, and parking space are recommended. Since the investment is financially feasible, the dormitory could be built in the future.
Connie Susilawati
Civil Engineering Dimension , 2002,
Abstract: Petra Christian University plans to build a Student Center, which functions as a place for students to gather in an informal meeting, a place for student activities, and a place with social and cultural facilities for students, but still fit with the purpose of the university. To prepare a more suitable plan for the students as the main users, their voices should be considered. A survey to 1087 students has been done to gather their voices. This study evaluates level of need and level of importance of the room that will be provided in the Student Centre. The level of satisfaction of the existing facilities’ size has been evaluated to the student guild. This study has recommended rooms under seven categories which have to be provided, such as: rooms for student union, academic support, administration, social, religious rooms, commercial room and some complementary rooms Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Universitas Kristen Petra merencanakan untuk mendirikan Student Center yang merupakan tempat berkumpulnya mahasiswa dan sivitas akademika dalam pertemuan informal, tempat aktivitas mahasiswa dan tempat yang menyediakan fasilitas rekreasi, sosial, dan kultural sesuai dengan dasar dan tujuan universitas. Agar perencanaanya lebih sesuai dengan kebutuhan pengguna utamanya, yaitu mahasiswa, maka pendapat mereka perlu menjadi bahan pertimbangan. Untuk mengetahui pendapat mahasiswa telah dilakukan survey kepada 1087 responden mahasiswa aktifis dan non aktifis. Studi ini menilai tingkat kebutuhan dan tingkat kepentingan dari ruangan yang akan disediakan di dalam Student Center tersebut. Mengingat sebagian ruangan-ruangan tersebut sudah ada, maka dilakukan juga evaluasi kepuasan pengguna ruangan terhadap luas ruangan yang diwakili oleh aktivis mahasiswa. Hasil akhir dari penelitian ini adalah rekomendasi ruangan yang perlu disediakan dapat dikategorikan sebagai ruangan untuk organisasi mahasiswa, ruang penunjang akademik, ruang spriritual, ruang administrasi, ruang sosial dan dilengkapi dengan beberapa ruang komersial serta ruang pelengkap.
Weight and age at puberty and their correlations with morphometric measurements in crossbred breed Suffolk ewe lambs
Ferra, Janine de Campos;Cieslak, Silvia;Sartori Filho, Roberto;McManus, Connie;Martins, Carlos Frederico;Sereno, José Robson Bezerra;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982010000100018
Abstract: the objective of this study was to identify and to correlate parameters that characterize puberty and estimate the age and weight of suffolk ewe lambs in mato grosso do sul. this study was carried out with twenty-two suffolk ewe lambs for 256 days. blood samples were collected from the jugular vein and centrifugated and the plasma were stored at -20°c until analysis of progesterone (p4) concentration by radioimmunoassay (ria). the morphometric measurements included: head length and width, body length, elbow height, chest perimeter, back-sternal diameter, croup length, width and height, cannon bone perimeter and shoulder and hip width, using a tape. the animals became pubertal when the plasma progesterone concentration was >1.0 ng/ml, at 34.1 ± 5.2 kg and 39.5 ± 8.5 weeks of age. meanwhile, the lambs that did not reach puberty (37.7 ± 11.4 weeks of age) were lighter. the morphometric measurements has medium to low correlations with age and weight at puberty.
Breast cancer-induced angiogenesis: multiple mechanisms and the role of the microenvironment
Nancy Boudreau, Connie Myers
Breast Cancer Research , 2003, DOI: 10.1186/bcr589
Abstract: Like most solid tumors, breast cancers require new blood vessel growth (neovascularization) if they are to grow beyond a few millimeters in diameter [1]. The new vessels not only help to meet the growing metabolic demands of the tumor by supplying additional nutrients, but also provide potential routes for tumor dissemination and metastasis.In breast cancers, tumor-induced angiogenesis is first evident at the pre-invasive stage of high-grade ductal carcinoma in situ. In this instance, a characteristic rim of microvessels is formed around the ducts that are filled with proliferating epithelial cells [2]. As the tumor continues to progress, so does the degree of neovascularization. Not surprisingly, poor breast cancer prognosis has been shown to correlate with increasing microvascular density or production and with factors that stimulate new vessel growth [3,4]. Accordingly, an extensive body of research has focused on identifying the factors in the tumor microenvironment that promote and support angiogenesis, with the hope of limiting neovascularization and ultimately tumor growth and metastasis. Moreover, anti-angiogenic therapy is particularly attractive, because, unlike the tumor cells, which are genetically unstable and can rapidly acquire resistance to many therapeutic agents, the normal vascular endothelium does not harbor mutations that would facilitate acquisition of drug resistance. Both strands of research are reviewed in this article.In normal, quiescent capillaries, the endothelial cells are in contact with a laminin-rich basement membrane and a 1- to 2-cell-thick layer of supporting pericytes. During angiogenesis, the connections between the adjacent pericytes must be weakened and the surrounding basement membrane must be degraded. Endothelial cells re-enter the cell cycle and invade the surrounding stromal matrix; this invasion is facilitated by the integrin adhesion receptors [5]. The endothelial cells begin to resynthesize a basement membrane, which p
Mammalian cells lack checkpoints for tetraploidy, aberrant centrosome number, and cytokinesis failure
Connie Wong, Tim Stearns
BMC Cell Biology , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2121-6-6
Abstract: Primary human diploid fibroblasts with intact cell cycle checkpoints were used in all experiments. Synchronized cells exhibited G1 arrest in response to division failure caused by treatment with either cytochalasin or the myosin II inhibitor blebbistatin. The role of tetraploidy, aberrant centrosome number, and increased cell size were tested by cell/cell and cell/cytoplast fusion experiments; none of these conditions resulted in G1 arrest. Instead we found that various drug treatments of the cells resulted in cellular damage, which was the likely cause of the arrest. When cytokinesis was blocked in the absence of damage-inducing drug treatments no G1 arrest was observed.We show that neither tetraploidy, aberrant centrosome number, cell size, nor failure of cytokinesis lead to G1 arrest, suggesting that there is no tetraploidy checkpoint. Rather, certain standard synchronization treatments cause damage that is the likely cause of G1 arrest. Since tetraploid cells can cycle when created with minimal manipulation, previous reports of a tetraploidy checkpoint can probably be explained by side effects of the drug treatments used to observe them.Cell cycle checkpoints preserve genome integrity by monitoring the fidelity of DNA replication and segregation. In mammalian somatic cells, the best-characterized checkpoints are the DNA damage/replication checkpoints and the mitotic spindle checkpoint. The DNA damage/replication checkpoints result in cell cycle arrest if DNA is not fully replicated, or is damaged [1]. The mitotic spindle checkpoint results in cell cycle arrest prior to anaphase if the spindle is not properly assembled [2].There is also evidence that defects in events relating to cell division itself can result in cell cycle arrest. Lanni and Jacks [3] and Casenghi et al.[4] found that mammalian cells that had adapted to microtubule depolymerization and exited mitosis without undergoing cytokinesis arrested in G1 of the subsequent cell cycle. Kurimura and Hirano
Jakob Gaarde Madsen: Mediernes konstruktion af flygtninge- og indvandrersp rgsm let
Connie Car?e Christiansen
MedieKultur : Journal of Media and Communication Research , 2001,
Tv-nyheder fra hjemlandet – integration eller ghettoisering? Om transnationalisme og nyhedsforbrug
Connie Car?e Christiansen
MedieKultur : Journal of Media and Communication Research , 2001,
Abstract: Hvilken rolle spiller medierne i hverdagslivet blandt etniske minoriteter i Danmark? Lidt firkantet kan man sp rge: er mennesker af anden etnisk oprindelse mere integrerede, n r de foretr kker dansk produceret fjern- syn, end n r de foretr kker oprindelseslandets tv? Kultursociologen Connie Car e Christiansen har i denne artikel trukket nogle af pointerne op fra en unders gelse, som Danmarks Radio bestilte hos Socialforsk- ningsinstituttet om netop nogle af ovenst ende sp rgsm l. Car e, en af rapportens hovedforfattere, analyserer medieforbruget hos etniske mino- riteter i Danmark i lyset af diskussioner om multikulturalisme og social integration. Artiklen er s ledes inspireret af diskussioner om transnationa- lisme og diaspora-identiteter.
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