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Outstanding Impact Resistance of Post-Consumer HDPE/Multilayer Packaging Composites  [PDF]
Silvia Luciana Favaro, Antonio Guilherme Basso Pereira, Janaina Rodrigues Fernandes, Orlando Baron, Cleiser Thiago Pereira da Silva, Murilo Pereira Moisés, Eduardo Radovanovic
Materials Sciences and Applications (MSA) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/msa.2017.81002
Abstract: New recycling alternative for multilayer films was successfully presented. Food packaging formed from different materials is difficult to recycle. The use of aluminum, glass, paper, paints, varnishes, and other materials in the rolling processes from plastic packaging is intended to optimize the efficiency of packaging. Nevertheless, these materials prevent the recycling of packaging because they become contaminants to the recycling process. Food multilayered packaging containing poly (ethylene terephthalate) PET, poly (ethylene) PE and aluminum was used as filler in the preparation of composites with post-consumer high density polyethylene matrix. Composites containing up to 50 wt% of filler were feasible to prepare, allowing the obtention of a material with varied mechanical and thermal properties. This feature allows the preparation of composites suitable for specific application. The addition of multilayer matter in the polyethylene matrix provided a material with excellent mechanical properties such as higher tensile impact strength (148 J/m) and elasticity (350 MPa) as compared to pure polyethylene (40 J/m and 450 MPa).
Graded identities of block-triangular matrices
Diogo Diniz Pereira da Silva e Silva,Thiago Castilho de Mello
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Let $F$ be an infinite field and $UT(d_1,\dots, d_n)$ be the algebra of upper block-triangular matrices over $F$. In this paper we describe a basis for the $G$-graded polynomial identities of $UT(d_1,\dots, d_n)$, with an elementary grading induced by an $n$-tuple of elements of a group $G$ such that the neutral component corresponds to the diagonal of $UT(d_1,\dots,d_n)$. In particular, we prove that the monomial identities of such algebra follow from the ones of degree up to $2n-1$. Our results generalize for infinite fields of arbitrary characteristic, previous results in the literature which were obtained for fields of characteristic zero and for particular $G$-gradings. In the characteristic zero case we also generalize results for the algebra $UT(d_1,\dots, d_n)\otimes C$ with a tensor product grading, where $C$ is a color commutative algebra generating the variety of all color commutative algebras.
Revista Debates , 2010,
Abstract: Public policies in education are, among other things, one of the interventions strategies most forceful of the Lula government. With respect to higher education, the expansion of federal system and too of vacancies of private institution occurred alongside to the adoption of ENEM. This article aims to analyze the policy expansion of higher education developed by the Brazilian federal government, emphasizing ProUni, UAB and Reuni. Through documentary research and literature review, and the authors' experience as teachers in a newly founded public university, the expansion is examined as a historic opportunity for the democratization of access to the university, allowing processes upward social mobility in a scenario of revaluation of the inductive role of the state.
Mecanismos de Governan a e Processos de Sucess o: um estudo sobre a influência dos elementos da governan a corporativa na orienta o do processo sucessório em uma empresa familiar Governance Mechanisms and Processes of Succession: a study on the influence of the elements of corporate governance in the direction of the succession process in a family business Mecanismos de Gobernanza y Procesos de S
BERTUCCI, Janete Lara de Oliveira,CAMPOS, Elismar álvares da Silva,PIMENTEL, Thiago Duarte,PEREIRA, Rafael Diogo
Revista Brasileira de Gest?o de Negócios , 2009,
Abstract: RESUMO O presente estudo tem por objetivo analisar a forma pela qual o desenvolvimento de estruturas e mecanismos de governan a corporativa influenciam a orienta o da sucess o e a media o de conflitos entre a família, a propriedade e a gest o em uma empresa familiar. Partiu-se da constru o de um panorama teórico focado na análise dos estudos sobre empresas familiares, governan a e sucess o empresarial. Foram considerados fatores tangíveis, como altera es na estrutura de propriedade, e intangíveis, como altera es na dinamica de rela es de poder e da esfera de influência da família. As evidências empíricas foram levantadas a partir do método de estudo de caso, por meio de entrevistas semi-estruturadas com membros da família proprietária, representantes do Conselho de Administra o de uma empresa do setor têxtil, localizada no estado de Minas Gerais. Para o tratamento dos dados, recorreu-se à técnica de análise temática do conteúdo das entrevistas e os resultados indicam que a empresa estudada apresenta um considerável avan o no sentido de implementar mecanismos de governan a que contemplem as dimens es da família, da propriedade e da gest o, auxiliando a empresa a estruturar os futuros processos de sucess o, bem como a mediar os conflitos de interesses naturalmente existentes entre os diversos stakeholders envolvidos. ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to analyze the way in which the development of structures and mechanisms of corporate governance influence the direction of the succession and the mediation of conflicts between the family, the property and the management in a family-owned enterprise. A revision was carried out initially about studies on family-owned enterprises, corporate governance and succession. Tangible factors were considered as alterations in the property structure, and intangible, like alterations in the dynamics of the power relationships and the sphere of influence of the family. Therefore, the empirical evidences were lifted from the method of case study, through semi-structured interviews with representatives of the Board of Directors, who were also members of the family. For the treatment of the data the technique of thematic analysis of content was used, showing that the enterprise presents a considerable advancement in the sense of implementing mechanisms of governance that contemplate the dimensions of the family, property and management of the enterprise. These are helpful in mediating the eventual conflicts of interests. RESUMEN El presente estudio tiene por finalidad analizar cómo, el desarrollo de estructuras
Thiago Alessandre da Silva,Paulina Mocchiutti,Miguel A. Zanuttini,Luiz Pereira Ramos
BioResources , 2007,
Abstract: Oxidative treatments, without and with assistance of a Laccase-Mediator System (LMS), were characterized in relation to their effects on the chemical composition and strength properties of the fibrous fraction of an unbleached recycled softwood kraft pulp. The LMS, composed of a Trametes hirsuta laccase extract and 1-hydroxybenzotriazole (HBT), was applied on the fibrous fraction of a recycled pulp at low consistency under continuous stirring and oxygen bubbling. Control treatments adding neither the enzyme nor the mediator were also considered. The LMS treatment caused a partial reversion of the detrimental effects of hornification. A considerable increase in the amount of carbonyl groups on the lignin structure was observed as a result of the enzyme treatment. The amount of extractives in ethanol:toluene also increased after the enzymatic treatment, and the dioxane-soluble kraft lignin underwent a noticeable decrease in its apparent molecular mass. This latter effect was readily attributed to the hydrolysis of aryl-ether bonds that survived the severity employed in the pulping process. These observations were useful to explain why LMS-recycled fibers produce handsheets with 9.4% better tensile strength than the control pulps.
Influência do lenho de tra o nas propriedades físicas da madeira de Eucalyptus sp.
Thiago Campos Monteiro,Renato Vieira da Silva,José Tarcísio Lima,Edy Eime Pereira Baraúna
Journal of Biotechnology and Biodiversity , 2010,
Abstract: The reaction wood is formed in an attempt to remain upright tree in response to the action of forces such as winds, irregular crown or slope of the land that tend to incline it. In hardwoods, as in Eucalyptus, this type of wood is called tension wood and occurs in the region of the stem facing the face of force application. Indicative of the presence of this type of wood is the high shrinkage and basic density compared to normal wood. Once the basic density and shrinkage are parameters for determining the quality of the wood, this study aimed to evaluate the variation of basic density and shrinkage of opposite and tension wood along the radius in four species of Eucalyptus sp. Four tree species Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Eucalyptus maculata, Eucalyptus pilularis and Eucalyptus urophylla, with 32 years of age, were taken from an experimental planting of the Federal University of Lavras. Specimens were made to represent the diametrical variation of the opposite of tension wood in disks cut at the dbh. The results indicate that the properties of radial, tangential and volumetric shrinkage, coefficient of anisotropy and basic density did not differ statistically between the tension and opposite wood.
Thiago Ferreira Oliveira da Silva,Carlos Eduardo Marcelino,Ana Julia Pereira Santinho Gomes
Colloquium Vitae , 2010, DOI: 10.5747/cv.2010.v02.n01.v027
Abstract: The extract of Ginkgo Biloba has been used in various dosage forms like capsules, creams, shampoos, and other forms, having multiple uses for the treatment of various diseases, one of the older drugs used and studied to date. The aim of this paper was to review the literature on the main uses of this herbal, showing various therapeutics uses, such as dizziness, headache, peripheral circulatory disorders and other diseases. Moreover, it is worth highlighting its role as a drug and as such its warnings, for example, children under 12 years and patients treated with antithrombotics. Its adverse effects may worsen the condition of the individual if there is not an interruption of treatment. Added to this the need to do an analysis to minimize the risk of possible drug interactions before starting treatment to avoid in example the interaction between Ginkgo and calcium channel inhibitors antihypertensives (nifedipine, amlodipine and diltiazem), that may increase adverse effects of these drugs.
Initial experience at a university teaching hospital from using telemedicine to promote education through video conferencing
Pereira, Bruno Monteiro Tavares;Calderan, Thiago Rodrigues Araújo;Silva, Marcos Tadeu Nolasco da;Silva, Antonio Carlos da;Marttos Jr, Antonio Carlos;Fraga, Gustavo Pereira;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31802012000100006
Abstract: context and objective: telehealth and telemedicine services are advancing rapidly, with an increasing spectrum of information and communication technologies that can be applied broadly to the population's health, and to medical education. the aim here was to report our institution's experience from 100 videoconferencing meetings between five different countries in the americas over a one-year period. design and setting: retrospective study at universidade estadual de campinas. methods: through a microsoft excel database, all conferences in all specialties held at our institution from september 2009 to august 2010 were analyzed retrospectively. results: a total of 647 students, physicians and professors participated in telemedicine meetings. a monthly mean of 8.3 (± 4.3) teleconferences were held over the analysis period. excluding holidays and the month of inaugurating the telemedicine theatre, our teleconference rate reached a mean of 10.3 (± 2.7), or two teleconferences a week, on average. trauma surgery and meetings on patient safety were by far the most common subjects discussed in our teleconference meetings, accounting for 22% and 21% of the total calls. conclusion: our experience with telemedicine meetings has increased students' interest; helped our institution to follow and discuss protocols that are already accepted worldwide; and stimulated professors to promote telemedicine-related research in their own specialties and keep up-to-date. these high-technology meetings have shortened distances in our vast country, and to other reference centers abroad. this virtual proximity has enabled discussion of international training with students and residents, to increase their overall knowledge and improve their education within this institution.
Aplica??o de emuls?es na flota??o do minério de zinco
Silva, Tiago Alvarenga Vitorino da;Carvalho, Marly ávila de;Sigueira, Marcel Guimar?es;Teixeira, Thiago Nantes;Pereira, Carlos Alberto;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672008000100007
Abstract: several approaches to the flotation of oxidized zinc ores were already studied, and according to most of the researchers, the cationic flotation with high concentrations of sodium sulfide, using primary amine as collector, has been the most appropriate option to concentrate this type of ore. in this work, the application of innovative systems of reagents to float willemite was investigated, including the stages of gangue depression, dispersion, sulfidization and zinc flotation. the flotation tests using amine emulsion with vegetable oils and diesel oil showed that the amine emulsion yielded a better flotation performance than that of amine without emulsion, besides allowing a significant reduction of sodium sulfide dosage. among the vegetable oils studied castor and baba?u coconut oils yielded reasonable results, despite not leading to the same zinc recovery levels achieved with diesel oil.
Literature review: use of xylitol for prevention of acute otitis media
Pereira, Agnes de Fátima Faustino,Silva, Thiago Cruvinel da,Caldana, Magali de Lourdes,Machado, Maria Aparecida de Andrade Moreira
International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology , 2009,
Abstract: Introduction: Xylitol is a sugar naturally found in various vegetables and fruits. Studies have demonstrated that the xylitol can be used as new preventive method for acute otitis media (AOM). Objective: To clarify the possible mechanisms of xylitol actions to inhibit the growth of otopathogenic bacteria and to describe researches that contribute for the discussion about the feasibility of the use of this sugar in the prevention of AOM. Method: Literature review based on scientific articles selected by means of the medical databases: MEDLINE, Cochrane, PubMed (MeSH) and Web of Science. Results: Studies have demonstrated the efficacy of xylitol to prevent the AOM, when it is administered five times a day in chewing gum. However, this sugar is not so effective in the prevention of AOM during upper airways infections. Final Comments: Xylitol seems to be an effective strategy in prevention of acute otitis media. However, new studies are necessary to establish ideal doses, frequencies and vehicles for the correct administration of the sugar, which allows for its utilization in the public health system.
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