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Renal Function after Major Uro-Oncologic Surgery and Dexmedetomidine Infusion  [PDF]
Marcus Vinicius M. Novaes, Paulo Sergio G. Lavinas, Grace Haber D. Pires, Ana Claudia G. de Carvalho, Renata M. B. Lopes, Regina El Dib, Paulo do Nascimento Jr.
Open Journal of Anesthesiology (OJAnes) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojanes.2013.38076

Objective: Acute kidney injury in major surgery is associated with increased postoperative mortality. This study aimed to evaluate renal function after major urologic surgery and intraoperative dexmedetomidine infusion. Methods: Thirty oncologic patients with normal renal function scheduled for prostatectomy or nephrectomy, anesthetized with combined epidural and general anesthesia, were randomized to receive either intraoperative blind infusion of dexmedetomidine (Dexmedetomidine Group, n = 15, 0.5 μg/kg load dose plus 0.7 μg/kg/h) or 0.9% saline (Control Group, n = 15) until the end of surgery. Intraoperative and cumulative 24-hour diuresis, serum creatinine (SCr), calculated creatinine clearance (ClCr) and serum cystatin C (SCys) at postoperative days 1, 2 and 3 and 2 weeks after surgery were evaluated. Results: Mean ± standard deviation values for intraoperative diuresis in Dexmedetomidine and Control Groups were 566 ± 396 mL and 298 ± 153 mL, respectively (p = 0.014). Cumulative 24-hour diuresis in Dexmedetomidine and Control Groups was 1947 ± 266 mL and 1748 ± 237 mL, respectively (p = 0.91). Mean values of SCr, ClCr and SCys were not

Extra??o enzimática das proteínas da farinha de arroz
Vieira, Claudia Regina;Lopes Jr., Carlos de Oliveira;Ramos, Camila Salles;Capobiango, Michely;Silvestre, Marialice Pinto Coelho;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612008000300015
Abstract: the enzymatic extraction of proteins from a commercial rice flour was studied in this work. in order to increase the protein extraction yield (pey), the following parameters were evaluated: enzyme type (alkaline and neutral protease); temperature (40, 50 and 60 °c); ph (9.5, 10.5 and 11.0); physical treatment of the sample (no treatment; ultra-turrax at 16.000 rpm and ultrasound at 120 w, both for 5, 10 and 15 minutes); enzyme:substrate ratio (e:s) of 5:100 and 10:100 and initial concentration of raw material (1:3, 1:5 and 1:10 w/v). the pey was calculated using the protein contents of rice flour and the extraction residues. the results showed that the best condition for protein extraction, which gave the highest pey (63.4%), was that using an initial concentration of raw material of 1:10 (w/v), no physical treatment, ph 10.5, the alkaline protease, an e:s of 10:100, at 50 °c.
Fatores de risco e prote??o à infec??o respiratória aguda em lactentes
Lopes,Claudia Regina Cachulo; Berezin,Eitan N;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89102009005000077
Abstract: objective: to analyze the effectiveness of maternal pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine and the risk and protective factors for acute respiratory infections in infants. methods: nested cross-sectional study of a clinical trial evaluating children of 139 women selected in a public prenatal care unit in the municipality of s?o paulo, southeastern brazil, from 2005 to 2006. subjects were randomly assigned to three groups: non-immunized (n=46); immunized with pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine in the last trimester of pregnancy (n=42); and immunized with the vaccine immediately after childbirth (n=45). infants were followed up for infections presumably caused by pneumococcus at the age of three and six months and nasopharyngeal samples were collected. risk factors such as smokers living in the same household, siblings and exclusive maternal breastfeeding were investigated. results: the pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine did not provide protection against pneumococcus infections. however, exclusive maternal breastfeeding until the age of six months protected infants against respiratory infections (or= 7.331). pneumococcal nasopharyngeal colonization at the age of three or six months increased the likelihood of occurrence of respiratory infections (or= 2.792). conclusions: exclusive breastfeeding for six months protects infants against presumably pneumococcal infections regardless of pneumococcal vaccination.
Principais substancias responsáveis pelo aroma de mangas comerciais brasileiras identificadas por cromatografia gasosa de alta resolu??o/olfatometria/espectrometria de massas
Lopes, Diógenes C.;Fraga, Sandra Regina;Rezende, Claudia M.;
Química Nova , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40421999000100007
Abstract: six brazilian commercial mangoes were analysed by hrgc-o-aeda-ms, viz., carlota, haden, espada, cora??o de boi, rubi and tommy atkins. all them showed ethyl butanoate as the main aroma character impact compound by aeda evaluation. the ethyl esters of 2 and 3-methylbutanoic acids are also important, the main contribution in carlota variety being 2(s) enantiomer. in rubi variety, both 2(r) enantiomer and 3-methyl isomer contributes to the caprylic fruity note observed. in four varieties, viz., haden, espada, rubi and tommy atkins, d-3-carene showed to be the second impact aroma compound presented. in tommy atkins variety, a-pinene also has a significant contribution, mainly due to its (1r,5r)(+)-enantiomer.
Principais substancias responsáveis pelo aroma de mangas comerciais brasileiras identificadas por cromatografia gasosa de alta resolu o/olfatometria/espectrometria de massas
Lopes Diógenes C.,Fraga Sandra Regina,Rezende Claudia M.
Química Nova , 1999,
Abstract: Six Brazilian commercial mangoes were analysed by HRGC-O-AEDA-MS, viz., Carlota, Haden, Espada, Cora o de boi, Rubi and Tommy Atkins. All them showed ethyl butanoate as the main aroma character impact compound by AEDA evaluation. The ethyl esters of 2 and 3-methylbutanoic acids are also important, the main contribution in Carlota variety being 2(S) enantiomer. In Rubi variety, both 2(R) enantiomer and 3-methyl isomer contributes to the caprylic fruity note observed. In four varieties, viz., Haden, Espada, Rubi and Tommy Atkins, d-3-carene showed to be the second impact aroma compound presented. In Tommy Atkins variety, a-pinene also has a significant contribution, mainly due to its (1R,5R)(+)-enantiomer.
Crian?as com implante coclear: habilidades comunicativas e qualidade de vida
Fortunato-Tavares, Talita;Befi-Lopes, Debora;Bento, Ricardo Ferreira;Andrade, Claudia Regina Furquim de;
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1808-86942012000100003
Abstract: given the multidimensional scope of cochlear implants, there is a growing need to assess clinical measures related communicative abilities and more general aspects involved in the effectiveness of treatment, such as quality of life. aim: to translate and adapt an international questionnaire of quality of life to brazilian portuguese; to apply the questionnaire in parents of children with cochlear implant to assess quality of life of children after cochlear implantation; to analyze correlations among factors related to quality of life; to analyze correlations between quality of life and clinical measures of outcome. method: prospective study in which parents of children with cochlear implants responded to validated instruments on quality of life and communication abilities. results: the translation and adaptation of the questionnaire was satisfactorily completed. according to the data, cochlear implants had a positive effect on quality of life of the implanted children and their families. observed correlations for the variable communication demonstrate a direct relationship between oral communication and other variables of quality of life. conclusions: this study makes this questionnaire available in brazilian portuguese. for parents of brazilian children with cochlear implants, lexical development(acquisition and use of words) is the variable that relates most to the quality of life of their children.
Evaluated the prevalence of dental caries in school children the public net education in Joinville (SC)
Claudia Gastaldi de M. M. Lopes CORREA,Sylvio MONTEIRO JR,Maria Dalva SCHROEDER
RSBO , 2005,
Abstract: This study evaluated the prevalence of caries and the index of CPOD in 640 school children between 6 and 12 years old of the public education in the city of Joinville (SC). The fluorinated water use of supplying (systemic and continuous method), added the dental folders, mouths washing or supplements, determined low indices of caries in Joinville. The city presented a CPOF of 2,6 to the 12 years old, what it is in accordance with the praised one for the World-wide Organization of Health.
Efeitos do laser sobre a cirrose hepática
Lima Adriana Augusta Lopes de Araujo,Melo Claudia Adriana de Sousa,Brasil Ivelise Regina Canito,Ramalho Leandra Náira Zambelli
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2000,
Abstract: O presente estudo relata os efeitos da aplica o de LASER sobre fígados cirróticos de ratos Wistar. A cirrose hepática foi induzida através da ligadura do ducto biliar. Aproximadamente vinte e cinco dias após a cirurgia inicial, os animais foram submetidos à irradia o LASER com exposi o hepática direta. O experimento comp s-se da análise morfométrica dos constituintes do fígado após 24 horas da irradia o. Os resultados revelaram maior prolifera o vascular nos animais irradiados sem altera o dos demais componentes.
Benefícios da ventila??o n?o-invasiva após extuba??o no pós-operatório de cirurgia cardíaca
Lopes, Célia Regina;Brand?o, Carlos Manuel de Almeida;Nozawa, Emília;Auler Jr, José Otávio Costa;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76382008000300010
Abstract: objective: to show the benefits of the use of non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (nppv) in the process of weaning from mechanical ventilation in the immediate postoperative period of heart surgery. methods: a prospective, randomized and controlled study was performed involving 100 consecutive patients submitted to coronary artery bypass grafting or valve surgery. the subjects were admitted into the intensive care unit (icu) under mechanical ventilation and randomized in a study group (n=50), which used nppv with bilevel pressure for 30 minutes after extubation, and a control group (n=50) which only used a nasal o2 catheter. anthropometric variables and the times of the intra-operative periods corresponding to anesthesia, surgery and cardiopulmonary bypass, as well as the time required for weaning from invasive mechanical ventilation were analysed. the arterial blood gases and hemodynamic variables were also assessed before and after extubation. results: the evolution was similar for the control and study groups without statistically significant differences of the variables analyzed except for the pao2. on comparing the groups, the pao2 improved significantly (p = 0.0009) with the use of nppv for 30 minutes after extubation, but there was no statistically significant difference in the paco2 (p = 0.557). conclusion: the use of nppv for 30 minutes after extubation improved oxygenation in the immediate postoperative period of heart surgery.
Avalia??o da degluti??o de idosos com indica??o de revasculariza??o miocárdica
Dantas, Mara de Oliveira Rodrigues Luiz;Auler Jr, José Otávio Costa;Andrade, Claudia Regina Furquim de;
Pró-Fono Revista de Atualiza??o Científica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-56872010000400004
Abstract: background: swallowing evaluation of older individuals with coronary disease referred to heart surgery. aim: to identify the characteristics of the swallowing function in older individuals referred to myocardial revascularization surgery (mr), using an evaluating protocol composed by a water test, cervical auscultation and pulse oximetry. method: the assessment protocol for dysphagia risk through a combined swallowing test and vital signs monitoring was used (padtc) - measurements of hr and spo2 (heart rate and oxygen saturation), water swallowing test with 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 e 20ml, measurement of respiratory rate and cervical auscultation. the electronic stethoscope was used to analyze the number of swallows, response time and swallowing sound classification. in the research group (rg) older individuals with heart disease who were referred to mr were included. in the control group (cg) healthy older individuals were included. results: 38 older individuals were evaluated in the rg (mean age 68 years). in the cg, 30 older individuals were evaluated (mean age 70 years). there was a significant difference for the swallowing response time in older individuals with heart disease who presented hr below 60: swallowing response was shorter for 3ml, 10ml, 15ml e 20ml. hr was lower for individuals with heart disease. no significant difference was found between the groups for the other analyzed parameters. conclusion: older individuals with heart disease presented differences in the swallowing function when compared to healthy older individuals. older individuals with heart disease presented alterations in the temporal coordination between breathing and swallowing, thus indicating risk for dysphagia.
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