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Assessing the Effectiveness of a Practice Improvement Project to Reduce Falls after Discharge from an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility  [PDF]
Jun Zhang, Jamal Khan, Claudia Echaide, Karen Imbrosciano-Kemper, Michael Scicchitano, Jennifer Semel
Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (OJTR) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojtr.2018.62006
Abstract: Objective: To undertake a qualitative investigation of Fall Prevention and Home Safety Education Program’s efficacy to decrease the risk of falling after discharge from inpatient rehabilitation facility. Design: Structured Telephone interviews. Setting: Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility. Participants: 1317 inpatients from the Rehabilitation Unit. Interventions: The Fall Prevention and Home Safety Education program. Main Outcome Measures: The percentage of patients that fell. Results: Since the inception of the program the fall rate has reduced significantly (χ2 = 6.38; P < 0.05), reaching the historical minimum of this facility (n = 1174). The percentage of falls dropped 5.6% in only 11 months and the attendance to the class has been increasing at a steady rate. Conclusions: Implementation of a Fall Prevention and Home Safety Education program significantly reduced the rate of falls in the three months post discharge from acute inpatient rehabilitation.
Los tratados de arquitectura en los fondos de la Biblioteca Histórica de la Universidad Complutense: una aproximación al estudio de sus procedencias y antiguos poseedores.
Lizarraga Echaide, Juan Manuel
Pecia Complutense : Boletín de la Biblioteca Histórica de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid , 2009,
Abstract: La Biblioteca Histórica de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid atesora una importantísima colección de tratados de arquitectura El objeto de este artículo es reconstruir la historia de esta singular colección de libros antiguos de gran riqueza y valor y recuperar la procedencia estos tratados tanto con respecto a las bibliotecas de las instituciones docentes que forman parte de la historia de la Universidad como a las importantes bibliotecas personales que se han ido incorporando a su patrimonio bibliográfico. El conocimiento de las antiguas procedencias constituye una información valiosa que permite nuevas oportunidades de investigación histórica y bibliográfica
Escuela técnica superior de arquitectura de Pamplona/Espa a
Echaide, Rafael,Sobrini, Carlos,Aguinaga, Eugenio
Informes de la Construccion , 1982,
Abstract: With the object of fomenting to the maximum the participation of the professors and pupils of the School of Architecture of Pamplona, there has been constructed a complex of very diaphonous spaces around an interior street, which is well illuminated and extremely built-up. The building, which has a built surface of 8,867 m2, without taking into account the cellars for installations, is equipped with a light cover of metal plate, supported by a tri-dimensional structure. Con el fin de fomentar al máximo la convivencia y la participación de los profesores y alumnos de la Escuela de Arquitectura de Pamplona, se ha construido un conjunto de espacios muy diáfanos ordenados alrededor de una calle interior muy luminosa y con abundante edificación. El edificio, que alcanza una superficie construida total de 8.867 m2, sin contar los sótanos para instalaciones, dispone de cubierta ligera de chapa metálica, soportada por una estructura tridimensional
Evaluación de la reacción en cadena de la polimerasa para el diagnóstico de la brucelosis en un reba?o lechero infectado con Brucellaspp
Lavaroni,O.; Aguirre,N.; Vanzini,V.; Lugaresi,C.; Torioni De Echaide,S.;
Revista argentina de microbiolog?-a , 2004,
Abstract: the diagnosis of bovine brucellosis using pcr in blood and milk samples from two dairy herds were compared to in vitro isolation, complement fixation test (cf), competitive elisa (c-elisa) in serum, and indirect elisa (i-elisa) in milk. samples were obtained from 99 cows vaccinated with brucella abortus strain 19, from a naturally infected herd (a), whose cows were also vaccinated with b. abortus strain rb51 as adults, and 100 from brucellosis free herd (b). in herd a, pcr identified 14 b. abortus infected cows: nine infected with wild type, and five with wild type and rb51, b. abortus s 19 was not identified. b. abortus biotype 1 was isolated from one cow. all cows infected with a wild strain of b. abortus were positive in serologic tests. brucella was not found in herd b using pcr. serological test showed 100% sensitivity related to pcr. the specificity for cf, c-elisa and i-elisa was 100%, 99% and 95% respectively. pcr could be useful to identify brucella biotypes and to complement serologic tests.
Factores de riesgo de enfermedad cardiovascular en la población adulta de la ciudad de Olavarría, Buenos Aires
Raúl Pitarque,Andrés Bolzán,María E. Gatella,María E. Echaide
Revista Argentina de Cardiología , 2006,
Abstract: Las enfermedades cardiovasculares (ECV) constituyen la primera causa de mortalidad y morbilidad a nivel nacional. Varios factores de riesgo (FR) se han reconocido como responsables del aumento de ECV y reflejan cambios en los hábitos alimentarios, de actividad física y en el consumo del tabaco. Las enfermedades cardiovasculares son la primera causa de mortalidad en Olavarría. Con el objeto de establecer la línea de base de prevalencia de los FR de ECV, se desarrolló un relevamiento a partir de la aplicación de un modelo de encuesta estandarizado y validado. Se dise ó una muestra representativa de la población. Los resultados muestran las siguientes prevalencias de los factores de riesgo de ECV en la población adulta (18-65 a os): tabaquismo 34%, sedentarismo 32%, hipertensión 25%, sobrepeso 24%, colesterol elevado 13% y diabetes 5%. Muchos factores estuvieron asociados, lo cual significa que se comparten dos o más FR al mismo tiempo. La metodología empleada hace posible no sólo establecer la línea de base poblacional para medir el impacto de programas preventivos y futuras intervenciones destinadas a reducir los FRECV, sino, más aún, hacer comparaciones con otras poblaciones que empleen el mismo esquema propuesto.
Bovipain-2, the falcipain-2 ortholog, is expressed in intraerythrocytic stages of the tick-transmitted hemoparasite Babesia bovis
María Mesplet, Ignacio Echaide, Mariana Dominguez, Juan J Mosqueda, Carlos E Suarez, Leonhard Schnittger, Monica Florin-Christensen
Parasites & Vectors , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1756-3305-3-113
Abstract: Four papain-like cysteine proteases were found to be encoded by the B. bovis genome using the MEROPS database. One of them, the ortholog of Plasmodium falciparum falcipain-2, here named bovipain-2, was further characterized. Bovipain-2 is encoded in B. bovis chromosome 4 by an ORF of 1.3 kb, has a predicted molecular weight of 42 kDa, and is hydrophilic with the exception of a transmembrane region. It has orthologs in several other apicomplexans, and its predicted amino acid sequence shows a high degree of conservation among several B. bovis isolates from North and South America. Synteny studies demonstrated that the bovipain-2 gene has expanded in the genomes of two related piroplasmids, Theileria parva and T. annulata, into families of 6 and 7 clustered genes respectively. The bovipain-2 gene is transcribed in in vitro cultured intra-erythrocyte forms of a virulent and an attenuated B. bovis strain from Argentina, and has no introns, as shown by RT-PCR followed by sequencing. Antibodies against a recombinant form of bovipain-2 recognized two parasite protein bands of 34 and 26 kDa, which coincide with the predicted sizes of the pro-peptidase and mature peptidase, respectively. Immunofluorescence studies showed an intracellular localization of bovipain-2 in the middle-rear region of in vitro cultured merozoites, as well as diffused in the cytoplasm of infected erythrocytes. Anti-bovipain-2 antibodies also reacted with B. bigemina-infected erythrocytes giving a similar pattern, which suggests cross-reactivity among these species. Antibodies in sera of two out of six B. bovis-experimentally infected bovines tested, reacted specifically with recombinant bovipain-2 in immunoblots, thus demonstrating expression and immunogenicity during bovine-infecting stages.Overall, we present the characterization of bovipain-2 and demonstrate its in vitro and in vivo expression in virulent and attenuated strains. Given the involvement of apicomplexan cysteine proteases in essential
Tabaquismo en adolescentes escolarizados de la ciudad de Olavarría, Buenos Aires: Prevalencia y factores asociados
Pitarque,Raúl; Bolzán,Andrés; Gatella,María Esther; Moranga,Fernanda; Bugasen,Silvana; Echaide,Luisa;
Archivos argentinos de pediatr?-a , 2007,
Abstract: introduction. the adverse effects of smoking on health are well known, but, despite this, millions of people continue smoking. in truth, smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke -a phenomenon known as passive or second-hand smoking- constitute one of the greatest preventable causes of morbidity and mortality. experimentation with tobacco begins during the first few years of adolescence. the objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of smoking among adolescents from olavarría city -between 11 and 15 years of age- and also to investigate the risk factors which make them smokers. population, material and methods. seven hundred and sixty three youths were studied. a structured questionnaire was filled out by the students themselves in anonymity. variables included: age, sex, smoking initiation, smoking habits among friends, parents and siblings, description of occasions when smoking occurs, beliefs about cigarettes, educational achievement, the level of information received at school on health and tobacco and use of communication media. life prevalence and life prevalence during last month were calculated. results. life prevalence was 0.27 and life prevalence during last month was 0.10. the greater the age the higher the prevalence. peer pressure (or= 10.1 ci 95% 5.1-19.0) and the existence of smokers within the family circle (father, mother, sibling) (or= 2.1 ci 95% 1.1-5.3) were statistically significant factors. conclusion. the study contributes to the epidemiologic knowledge of tobacco in pediatrics.
Brote de micoplasmosis clínica por Mycoplasma ovis en ovinos de Salta, Argentina: Diagnóstico clínico, microbiológico y molecular
Aguirre,D. H.; Thompson,C.; Neumann,R. D.; Salatin,A. O.; Gaido,A. B.; Torioni de Echaide,S.;
Revista argentina de microbiolog?-a , 2009,
Abstract: mycoplasma ovis is an obligatory parasite of the erythrocytes from small ruminants (sheep, goat), wherein it causes chronic or acute anaemia. this agent shows worldwide distribution. however, its dispersion is still unknown in argentina. this work describes an outbreak of mycoplasmosis occurred in january 2007 in a sheep flock from rosario de la frontera, salta, argentina. adult sheep became ill with a mortality rate of 17.8%. all blood smears (n = 11) examined by giemsa stain showed the presence of small basophile bodies characteristic of m. ovis infection, indicating a high prevalence of the infection in the flock. the molecular diagnosis (n = 9) confirmed the findings through the amplification of two fragments from the 16s rrna gene. this is the third report of m. ovis in argentina and the first one concomitant with clinical signs at flock level.
Learning from experience: A simple effective protocol to test footwear prescriptions for the Diabetic foot by using the Pedar system  [PDF]
Claudia Giacomozzi, Luigi Uccioli
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2013.65A008

Adherence of patients to treatment and appropriateness of prescribed footwear are mandatory for successful prevention of Diabetic foot ulceration. In a Public Healthcare Service, footwear approval is under the responsibility of the clinician. In some cases kinetic measurements are taken inside the shoes to support the clinical decision; however, an overall agreement is still missing with respect to a simple, reliable and effective test protocol based on proper threshold values. Authors’ past experiences, specific needs of the Diabetic outpatient service, and suggestions from valuable literature led to an instrumental test protocol based on reference peak pressure (PP) thresholds and gait line (GL) specific for each level of risk. Permission was obtained for one preliminary validation session at the Authors’ outpatient service, during which 11 patients at high/very high risk of ulceration were examined—9 for testing new footwear, 2 for monitoring 12-month-old footwear. The protocol was well accepted by patients and operators, fast and easy to be used. Based on the instrumental, clinical and visual inspection data; 4 new footwear did not pass the test; 5 passed the test but integration or minor changes were requested; the 2 old footwear were found no more effective. As a first positive feedback, after 4 months of wearing the modified prescriptions none of the patients had developed plantar ulcers or signs of tissue damage. Successive data processing proved that in all patients altered PPs and deviated GLs did correlate with alterations of other kinetic parameters. The protocol, which is proved to be sensitive and valuable for the Diabetic foot care, may have a general validity; the delivered specific PP thresholds and reference data, instead, can be reliably used if the test is performed with a calibrated Pedar Insole System and with the wide Insoles in the range UW-YW (EU size 36 - 45).

Simulated Sample Behaviour of a Dissimilarity Index When Sampling from Populations Differing by a Location Parameter Only  [PDF]
Fabio Manca, Claudia Marin
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.515213
Abstract: In this paper the authors study empirically the power of the test based on the index of dissimilarity to compare two samples drawn from two populations differing only in the location parameter. We call such a test as test of homogeneity. In practice the power of such a bidirectional test will be studied referring to the absolute value of the shiftδand to the same probability models considered by Fried and Dehling.
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