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Optical density and chemical composition of microfilled and microhybrid composite resins
Braun, Ana Paula;Grassi Soares, Clarissa;Glüer Carracho, Helena;Pereira da Costa, Nilza;Bauer Veeck, Elaine;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572008000200010
Abstract: this study evaluated the optical density of two microfilled and two microhybrid resins, as well as the composition of these materials with regard to their optical density. cavities prepared in 12 2-mm- or 4-mm-thick acrylic plastic plates were filled with z250 (3m-espe), a110 (3m-espe), charisma (heraeus-kulzer) and durafillvs (heraeus-kulzer). the resin increments (2-mm-thick) were light-cured for 40 s. three 0.12-s radiographic exposures were made of each #2 acrylic plastic plate. denoptix system optical plates were used to obtain the digital images. three readings of the composite resin surface were made in each radiograph, totalizing 216 readings. the mean of highest and lowest grey-scale values was obtained. two specimens of each composite resin were prepared for sem analysis of the chemical elements related to optical density, using energy dispersive x-ray analysis (edx). the results were subjected to shapiro-wilk's test, anova, tukey's test at 1% level of significance and pearson's correlation. the mean grey-scale values at 2 mm and 4 mm were: z250 = 154.27a and 185.33w; a110 = 46.77b and 63.05y; charisma = 163.40c and 200.46z; durafillvs = 43.92b and 58.99x, respectively. pearson's test did not show any positive correlation between optical density and percentage weight of optical density chemical elements. it was concluded that the microhybrid resins had higher optical density means than the microfilled resins; among the evaluated resins, charisma had the highest optical density means.
Nichtinvasive Bestimmung von Knochenmikrostruktur und -festigkeit
Glüer CG
Journal für Mineralstoffwechsel , 2011,
The freshwater snails (Gastropoda) of Iran, with descriptions of two new genera and eight new species
Peter Gler,Vladimir Pesic
ZooKeys , 2012, DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.219.3406
Abstract: Using published records and original data from recent field work and revision of Iranian material of certain species deposited in the collections of the Natural History Museum Basel, the Zoological Museum Berlin, and Natural History Museum Vienna, a checklist of the freshwater gastropod fauna of Iran was compiled. This checklist contains 73 species from 34 genera and 14 families of freshwater snails; 27 of these species (37%) are endemic to Iran. Two new genera, Kaskakia and Sarkhia, and eight species, i.e., Bithynia forcarti, B. starmuehlneri, B. mazandaranensis, Pseudamnicola georgievi, Kaskakia khorrasanensis, Sarkhia sarabensis, Valvata nowsharensis and Acroloxus pseudolacustris are described as new to science; Ecrobia grimmi (Clessin & Dybowski, 1888), Heleobia dalmatica (Radoman, 1974) and Hippeutis complanatus (Linnaeus, 1758) are reported for the first time from Iran. Additional field work is highly desirable for a more appropriate evaluation of the extant freshwater snail biodiversity in Iran.
Analysis of RAD51C germline mutations in high-risk breast and ovarian cancer families and ovarian cancer patients
Thompson ER,Boyle SE,Johnson J,Ryland GL
Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1897-4287-10-s2-a84
To measure the extent of balance in the elderly
Glòria Saüch,Marta Casta?er,Raúl Hileno
Retos : Nuevas Perspectivas de Educación Física, Deporte y Recreación , 2013,
Abstract: The programs of Physical Activity of municipal entitlement promote the physical exercise in the elderly. In this paper a procedure is contributed to value motor balance for the elderly by means of the standardized Tinetti scale that is used in geriatrics but not very common used in the Sciences of the Physical Activity and the Sport. We think that the use of this scale enriches the instrumentation for the evaluation of motor balance. The study has been applied to 90 participants that follow the municipal programs of physical activity for the elderly. The results obtained by means of parametric and non-parametric tests to compare independent groups reveals that motor balance maintains its optimum level in this participants
Methoden der in vivo-Ultraschallme technik am Skelett: Grundlagen und technische Realisierung
Barkmann R,Glüer C-C,Heller M
Journal für Mineralstoffwechsel , 1999,
Abstract: Quantitativer Ultraschall (QUS) am Skelett ist eine relativ neue Methode zur Bestimmung des menschlichen Skelettzustandes. Ultraschall ist eng mit den mechanischen Eigenschaften des durchschallten Mediums verknüpft, frei von ionisierender Strahlung und kostengünstig zu implementieren. Allerdings ist die Ausbreitung von Ultraschallwellen im anisotropen Knochen komplex und nicht einfach beschreibbar, weshalb sich Ultraschall im Knochen noch weitgehend der Vorstellung entzieht. Um das Innere dieser "Black Box" etwas zu erhellen, wird die Schallausbreitung im Knochen mit Hilfe einer neuen Simulationssoftware sichtbar dargestellt. Die unterschiedlichen Me prinzipien kommerzieller Ger te werden erl utert und die Me parameter beschrieben.
Amniotic-Fluid Stem Cells: Growth Dynamics and Differentiation Potential after a CD-117-Based Selection Procedure
S. Arnhold,S. Glüer,K. Hartmann,O. Raabe,K. Addicks,S. Wenisch,M. Hoopmann
Stem Cells International , 2011, DOI: 10.4061/2011/715341
Abstract: Amniotic fluid (AF) has become an interesting source of fetal stem cells. However, AF contains heterogeneous and multiple, partially differentiated cell types. After isolation from the amniotic fluid, cells were characterized regarding their morphology and growth dynamics. They were sorted by magnetic associated cell sorting using the surface marker CD 117. In order to show stem cell characteristics such as pluripotency and to evaluate a possible therapeutic application of these cells, AF fluid-derived stem cells were differentiated along the adipogenic, osteogenic, and chondrogenic as well as the neuronal lineage under hypoxic conditions. Our findings reveal that magnetic associated cell sorting (MACS) does not markedly influence growth characteristics as demonstrated by the generation doubling time. There was, however, an effect regarding an altered adipogenic, osteogenic, and chondrogenic differentiation capacity in the selected cell fraction. In contrast, in the unselected cell population neuronal differentiation is enhanced. 1. Introduction Fetal stem cells represent a relatively new cell population in the field of stem cell research, exhibiting unique and fascinating features, while recent studies have provided new insights into stem cell biology as well as new putative strategies to exploit their therapeutic potential. These cells can be derived from the fetus itself or alternatively from supportive extraembryonic structures such as the amniotic fluid [1]. The combination of being extraembryonic and providing relatively easy access for cell harvesting makes the amniotic fluid an important alternative source of fetal stem cells [2, 3]. It is, however, well known that amniotic fluid represents a very heterogeneous population that includes cells derived from the fetal membranes as well as from the fetus itself. Amniotic fluid- derived cells have been classified on the basis of their morphological, biochemical and growth characteristics, with three groups of amniotic-fluid-derived cells identified such as the epithelial-like cells, amniotic fluid-specific cells, and fibroblast like cells [4]. At the beginning of the amniotic fluid-derived cell culture out of the amniotic-fluid-specific cells preferentially epithelial-like cells can be found, while fibroblast like cells usually appear later and not in all fluid samples. These cells are thought to be derived from the fibrous connective tissue and dermal fibroblasts [4, 5]. The development of specific culture protocols for AF-cells has permitted the isolation and expansion of multipotent stem cells from
Biological Properties of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Cellular and Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Thomas Schlorf,Manuela Meincke,Elke Kossel,Claus-Christian Glüer,Olav Jansen,Rolf Mentlein
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/ijms12010012
Abstract: Superparamagnetic iron-oxide particles (SPIO) are used in different ways as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): Particles with high nonspecific uptake are required for unspecific labeling of phagocytic cells whereas those that target?specific molecules need to have very low unspecific cellular uptake. We compared iron-oxide particles with different core materials (magnetite, maghemite), different coatings?(none, dextran, carboxydextran, polystyrene) and different hydrodynamic diameters (20–850 nm) for internalization kinetics, release of internalized particles, toxicity, localization of particles and ability to generate contrast in MRI. Particle uptake was investigated with U118 glioma cells und human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC), which exhibit different phagocytic properties. In both cell types, the contrast agents Resovist, B102, non-coated Fe 3O 4 particles and microspheres were better internalized than dextran-coated Nanomag particles. SPIO uptake into the cells increased with particle/iron concentrations. Maximum intracellular accumulation of iron particles was observed between 24 h to 36 h of exposure. Most particles were retained in the cells for at least two weeks, were deeply internalized, and only few remained adsorbed at the cell surface. Internalized particles clustered in the cytosol of the cells. Furthermore, all particles showed a low toxicity. By MRI, monolayers consisting of 5000 Resovist-labeled cells could easily be visualized. Thus, for unspecific cell labeling, Resovist and microspheres show the highest potential, whereas Nanomag particles are promising contrast agents for target-specific labeling.
Evidence for a Contribution of ALA Synthesis to Plastid-To-Nucleus Signaling
Olaf Czarnecki,Christine Gl??er,Jin-Gui Chen,Bernhard Grimm
Frontiers in Plant Science , 2012, DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2012.00236
Abstract: The formation of 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) in tetrapyrrole biosynthesis is widely controlled by environmental and metabolic feedback cues that determine the influx into the entire metabolic path. Because of its central role as the rate-limiting step, we hypothesized a potential role of ALA biosynthesis in tetrapyrrole-mediated retrograde signaling and exploited the direct impact of ALA biosynthesis on nuclear gene expression (NGE) by using two different approaches. Firstly, the Arabidopsis gun1, hy1 (gun2), hy2 (gun3), gun4 mutants showing uncoupled NGE from the physiological state of chloroplasts were thoroughly examined for regulatory modifications of ALA synthesis and transcriptional control in the nucleus. We found that reduced ALA-synthesizing capacity is common to analyzed gun mutants. Inhibition of ALA synthesis by gabaculine (GAB) that inactivates glutamate-1-semialdehyde aminotransferase and ALA feeding of wild-type and mutant seedlings corroborate the expression data of gun mutants. Transcript level of photosynthetic marker genes were enhanced in norflurazon (NF)-treated seedlings upon additional GAB treatment, while enhanced ALA amounts diminish these RNA levels in NF-treated wild-type in comparison to the solely NF-treated seedlings. Secondly, the impact of posttranslationally down-regulated ALA synthesis on NGE was investigated by global transcriptome analysis of GAB-treated Arabidopsis seedlings and the gun4-1 mutant, which is also characterized by reduced ALA formation. A common set of significantly modulated genes was identified indicating ALA synthesis as a potential signal emitter. The over-represented gene ontology categories of genes with decreased or increased transcript abundance highlight a few biological processes and cellular functions, which are remarkably affected in response to plastid-localized ALA biosynthesis. These results support the hypothesis that ALA biosynthesis correlates with retrograde signaling-mediated control of NGE.
Exposures to violence and trauma among children and adolescents  [PDF]
Clarissa Agee Shavers
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.52040

Children and adolescents (youth) may be exposed to various forms of violence and trauma in a number of ways. Research and clinical studies have revealed that youth may be significantly impacted by isolated, single or repetitive exposures to violence and trauma. Further, these exposures may ultimately impact the overall psycho-social-emotional, and mental health, as well as, the mental health care of this population of youth who self-report, who are at-risk and who may or may not be at risk for exposure to violence and trauma in their lives. Thus, consequently, health care providers (HCP’s) who do not view or understand that exposures to violence and trauma among youth, as well as, exposures to adverse environments or situations may pose as a serious or potential psychosocial-emotional and mental health care con- sequence for this population of youth may in- advertently impede or delay timely access to appropriate health care for this population. Hence, as a consequence of this delay in timely access to appropriate psycho-social-emotional and mental health care services for this population of youth, may significantly compromise their overall psycho-social-emotional and mental health care status. This article reviews the impact of exposures to violence and trauma among youth, with a focus on current empirical findings noted in the literature regarding victimized and traumatized children and adolescents, and the implications of these findings in promoting the healing and restoration for this population of youth for HCP’s. In addition, a brief discussion of an empirical evidence-based psycho-social-emotional intervention/project referred to as The Safer Tomorrows: Injury Prevention and Violence Reduction Project? which has been designed for children and adolescents who may or may not be at-risk for exposures to violence and trauma is presented. The importance of early identification, screening, assessment and treatment among victimized and

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