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Compara??o da eficiência de três materiais na sor??o e difus?o dos íons metálicos através de ensaios experimentais e simula??o computacional
Lacerda, Cláudia Virgínia;Castro, José Adilson de;Ritter, Elisabeth;Pires, Jo?o Ant?nio da Costa;Bonfim, Adriana Moreira;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672011000500012
Abstract: the present study aims to quantify basic parameters for the transport and retention of metal ions in contention barrier systems. a synthetic leachate with ph 1 and known concentrations of ions chromium, cadmium and copper was used. sorption and molecular diffusion experiments were carried out in compacted soil, soil mixture with 10% sodium bentonite and compacted soil overlaid with geomembrane. it was implemented in the program mphmtp (multi phase heat and mass transfer program) where the equations describe ion behavior under adjusted parameters obtained from sorption and diffusion tests. the geomembrane’s presence minimizes ion migration through a diffusive process, and eliminates the need for the soil sorption capacity. but the soil with the bentonite option proved to be the most predominant specific alternative due to its cadmium sorption capacity.
Risk factors of heterotopic ossification in traumatic spinal cord injury
Coelho, Cláudia Virgínia C.;Beraldo, Paulo Sergio S.;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2009000300002
Abstract: objective: heterotopic ossification (ho) is a complication of the spinal cord injury (sci). it can result in anchylosis, harming the rehabilitation and quality of life. previous publications had not elucidated the relation between possible independent variables, the aim of this study. method: from 230 patients with sci, admitted in 1998 at hospital sarah brasilia, 33 with ho (14.3%; ci95% 10.1-19.6) were compared with 33 controls. the risk factors had been tested in bivariate analysis and in a model of logistic regression. results: spasticity (odds ratio=3.8; ci95% 1.15-12.30), number of pressure ulcers (2.1; ci95% 1.08-3.89) and time lapsed since the injury (1.1; ci95% 1.02-1.24) were independently associated with ho. there was a confounder effect among these variables, without interaction. conclusion: spasticity, pressure ulcer and time of injury are associated with ho in spinal cord injury. the first two factors can be prevented and treatable.
Sele??o de solos para a imobiliza??o de arsênio
Ladeira, Ana Cláudia Q.;Ciminelli, Virgínia Sampaio T.;Nepomuceno, Alessandro L.;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672002000300009
Abstract: this work aimed at investigating arsenic adsorption capacity of three soil samples from minas gerais region and one tailing sample from morro do ouro, a gold mine owned by rio paracatu minera??o s.a. maximum adsorption capacities of the samples were determined by a langmuir type equation. chemical and mineralogical characterization were carried out in order to determine the main minerals responsible for the adsorption process. the arsenic adsorption capacities were then correlated with the samples constituents. based on the adsorption data and on the samples constituents, it was possible to select an appropriated soil for arsenic immobilization.
PROFILE OF PATIENTS ATTENDING THE OXYGEN THERAPY SERVICE AT THE MEDICAL SCHOOL IN BOTUCATU - UNESP Levantamento das características dos pacientes atendidos no servi o de oxigenoterapia da Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu-UNESP
Maria Virgínia Martins Faria Faddul Alves,Irma de Godoy,Cláudia Helena Bronzato Luppi
Revista Ciência em Extens?o , 2010,
Abstract: This work was held from January 1997 to January 1999 with 66 patients registered in the Oxygen Therapy Service at the Medical School in Botucatu (FMB) – UNESP. The aim of this study was to evaluate the patients’ health and overall characteristics as well as the oxygen delivery and use conditions. The average age was 61.2 ± 10.1 years, 61% men, with poor education level, low income and social conditions. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) was the major pathology found, corresponding to 78.2% diagnoses. According to the arterial blood gasometry results (PaO2 = 46.14 ± 9.07 mmHg, PaCO2 = 45.80 ± 7.99 mmHg and SaO2 = 79.25 ± 11.44%), all patients have met the indication and utilization criteria for long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) in agreement with the national and international consensus committee. Patients were delivered oxygen by means of a gas cylinder and by nasal cannula . The municipal public services were in charge of the oxygen delivery for 80.5% patients. The oxygen flow was used following recommendations, although the number of hours was less than the prescribed one; only 8.4% patients used LTOT more than 12 hours a day. Based on this study some arrangements regarding these patients’ care have been carried out, such as the replacement of the gas cylinder by the oxygen concentrator, leading to an improved care quality. The oxygen therapy service from the Medical School became a reference symbol for the Health Secretary in Botucatu as well as for LTOT prescription and patients’ follow-up. CONCLUSION : The majority of the patients who have undertaken long term oxygen therapy are of the male sex, COPD carriers and have not followed the treatment as they have been prescribed. O presente trabalho foi realizado no período de janeiro de 1997 a janeiro de 1999 com 66 pacientes cadastrados no Servi o de Oxigenoterapia da Faculdade de Medicina de Botucatu (FMB) - UNESP. O objetivo foi conhecer os pacientes, suas características gerais e de saúde, bem como as condi es de fornecimento e uso do oxigênio. A média de idade foi de 61,2 ± 10,1 anos, 61% eram do sexo masculino, apresentavam grau de escolaridade baixo e condi o sócio-econ mica desfavorável. A doen a pulmonar obstrutiva cr nica (DPOC) foi a principal patologia encontrada, correspondendo a 78,2% dos diagnósticos. De acordo com os resultados da gasometria arterial (PaO2 = 46,14 ± 9,07 mmHg, PaCO2 = 45,80 ± 7,99 mmHg e SaO2 = 79,25 ± 11,44%), todos os pacientes preenchiam os critérios de indica o e uso de oxigenoterapia domiciliar prolongada (ODP) de acordo com os consensos nacional e intern
Sele o de solos para a imobiliza o de arsênio
Ladeira Ana Cláudia Q.,Ciminelli Virgínia Sampaio T.,Nepomuceno Alessandro L.
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2002,
Abstract: Esse trabalho consistiu da realiza o de estudos comparativos da capacidade de reten o de arsênio de 3 amostras de solos do Estado de Minas Gerais e de 1 amostra de rejeito de minério aurífero oriundo da mina do Morro do Ouro, da Rio Paracatu Minera o S.A. A capacidade de reten o foi avaliada com base no levantamento de isotermas, através das quais foi calculado o carregamento máximo de arsênio em cada material. Foi realizada, também, a caracteriza o química e mineralógica desses sólidos de forma a determinar os minerais constituintes das amostras e, conseqüentemente, os principais adsorventes de arsênio. Finalmente, correlacionando a capacidade adsortiva de cada solo com seus constituintes mineralógicos, foi possível fazer a sele o dos solos mais adequados para a imobiliza o do arsênio.
Economic Environmental Management Tools in the Serra Do Espinha o Biosphere Reserve
Sérgio Augusto Domingues,Cláudia Santiago Karez,Isabella Virgínia Freire Biondini,Miguel ?ngelo Andrade
Journal of Sustainable Development , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/jsd.v5n4p180
Abstract: UNESCO-MAB biosphere reserves are composed of 580 sites distributed in 112 countries. The ecosystems comprising these sites are of global importance because of their biodiversity and endemism levels as well as because of their ecosystem goods and services provided. Biosphere reserves are learning sites for sustainable development. However many of them are threatened because of climate change, land use changes and environmental pollution which cause the degradation of natural resources. In order to mitigate those threats we argue that private and public policies as well as the perception of the value of natural resources by the population should be improved. The objective of the present article is to analyse the application and impacts of economic tools as the payment of ecosystem services in the management of the Serra do Espinha o Biosphere Reserve. This area was declared biosphere reserve in June 2005, it has 3 076 457.8 ha, which includes 53 municipalities in the state of Minas Gerais (Brazil) with a total population of 3 442 906 inhabitants. Economic tools have been used to revert or compensate the impacts of a large mining exploitation area located in the transition zone of this site. The ecological ICMS (Merchandise and Service Circulation Tax) that provides the municipalities with access to funding resources according to environmental criteria is analysed. Mining is the most important economic activity in the area which is a major user of land and water resources in the region. They compensate the municipalities financially for the extraction of natural resources. Both economic tools, the ecological ICMS and mining royalties, are here proposed as elements to be used to improve the social dialogue process. The decisions related to the financial resources should be considered based on the social dialogue as well as on the scientific and monitoring data. In addition, reinforce the positive effects of the participation of stakeholders.
Acardiac fetus: a challenge to pathologists, obstetricians and neonatologists Acardiac fetus: a challenge to pathologists, obstetricians and neonatologists
Cristiane Rúbia Ferreira,Angélica Braz Sim?es,Maria Cláudia Nogueira Zerbini,Virgínia Spínola Quintal
Autopsy and Case Reports , 2012,
Abstract: nulo Acardius is one of the most severe human malformations, a rare complication present only in monozygotic and monochorionic multiple pregnancies. In this disorder, the major defect is the lack of well-defined cardiac structure in acardiac fetus, whose irrigation is maintained through placental vascular anastomoses with the normal fetus, called fetal donor, thereby establishing a reverse arterial perfusion in the umbilical cord of the acardiac twin (TRAP sequence). The poor circulation leads to a state of hypoxia in the early stages of fetal development, causing structural abnormalities, with different phenotypes, which are classified as: Acardius acephalus, anceps, and acormus amorphus. We relate a case of an acardiac anceps fetus that interestingly was reported by the physicians to present spasmodic movements just after the delivery. Due to severe malformations observed in an acardiac twin by the time of delivery, it is likely that many cases go unnoticed or misdiagnosed. The pathological findings are briefly reviewed to provide an adequate post mortem diagnosis of acardiac fetus and placental examination.
Determina??o dos teores de minerais em sucos de frutas por espectrometria de emiss?o óptica em plasma indutivamente acoplado (ICP-OES)
MORGANO, Marcelo Ant?nio;QUEIROZ, S?nia Cláudia do Nascimento;FERREIRA, Márcia Miguel Castro;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20611999000300009
Abstract: two sample preparation methods for the determination of minerals from grape juice were investigated for the purpose of methodological evaluation: using hydrochloric acid by shaking, and digestion in closed system, under pressure, using microwave power. the concentrations of minerals were evaluated by the technique of inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (icp-oes). the minerals contents of ca, p, na, k, mg, zn, fe, mn, and cu did not differ significantly at the level of 5% (it tests f) for both methodologies used. the precision and accuracy of both methodologies were evaluated using grape juice. the extraction methodology with hydrochloric acid was used for the determination of mineral amounts in processed juices from pineapple, acerola, cashew, guava, mango, passion fruit and grape. to enhance the interpretation of the amounts of minerals, from a nutritional point of view, techniques of principal components analysis (pca) and hierarchic cluster analysis were used (hca).
Determina o dos teores de minerais em sucos de frutas por espectrometria de emiss o óptica em plasma indutivamente acoplado (ICP-OES)
MORGANO Marcelo Ant?nio,QUEIROZ S?nia Cláudia do Nascimento,FERREIRA Márcia Miguel Castro
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 1999,
Abstract: Dois métodos de prepara o de amostra para determina o de minerais em suco de uva foram comparados: extra o com ácido clorídrico a frio com agita o e digest o em sistema fechado, sob press o, empregando-se energia de microondas. As concentra es dos minerais foram obtidas empregando-se a técnica de Espectrometria de Emiss o óptica em Plasma Indutivamente Acoplado (ICP-OES). Os teores dos minerais Ca, P, Na, K, Mg, Zn, Fe, Mn e Cu n o diferiram significativamente ao nível de 5% (Teste F) para as duas metodologias empregadas. A precis o e exatid o dos métodos foi avaliada usando o suco de uva. A metodologia de extra o com ácido clorídrico foi empregada para a determina o dos teores de minerais em sucos processados de abacaxi, acerola, caju, goiaba, manga, maracujá e uva. Para facilitar a interpreta o dos teores dos minerais encontrados, foram utilizadas as técnicas de Análise por Componentes Principais (PCA) e Análise Hierárquica por Agrupamento (HCA).
Investiga??o de infec??o tuberculosa latente em pacientes com psoríase candidatos ao uso de drogas imunobiológicas
Lima, Emerson Vasconcelos de Andrade;Lima, Mariana de Andrade;Duarte, ?ngela;Marques, Cláudia;Benard, Gil;Lorena, Virgínia;Gomes, Yara;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962011000400014
Abstract: o uso dos inibidores do fator de necrose tumoral no tratamento de pacientes com psoríase vem sendo relacionado a uma maior incidência de tuberculose, particularmente, nas suas formas extrapulmonar e disseminada. apesar de sua indiscutível eficácia, essas drogas elevam o risco da reativa??o de infec??o tuberculosa latente (itbl), tornando obrigatório o diagnóstico da referida condi??o antes da sua administra??o. a investiga??o da infec??o tuberculosa latente pelo teste cutaneo da tuberculina é falha, dada sua baixa especificidade, além de apresentar resultados duvidosos em pacientes com psoríase. ensaios baseados na detec??o da produ??o de interferon-gama in vitro por células monoclonais periféricas, estimuladas por antígenos específicos (esat-6 e cfp-10), parecem oferecer maior acurácia quando comparados ao teste de mantoux na identifica??o de infec??o tuberculosa latente. essa ferramenta diagnóstica tem oferecido maior especificidade, já que n?o apresenta correla??o com medidas indiretas de exposi??o ao m. tuberculosis, como a vacina??o por bcg, e com infec??es por outras micobactérias
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