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Fatores de risco para hipertens?o arterial entre estudantes do ensino médio
Freitas, Dayana;Rodrigues, Cintia Simes;Yagui, Cintia Megumi;Carvalho, Raphael Santos Teodoro de;Marchi-Alves, Leila Maria;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002012000300017
Abstract: objective: to identify blood pressure values and estimate the frequency of risk factors for hypertension among middle school students. methods: this was a descriptive, cross sectional study, conducted in schools in the southeastern region of brazil. the sample consisted of 184 adolescents enrolled in the second semester of middle school, in 2009. in addition to the measurement of clinical variables, instruments were applied to identify risk factors associated with hypertension. results: an alteration in blood pressure was a parameter detected in 22.3% of the sample. among the risk factors investigated, family history of cardiovascular disease and alcohol consumption were the most prevalent. conclusion: there is need to enhance the measures of primary prevention and early detection of arterial hypertension among adolescents, with special attention to the assessment of family history and adoption of risk habits.
Crian a obesa, adulto hipertenso?
Cíntia Megumi Yagui,Cíntia Simes Rodrigues,Dayana Freitas,Simone de Godoy
Revista Eletr?nica de Enfermagem , 2011,
Abstract: Este estudo teve como objetivo determinar a influência da obesidade infantil no desenvolvimento da hipertens o arterial do adulto. Fizeram parte da amostra 46 usuários da Unidade de Saúde de um município paulista atendidos no período de setembro de 2008 a fevereiro de 2009. A classifica o do estado nutricional infantil foi obtida por meio do registro do percentil. A press o arterial foi mensurada por método indireto, obedecendo às especifica es das Diretrizes Brasileiras de Hipertens o. Os valores antropométricos atuais foram obtidos de acordo com as recomenda es da Organiza o Mundial da Saúde. Os dados foram exportados e analisados no programa Statistical Package for Social Science - SPSS, para cálculo defrequências absolutas e porcentagens. Observou-se ocorrência significativa de altera es pressóricas e fatores de risco para adoen a hipertensiva, independente de condi o nutricional na infancia. Estes achados confirmam a importancia do controle eavalia o destes indicadores de risco em toda a popula o.
Obesidade infantil ontem e hoje: importancia da avalia??o antropométrica pelo enfermeiro
Marchi-Alves, Leila Maria;Yagui, Cíntia Megumi;Rodrigues, Cíntia Simes;Mazzo, Alessandra;Rangel, Elaine Maria Leite;Gir?o, Fernanda Berchelli;
Escola Anna Nery , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452011000200004
Abstract: studies have shown relation between the incidence of chronic diseases in adults and obesity in infancy. this research aimed to determine and compare the indexes of overweight and infant obesity in the years 1983/1984 and 2003/2004. secondary data related to child growth and development were collected through consults in patient files, of users who had been under follow-up at the pediatrics service in the unit located in the state of s?o paulo, brazil. the percentile was adopted for classification of the nutritional status. absolute and percentage frequencies were considered for descriptive analysis. data analysis was done using t test for comparisons of means. it was observed greater risk of overweight and significant difference in the weight of children born in 2003/2004 compared to users born in 1983/1984. anthropometric assessment carried out by nurses has a fundamental importance in child nutritional diagnosis, to accurately identify abnormalities and define efficient action strategies.
Heran?a de caracteres relacionados à produ??o de frutos em Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum com base em análise dialélica de Hayman
Gon?alves, Leandro Simes Azeredo;Rodrigues, Rosana;Bento, Cintia dos Santos;Robaina, Renata Rodrigues;Amaral Júnior, Antonio Teixeira do;
Revista Ciência Agron?mica , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-66902011000300012
Abstract: this work aimed to estimate genetic parameters related to the fruits production in a chilli pepper diallel (capsicum baccatum var. pendulum). five chilli pepper genitors were evaluated (uenf 1616, uenf 1624, uenf 1629, uenf 1639 and uenf 1732) and its respective hybrids f1, from a complete diallel without reciprocals. the experiment was carried out in a greenhouse covered with plastic film located in area from the consortium uenf/pesagro-rio, campos dos goytacazes, rj, from july/2009 to december/2009, in a randomized block design with three repetitions and nine plants by plot. the following agronomic traits were evaluated: canopy diameter (cd); plant height (ph); days for fruiting (df); number of fruits by plant (nfp); fruit average-weight (faw); fruit dry mass (fdm); dry matter (dm); fruit length (fl); fruit diameter (fd); fruit wall thickness (pt); total soluble solids (tss); and yield per plant (prod). only the faw, fdm and prod had absence of significance concerning the three tests of sufficiency for the additive dominant model, indicating that there is homogeneity among the variances and co-variances and, consequently, lack of epistasis in the control of character. for the faw and fdm traits, the additive genetic effects were the most important ones. nevertheless, in the prod the dominance effect was the most important. it was verified a partial dominance for faw and fdm, and an over-dominance for prod. the genitors uenf 1616 and uenf 1629 were the ones which had larger concentrations of favorable alleles for the three characteristics under study.
Modular Hydrogels for Drug Delivery  [PDF]
Susana Simes, Ana Figueiras, Francisco Veiga
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology (JBNB) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2012.32025
Abstract: The development of novel drug delivery systems is an essential step toward controlled site-specific administration of therapeutics within the body. It is desirable for delivery vehicles to be introduced into the body through minimally invasive means and, these vehicles should be capable of releasing drug to their intended location at a controlled rate. Furthermore, it is desirable to develop drug delivery systems that are capable of in vivo to suffer degradation and to deliver the drug completely, avoiding the need to surgically remove the vehicle at the end of its useful lifetime. Hydrogels are of particular interest for drug delivery applications due to their ability to address these needs in addition to their good biocompatibility, tunable network structure to control the diffusion of drugs and, tunable affinity for drugs. However, hydrogels are also limited for drug delivery applications due to the often quick elution of drug from their highly swollen polymer matrices as well as the difficulty inherent in the injection of macroscopic hydrogels into the body. This paper presents an overview to the advances in hydrogels based drug delivery. Different types of hydrogels can be used for drug delivery to specific sites in the gastrointestinal tract ranging from the oral cavity to the colon. These novel systems exhibit a range of several peculiar properties which make them attractive as controlled drug release formulations. Moreover, such materials are biocompatible and can be formulated to give controlled, pulsed, and triggered drug release profiles in a variety of tissues.
Septic arthritis in an unusual localization  [PDF]
Lia Marques, André Simes, Sara úria
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine (CRCM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/crcm.2013.25088
Abstract: Septic arthritis is a rheumatological emergency due to its potential for rapid articular destruction and permanent functional loss. Its incidence ranges between 4 and 29 cases per 100,000 person-years, and depends on population variables and preexisting structural joint abnormalities. Clinical manifestations, severity, treatment and prognosis depend on the aetiologic agent, patient basal status and articulation involved. The sternoclavicular and condrosternal articulations are rarely affected. A 24 years old man presented with fever and right shoulder pain. Physical examination revealed swelling, redness, increased local heat, intense pain and functional impairment of the patient’s right shoulder. Laboratory inflammatory markers were elevated. Right sternoclavicular articulation ultrasound, right sternoclavicular articulation X-ray, and galium bone scan have shown sternoclavicular arthritis and medial clavicular osteomyelitis. Blood cultures identified Staphylococcus aureus methicillin sensitive. The patient completed a six week antibiotic regimen and physical rehabilitation program. Herein, the authors report a case of sternoclavicular septic arthritis complicated with osteomyelitis and review aetiology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of this rare medical condition.
Anti-Infective Potential of Marine Invertebrates and Seaweeds from the Brazilian Coast
éverson Miguel Bianco,Simone Quintana de Oliveira,Caroline Rigotto,Maiko Luis Tonini,Tatiana da Rosa Guimar?es,Francine Bittencourt,Lidiane Pires Gouvêa,Cassandra Aresi,Maria Tereza Rojo de Almeida,Maria Izabel Goularte Moritz,Cintia Dalcuche Leal Martins,Fernando Scherner,Jo?o Luís Carraro,Paulo Antunes Horta,Flávio Henrique Reginatto,Mario Steindel,Cláudia Maria Oliveira Simes,Eloir Paulo Schenkel
Molecules , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/molecules18055761
Abstract: This manuscript describes the evaluation of anti-infective potential in vitro of organic extracts from nine sponges, one ascidian, two octocorals, one bryozoan, and 27 seaweed species collected along the Brazilian coast. Antimicrobial activity was tested against Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 25923), Enterococcus faecalis (ATCC 29212), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 27853), Escherichia coli (ATCC 25922) and Candida albicans (ATCC 10231) by the disk diffusion method. Antiprotozoal activity was evaluated against Leishmania braziliensis (MHOM/BR/96/LSC96-H3) promastigotes and Trypanosoma cruzi (MHOM/BR/00/Y) epimastigotes by MTT assay. Activity against intracellular amastigotes of T. cruzi and L. brasiliensis in murine macrophages was also evaluated. Antiviral activity was tested against Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV-1, KOS strain) by the plaque number reduction assay (IC 50). Cytotoxicity on VERO cells was evaluated by the MTT assay (CC 50). The results were expressed as SI = CC 50/IC 50. The most promising antimicrobial results were obtained against S. aureus and C. albicans with Dragmacidon reticulatum. Among the seaweeds, only Osmundaria obtusiloba showed moderate activity against P. aeruginosa. Concerning antiprotozoal activity, Bugula neritina, Carijoa riseii, Dragmaxia anomala and Haliclona ( Halichoclona) sp. showed the most interesting results, mainly against extracellular promastigote forms of L. braziliensis (66, 35.9, 97.2, and 43.6% inhibition, respectively). Moreover, six species of seaweeds Anadyomene saldanhae, Caulerpa cupressoides, Canistrocarpus cervicornis, Dictyota sp., Ochtodes secundiramea, and Padina sp. showed promising results against L. braziliensis (87.9, 51.7, 85.9, 93.3, 99.7, and 80.9% inhibition, respectively), and only Dictyota sp. was effective against T. cruzi (60.4% inhibition). Finally, the antiherpes activity was also evaluated, with Haliclona ( Halichoclona) sp. and Petromica citrina showing the best results (SI = 11.9 and SI > 5, respectively). All the active extracts deserve special attention in further studies to chemically characterize the bioactive compounds, and to perform more refined biological assays.
Acontecimento e Trajetória de Vida: A Constru o de uma Celebridade Carismática
SIMES, Paula Guimar?es
Contemporanea : Revista de Comunica??o e Cultura , 2012,
Abstract: O objetivo deste trabalho é discutir o fim da carreira do jogador de futebol Ronaldo Nazário de Lima, um acontecimento que impulsionou relatos de natureza biográfica. A grade analítica utilizada é composta por três categorias: descri o; narra o; e constitui o de públicos. A análise da “morte simbólica” de Ronaldo permite apreender a trajetória de vida do jogador, assim como os valores e dons agregados à sua imagem – e que o configuram como uma celebridade carismática.
Papéis sexuais e hierarquias de gênero na História Social sobre infancia no Brasil
Minella, Luzinete Simes;
Cadernos Pagu , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-83332006000100013
Abstract: in this article i analyze, from the perspective of gender, some of the main contributions on childhood produced in the field of social history and historical sociology in brazil. based on a non-exhaustive bibliographical research, i examined several works about children in the colonial and imperial periods, collecting and organizing information on their daily lives. the analysis was inspired by several contributions of feminist epistemology and by a problematization of the concepts of childhood and of children.
O pensamento político de éric Weil
Cardoso Simes,Mauro;
Enfoques , 2010,
Abstract: my puropose is to analyze the peculiar thinking of weil, according to the categories of reasoning, as a choice to avoid violence. in his definition of man, weil recovers the notion of realization, with which man is redefined in terms of what he must be and not merely for what he is. thereto, man is interpreted as formed by a political and social dimension. through language, men is capable of projecting and skipping his present reality towards the other temporal dimensions, since it is only there where he can express what he has not yet become and what he is not anymore, his own history. man is violent because he is not essentially reason. on this basis, the aim of philosophical reflection is to turn him, reasonably, into a less violent person.
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