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Formulating for Innovative Self-Compacting Concrete with Low Energy Super-Sulfated Cement Used for Sustainability Development  [PDF]
Hoang-Anh Nguyen, Ta-Peng Chang, Jeng-Ywan Shih, Chun-Tao Chen
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2016.47004

This study proposed a new way to formulate a low energy super-sulfated cement (SSC) which can be used to produce self-compacting concrete (SCC) with high compressive strength and durability in terms of chloride penetration resistance. This innovative SSC, different from the traditional SSC, was purely produced with a ternary mixture of three industrial by-products of ground granulated blast furnace slag, low calcium Class F fly ash and circulating fluidized bed combustion (CFBC) fly ash and was denoted as SFC-SSC (super-sulfated cement made by mixture of slag, Class F fly ash and CFBC fly ash). Experimental results showed that the combination of a fixed amount of 15 wt.% of CFBC fly ash with various ratios of Class F fly ash to slag could be used to produce the hardened SCCs with high 28-day compressive strengths (41.8 - 65.6 MPa). Addition of Class F fly ash led to the resulting SCCs with lowered price and preferable engineering properties, and thus it was considered as state-of-the-art method to drive such type of concrete towards sustainable construction materials.

Inventory models with stock- and price-dependent demand for deteriorating items based on limited shelf space
Chang Chun-Tao,Chen Yi-Ju,Tsai Tzong-Ru,Shuo-Jye Wu
Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research , 2010, DOI: 10.2298/yjor1001055c
Abstract: This paper deals with the problem of determining the optimal selling price and order quantity simultaneously under EOQ model for deteriorating items. It is assumed that the demand rate depends not only on the on-display stock level but also the selling price per unit, as well as the amount of shelf/display space is limited. We formulate two types of mathematical models to manifest the extended EOQ models for maximizing profits and derive the algorithms to find the optimal solution. Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the models developed and sensitivity analysis is reported.
Study of the ability of self-assembled N-vinylcarbazole monolayers to protect copper against corrosion
Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society , 2002,
Abstract: N-Vinylcarbazole (NVC) monolayers were self-assembled on copper surfaces. The electrochemical properties of the copper surfaces modified by NVC self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) were investigated using polarization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopic (EIS) methods. The polarization measurements indicated that the NVC SAMs could reduce the rates of the anodic and cathodic reaction on the surface of copper electrodes in 0.5 mol dm-3 NaCl solution. The EIS results showed the NVC formed a closely packed film that was able to inhibit copper corrosion. X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) analysis of the copper samples and atomic adsorption analysis of the solution showed that the copper surfaces were covered by NVC SAMs, and the adsorption of NVC on the copper surfaces was accompanied with dissolution of Cu into the solution.
Fast algorithmic self-assembly of simple shapes using random agitation
Ho-Lin Chen,David Doty,Dhiraj Holden,Chris Thachuk,Damien Woods,Chun-Tao Yang
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: We study the power of uncontrolled random molecular movement in the nubot model of self-assembly. The nubot model is an asynchronous nondeterministic cellular automaton augmented with rigid-body movement rules (push/pull, deterministically and programmatically applied to specific monomers) and random agitations (nondeterministically applied to every monomer and direction with equal probability all of the time). Previous work on the nubot model showed how to build simple shapes such as lines and squares quickly---in expected time that is merely logarithmic of their size. These results crucially make use of the programmable rigid-body movement rule: the ability for a single monomer to control the movement of a large objects quickly, and only at a time and place of the programmers' choosing. However, in engineered molecular systems, molecular motion is largely uncontrolled and fundamentally random. This raises the question of whether similar results can be achieved in a more restrictive, and perhaps easier to justify, model where uncontrolled random movements, or agitations, are happening throughout the self-assembly process and are the only form of rigid-body movement. We show that this is indeed the case: we give a polylogarithmic expected time construction for squares using agitation, and a sublinear expected time construction to build a line. Such results are impossible in an agitation-free (and movement-free) setting and thus show the benefits of exploiting uncontrolled random movement.
Analysis and application of time domain dielectric spectroscopy based on wavelet transform

Ren Lei,Chen Xiang-Guang,Liu Chun-Tao,

物理学报 , 2009,
Abstract: At present, the time domain dielectric spectroscopy is mainly used to analyze thin liquids or materials composed of molecular orderly substances. The various relaxation processes need to be unrelated or be superposed linearly. But it will be clearly limited when the method is applied to the complex heterogeneous mixture analysis. In order to widen its scope of application, the analysis method is improved in this paper by using the wavelet transform. Through the analysis of the oil-water mixture, the experimental results show that the time domain dielectric spectroscopy based on wavelet transform can not only offer the whole spectral information but exhibit the time domain and frequency domain information of various components. Therefore, the analysis method of time domain dielectric spectroscopy based on wavelet transform can be used to analyze complex heterogeneous mixtures.
XML document latent information extractionalgorithm based on D-S evidence theory

CHEN Hua-cheng,DU Xue-hui,CHEN Xing-yuan,XIA Chun-tao,

计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: Traditional XML document retrieval methods are mainly based on keywords' match, which ignore keywords' semantics and latent information contained in information combination. This paper proposed an algorithm of XML document latent information extraction based on D-S evidence theory. Firstly it used ontology to define the relationships between semantic concepts and the combination mode, and next proposed a retrieval model based on D-S evidence theory. Then it presented the computation of evidence weight, and finally designed a dynamic threshold with plausible function. It solved the problems of uncertainty in semantic match and retrieve of latent information. Furthermore, it presented the algorithm's application in the detection of personal and enterprises' sensitive information in e-government domain. The experiment proves that the proposed algorithm has higher precision and recall.
PMV index forecasting system based on fuzzy C-means clustering and support vector machine

XU Wei,CHEN Xiang-guang,PENG Hong-xing,LIU Chun-tao,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2009,
Abstract: In order to commendably estimate indoor thermal comfort, advantage and complementarity of fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm (FCM) and support vector machine (SVM) is analyzed. A kind of SVM forecasting system based on FCM data preprocess is also proposed. In the proposed method,the large data.set is viewed as a mixture of multiple populations, and each population is represented by a single regression model. The problem of regression estimation for large dataset is viewed as a problem of multiple regression model estimation. In using forecasting PMV index, this approach has achieved greater forecasting accuracy comparing with the method of standard SVM. It is denoted that the SVM learning system has advantage with the information preprocessing based on FCM algorithm.
Meiotic Chromosome Pairing Research and Genome Analysis in Plants

GUO Jun-Yang CHEN Jin-Feng QIAN Chun-Tao CAO Qing-He,

植物学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Recent progress on chromosome pairing and its application in genomics in plant, including the identification of polyploidy and chromosome translocations, phylogenetic analysis, evolution of genomes, and hybrid fertility, were reviewed here. Factors affecting chromosome pairing, such as genetic compatibility, genetic background, and environmental cues were analysed.
Synthesis and Preliminary Characterization of A New Species (Amphidiploid) in Cucumis

CHEN Jin-Feng,ZHUANG Fei-Yun,QIAN Chun-Tao,

植物科学学报 , 2001,
Abstract: 采用胚胎拯救方法,首次成功实现了栽培黄瓜(CucumissativusL.,2n=14)与同属野生种C.hystrixChakr.(2n=24)间可重复的种间杂交.杂交F1植株形态一致.其中多分枝、密棕茸毛(尤其是在花瓣和雌蕊上)、桔黄色花冠及卵圆形果实这些特征与亲本C.hystrix相似,而第一雌花节位则与亲本黄瓜(C.sativus)相似.其它性状如株径、节长、叶和花的形状和大小等都介于双亲之间而呈中间型.将杂种F1植株自交并与两亲本进行回交,结果表明F1杂种的雄蕊和雌蕊都是不育的.这可能是由于杂种染色体数目为奇数(2n=19,其中7条来自黄瓜,12条来自野生黄瓜),缺乏同源性而导致减数分裂不正常.利用体细胞无性系突变方法,对杂种的染色体数进行了加倍.流动细胞计量仪测定表明,加倍的F1植株(双二倍体)占再生植株的7.3%,形态一致,其DNA含量为2.35pg,而F1(二倍体)的含量为1.17pg.新合成的双二倍体植株能释放花粉,并且能形成含种子的果实.对生长和发育、营养价值及抗性等方面初步研究表明,这一新物种可望成为一新型作物种,在未来农业中占有一席之地.通过不同杂交可形成两种类型的果实一种为腌渍类型,该株系每株可着生30多个大约10cm长的果实,可一次性采收;另一种为耐弱光类型,果形细长,基本上无种子,适合于部分遮荫的环境,如温室栽培.营养分析表明,新物种果实的蛋白质含量为0.78%,矿物质0.35%,均分别高于普通黄瓜含量0.62%和0.27%.对根结线虫筛选试验结果表明,C.hystrix具有高度抗性,其抗性通过正反交可部分转移到F1代和双二倍体中.
Observation on Micronucleolus during Meiosis of Pollen Mother Cell in Cucumber

CAO Qing-He,CHEN Jin-feng,GUO Jun-Yang,QIAN Chun-Tao,

植物科学学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 在黄瓜(Cucumis sativus L.)高代自交系花粉母细胞减数分裂过程中,首次观察到了微核仁现象。在被观察的430个花粉母细胞(PMCs)中,有279个含有微核仁,占64.9%。微核仁在PMCs中数目变化范围在1~7之间。从细线期到四分孢子期都可观察到微核仁,其数量和大小在分裂的不同时期有所差异,但在第一次和第二次减数分裂时期内的变化趋势相似。在微核仁的周期性变化过程中,染色体的行为正常,并没有发现染色体畸变或染色体桥等现象。将此高代自交材料与3个商品种对照,分别在不同的季节种植在不同的地点,证明微核仁仅在此高代自交系上发生,且不受栽培季节和环境的影响。
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