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AVO Didactic Analysis from Simplified Modeling of Seismic Data in Libra Oil Field of the Pre-Salt Region, Brazil  [PDF]
Kaio da Silva Pimentel Figueiredo, Kaendra Williams Temoteo, Rafael Ximenes Goncalves, Yasmim Monteiro Cordeiro, Rogério Manhaes Soares, Hans Schmidt Santos, Claudiomar Rodrigues Franco, Felipe Barbosa Venancio de Freitas, Christyne Barros de Sá
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105788
In this study, a certain zone of Libra oil field of the pre-salt region was se-lected to be analyzed for didactic purposes in order to simulate AVO re-sponses. The region was modeled using seismic data, setting up a typical oil system with source rock (shale), reservoir rock (sandstone), and seal rock (salt). Thus, a set of parameters such as seismic wave velocity, density and Poisson’s ratio for the studied zone was proposed. The AVO analysis allowed the classification of reflectors and the distinction of the geology for sandstones saturated with both water and gas.
Indicadores cognitivos, lingüísticos, comportamentais e acadêmicos de pré-escolares nascidos pré-termo e a termo
Oliveira, Christyne Gomes Toledo de;Enumo, S?nia Regina Fiorim;Queiroz, Sávio Silveira de;Azevedo Jr, Romildo Rocha;
Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-37722011000300003
Abstract: this study compared the development of 5 years old premature and low weight born children, with full term born children of the same age. the following indicators were evaluated: academic (iar), behavioral (cbcl-1?-5 years), language (lave-expressive, tvip-receptive) and cognitive (columbia, raven-mpc and catm). the sample consisted of 34 children: 17 premature and low weight born children (<37 weeks' gestation), and 17 full-term born children who weighed >2.500g as newborns. the premature children showed a lower performance on academic, expressive language, behavioral and cognitive areas (columbia and catm: cognitive operations and facilitating behaviors). the study confirmed other studies indicating that premature children can present more problems in the course of their development than full term born children.
Agriculture and short run macroeconomics
Barros, Geraldo S. de Camargo;
Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz , 1987, DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761987000100044
Abstract: a short run macro-model is formulated to derive the interactions between farm and nonfarm sector in response to stabilization policies. exagenous variables are changes in fiscal and monetary policies, exchange rate, and international prices. endogenous variables explicitly analyzed are farm and nonfarm real incomes and nominal and relative prices. main results of the model are: (a) relative prices tend to change when exogenous variables change; (b) farm output and relative price tend to be reduced by expansive fiscal and monetary policies even if income elasticity of demand for farm products is zero; (c) although the inflationary effect of expansive monetary or fiscal policy is higher the lower the elasticity of supply of farm products, farm nominal prices tend to increase at most a much as nonfarm nominal prices. the effects of several different assumptions regarding supply and demand elasticities upon the model results are derived.
Automedica??o em idosos na cidade de Salgueiro-PE
Sá, Mirivaldo Barros e;Barros, José Augusto Cabral de;Sá, Michel Pompeu Barros de Oliveira;
Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-790X2007000100009
Abstract: objectives: to identify the determinants associated with the practice of self-medication in the 60-year-old or older population in the city of salgueiro/pernambuco/brazil. methods: a cross-sectional study was carried out in the urban zone in the city of salgueiro - pe; questionnaires were handed out between may/01/2004 and june/06/2004 in a sample population of 355 persons aged 60 years or more. data were processed and analyzed using epiinfo 6.04 software after a double entry and validated. results: the sample was comprised of 44.9% (159/355) 60-70-year olds, 69.8% (247/355) of which were female, 53.1% (188/355) illiterate, 40.7% (145/355) without having finished high school, and 77.7% (276/355) retired. in the group that used medicines without medical prescription, the drugs used most often were analgesics (30%) and antipyretics (29%). of the reasons presented to justify the use of self-prescribed medicines, pain was the most frequent one (38.3%), followed by fever (24.4%), diarrhea (8.0%), hypertension (8.0%) and cough (5.2%). there was association between the lack of exercise and self-medication (x2 =14.44 p=0.001). conclusions: there is a high prevalence of self-medication in this group; analgesics and antipyretics are the drugs used most often; pain is the symptom that most leads to self-medication; and sedentary individuals use more self-medication than those who exercise.
O processo de trabalho em saúde e a produ??o do cuidado em uma unidade de saúde da família: limites ao acolhimento e reflexos no servi?o de emergência
Barros,Delba Machado; Sá,Marilene de Castilho;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232010000500022
Abstract: this study examines the work process of a family health unity (usf) in a small municipality, inland the state of rio de janeiro. we would like to start with the question of what is causing the population registered in a family health program to look for the emergency service (se) of a general hospital. semi-structured individual interviews were conducted with doctors who worked on duty and users in the emergency service and group interviews with users of a family health unit and its staff. in addition, information was also collected by participant observation. the theoretical fields of health management and psycho-sociology were the grounds of this research. it was concluded that the "modus operandi" of the usf, the geographical and organizational accessibility, and the technological apparatus of the se ended up leading the population to seek the general hospital emergency service of the municipality mentioned in this study in acute situations of suffering and distress.
Evaluation of the number of gate positions at an airport terminal using a shared common area
Alexandre Gomes de Barros,S. C. Wirasinghe
Transportes , 2009,
Abstract: Este trabalho descreve um modelo analítico para determina o do número de port es de embarque em um terminal aeroportuário para fins de planejamento. O modelo calcula o número de até três diferentes tipos de port es, buscando minimizar uma fun o custo que inclui custos de constru o do terminal, de instala o e manuten o dos port es e de atrasos impostos às aeronaves. O modelo também leva em considera o o uso de uma área comum para port es de diferentes tipos. Esta área comum é usada tanto por aeronaves grandes como por aeronaves pequenas durante seus respectivos picos diários principais. Com esta área comum, consegue-se uma economia considerável de espa o no terminal, usando-se o espa o disponível de maneira mais eficiente.
Robbins basic pathology
Sílvia Berlanga de Moraes Barros
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Farmacêuticas , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/s1516-93322004000300029
Dust attenuation of the nebular regions and optical emission lines of $z\sim2$ star-forming galaxies
S. de Barros,N. Reddy,I. Shivaei
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: We use a sample of 149 spectroscopically confirmed UV-selected galaxies at $z\sim 2$ to investigate the relative dust attenuation of the stellar continuum and the nebular emission lines. For each galaxy in the sample, at least one rest-frame optical emission line (H$\alpha$/[NII]$\lambda6583$ or [OIII]$\lambda5007$) measurement has been taken from the litterature, and 41 galaxies have additional Spitzer/MIPS 24$\mu$m observations that are used to infer infrared luminosities. We use a spectral energy distribution (SED) fitting code that predicts nebular line strengths when fitting the stellar populations of galaxies in our sample, and we perform comparisons between the predictions of our models and the observed/derived physical quantities. We find that on average our code is able to reproduce all the physical quantities (e.g., UV $\beta$ slopes, infrared luminosities, emission line fluxes), but we need to apply a higher dust correction to the nebular emission compared to the stellar emission for the largest SFR ($\log\mathrm{(SFR/M}_\odot\mathrm{yr}^{-1})>1.87$, Salpeter IMF). We find a correlation between SFR and the difference in nebular and stellar color excesses, which could resolve the discrepant results regarding nebular dust correction at $z\sim2$ from previous results.
Oral Health and Masticatory Performance in Adults Submitted to Bariatric Surgery: A Pilot Study  [PDF]
Paula Valeska Tavares, Aline Coelho, Micheline Coelho Ramalho Vasconcelos, Criseuda Maria Benício Barros, R. M. M. M. S. M. Coury, Armiliana Soares Nascimento, Maria da Concei??o de Barros Correia, Luciana de Barros Correia Fontes
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2015.53013
Abstract: Background: Obesity has reached epidemic patterns and constitutes a serious public health problem due to comorbidities and the impact on life quality of affected individuals. Bariatric surgery appears as one of the most recommended treatments; however much has been known about the effects of this intervention on the functional performance of the organism as a whole. Objective: To characterize the oral health of adults submitted to bariatric surgery, before and after the intervention, with emphasis on the performance of masticatory function. Methods: A prospective observational cohort study conducted in a public reference service to the treatment of obesity in the city of Recife, State of Pernambuco. The data were obtained during the first half of 2011, through interview, intraoral physical examination and evaluation of masticatory function. Statistical treatment adopted was a CI of 95% and the chi-square test. The collection was conducted in three stages, with initial assessment in the preoperative and follow-up at 60 and 180 days. Results: The sample consisted of 20 volunteers, aged between 23 and 58 years and mean BMI of 43.2 ± 2.8. When compared the pre-operative to the control periods, there were significant differences for variables with decreased tendency towards spontaneous gingival bleeding and increased tooth hypersensitivity and tooth mobility (p < 0.05). Regarding the masticatory function, we found significant differences for most of the variables investigated, except in the coordination of movements and breathing during this function. Conclusion: The performance of masticatory function shows differences in pre- and postoperative periods for bariatric surgery.
Influência da densidade de plantio e sistema de podas na produ??o de café
Toledo, Sérgio Vasco de;Barros, Inácio de;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X1999000800009
Abstract: an experiment with the objective of evaluating the influence of the number of plants per hole, plant density and pruning system on the yield of the caturra and mundo novo varieties of coffea arabica l. was carried out in campinas, sp, brazil, during 19 years. five planting densities were evaluated: 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 m2/hole, combined with one and two plants per hole carried out without pruning; pruning at 2 m from the soil; and, plants lapped close to the soil in a regime pre-determinated by beaumont & fukunaga. high planting density showed high yields in the first harvests with pronounced decrease after seven harvests. the mundo novo variety kept its yield potential while the caturra variety highly decreased its yield throughout the years; the adoption of a pruning system did not influence the yield and was even prejudicial in some periods.
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