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Antoni Antoni
Civil Engineering Dimension , 2006,
Abstract: Reinforced concrete structures in marine environment are subjected to chloride penetration, which significantly degrades the structural performance due to the occurrence of corrosion in the steel reinforcement. The performance degradation of the structures would reduce the intended service life and caused higher maintenance and repair cost. Therefore, system to monitor chloride penetration into reinforced concrete before the starting corrosion of reinforcement is indispensable. An embedded probe system to detect chloride penetration into concrete was developed in Japan. This probe consists of a cementitious material body and some number of wires as sensors, which are set in the shallow ditches around the probe body. The system detect the chloride penetration by monitoring the initiation time of wire corrosion, it also has the advantages of continuous monitoring and early warning on the onset of corrosion in the reinforcement. However, the probe had not yet had high sensitivity for detecting critical chloride content in concrete. Therefore to increase its sensitivity, four types of improvements, namely partial coating of the wires, waterproofing on the probe body, filling the ditches with porous material and supplying small current on the wires were evaluated in this study. From the experimental result, it was observed that supplying small current and partial coating of the wires could improve the sensitivity of the probe significantly, while waterproofing treatment on the probe body and filling the ditches did not have significant contribution.
Chloride Penetration into Fiber Reinforced Concrete under Static and Cyclic Compressive Loading
Antoni Antoni
Civil Engineering Dimension , 2008,
Abstract: The effect of loading on the chloride penetration into plain concrete (PC) and fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) was studied experimentally by using modified NT Build 492 – Non-steady state chloride migration test that include the application of loading on the specimen during the test. Three types of polypropylene fibers with different lengths and shapes were used. The concretes were tested for chloride penetration at different stress ratios under static and cyclic loading. The results of the static loading showed that there was a slight reduction in the chloride penetration under low level of compressive stress while an increase in the chloride penetration was found at higher stress level. There are significance difference in chloride penetration behavior of the plain concrete, long fiber FRC and short fiber FRC. Chloride penetration increased even more at cyclic loading conditions showing difference behavior of FRC and PC at difference number of cycle and load level.
Tile Packing Tomography is NP-hard
Marek Chrobak,Christoph Durr,Flavio Guinez,Antoni Lozano,Nguyen Kim Thang
Computer Science , 2009,
Abstract: Discrete tomography deals with reconstructing finite spatial objects from lower dimensional projections and has applications for example in timetable design. In this paper we consider the problem of reconstructing a tile packing from its row and column projections. It consists of disjoint copies of a fixed tile, all contained in some rectangular grid. The projections tell how many cells are covered by a tile in each row and column. How difficult is it to construct a tile packing satisfying given projections? It was known to be solvable by a greedy algorithm for bars (tiles of width or height 1), and NP-hardness results were known for some specific tiles. This paper shows that the problem is NP-hard whenever the tile is not a bar.
Territorial Checking and Balance: The Change of the Spanish State Territorial Organization by Subconstitutional Rules  [PDF]
Antoni Abati Ninet
Beijing Law Review (BLR) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/blr.2012.31002
Abstract: We are in the midst of a strong revival of interest in the Subnational units (Autonomous Communities) within the Autonomous Spanish State. Recent reforms of the Statute of Autonomy by certain autonomous regions have revealed new mechanisms and new ways of interaction and communication between policy-statutory subnational units—within the scope of the reforms of the Statute of Autonomy. This interaction is the assumption of a phenomenon called “horizontal autonomism”. This concrete phenomenon has not only reopened, with still more force, the theoretical and practical debate about the nature of the territorial organization of the Spanish State, but also demonstrates that the notion of autonomy and the relations between national and sub-national units in Spain are permanently evolving. In addition, the recent statutory amends have initiated a new evolutive stage of the hybrid state model without reforming the Constitu- tion. The article focuses primarily on two elements of study. First, starting from a constitutional perspective the phe- nomenon of what is called “horizontal autonomism” as the basis of the recent reforms of the Statutes of Autonomy (subconstitutional rules). The second aspect is to analyze one of the main consequences and effects of this “horizontal autonomism” in relation to the development of the territorial nature of the Spanish state. Concretely, we focus on how the autonomous rules, are real sources of law for other autonomies, and, potentially, for the state.
Prospective evaluation of small bowel preparation with bisacodyl and sodium phosphate for capsule endoscopy
Andreas Franke, Frank Hummel, Phillip Knebel, Christoph Antoni, Ulrich B?cker, Manfred V Singer, Matthias L?hr
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2008,
Abstract: AIM: To determine the effect of Prepacol , a combination of sodium phosphate and bisacodyl, on transit and quality of capsule endoscopy (CE).METHODS: Fivety two consecutive patients were included in this prospective study. CE was performed following a 12 h fasting period. Twenty six patients were randomized for additional preparation with Prepacol . The quality of CE was assessed separately for the proximal and the distal small bowel by 3 experienced endoscopists on the basis of a graduation which was initially developed with 20 previous CE.RESULTS: Preparation with Prepacol accelerated small bowel transit time (262 ± 55 min vs 287 ± 97 min), but had no effect on the quality of CE. Visibility was significantly reduced in the distal compared to the proximal small bowel.CONCLUSION: The significantly reduced visibility of CE in the distal small bowel allocates the need for a good preparation. Since Prepacol has no beneficial effect on CE the modality of preparation and the ideal time of application remains unclear. Further standardized examinations are necessary to identify sufficient preparation procedures and to determine the impact of the volume of the preparation solution.
Establishing Payment Hubs—Unwind the Spaghetti?  [PDF]
Christoph Markert
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2014.44024

Banks and financial services providers are facing a more and more competitive business within the retail banking as well as corporate market. Increasing productivity and efficiency by decreasing operational costs is very often one milestone on the strategic business roadmap of a bank or financial services providers. The payment area is usually seen as a cost intensive, but necessary part of the business and information technology (IT) landscape. Many banks and financial services providers do still follow a best-of-breed approach within the system payments landscape, which ends up in high operational and maintenance costs as different payment processing platforms are serving different business purposes. The establishment of a single globally centralized payment hub cannot be only the solution for the ending of a heterogeneous payment processing landscape, but also for supporting the strategic management roadmap by decreasing system complexity and increasing the efficiency of the payment platforms and thus decreasing operational and maintenance IT costs. Furthermore it can support banks to establish a far more flexible technological implementation approach for an entire core banking transformation program. This paper is analyzing the challenges and issues banks and financial services providers are facing with the establishment of payment hubs in their enterprise system landscape from a management as well as IT point of view.

Determination of Material Properties like Permittivity and Density with Microwaves  [PDF]
Christoph Sklarczyk
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2014.56043

With the help of electromagnetic waves in deci-, centi- and millimeter-wave range (microwaves) it is possible to determine the properties of non-metallic objects like permittivity or density in a nondestructive and if necessary in a contactless way. Depending on the type of the test object the measurement can be carried out both with low-cost narrowband or more expensive wideband devices and sensors. To get the characteristic value in most cases it is necessary to calibrate the test device with the help of reference materials. It is recommendable to sustain a constant distance (lift-off or standoff) between the antenna of the sensor and the test object. The paper deals with the characterization of asphalt, especially the determination of its density.

Photon Structure Function Revisited  [PDF]
Christoph Berger
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2015.68107
Abstract: The flux of papers from electron positron colliders containing data on the photon structure function \"\"ended naturally around 2005. It is thus timely to review the theoretical basis and confront the predictions with a summary of the experimental results. The discussion will focus on the increase of the structure function with x (for x away from the boundaries) and its rise with \"\", both characteristics being dramatically different from hadronic structure functions. The agreement of the experimental observations with the theoretical calculations is a striking success of QCD. It also allows a new determination of the QCD coupling constant \"\"which very well corresponds to the values quoted in the literature.
Remote Electrical Stimulation by Means of Implanted Rectifiers
Antoni Ivorra
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0023456
Abstract: Miniaturization of active implantable medical devices is currently compromised by the available means for electrically powering them. Most common energy supply techniques for implants – batteries and inductive couplers – comprise bulky parts which, in most cases, are significantly larger than the circuitry they feed. Here, for overcoming such miniaturization bottleneck in the case of implants for electrical stimulation, it is proposed to make those implants act as rectifiers of high frequency bursts supplied by remote electrodes. In this way, low frequency currents will be generated locally around the implant and these low frequency currents will perform stimulation of excitable tissues whereas the high frequency currents will cause only innocuous heating. The present study numerically demonstrates that low frequency currents capable of stimulation can be produced by a miniature device behaving as a diode when high frequency currents, neither capable of thermal damage nor of stimulation, flow through the tissue where the device is implanted. Moreover, experimental evidence is provided by an in vivo proof of concept model consisting of an anesthetized earthworm in which a commercial diode was implanted. With currently available microelectronic techniques, very thin stimulation capsules (diameter <500 μm) deliverable by injection are easily conceivable.
Peter Carruthers: la arquitectura de la mente
An??lisis filos?3fico , 2008,
Abstract: in this introduction to the special issue, the central ideas in peter carruther's thought are presented: his particular version of functionalist cognitivism, which inverts the common place that animals feel but not think, to claim that they do think but do not feel. the key to this inversion is the central role carruthers assigns to language in the architecture of the mind, in spite of his defense of a version of the massive modularity hypothesis: as a ground for qualitative consciousness and for flexible thought. finally, the different contributions to the special issue are placed in terms of such central axes.
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