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Moderate and prolonged hypercapnic acidosis may protect against ventilator-induced diaphragmatic dysfunction in healthy piglet: an in vivo study
Boris Jung, Mustapha Sebbane, Charlotte Goff, Nans Rossel, Gerald Chanques, Emmanuel Futier, Jean-Michel Constantin, Stefan Matecki, Samir Jaber
Critical Care , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/cc12486
Abstract: Two groups of anesthetized piglets were ventilated during a 72-hour period. Piglets were assigned to the Normocapnia group (n = 6), ventilated in normocapnia, or to the Hypercapnia group (n = 6), ventilated with moderate hypercapnic acidosis (PaCO2 from 55 to 70 mm Hg) during the 72-hour period of the study. Every 12 hours, we measured transdiaphragmatic pressure (Pdi) after bilateral, supramaximal transjugular stimulation of the two phrenic nerves to assess in vivo diaphragmatic contractile force. Pressure/frequency curves were drawn after stimulation from 20 to 120 Hz of the phrenic nerves. The protocol was approved by our institutional animal-care committee.Moderate and prolonged hypercapnic acidosis was well tolerated during the study period. The baseline pressure/frequency curves of the two groups were not significantly different (Pdi at 20 Hz, 32.7 ± 8.7 cm H2O, versus 34.4 ± 8.4 cm H2O; and at 120 Hz, 56.8 ± 8.7 cm H2O versus 60.8 ± 5.7 cm H2O, for Normocapnia and Hypercapnia groups, respectively). After 72 hours of ventilation, Pdi decreased by 25% of its baseline value in the Normocapnia group, whereas Pdi did not decrease in the Hypercapnia group.Moderate and prolonged hypercapnic acidosis limited the occurrence of VIDD during controlled mechanical ventilation in a healthy piglet model. Consequences of moderate and prolonged hypercapnic acidosis should be better explored with further studies before being tested on patients.Mechanical ventilation is a lifesaving technique and a leading treatment of acute respiratory failure in the intensive care unit (ICU). In the earliest stages of acute respiratory failure, maintaining respiratory muscles at rest, in particular the diaphragm, is frequently performed, the better to synchronize the patient and the ventilator. The ventilator settings often use a totally controlled mode and are combined with deep sedation to avoid spontaneous ventilator cycles. One of the consequences of resting respiratory muscles is the occ
Evidence of a previously unrecorded local tsunami, 13 April 2010, Cook Islands: implications for Pacific Island countries
J. Goff
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences (NHESS) & Discussions (NHESSD) , 2011,
Abstract: Tsunami hazard assessments for Pacific Islands Countries (PICs) tend to focus on subduction zone sources. It is generally recognised that while volcanic-related tsunamigenic sources exist, they are probably only of minor relevance to the overall hazardscape of the Pacific. This paper outlines the evidence for a previously unrecorded local tsunami that struck the uninhabited south coast of Mangaia, Cook Islands, on 13 April 2010. The tsunami had a maximum inundation of 100 m inland and a runup of 12 m a.s.l. This event was most probably caused by a small submarine slope failure, the most recent of an unknown number of previous inundations. Since most PICs have a volcanic origin, it is suggested that current perceptions about the local and regional significance of such events is inaccurate. A review of volcanic-related tsunamigenic sources throughout the Pacific reveals a wealth of data concerning submarine slope failures in particular and a more general background of active volcanism. These sources are as relevant to PICs close to or far away from subduction zones. As populations grow and the coastlines of many PICs and those on the edge of the Pacific Ocean become increasing occupied, the likelihood for loss of life from these events increases.
Review of Researching with Communities: Grounded Perspectives on Engaging Communities in Research by Andy Williamson and Ruth DeSouza (Eds)
Susan Goff
Gateways : International Journal of Community Research & Engagement , 2008,
Die Transformation von Unterdrückung: Zur Vorgehensweise partizipativer Handlungsforschung Transforming Suppression—Process in Our Participatory Action Research Practice Transformando el proceso de represión en nuestra práctica de investigación acción participativa
Susan Goff
Forum : Qualitative Social Research , 2001,
Abstract: Zur Handlungsforschung sind sehr unterschiedliche pers nliche und kulturelle Zug nge m glich. Doch trotz dieser Unterschiedlichkeit gibt es ein gemeinsames Weltverst ndnis, das wir als Praktiker(innen) teilen, unabh ngig von unserer Disziplin- oder Gruppenzugeh rigkeit. Kennzeichen dieses Verst ndnisses scheinen unser Widerstand gegen Unterdrückung ebenso wie unsere Bemühung um nicht-repressive Arbeitsweisen zu sein. Und wir sind ausgesprochen kritisch gegen die Definition von Gültigkeit(en). Gleichwohl stellt sich die Frage, wie wir in unserer Praxis ein Vorgehen entwickeln k nnen, das uns selbst und andere – glaubwürdig – darüber informiert, dass unsere Position und unser Vorgehen tats chlich partizipatorisches Lernen und Forschen erlaubt. Im folgenden werden einige Wege vorgeschlagen, die – angeleitet durch Erfahrungen von Vers hnung zwischen Menschen unterschiedlicher Rassen – eine solche Unterscheidung/Definition erm glichen helfen sollen. Dabei greife ich auf eigene Erfahrungen zurück, die zeigen, wie ich als "Facilitator" im Rahmen partizipativer Handlungsforschung Prozesse zu erkennen und zu f rdern versuche, und es wird auch deutlich werden, wie Prozesse, die Beispiele guter Praxis zu sein schienen, pl tzlich zu Beispielen schlechter Praxis wurden. Oder um es genauer zu sagen: wie mitunter eine repressive Praxis entstehen kann trotz meines expliziten Widerstandes gegen Unterdrückung. Ich besch ftige mich hierbei insbesondere damit, wie Zweck/Ziele und Status den Aushandlungsprozess zwischen den verschiedenen Teilnehmer(inne)n eines Handlungsfeldes strukturieren: URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0101211 There are many personal and cultural pathways into the worlds of action learning and research. Despite this variety there is a world that we as practitioners share. This world seems to be defined by our resistance to oppression as much as it is defined in our willingness to construct non-oppressive ways of working in this world. Our world is not discipline specific, or owned by any particular social group (as defined by demographics). In our resistance and creativity we can be highly critical in determining validity. How can we, in this environment characterised by tension, develop practices which credibly inform us that what we are doing is indeed credible participatory learning and research? This paper proposes some ways of distinguishing action research and learning processes in our practices-particularly with regard to experiences of reconciliation at an inter-racial level. Rather than naming a particular process as being generically recognisable as ac
No Ceremony for Older Women: Some Observations on the 2008 Academy Awards Broadcast.
Robert Goff.
Nebula , 2008,
“Hollywood Ain’t No Place for the Radical Kind: Observations on the Academy Awards, 2010.”
Robert Goff
Nebula , 2010,
Evaluating the Outcomes of a Peer-Mentoring Program for Students Transitioning to Postsecondary Education
Lori Goff
Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning , 2011,
Abstract: A peer-mentoring program was developed for students in an introductory biology course at a university in Ontario, Canada. Students could attend up to five peer-mentoring sessions during their first semester. Quantitative-survey, participation, and academic data spanning from 2003 through 2007 were reviewed for the purpose of evaluating the program. An objectives-oriented approach was used to determine if the program was meeting its goals to improve students’ introductory biology grades, facilitate transitioning experiences, and encourage students to pursue studies in biology. Data analysis revealed that students who participated in the program felt that it was a valuable experience. Students attending three or more sessions performed significantly better in their introductory biology courses, measured by final grades achieved, than those attending fewer sessions. There were no indications that the peer-mentoring program had any impact on students’ perceptions of transitioning to university or on their program selection preferences. Recommendations are made to improve the peer-mentoring program to better align its components and objectives.Un programme de mentorat par les pairs destiné aux étudiants qui suivent un cours d'introduction à la biologie a été implanter dans un université situé dans la province de l’Ontario. Les étudiants avaient accès à cinq séances de mentorat par les pairs au cours du premier semestre. Afin d’évaluer le programme, les chercheurs ont effectué des sondages quantitatifs, examiné la participation et les notes des étudiants entre 2003 et 2007. Ils ont utilisé une méthode axée sur les objectifs afin de déterminer si le programme atteignait ses objectifs qui consistaient à améliorer les notes des étudiants au cours d’introduction à la biologie, à faciliter leur transition et à les encourager à poursuivre des études en biologie. L'analyse des données révèle que les étudiants qui ont participé au programme de mentorat, l’ont trouvé utile. Les notes des étudiants qui ont participé à trois ou quatre séances étaient considérablement plus élevées que celles de ceux qui ont assisté à moins de séances. Rien n’indique que le programme de mentorat par les pairs influe sur la perception des étudiants en ce qui a trait à la transition vers l’université ni sur leurs préférences en matière de choix de programmes. Les chercheurs recommandent d’améliorer le programme de mentorat afin de mieux harmoniser ses composantes et ses objectifs.
Bounding Multiplicity by Shifts in the Taylor Resolution
Michael Goff
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: A weaker form of the multiplicity conjecture of Herzog, Huneke, and Srinivasan is proven for two classes of monomial ideals: quadratic monomial ideals and squarefree monomial ideals with sufficiently many variables relative to the Krull dimension. It is also shown that tensor products, as well as Stanley-Reisner ideals of certain unions, satisfy the multiplicity conjecture if all the components do. Conditions under which the bounds are achieved are also studied.
Higher dimensional Moore bounds
Michael Goff
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: We prove upper bounds on the face numbers of simplicial complexes in terms on their girths, in analogy with the Moore bound from graph theory. Our definition of girth generalizes the usual definition for graphs.
Distinguishing partitions of complete multipartite graphs
Michael Goff
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: A \textit{distinguishing partition} of a group $X$ with automorphism group ${aut}(X)$ is a partition of $X$ that is fixed by no nontrivial element of ${aut}(X)$. In the event that $X$ is a complete multipartite graph with its automorphism group, the existence of a distinguishing partition is equivalent to the existence of an asymmetric hypergraph with prescribed edge sizes. An asymptotic result is proven on the existence of a distinguishing partition when $X$ is a complete multipartite graph with $m_1$ parts of size $n_1$ and $m_2$ parts of size $n_2$ for small $n_1$, $m_2$ and large $m_1$, $n_2$. A key tool in making the estimate is counting the number of trees of particular classes.
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