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Meromorphic Functions Sharing Three Values  [PDF]
Changjun Li, Limei Wang
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/am.2011.26095
Abstract: In this paper, we prove a result on the uniqueness of meromorphic functions sharing three values counting multiplicity and improve a result obtained by Xiaomin Li and Hongxun Yi.
Ghosts and Stability of Asymptotical Safe Gravity in the Minkowski Background
Changjun Gao,Anzhong Wang
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: We investigate the problems of ghosts and stability in the framework of asymptotical safe theory of gravity in the Minkowski background. Within one loop corrections, we obtain explicitly the constraints on the coupling parameters. Applying them to the coupling constant recently-obtained at the fixed point, we find that the corresponding theory is both ghost-free and stable. Our results can be easily generalized to high order corrections.
Performance analysis of active schedules in identical parallel machine

Changjun WANG,Yugeng XI,

控制理论与应用 , 2007,
Effects of Tobacco Pathogens and Their Antagonistic Bacteria on Tobacco Root Exudates  [PDF]
Cheng Li, Jun Yu, Lu Gan, Jingguo Sun, Changjun Wang, Qin Wang, Shouwen Chen, Yong Yang
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2018.811042
Abstract: The research on relationship between rhizosphere microbes and root exudates has a great significance on discussion of interaction between rhizosphere microbes and plants, as well as control of soil-borne diseases and insect pest. GC-MS was used to analyze changes of tobacco root exudates under the antagonistic action of tobacco bacterial wilt and black shank. It turned out that when pathogens of tobacco bacterial wilt and black shank in tobacco root microorganisms increase, tobacco root exudates augmented rapidly among of which organic acids have the biggest growth, followed by amines. When the pathogens of tobacco bacterial wilt and black shank are inhibited by the active substance of antagonistic antibacterial, 20 - 23 kinds of root exudates are added; besides, the content of 7 substances was reduced to 0. Another inter-esting finding was that the fluctuations of phthalic acid, isophthalic acid and benzoic acid, which have caused continuous cropping obstacles, were very dis-tinct. The results of this study have provided novel clues for the exploration of continuous tobacco cropping obstacles and soil-borne diseases.
Study on Optimizing Nutrition and Fermentation Conditions for Compound Bacillus spp.  [PDF]
Yanyan Li, Yuxiang Xu, Wenhao Li, Yong Yang, Lin Wang, Jun Yu, Changjun Wang, Xihong Li
American Journal of Molecular Biology (AJMB) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ajmb.2019.92007
Abstract: In order to improve the spore yield of compound Bacillus spp. (B. amyloliquefaciens, B. laterosporus and B. megaterium), the effects of nutrient conditions including carbon source, nitrogen source, mineral salt and fermentation conditions including the inoculum age, inoculation amount, loading volume of liquid and initial pH on the spore yield were studied. The results indicated that the optimized medium was glucoses 20 g/L, soybean meal 30.0 g/L, K2HPO4 1.0 g/L; fermentation temperature is 37, the inoculum age 12 h, initial pH 7.0, 2% inoculation amount, loading volume of liquid 20 mL/250 mL. Under the optimized conditions of culture medium and fermentation for compound Bacillus spp., spore yield was 10.24 times more than the initial medium, and the spore formation rate reached more than 90%.
How to Schedule the Marketing of Products with Negative Externalities
Zhigang Cao,Xujin Chen,Changjun Wang
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: In marketing products with negative externalities, a schedule which specifies an order of consumer purchase decisions is crucial, since in the social network of consumers, the decision of each consumer is negatively affected by the choices of her neighbors. In this paper, we study the problems of finding a marketing schedule for two asymmetric products with negative externalites. The goals are two-fold: maximizing the sale of one product and ensuring regret-free purchase decisions. We show that the maximization is NP-hard, and provide efficient algorithms with satisfactory performance guarantees. Two of these algorithms give regret-proof schedules, i.e. they reach Nash equilibria where no consumers regret their previous decisions. Our work is the first attempt to address these marketing problems from an algorithmic point of view.
Finding Connected Dense $k$-Subgraphs
Xujin Chen,Xiaodong Hu,Changjun Wang
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Given a connected graph $G$ on $n$ vertices and a positive integer $k\le n$, a subgraph of $G$ on $k$ vertices is called a $k$-subgraph in $G$. We design combinatorial approximation algorithms for finding a connected $k$-subgraph in $G$ such that its density is at least a factor $\Omega(\max\{n^{-2/5},k^2/n^2\})$ of the density of the densest $k$-subgraph in $G$ (which is not necessarily connected). These particularly provide the first non-trivial approximations for the densest connected $k$-subgraph problem on general graphs.
STC: Coarse-Grained Vehicular Data Based Travel Speed Sensing by Leveraging Spatial-Temporal Correlation
Lu Shao,Cheng Wang,Changjun Jiang
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: As an important information for traffic condition evaluation, trip planning, transportation management, etc., average travel speed for a road means the average speed of vehicles travelling through this road in a given time duration. Traditional ways for collecting travel-speed oriented traffic data always depend on dedicated sensors and supporting infrastructures, and are therefore financial costly. Differently, vehicular crowdsensing as an infrastructure-free way, can be used to collect data including real-time locations and velocities of vehicles for road travel speed estimation, which is a quite low-cost way. However, vehicular crowdsensing data is always coarse-grained. This coarseness can lead to the incompleteness of travel speeds. Aiming to handle this problem as well as estimate travel speed accurately, in this paper, we propose an approach named STC that exploits the spatial-temporal correlation among travel speeds for roads by introducing the time-lagged cross correlation function. The time lagging factor describes the time consumption of traffic feature diffusion along roads. To properly calculate cross correlation, we novelly make the determination of the time lagging factor self-adaptive by recording the locations of vehicles at different roads. Then, utilizing the local stationarity of cross correlation, we further reduce the problem of single-road travel speed vacancy completion to a minimization problem. Finally, we fill all the vacancies of travel speed for roads in a recursive way using the geometric structure of road net. Elaborate experiments based on real taxi trace data show that STC can settle the incompleteness problem of vehicle crowdsensing data based travel speed estimation and ensure the accuracy of estimated travel speed better, in comparison with representative existing methods such as KNN, Kriging and ARIMA.
Approximability of the Minimum Weighted Doubly Resolving Set Problem
Xujin Chen,Xiaodong Hu,Changjun Wang
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: Locating source of diffusion in networks is crucial for controlling and preventing epidemic risks. It has been studied under various probabilistic models. In this paper, we study source location from a deterministic point of view by modeling it as the minimum weighted doubly resolving set (DRS) problem, which is a strengthening of the well-known metric dimension problem. Let $G$ be a vertex weighted undirected graph on $n$ vertices. A vertex subset $S$ of $G$ is DRS of $G$ if for every pair of vertices $u,v$ in $G$, there exist $x,y\in S$ such that the difference of distances (in terms of number of edges) between $u$ and $x,y$ is not equal to the difference of distances between $v$ and $x,y$. The minimum weighted DRS problem consists of finding a DRS in $G$ with minimum total weight. We establish $\Theta(\ln n)$ approximability of the minimum DRS problem on general graphs for both weighted and unweighted versions. This is the first work providing explicit approximation lower and upper bounds for minimum (weighted) DRS problem, which are nearly tight. Moreover, we design first known strongly polynomial time algorithms for the minimum weighted DRS problem on general wheels and trees with additional constant $k\ge0$ edges.
Experimental study and mechanism analysis on cell electroporation due to low-intensity transient electromagnetic pulses
Changjun Liu,Hong Zhang,Baoyi Wang,Zishu Wang,Xizhong Wang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1999, DOI: 10.1007/BF02884917
Abstract: The phenomenon of cell electroporation due to low-intensrty transient electromagnetic pulses was studied by using a broad band transverse EM-wave cell (BTEM CELL). The experimental results and preliminary mechanism analysis are presented.
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