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The Perceptions for Hong Kong Male Students Refusing HPV Vaccination: An Exploratory Study  [PDF]
Keung Sum Chan, Lai Hang Wong
Journal of Biosciences and Medicines (JBM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2019.75011
Background: Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of common viruses that can cause a sexually transmitted infection (STI). People with HPV infection can be susceptible to cervical cancer, anogenital warts, and another HPV-related disease. Although the HPV infection can be prevented by HPV vaccination, the vaccination rate in Hong Kong is relatively low particular in males comparing to other countries. Study design: An exploratory qualitative approach was adopted. Aim: This study attempted to explore the perceptions of male college students refusing HPV vaccination in Hong Kong. Methods: A total of 20 male college students participated in the unstructured interview with audio-tape recording and field-notes done to explore their perceptions refusing HPV vaccination. Content analysis was utilized to extract significant themes and sub-themes. Results: Six major themes were identified including a lack of perceived risk, knowledge deficit, inadequate promotion, a high price of the HPV vaccine, inconvenience to receive the HPV vaccine and peer influence. Conclusion: Exploring the perceptions for Hong Kong male college students refusing HPV vaccination could provide essential information to the local government to establish corresponding health campaign for males to increase receiving HPV vaccination for curbing the HPV-related diseases.
Induced Lorentz-Violating Chern-Simons Term in QED and Anomalous Contributions to Effective Action Expansions
Lai-Him Chan
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: I present a unified formulation of anomalous contributions in quantum field theories by calculating directly the effective action using the background field and covariant-derivative expansion technique. I use this method to determine uniquely the induced Chern-Simons term from the a Lorentz and CPT violating term in fermion QED Lagrangian. The outstanding ambiguity is resolved by properly taken into account the noncommutivity of $A$ and $\partial$. The resulting vacuum polarization tensor acquires a non-Feynman diagram anomalous contribution which accounts for the discrepancy between the present calculation and the other calculations.
Induced Lorentz-Violating Chern-Simons Term in QED: Uncovering Short Distance Interaction Terms in the Effective Lagrangian without the Shadow of Regularization
Lai-Him Chan
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: We show that the correctly evaluated effective Lagrangian should include short-distance interaction terms which have been avoided under the protection of usual regularization and must be properly identified and reinstated if regularization is to be removed. They have special physical and mathematical significance as well as restoring gauge invariance and suppressing divergence in the effective Lagrangian. The rich structure of the short-distance interaction terms can open up challenging opportunities where the conventional regularization with rigid structure is unavailable and inappropriate. It becomes clear that gauge invariance is preserved with or without regularization and therefore there is no Lorentz-Violating Chern-Simons term in QED.
To Promote Biotechnology Education
Sing Lai Chan,Kevin Lui
Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching , 2000,
Abstract: To Promote Biotechnology Education, an 18-month project led by Dr. Lui Chung Wai Kevin and Dr. Chan Sing Lai from Science Department, has been awarded a funding of H.K.$600 thousand by the Quality Education Fund. The goal of this project, which lasts from June 1999 to November 2000, is to promote the biotechnology education to secondary level school through an interactive CD-ROM and homepage.
Characterization of the uncertainties in the constitutive behavior of carbon nanotube/cement composites
Lai Yin Chan and Bassem Andrawes
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials , 2009,
Abstract: This paper addresses the uncertainties associated with using carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as reinforcement for cement. These uncertainties emerge mainly from the CNTs' wide range of mechanical properties and their interfacial behavior with cement. This study sheds light on the basis of choosing the optimal combinations of CNTs mechanical and interfacial parameters to improve the structural strength and ductility of CNT-reinforced cementitious composites. The finite element method (FEM) is employed to study the individual and interactive effects of five parameters, including interfacial shear (bond) strength, allowable slip, CNT Young's modulus, residual bond stress and aspect ratio. Numerical results show that the parameters, at certain ranges of values, interact substantially and greatly alter the mechanical properties of the composite. It is also found that the governing parameter is the CNT Young's modulus, which determines whether the composite is ductility critical or strength critical. Furthermore, the level of residual bond stress substantially influences the effect of other parameters, especially in the case of composite ductility.
The Sharing of General Studies Related IT Database Developed by HKIEd
Sing Lai Chan,Kevin Lui
Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching , 2001,
Abstract: The syllabus for General Studies will be further revised as suggested by the CDC Consultation Documents released in November 2000. One of the main proposed developments is the application of IT skills to enhance the learning of science and technology elements. The goal of this paper is to share with GS teachers some of the IT databases developed by HKIEd.
Effects of Plant Growth Regulators on the Biomass of Embryogenic Cells of Cyperus aromaticus (Ridley) Mattf and Kukenth
Zainah Daud,Chan Lai Keng
Biotechnology , 2006,
Abstract: High production of cell biomass and somatic embryos could be established in the suspension cultures of Cyperus aromaticus. The callus derived from root pieces was used for preparation of the cell suspension cultures. The cells pretreated with 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D), α-Naphthaleneacetic Acid (NAA) and picloram in the suspension cultures produced somatic embryos after one week of transferring onto Murashige and Skoog (MS) solid medium without Plant Growth Regulators (PGR). With a small amount of cell inoculum (0.12 g) cultured in liquid MS medium supplemented with 2.0 mg L-1 NAA for three weeks followed by one week culture on solid MS basic medium produced an average of 10.5 g fresh embryogenic cell biomass of C. aromaticus. The embryogenic cells differentiated to produce primodia leaves after transferred to MS medium supplemented with 1.0 mg L-1 NAA.
Micropropagation of Curcuma zedoaria Roscoe and Zingiber zerumbet Smith
Christine Stanly,Chan Lai Keng
Biotechnology , 2007,
Abstract: The aim of study is to establish a micropropagation protocol that can be applied to both C. zedoaria and Z. zerumbet for the germblasm conservation of these two species. Buds from rhizomes were used to establish the in vitro plantlets of C. zedoaria and Z. zerumbet. The shoot explants of the in vitro plantlets of both species that were cultured in liquid medium produced twice the number of shoots than those cultured in solid medium of the same composition. The aseptic shoots of C. zedoaria plantlets that were cultured on MS solid medium supplemented with 0.5 mg L-1 BA and 0.5 mg L-1 IBA (shoot proliferation medium) produced 2.3 shoots per explant while those cultured in the liquid MS medium with same combination of plant growth regulators produced 6.1 shoots per explant. For Z. zerumbet, each shoot explant produced 3.9 shoots when they were cultured in the solid proliferation medium while an average of 6.4 shoots could be induced form each shoot explant when cultured in liquid medium. Half-shoot of C. zedoaria produced significantly higher number of shoots than undivided or whole shoots after culturing in the liquid shoot proliferation medium for 4 weeks. An average of 5.9 shoots could be produced from each half shoot which was equivalent to 12 shoots obtained from a single shoot. All the in vitro plantlets of both species survived after acclimatization and transferred to the soil.
Expression of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 in the Chondrogenic and Ossifying Sites of Calcific Tendinopathy and Traumatic Tendon Injury Rat Models
Pauline Lui, Lai Chan, Yau Cheuk, Yuk Lee, Kai Chan
Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1749-799x-4-27
Abstract: Seventy-two rats were used, with 36 rats each subjected to central one-third patellar tendon window injury (C1/3 group) and collagenase-induced tendon injury (CI group), respectively. The contralateral limb served as controls. At week 2, 4 and 12, 12 rats in each group were sacrificed for immunohistochemistry and RT-PCR of BMP-2.For CI group, weak signal was observed at the tendon matrix at week 2. At week 4, matrix around chondrocyte-like cells was also stained in some samples. In one sample, calcification was observed and the BMP-2 signal was observed both in the calcific matrix and the embedded chondrocyte-like cells. At week 12, the staining was observed mainly in the calcific matrix. Similar result was observed in C1/3 group though the immunopositive staining of BMP-2 was generally weaker. There was significant increase in BMP-2 mRNA compared to that in the contralateral side at week 2 and the level became insignificantly different at week 12 in CI group. No significant increase in BMP-2 mRNA was observed in C1/3 group at all time points.Ectopic expression of BMP-2 might induce tissue transformation into ectopic bone/cartilage and promoted structural degeneration in calcific tendinopathy.Calcific tendinopathy is a poorly characterized tendon degenerative disorder that is extremely common in athletes as well as in the general population with repetitive tendon overuse. Despite its prevalence, its underlying pathogenesis is poorly understood and treatment is usually symptomatic. Recently, we reported the presence of chondrocyte phenotype and ectopic ossification in a collagenase-induced patellar tendon injury model [1]. Erroneous differentiation of healing tendon fibroblasts might account for failed healing and ossification in the model [1]. A lower chance and extent of ectopic chondrogenesis and ossification were observed after traumatic patellar tendon traumatic injury which healed with reduced cellularity, vascularity and reorganization of extracellular matrix.
Jian Song,Yongcheng Lin,Wing Lai Chan
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808011549
Abstract: In the crystal structure of the title compound, C11H11NO4, intramolecular O—H...O hydrogen bonding results in the formation of a planar five-membered ring, which is nearly coplanar with the quinoline group. Intermolecular N—H...O hydrogen bonds link the molecules into centrosymmetric dimers.
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