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Structural Elucidation of Condensed Tannin from Picea mariana Bark  [PDF]
Papa Niokhor Diouf, Carmen Mihaela Tibirna, Martha-Estrella García-Pérez, Mariana Royer, Pascal Dubé, Tatjana Stevanovic
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology (JBNB) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2013.43A001

The aim of this work was to determine the structural characteristics of the condensed tannins isolated from the aqueous extract of black spruce (Picea mariana Mill) bark. This is the first report on the structural characterization of condensed tannins from black spruce bark. The condensed tannins from the hot water extract prepared from Picea mariana bark were isolated by column chromatography on Sephadex LH-20 media. In this study, UV-visible and 13C-NMR spectroscopic techniques, along with pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (Py-GC/MS) and liquid chromatogramphy analyses were applied to determine the structural characteristics of black spruce bark tannins. We have confirmed for the first time the presence of methoxylated B-rings in the flavanol units of condensed tannins from black spruce bark, which could be regarded as further contribution to the chemotaxonomy of the genus Picea. The methoxylation of Norway spruce bark condensed tannins have been demonstrated previously.

Labour Force Migration Effects within European Union
Carmen Mihaela Tudorache
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2006,
Abstract: Within the EU, there is no common policy on migration; there are common policies on certain aspects of migration. The Member States fear of migration, but their economies and societies will further need migrant workers. Labour force migration have positive, but also negative consequences for all parties involved: receiving countries, origin countries and migrant workers. Within this framework, a common approach of the migration management and the harmonization of the economic migration policies of the Member States represent already one of the most important challenges for the European Union and will be further emphasized.
Mihaela-Carmen MUNTEAN
Annals of Dun?rea de Jos University. Fascicle I : Economics and Applied Informatics , 2005,
Abstract: The Hecksher-Ohlin theory is a theory of a long-term general balance where the two factors ofproduction taken into account, namely work and capital, are interchangeable among the fields ofactivity. This theory considers that the relative advantage of each country depends on thecombination of the production factors (capital, work, nature) which ensure a proportion which iscomparatively or relatively higher than the more abundant factor and, therefore which may allow aproduction cost, which is relatively or comparatively low of the merchandise to be exported.
Placental Morphological and Ultrasonographical Particularities in Post-Term Pregnancies
Carmen Mihaela MIHU,Dan MIHU
Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies , 2004,
Abstract: Post-term pregnancies are evaluated, using 2D and Doppler ultrasonography. Apparition of fetal distress is certified by the increase of PRI. The current study aimed to establish a relationship between the ultrasonographical particularities of placentae and morphologic and morphometric aspects noticed in placentae postpartum.
Sorin Anghel,Carmen Mihaela Topal?
Annals : Food Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: Sedimentation of suspensions process is important, especially in pollution and biologic studies. Unlike usual methods,as those using pipettes, aerometer or balances, the optical ones are nondestructive and more accurate. During thesedimentation produced by the braked fall off the solid particles in suspension, fluctuations induced by an oppositevertical diffusion occur. We used a scattering method, based on the attenuation of a laser beam, which allows plottingsedimentation curves (the dependence on time of the suspended solid particles concentration) of the process. Weobtained an empirical relation describing sedimentation curves as a function of some main parameters (related toinitial concentration, height in suspension, dimensions of suspended solid particles) and we performed a simulation ofthe experimental sedimentation curves using the obtained relation and Mathcad software facilities. We notice that theresults of these studies allow using a fast method in order to determine the sedimentation time, which often can be verylong.
Carmen Mihaela Topal?,Sorin Anghel
Annals : Food Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: We have investigated the FT-IR of the n(CN) and n(C=O) groups of the nematic liquid crystal CP6B (4-cyanophenyl-4’hexylbenzoate) at different temperatures (solid, liquid crystalline and isotropic phase). Whenthe temperature of CP6B changes in the range 45 - 80 °C the absorption bands of in the IR spectradecreases and the bands are shifted. Even at the highest temperature reached in this study 80°C above thenematic–isotropic transition, the liquid has not yet achieved the structure of the simple liquid. Thevibrational and orientational relaxations occur in very different time scales. Experimental results show thatdissipative processes are the least intense in liquid crystal state, so the intensity of absorption band ishighest in this state.
Clusters - Tourism Activity Increase Competitiveness Support
Theoretical and Applied Economics , 2010,
Abstract: Tourism represents one of those areas with the greatest potential of global expansion. Tourism development strategy in terms of maximizing its positive effects on regional economic increase and implicitly on the national one starts from the premise that in global economy value is created in regions which are defined as particular geographical entities, separated by geographical reasons and not as political-administrative structures, and economic increase is centrally cumulated and valued according to the economic policy and the national legal system.Regional economic system approach based on “cluster” concept is explained by the fact that the regional activities portfolio is based on an inter and intra-industry networking grouped by cluster, in which is created the value that increases as the activity results are leading to the final consumers.This type of communication aims to highlight the tourism role as a factor in regional development, the clustering process significance in obtaining some competitiveness advantages, clusters development in tourism beginnings, and also the identification methodology used to select one touristic area to create the cluster.
Correlation of resistance to apoptosis with tumor progression and metastasis in oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma
Gabriela Ildiko Zonda,Mihaela Maftei,Carmen Stelea
Analele ?tiin?ifice Ale Universit??ii Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Ia?i,Sectiunea II A : Genetica si Biologie Moleculara , 2009,
Abstract: Oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths worldwide, most of these resulting from local-regional recurrence and metastases. Evasion of apoptosis is an important hallmark of cancer development and progression. Anoikis, or detachment-induced apoptosis, has been proposed as a protective mechanism which operates to prevent growth of displaced epithelial and endothelial cells in inappropriate environments. Loss of anoikis has been identified as one of the key steps in progression towards invasiveness and metastasis in epithelial tumour progression. The discovery of the critical pathways of intracellular signalling cascades to the development of adhesion-independent survival during tumourigenesis in vivo, would provide a powerful target for drug therapy against tumour invasion and metastasis.
B???’b???’i??a€o???’ Carmen Mihaela
Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2012,
Abstract: Internationally, elaborated research about the tourism of people with disabilities are rather limited, and they focus more on the lack of physical access to certain services in hotels. But very few studies have been published on the issue of tourism and people with disabilities. In this context, this paper draws attention to the issue of the tourism of people with disabilities in Romania. The aging population is a growing phenomenon worldwide and it leads to the shaping of a new market segment with a visible and complex dynamic, namely that of persons with disabilities. The purpose of this study is to identify other potential external barriers related to the development of tourism of people with disabilities in Romania, such as hotel infrastructure. At the same time it has been tested the degree to which managers of these hotels are aware of the phenomenon itself and their opinions on the development of this area.
Diagnosis Related Groups System - Managerial Tool for Estimating the Cost of Hospital Services (Empirical Study)
Carmen-Mihaela Cre?u,Victoria Gheonea
EIRP Proceedings , 2012,
Abstract: Public health services in Romania are in a complex and continuous process of reform, a majorpriority of government. In the light of future trends of development of health care, we can say that healthcareis becoming more and more a "market" operating on the principle of supply and demand. The patientbecomes a consumer; he is interested in health care and wants to be adept at maintaining and improving hishealth. Therefore, the Romanian health sector must intensify efforts to develop management because successand even its existence depend exclusively on an appropriate management system that continuously improvesto the needs of the patient (customer) and to the market economy. Thus, we considered it necessary forcosting approach in the health sector in Romania due to the high complexity of health services and the highconsumption of resources.
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