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The master equation for the reduced open-system dynamics, including a Lindbladian description of finite-duration measurement
Carlos Alexandre Brasil,Reginaldo de Jesus Napolitano
Mathematics , 2011, DOI: 10.1140/epjp/i2011-11091-y
Abstract: We consider the problem of the measurement of a system occurring during a finite time interval, while environmentally-induced noise decreases the system-state coherence. We assume a Markovian measuring device and, therefore, use a Lindbladian description for the measurement dynamics. For studying the case of noise produced by a non-Markovian environment, whose definition does not include the measuring apparatus, we use the Redfield approach to the interaction between system and environment. In the present hybrid theory, to trace out the environmental degrees of freedom, we introduce an analytic method based on superoperator algebra and Nakajima-Zwanzig projectors. The resulting master equation, describing the reduced system dynamics, is illustrated in the case of a qubit under phase noise during a finite-time measurement.
Mathematical model predicts the elastic behavior of composite materials
Boari, Zoroastro de Miranda;Monteiro, Waldemar Alfredo;Miranda, Carlos Alexandre de Jesus;
Materials Research , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392005000100017
Abstract: several studies have found that the non-uniform distribution of reinforcing elements in a composite material can markedly influence its characteristics of elastic and plastic deformation and that a composite's overall response is influenced by the physical and geometrical properties of its reinforcing phases. the finite element method, eshelby's method and dislocation mechanisms are usually employed in formulating a composite's constitutive response. this paper discusses a composite material containing sic particles in an aluminum matrix. the purpose of this study was to find the correlation between a composite material's particle distribution and its resistance, and to come up with a mathematical model to predict the material's elastic behavior. the proposed formulation was applied to establish the thermal stress field in the aluminum-sic composite resulting from its fabrication process, whereby the mixture is prepared at 600 °c and the composite material is used at room temperature. the analytical results, which are presented as stress probabilities, were obtained from the mathematical model proposed herein. these results were compared with the numerical ones obtained by the fem method. a comparison of the results of the two methods, analytical and numerical, reveals very similar average thermal stress values. it is also shown that maxwell-boltzmann's distribution law can be applied to identify the correlation between the material's particle distribution and its resistance, using eshelby's thermal stresses.
Preparation and evaluation of modified composition for lyophilized kits of [Cu(MIBI)4]BF4 for [99mTc] technetium labeling
Lima, Marisa de Jesus de C.;Marques, Fabio Luiz Navarro;Okamoto, Miriam Roseli Yoshie;Garcez, Alexandre Tales;Sapienza, Marcelo Tatit;Buchpiguel, Carlos Alberto;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132005000700001
Abstract: the [cu(mibi)4]bf4 complex was synthesized and different formulations for lyophilized kits that could be cost-effectively used with different routines in nuclear medicine laboratories were investigated. in one preparation the kit components were kept similar to the cardiolite? , except that the sncl2.2h2o concentration was increased to 0.150 mg. in a second formulation, component concentrations were reduced to 1/5 of the original value and the sncl2.2h2o concentration was adjusted to 0.04 mg. these products were labeled with maximum activities of 55.5 gbq and 8.14 gbq, respectively, and have shown an average radiochemical purity of 95 %. biodistribution of the products was assessed by dissection in mice and in rabbits, and did not show any statistical difference when compared to cardiolite?. in the synthesis of [cu(mibi)4]bf4 a new procedure was introduced for the synthesis of n-(2-methyl-propenyl)-formamide, with the use of microwave radiation as heat source. this modification reduced the reaction time to 25 seconds, while maintaining a yield of 68%.
Forma??o e demanda do cirurgi?o pediátrico no Brasil
Jesus, Lisieux Eyer de;Aguiar, Alexandre Santos;Campos, Maria do Socorro Mendon?a de;Baratella, José Roberto de Sousa;Ketzer, Jo?o Carlos;Mastroti, Roberto Ant?nio;Amarante, Ant?nio Carlos M.;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912009000400016
Abstract: objective: to define the distribution of pediatric surgeons in brazil and the distribution of job offered for specialists in the country. to compare the professional profile of brazilian pediatric surgeons with other countries. mehtods: statistical data derived from brazilian institute of geography and statistics (ibge), brazilian medical council (cfm) and brazilian society of pediatric surgery (cipe) were used to define the professional profile of pediatric surgeons in brazil. results: eight-hundred-and-five pediatric surgeons are needed in brazil only to treat neonates and toddlers. professionals are excessively concentrated in south and southeast and insufficient numbers are found in north and northeast. data about the number of pediatric surgeons working in brazil are conflicting: data obtained from fiocruz differ from those from cfm and cipe. the working routine of brazilian pediatric surgeons is different from that of north-american and european specialists, from where the major part of our references is extracted. conlcusion: brazil needs a minimum of 805 pediatric surgeons working full time only to treat nenonates and toddlers. specialists are not well distributed throughout the country. the southeast is a training center and exports specialists to the rest of the country. epidemiological data concerning the distribution of professionals in brazil are conflicting.
The Construction of the Image of Peace in Ancient Greece: a few literary and Iconographic Evidences
Martins de Jesus,Carlos A.;
Synthesis (La Plata) , 2010,
Abstract: the aim of this paper is to identify and analyse some of the main poetic and artistic manifestations of the pair peace / wealth, adopting a diachronic and comparative perspective and trying to isolate the most frequent images, metaphors and epithets in relation to that subject. the study of the selected passages intends to clarify how both poets and plastic artists knew and made use of the same very ancient heritage.
Políticas de Matura o às Estratégias Locacionais das Companhias Multinacionais Automotivas e Ao Sistema Nacional de Inova o
José Carlos de Jesus Lopes
Contextus , 2007,
Abstract: Objetiva-se neste trabalho fazer uma análise sobre as futuras políticas complementares para a matura o dos Clusters automotivos, implantados na Regi o Metropolitana de Curitiba – RMC. A problemática deste artigo está centrada na necessidade de constantes implementa es de inova es tecnológicas para que ocorra a matura o dos aglomerados industriais localizados na RMC. Este artigo está fundamentado por autores, que tratam da globaliza o e da aglomera o industrial vigente. O ponto central passa pelo diálogo sobre o modo de produ o capitalista, tendo como base as novas estratégias locacionais dos complexos industriais automotivos, por conta da forma o da aglomera o industrial – cluster. Ao longo desta pesquisa, foi possível antever, de forma estratégica, a necessidade de implanta o de novas políticas de matura o, por conta das institui es responsáveis pela manuten o dos clusters automotivos nas regi es politicamente delimitadas, tal como na RMC.
Organic Reserves in ropical Grasses under Grazing  [PDF]
Mariane Moreno Ferro, Anderson de Moura Zanine, Daniele de Jesus Ferreira, Alexandre Lima de Souza, Luiz Juliano Valério Geron
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2015.614236
Abstract: Inadequate management in recent times has been considered the main factor contributing to pasture degradation. A major reason for this is related to gross errors of grazing management as a consequence of the lack of knowledge of ecophysiological limits of forage. This review aimed to approach the importance of organic reserves for grasses under grazing. Therefore, the predominant effect of animal grazing is the reduction of leaf area which impacts on carbohydrate and nitrogen reserves and consequently the growth of tillers, leaves and roots. Grass growth after defoliation is related to organic reserves and rate of photosynthesis. The latter is affected by the level of canopy light interception of and by the reminiscent leaf area index. When grazing management is carried out with respect to the physiological limits of grass growth, the rate of dry matter accumulation will be quick and constant. In this aspect, grazing management consists of seeking an efficient balance between plant growth and consumption which will reflect on animal productivity. Therefore, a balance point among frequency and intensity of defoliation must be found to achieve greater animal production concerning the ecophysiological limits of the forage plants. So the challenge will be to find a balance between frequency and intensity of grazing to achieve greater production of animals respecting the eco-physiological limits of forage plants for each forage grass individually.
Do vulnerável ser ao resiliente envelhecer: revis?o de literatura
Laranjeira, Carlos António Sampaio de Jesus;
Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-37722007000300012
Abstract: from the dawn of childhood into old age, resilience is built up through a complex interplay of defensive processes of an intra-psychic nature, together with internal and external protective factors. the objective of this study was to investigate scientific findings on the concept of resilience, published in reviews indexed by the medline, lilacs and psycinfo databases between 1994 and 2004, analysing the contribution made by this literature in the specific field of old age. this is a documental, retrospective study which brings out four thematic nuclei: predecessors of resilience; resilience and ageing; the relative nature of protection factors; resilience and successful ageing. on the basis of this analysis of the literature, it is possible to discern an increase in the volume of publications. nevertheless, it remains true that there is a failure to assert the enduringness of resilience throughout human development, in particular in terms of old age.
Structural and Production Characteristics of Piat? Grass Forage Submitted to Levels of Nitrogen  [PDF]
Ronaldo Liberato Dourado, Alexandre Lima de Souza, Anderson de Moura Zanine, Fabio Luiz Buranelo Toral, Daniele de Jesus Ferreira, Joadil Gon?alves de Abreu
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2015.65075
Abstract: Piatã grass (Brachiaria brizantha cv. Piatã) is a tropical grass cultivating in pasture production system. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of nitrogen levels (0, 125, 250, 375 and 500 kg·N·ha-1) on structural characteristics and forage production of Piatã grass. The experiment comprised of twenty grass parcels arranged in randomised completely casualties design. This study was carried out between November of 2007 and April of 2008, with 175 experimental days. A quadratic effect (P < 0.05) was verified for nitrogen dosage on canopy height, final leaf blade length and leaf area index. Nitrogen fertilisation altered the population density of tillers, with estimated maximum value of 955 tillers·m-2 at a nitrogen dose of 357 kg·ha-1. A quadratic effect (P < 0.05) was also verified for nitrogen levels on the production of total and green leaf blade dry matter, with estimated maximum values of 19,253 and 11,548 kg·ha-1·year-1?for nitrogen levels of 411 and 384 kg·ha-1, respectively. However, a considerable portion of forage production obtained by nitrogen addition occurred from stem production. The productions of green leaf blade dry matter, tiller density, leaf blade length and leaf blade index are all variables related to structural aspects and pasture quality, with all attaining their highest values at a mean nitrogen application level of 380 kg·ha-1.
Ascaridíase biliar complicada: espectro de problemas e táticas cirúrgicas
Jesus, Lisieux Eyer de;Raposo, Ricardo Pecoraro;Guazelli, Alexandre;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912004000300006
Abstract: background: to discuss the clinical expression and technical variations involved in the surgical treatment of complicated biliary ascariasis. methods: retrospective study of patients operated on to treat complicated biliopancreatic ascariasis in a five year period. results: we describe four cases of complicated biliary ascariasis affecting children (three pre-schoolers and one school-aged child), clinically expressed as pancreatic pseudocyst, obstructive icterus, cholangitis and multiple hepatic abscesses, all surgically treated. we discuss aspects of operative treatment for each one of these patients. conclusion: there are many variations concerning clinical and surgical presentations of biliary ascariasis, and a number of surgical tactics are necessary to solve those cases. we are against the use of anti-helmintics before the clearance of biliary passages. preferential compromise of young children makes it necessary to use adequate and miniaturized techniques and materials to operate on those small patients biliary passages.
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