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Leading for Sustainability in the Brazilian Construction Industry  [PDF]
Alexandre Jose Vianna Barbosa de Araujo, Ubiratan Rohan, Robson Rosa Branco, Christine Kowal Chinelli, Carlos Alberto Pereira Soares
Open Journal of Civil Engineering (OJCE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojce.2016.65059
This article analyzes the major stakeholders in the Brazilian construction industry from the viewpoint of the companies in this sector, as well as how these organizations relate to their stakeholders with regard to the topic of sustainability in the construction. The study was based on the principle that the relationship with stakeholders is one of the foundations for the inception and continuity of activities toward sustainability. The findings of which show that the construction companies start the sustainability implementation process without the involvement of external stakeholders. This survey points out the difficulty faced by Brazilian construction companies in relating to their stakeholders. There is the perception that the customers and other actors do not value sustainability-oriented activities, but, at the same time, the relationship of the companies with these stakeholders is limited to disclosure of information. This characteristic of the industry reveals a need for sustainability projects that take into consideration, since their formulation, the stakeholders’ perceptions. The importance of this article lies in the recognition that, although the topic of sustainability is discussed at all levels, studies that examine how specific construction industries have been dealing with it are still rare.
Teste de caminhada de seis minutos: valores de referência para adultos saudáveis no Brasil
Soares, Maria Raquel;Pereira, Carlos Alberto de Castro;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132011000500003
Abstract: objective: to develop regression equations for six-minute walk distance (6mwd) in healthy adults (20-80 years of age) in brazil. methods: we included 132 volunteers (66 males) without respiratory disease, cardiac disease, or comorbidities that affect ambulation. the volunteers completed three six-minute walk tests. prior to and at the end of each test, we obtained spo2 and maximal hr, as well as the borg scale scores for sensation of dyspnea and lower limb fatigue. the data included in the final analysis were derived from the test with the greatest 6mwd. results: the mean 6mwd values were 566 ± 87 m and 538 ± 95 m in males and females, respectively (p = 0.08). the 6mwd was greater in taller individuals and decreased in parallel with increases in age or body index mass (bmi). the best adjusted model was the quadratic model. we derived the following equation (valid for both genders): 6mwd = 511 + stature2 (cm) × 0.0066 - age2 × 0.030 - bmi2 × 0.068. this equation explained 55% of the variance in 6mwd. conclusions: reference values explaining a high proportion of the variance were derived by a quadratic regression model in healthy adults (of a wide range of ages) in brazil.
MixBC Method: a New Approach for Distribution of Indirect Costs and Expenses to Products
Leandro Torres Di Gregorio,Carlos Alberto Pereira Soares
International Journal of Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: In cost management, the products cost is a valuable and necessary information. Nevertheless, distributing indirect costs and expenses to products may involve several uncertainties, what can lead to imprecise results and decision mistakes. The aim of this paper is to construct a method that would reduce the uncertainties found in current costing processes, by modelling and providing the analytical deduction of the method MixBC – Mix Based Costing. In sequence, there was performed an example of construction projects costing using MixBC. By analysing different production scenarios, this method permits indirect costs and expenses to be distributed among the products without the need of arbitrary apportionment.
Barriers and Challenges to the Sustainability Requirements Implementation in Public Procurement of Engineering Works and Services  [PDF]
Clézio Thadeu de Souza Dutra, Ubiratan Rohan, Robson Rosa Branco, Christine Kowal Chinelli, Alexandre Jose Vianna Barbosa de Araujo, Carlos Alberto Pereira Soares
Open Journal of Civil Engineering (OJCE) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojce.2017.71001
The environmental damage arising from the construction and engineering services was responsible for the appearance of several norms and resolutions regulating and directing the sector’s performance. In this article, we research how professionals with experience in public bids assess the difficulty degree of the implementation of those requirements and how they assess the environmental legislation regarding the protection and conservation of the environment, impact on costs, deadlines and the solution to environmental problems. The results show that industry professionals consider as “high” the level of difficulty to implement the addressed sustainability requirements, and that the Brazilian environmental legislation does not comply with its environmental protection role, increases the possibility of delays and costs of projects and services and hampers the emergence of solutions that could solve environmental problems.
Limita??o ao fluxo aéreo em brasileiros da ra?a branca: VEF1/VEF6 vs. VEF1/CVF
Soares, André Luis Pinto;Rodrigues, Sílvia Carla Sousa;Pereira, Carlos Alberto de Castro;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132008000700006
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the use of the forced expiratory volume in one second/forced expiratory volume in six seconds (fev1/fev6) ratio as an alternative to the fev1/forced vital capacity (fvc) ratio in the detection of mild airway obstruction. methods: reference equations for the brazilian population in 2006 were used in order to determine the lower limits of normality for the fev1/fev6 and fev1/fvc ratios. the spirometry findings of 155 patients from 20 to 84 years of age were analyzed. all of the patients presented the following: a < 15% difference between predicted and observed fev1/fvc ratio; an fev1 > 60% of predicted; and an exhalation time of at least 6 s. the brazilian thoracic society criteria for acceptability and reproducibility in spirometry were met. results: mean values (± sd) for fev1/fev6 and fev1/fvc were 73 ± 4% and 75 ± 3%, respectively. using the fev1/fvc ratio, we identified airflow obstruction in 61 patients, compared with only 46 patients when we used the fev1/fev6 ratio, showing a sensitivity of 75% (p < 0.001). conclusions: the fev1/fev6 ratio has poor sensitivity and should not be used to replace the fev1/fvc ratio in the diagnosis of mild airway obstruction.
Ensaio clínico, aberto, controlado sobre a adi??o de brometo de ipratrópio ao fenoterol no tratamento da crise de asma em adultos
Diccini, Solange;Silva, Clystenes Odyr Soares;Nakatani, Jorge;Pereira, Carlos Alberto de Castro;
Jornal de Pneumologia , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-35861999000600002
Abstract: repeated dosis of inhaled b2-agonists have been used in the treatment of acute asthma. the effect of added ipratropium bromide (ib) to b2-agonist is controversial in adults. objective: to evaluate if addition of ib to fenoterol, in repeated doses, induces a greater bronchodilation, a greater reversion of the attack, and discharge from emergency unit in adults with acute severe asthma. setting: pneumology emergency department, unifesp-hospital s?o paulo, in the period from july 1995 to february 1997. type of study: open, randomized and parallel study. discharge from the hospital: fev1 and pef > 60% of the predicted value. methods: 120 patients with fev1 and pef < 50% of the predicted value were divided into two groups (n = 60): fenoterol (f) and ipratropium bromide + fenoterol (ibf). each group received inhalation treatment through a metered-dose inhaler (mdi) attached to a holding chamber, administered at 30-minute interval, for a total of three treatments. in the group f four puffs of fenoterol (400 mg) were administered, and in the ibf group, 160 mg of bi and 400 mg of fenoterol (four puffs). results: the patients did not differ from basal pef (f = 36 ± 7% vs ibf = 35 ± 9% predicted) and basal fev1 (f = 33 ± 9% vs ibf = 32 ± 9% predicted). thirty-two patients of group f and 33 of group ibf were discharged from hospital after the inhalation treatment. the final fev1 and pef after inhalation treatments were f = 60 ± 13% vs ibf = 61 ± 11% e f = 74 ± 18% vs ibf = 77 ± 13% (ns). conclusion: the addition of ipratropium bromide to fenoterol results in insignificant functional effect and without clinical impact in the treatment of acute asthma in adults.
Altera es espirométricas em doen as obstrutivas: afinal, o quanto é relevante? Spirometric changes in obstructive disease: after all, how much is significant?
André Luis Pinto Soares,Carlos Alberto de Castro Pereira,Silvia Carla Rodrigues
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2013,
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Estabelecer os limites superiores para mudan as em VEF1, capacidade vital lenta (CVL), CVF e capacidade inspiratória (CI) após o uso de placebo em pacientes com obstru o ao fluxo aéreo. MéTODOS: Cento e dois adultos com obstru o ao fluxo aéreo (VEF1 = 62 ± 19% do previsto) foram incluídos neste estudo. Todos os participantes realizaram manobras de CVL e CVF antes e depois do uso de spray de placebo. As mudan as em VEF1, CVL, CVF e CI foram expressas em valores absolutos, porcentagem de varia o em rela o aos valores basais e porcentagem dos valores previstos, e foram calculados os IC95% e os percentis 95. A análise fatorial foi realizada a fim de determinar como essas altera es se agrupavam. RESULTADOS: Considerando os IC95% e percentis 95 e após o arredondamento dos valores, obtivemos os seguintes limites superiores para resposta significante: VEF1 = 0,20 L, CVF = 0,20 L, CVL = 0,25 L e CI = 0,30 L (em valores absolutos); VEF1 = 12%, CVF = 7%, CVL = 10% e CI = 15% (em porcentagem de varia o em rela o aos valores basais) e VEF1 = 7%, CVF = 6%, CVL = 7% e CI = 12% (em porcentagem dos valores previstos). CONCLUS ES: Em pacientes com obstru o ao fluxo aéreo, a CI apresenta maior variabilidade do que a CVF e a CVL. Para a CI, valores maiores que 0,30 L e 15% de varia o em rela o ao valor basal devem ser considerados significantes. Para CVF, valores maiores que 0,20L e 7% de varia o em rela o ao valor basal s o significantes. Alternativamente, altera es de mais de 0,20 L e 7% do previsto no VEF1 e na CVF devem ser consideradas significantes. Na análise fatorial, os parametros espirométricos se agruparam em três dimens es, expressando mudan as no fluxo, volume e hiperinsufla o dinamica. OBJECTIVE: To establish the upper limits for changes in FEV1, slow vital capacity (SVC), FVC, and inspiratory capacity (IC) after placebo administration in patients with airflow obstruction. METHODS: One hundred and two adults with airflow obstruction (FEV1 = 62 ± 19% of predicted) were included in the study. All of the participants performed SVC and FVC maneuvers before and after the administration of placebo spray. The changes in FEV1, SVC, FVC, and IC were expressed as absolute values, percentage of change from baseline values, and percentage of predicted values, 95% CIs and 95th percentiles being calculated. Factor analysis was performed in order to determine how those changes clustered. RESULTS: Considering the 95% CIs and 95th percentiles and after rounding the values, we found that the upper limits for a significant response were as follows: FEV1
Ensaio clínico, aberto, controlado sobre a adi o de brometo de ipratrópio ao fenoterol no tratamento da crise de asma em adultos
Diccini Solange,Silva Clystenes Odyr Soares,Nakatani Jorge,Pereira Carlos Alberto de Castro
Jornal de Pneumologia , 1999,
Abstract: No tratamento da crise de asma, empregam-se doses repetidas de drogas b2-agonistas por via inalatória. O efeito da adi o do brometo de ipratrópio (BI) ao b2-agonistas é controverso em adultos. OBJETIVO: Avaliar se adi o de BI ao fenoterol, em tratamentos inalatórios repetidos, induz a maior broncodilata o, com reversibilidade da crise e alta da emergência em pacientes em crise grave de asma. LOCAL DO ESTUDO: Servi o de Pronto-Atendimento de Pneumologia, Disciplina de Pneumologia da Unifesp-Hospital S o Paulo, no período de julho de 1995 a fevereiro de 1997. TIPO DE ESTUDO: Aberto, randomizado, paralelo. Alta da emergência determinada pelo VEF1 e PFE > 60% do previsto. CASUíSTICA E MéTODOS: Cento e vinte pacientes em crise de asma foram divididos em dois grupos (N = 60): fenoterol (F) e brometo de ipratrópio + fenoterol (BIF) com VEF1 e PFE < 50% do previsto. Cada grupo recebeu três tratamentos inalatórios, através de nebulímetro e camara de expans o, administrados em intervalos de 30 minutos. No grupo F foram administrados 4 jatos de fenoterol (400mcg) e no grupo BIF, 160mcg de BI e 400mcg de fenoterol (4 jatos). RESULTADOS: A média (± DP) do PFE basal (F = 36 ± 7% vs. BIF = 35 ± 9% previsto) e do VEF1 basal (F = 33 ± 9% vs. BIF = 32 ± 9%). Trinta e dois pacientes no grupo F e 33 pacientes no grupo BIF tiveram alta após tratamentos inalatórios. O VEF1 e PFE ao final dos tratamentos inalatórios foram, respectivamente, F = 60 ± 13% vs. BIF = 61 ± 11% e F = 74 ± 18% vs. BIF = 77 ± 13% (NS). CONCLUS O: A adi o de brometo de ipratrópio ao fenoterol resulta em efeito funcional insignificante e sem impacto clínico no tratamento da crise de asma em adultos.
Atresia br?nquica congênita: relato de dois casos. Contribui??o da tomografia computadorizada ao diagnóstico
Jornal de Pneumologia , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-35862000000300008
Abstract: bronchial atresia is a rare, congenital anomaly characterized by the presence of bronchocele with distal hyperinflation. the authors report two cases of segmental bronchial atresia and describe the clinical and roentgenographic findings supporting the diagnosis in the absence of other invasive diagnostic modalities or surgical exploration.
Eletroquímica de flota??o de minerais de sulfetos de chumbo e zinco
Alexandrino, Júnia Soares;Rocha, Geriane Macedo;Russo, Mário Cabello;Peres, Ant?nio Eduardo Clark;Pereira, Carlos Alberto;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672009000400018
Abstract: the work was done with samples from the "morro agudo" mine and aimed to verify the influence of the pulp eh potential on lead and zinc flotation. the samples were from the primary crushing. during the flotation process, the potential was continuously monitored by a platinum electrode. the effects of sodium sulfite and sodium sulfide on galena and sphalerite recovery in the presence and absence of nitrogen, as gas flotation, were evaluated. the software minitab was used for the statistical analysis of the recovery results. the interaction between sodium sulfide and nitrogen decreased the lead recovery and the nitrogen by itself increased the zinc recovery.
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