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Elementos Antropológicos no Processo de Cria o Fotográfico de Arthur Omar
SOARES, Camila Mangueira,SALLES, Cecilia Almeida
Contemporanea : Revista de Comunica??o e Cultura , 2008,
Abstract: Considering the complexity of contemporary Brazilian photography production, that ask for critical approaches that aim at the understanding of works in their mobility,this paper is a study of the creative process based on the book Anthropology of the Glorious Face by Arthur Omar. Therefore, this article proposes a means of investigation of contemporary photography with the help of the studies of creative process, contributing to discuss photography as communicative and artistic process.
Flash microbiocide: A Rapid and Economic Method for Determination of MBC and MFC  [PDF]
Camila Hernandes, Juliana da Silva Coppede, Bianca Waléria Bertoni, Suzelei de Castro Fran?a, Ana Maria Soares Pereira
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2013.44104

Although nowadays there are methods for determining the Minimal Bactericidal Concentration and Minimal Fungicidal Concentration, it is indispensable that the establishment of innovative methodologies could be more practical and cheaper. The new methodology Flash microbiocide is an assay in which one aliquot from 96 well plate of Minimal Inhibitory Concentration test is transferred to another plate containing different culture medium. The correspondence with the reference methods described in the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS-CLSI) document M26-A was achieved, denoting the efficiency of this fast and simple method.

Filmes plásticos e ácido ascórbico na qualidade de araticum minimamente processado
Soares Júnior, Manoel Soares;Caliari, Marcio;Vera, Rosangela;Melo, Camila Silveira;
Ciência Rural , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782007000600043
Abstract: this study was aimed at evaluating the effect of ascorbic acid and type of plastic packaging film on the quality of refrigerated fresh cut araticum. ascorbic acid did not prevent fresh cut araticum from darkening. regardless of the type of plastic packaging, the fruit titrable acidity increased with time. packing with polyvynil chloride or with low density polyethylene promoted a significant mass loss compared to laminate vacuum packaging. laminate vacuum packaging increased the shelf life of the product up 7 days, maintaining its commercial quality and appearance. the shelf life of the other treatments reached 3 days only.
Genetic and Phenotypic Parameters in the Selection of Upland Rice Genotypes  [PDF]
Camila Soares Cardoso da Silva, Flávia Barbosa Silva Botelho, Cinthia Souza Rodrigues, Marcela Pedroso Mendes, Amanda Mendes de Moura, Ant?nio Rosário Neto
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.813232
Abstract: To assist in upland rice breeding programs, estimated genetic and phenotypic parameters are extremely important in the selection of superior lines. Thus, the objective of this study was estimate the genetic and phenotypic parameters of upland rice lines of the breeding program of UFLA in partnership with Embrapa Arroz e Feijao and Epamig. The experiment was installed in an experimental area of the Department of Agriculture at UFLA. It was evaluated 36 upland rice lines of the preliminary trial of the 2014/15 season, in randomized blocks, with three replications and plots consisted of five rows and each row has four meters. For this, it was evaluated the characters: plant height (cm), yield (kg·ha-1), 100-grain weight, days until flowering, percentage of filled grains and rice blast severity. The variance analysis and genetic parameters were estimated using the software SAS. To evaluate the experimental precision was estimated the accuracy, which varied between 63% and 98%, showing experimental precision, moderate to high. The lines differed significantly for all characters, meaning there is genetic variability among genotypes evaluated. With intensity of selection of 10% of lines, it was obtained a genetic gain of 325.29 kg·ha-1 in the character productivity, a plant height (cm) reduction in 5.50 cm, and days until flowering, with a reduction of 9.23 days, with selection of earlier plants. The estimated values for heritability ranged from 38% - 96%. Estimates confirm the possible success with the selection of the upland rice lines for these characters.
Agronomic and Productivity Performance for Quinoa Genotypes in an Agroecological and Conventional Production System  [PDF]
Cristiani Belmonte, Edmar Soares de Vasconcelos, Claudio Yuji Tsutsumi, Eloisa Lorenzetti, Camila Hendges, Jessica Caroline Coppo, Alexandra da Silva Martinez, Renan Pan, Tauane Santos Brito, Adriano Mitio Inagaki
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2018.94067
Abstract: The objective of this research was to evaluate the agronomic performance and productivity of sixteen genotypes of Chenopodium quinoa cultivated in agroecological and conventional production systems. The evaluations were carried out, based on agronomic characteristics and yields of sixteen C. quinoa genotypes, grown in two simultaneous experiments, in an agroecological production and a conventional production system carried out at the town of Entre Rios do Oeste, Paraná, Brazil in the harvest 2015/16. Each experiment was composed of three replicates, following the randomized block design. Number of plants in flowering, number of plants per linear meter, height of insertion of the first panicle, number of days for maturation and productivity were the parameters evaluated. The data were submitted to statistical analysis with the aid of the GENES computational application. Genotype Q13-24 showed a more suitable production for the conventional production system. While the genotype Q13-01, presented the increase of productivity, being more indicated to the system of agroecological production. The characteristics height of plant flowers (HPF) and height of insertion of the first panicle (HIP) had higher values when the plants were cultivated in a conventional system. The number of plants per linear meter (NPLM) was higher in the agroecological crop, when compared to conventional cultivation. The same quinoa genotype can behave differently depending on the area management, being a productivity and the genotype cycle depends on the production system and the genotype used.
The Establishment of Functional Play Behaviors in Children with Autism: Implications for School Inclusion  [PDF]
Daniel Carvalho de Matos, Pollianna Galv?o Soares de Matos, Creuziana Xavier de Araújo, Camila Gon?alves Ribeiro, Eliane Ribeiro Magalh?es de Sousa Fortes de Melo
Creative Education (CE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.913140
Abstract: Research on evidence-based methodologies is conducted to expand skills of children with autism. Among the skills, which might be considered important for development, the literature emphasizes functional play. In many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the repertoire related to play is impaired and specialized treatment may address the issue by designing individualized procedures based on one-to-one interactions. Discrete trial teaching may help establishing such repertoire in a structured setting and generalization goals must be delineated to increase the likelihood with which the learned skills will emerge in new environments, such as the classroom, the home and other natural contexts. Thus, it is important that skills be shown in places where other people participate. Principles from Educational Psychology are also relevant in the advisory process to professionals related, for example, to school settings in order to favor inclusion of children with ASD to school routine and the relationship with peers. People related to these educational environments should become knowledgeable of evidence-based procedures in order to increase, with their help, generalization of previously established skills in more structured contexts. This paper assessed the efficacy of a structured intervention with functional play activities in three 4-year-old children with autism or suspect. A binder with pictures depicting actions with the components of each of four or two toy sets was used as resource to orient the target-responses of the study. Correct responses, under the control of pictures, produced access to tokens exchangeable for preferred items. Errors were corrected. Errorless performance occurred for all children with responses under the control of pictures for all and generalization with two toy sets for one. The results extended those from the previous literature and, even though the generalization to other environments such as school was not directly measured, the implications of the research to inclusion practices in the school context and development of verbal behavior were discussed.
Transferrin uptake may occur through detergent-resistant membrane domains at the cytopharynx of Trypanosoma cruzi epimastigote forms
Corrêa, José R;Atella, Georgia C;Vargas, Camila;Soares, Maurilio J;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762007005000117
Abstract: uptake of transferrin by epimastigote forms of the protozoan trypanosoma cruzi occurs mainly through a cytostome/ cytopharynx, via uncoated endocytic vesicles that bud off from the bottom of the cytopharynx. we have here examined whether detergent-resistant membrane (drm) domains might be involved in this process. purified whole cell membrane fractions were assayed for cholesterol levels and used in dot blot analyses. detergent-resistant membrane markers (cholera b toxin and anti-flotillin-1 antibody) presented positive reaction by dot blots in cholesterol-rich/ protein-poor membrane sub-fractions. the positive dot blot fraction was submitted to lipid composition analysis, showing composition similar to that of raft fractions described for other eukaryotic cells. immunofluorescence assays allowed the localization of punctual positive signal for flotillin-1, matching the precise cytostome/ cytopharynx location. these data were confirmed by immunofluorescence assays with the co-localization of flotillin-1 and the transferrin uptake site. our data suggest that drm domains occur and are integrated at the cytostome/ cytopharynx of t. cruzi epimastigotes, being the main route for transferrin uptake.
A novel bioactive glass-ceramic for treating dentin hypersensitivity
Tirapelli, Camila;Panzeri, Heitor;Soares, Rodrigo Gongalves;Peitl, Oscar;Zanotto, Edgar Dutra;
Brazilian Oral Research , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-83242010000400002
Abstract: dentin hypersensitivity (dh) is a painful response to stimulus applied to the open dentinal tubules of a vital tooth. it's a common oral condition, however, without an ideal treatment available yet. this work evaluated in vitro the effect of micron-sized particles from a novel bioactive glass-ceramic (biosilicate) in occluding open dentinal tubules. a dentin disc model was employed to observe comparatively, using scanning electron microscopy (sem), dentinal tubule occlusion by different products and deposition of hydroxyl carbonate apatite (hca) on dentin surface by biosilicate, after a single application: g1 - dentifrice with potassium nitrate and fluoride; g2 - two-step calcium phosphate precipitation treatment; g3 - water-free gel containing biosilicate particles (1%); g4 - biosilicate particles mixed with distilled water in a 1:10 ratio; all of them after 1, 12 and 24 hours of immersion in artificial saliva. fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ftir) was performed to detect hca formation on dentin discs filled with biosilicate after 2 minutes, 30 minutes and 12 hours of immersion in artificial saliva. sem showed a layer of hca formed on dentin surface after 24 hours by g4. g1, g2 and g3 promoted not total occlusion of open dentinal tubules after 24 hours. ftir showed hca precipitation on the dentin surface induced by biosilicate after 30 minutes. the micron-sized particles from the bioactive glass-ceramic thus were able to induce hca deposition in open dentinal tubules in vitro. this finding suggests that biosilicate may provide a new option for treating dh.
Dental approach in the pediatric oncology patient: characteristics of the population treated at the dentistry unit in a pediatric oncology brazilian teaching hospital
Carrillo, Camila;Vizeu, Heloisa;Soares-Júnior, Luis Alberto;Fava, Marcelo;Odone Filho, Vicente;
Clinics , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1807-59322010000600002
Abstract: objectives: the objective of this paper was to characterize the population seen at the dentistry unit of the hematology-oncology service of the oncology-hematology service, instituto da crian?a at the hospital das clínicas, faculdade de medicina, universidade de s?o paulo. oral problems resulting from cancer therapy increase the risk of infection, length of hospital stay, treatment cost and negative impact on the course and prognosis of the disease. method: of the 367 medical records of cancer patients seen from november 2007 until december 2008: 186 with a cancer diagnosis and complete clinical data were selected, while 20 with a cancer diagnosis and incomplete records were excluded; 161 medical records with only hematological diagnosis were also excluded. the following characteristics were assessed: ethnicity, gender, age, diagnosis and characteristics of the neoplasm, cancer therapy status and performed dental procedures. results: review of 1,236 visits indicated that 54% (n=100) of the patients had blood cancers, 46% (n=86) had solid tumors and 63% were undergoing anticancer therapy. the proportion of males (52.7%) in the study population was slightly greater. the most common cancer was acute lymphocytic leukemia (32.2%). cancer occurred more often among those patients aged 5 to 9 years. the most common dental procedures were restorative treatment, preventive treatment and removal of infectious foci. conclusion: the characteristics of the studied population were similar to those of the general brazilian and global populations, especially regarding gender and diagnosis distributions. the aim of implementation of the dentistry unit was to maintain good oral health and patients' quality of life, which is critical to provide oral care and prevent future oral problems.
A crítica marxista ao desenvolvimento (in)sustentável
Freitas, Rosana de Carvalho Martinelli;Nélsis, Camila Magalh?es;Nunes, Letícia Soares;
Revista Katálysis , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-49802012000100004
Abstract: the purpose of this article is to present the theoretical implications and consequences of the concept of sustainable development, with an emphasis on the elucidation of differences in their understanding and use. based on a bibliographic review, the paper first reviews marx's understanding about the relationship between man, nature and capitalism. it then presents marxist approaches that are critical of the concept of sustainable development, which, although commonly used, is ambiguous and the motive of considerable controversy. finally, factors are present for a new approach to environmental issues considering the unsustainability inherent to the capitalist mode of production and the destruction that accompanies it.
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