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Profile of Patients Treated in Outpatient Vestibular Rehabilitation at a Hospital in São Paulo  [PDF]
Bárbara Vieira Coró, Miguel Angelo Hyppolito, Camila Giacomo Carneiro Barros, Ana Paula do Rego André
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2019.101002
Abstract: Introduction: Currently it is very common that the search for diagnosis and treatment for curing diseases can cause vertigo or dizziness. Objective: This study sought to characterize the profile of patients seen in the clinic for vestibular rehabilitation in a tertiary hospital in the last 10 years. Methods: Survey questionnaires of patients with dizziness. Results: The prevalence of treated subjects was female 65.3% (N = 439). The average age was 54.9 years old. Dizziness type roundabout was more prevalent 33.04% (N = 222). Tinnitus occurred in 58.33% of the population. The time of most observed dizziness was less than 5 years 70.68% (N = 475). Neurovegetative symptoms appeared in 63.98% (N = 430) of the population. The bilateral normal hearing was more standard 35.26% (N = 237). The topographic diagnosis of peripheral origin was the most usual 65.47% (N = 440). Conclusion: The peripheral otoneurologic involvement was more prevalent in this population, affecting more women at an average age of 54.9 years old. The most prevalent symptoms were vertigo, nausea, tachycardia, sweating, vomiting and tinnitus, characterizing the peripheral vestibular impairment. The time of dizziness was less than five years. Audiological standard normal curve was predominant and the symptom of tinnitus was the most reported. The most prevalent comorbidity was Hypertension.
Vestibular rehabilitation with biofeedback in patients with central imbalance
Bittar, Roseli Saraiva Moreira;Barros, Camila de Giacomo Carneiro;
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1808-86942011000300014
Abstract: central nervous system disorders may cause important functional unbalance in the maintenance of balance and posture. there is no effective rehabilitation for these symptoms until now. objective: the aim of this paper is to evaluate the use of tongue electrotactile stimulation on patients with central imbalance using brainport. materials and methods: this is a prospective case series study. we evaluated 8 patients with central imbalance, 6 men and 2 women, with mean age of 67.75 years. the patients were submitted to computed dynamic posturography (cdp) and then received 18 sessions of electrotactile stimulation by brainport? device for 20 minutes, twice a day. then they were submitted to a new cdp test and to a self-perception scale to assess symptom remission, partial improvement and no improvement at all. results: 75% of the patients reported being more stable. there was no improvement in the balance control of the mass center in these patients. conclusion: the patients were able to use the electrotactile stimulus to improve their balance control.
Nursing diagnoses validated in cardiology in Brazil: integrative literature review Diagnósticos de enfermería validados en cardiología en el Brasil: revisión integrativa de literatura Diagnósticos de enfermagem validados em cardiologia no Brasil: revis o integrativa de literatura
Camila Takáo Lopes,Camila de Souza Carneiro,Vinicius Batista Santos,Alba Lúcia Bottura Leite de Barros
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2012,
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To identify nursing diagnoses (ND) currently appearing in the NANDA-I taxonomy, validated in the area of cardiology in Brazil. METHODS: An integrative literature review, guided by the following question: what nursing diagnoses were validated in Brazil? Eleven works were analyzed: three content validations and eight clinical validations. RESULTS: The NDs validated were: activity intolerance, decreased cardiac output, spiritual distress, deficient knowledge, excessive fluid volume, ineffective airway clearance, ineffective peripheral tissue perfusion, fear, anxiety, and pain. The highlights were the production of the graduate programs in public institutions, the validation of defining characteristics, models of validation and the modified Fehring criteria for selection of experts . The clinical validation model was used for NDs of the psychobiological sphere; the content validation model was used mainly for NDs in the psychosocial and psychospiritual spheres. CONCLUSION: The knowledge produced can provide a basis for future studies on the relevance of the content of nursing outcomes in the evaluation of the effectiveness of nursing interventions in the country. OBJETIVO: Identificar diagnósticos de enfermería (DEs) que se encuentran actualmente en la taxonomía de la NANDA, validados en el área de Cardiología en el Brasil. MéTODOS: Revisión integrativa de literatura, orientada por la siguiente pregunta:qué diagnósticos de enfermería fueron validados en el Brasil. Fueron analizados 11 trabajos: tres validaciones de contenido y ocho validaciones clínicas. RESULTADOS: Los DEs validados fueron Intolerancia a la Actividad, Débito Cardiaco Disminuído, Angustia Espiritual, Conocimiento deficiente, Volumen Excesivo de Líquidos, Desobstrucción Ineficaz de Vías Aéreas, Perfusión Tisular Periférica Ineficaz, Miedo, Ansieda y dolor. Se destacaron la producción del Postgrado de instituciones públicas, la validación de las características definitorias, modelos de validación y criterios de selección de experts de Fehring modificados. El modelo de validación clínica fue usado para DEs de la esfera psicobiológica; el modelo de validación de contenido fue utilizado, sobre todo para DEs de las esferas psicosocial y psicoespiritual. El conocimiento producido puede ser fundamentación de futuros estudios sobre la pertinencia del contenido de los resultados de enfermería en la evaluación de la eficacia de las intervenciones de enfermería en el País. OBJETIVO: Identificar diagnósticos de enfermagem (DEs) que constam atualmente na taxonomia NANDA, validados na área de Ca
A educa o em saúde: um campo de atua o clinica e de pesquisa na enfermagem
Alba Lucia Bottura Leite de Barros,Camila de Souza Carneiro,Vinícius Batista Santos
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/s0103-21002011000200001
Arreflexia pós-calórica bilateral: aplicabilidade clínica da reabilita??o vestibular
Bittar, Roseli Saraiva Moreira;Bottino, Marco Aurélio;Pedalini, Maria Elisabete Bovino;Ramalho, Jeanne da Rosa Oiticica;Carneiro, Camila de Giacomo;
Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-72992004000200008
Abstract: bilateral vestibular loss is a rare diagnosis among patients with dizziness and imbalance. nevertheless, symptoms are often disabling and therapy is yet to be establish. aim: to evaluate and describe the clinical outcome of patients with imbalance due to bilateral vestibular loss after caloric test, treated with an analog visual scale was used to evaluated clinical results. vestibular rehabilitation. study design: retrospective case report. method: pre and post treatment outcomes were evaluated in 8 individuals suffering from post caloric bilateral vestibular paresis whose were submitted to vestibular rehabilitation. results: after vestibular rehabilitation, 7 (87,5%) of 8 patients had clinical improvement. conclusion: although is not expected entirely compensation for bilateral vestibular loss, the vestibular rehabilitation may be use as a therapeutic method for these patients.
The rabbit as an experimental model in laryngology
Carneiro, Christiano de Giacomo,Scapini, Fabrício
International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology , 2009,
Abstract: Introduction: In the research in laryngology we normally use animal models. The animal experimentation may also contribute largely for this evolution, mainly for the easy access compared to human larynxes and for they are more easily controlled. Objective: The objective of this work is to analyze the laryngofissure with vocal cords graft as an experimental surgical technique in male adult rabbits. Method: We studied 46 New Zealand albino rabbits submitted to microsurgery in both vocal cords with autologous unilateral or bilateral graft of fat or fascia. Results: There were 4 losses of 3 animals until the first week of the postoperative period and another after 19 days after surgery. In the subsequent animals there were no infection, hematoma or sutures dehiscence. Conclusion: The study enables the conclusion that the experimental laryngofissure in rabbits is a safe method that may be used for laryngological studies.
O coelho como modelo experimental em laringologia
Carneiro, Christiano de Giacomo,Scapini, Fabrício
Arquivos Internacionais de Otorrinolaringologia , 2009,
Abstract: Introdu o: A pesquisa em laringologia, s o comumente utilizados modelos animais. A experimenta o animal pode ainda contribuir muito para essa evolu o, principalmente pela facilidade de acesso em rela o às laringes humanas, e por serem mais facilmente controlados. Objetivo: Este trabalho objetivou analisar a laringofissura com enxertia das pregas vocais como técnica cirúrgica experimental em coelhos adultos machos. Método: Foram estudados 46 coelhos albinos da ra a New Zealand, submetidos à micro-cirurgia em ambas as pregas vocais, com enxertia uni ou bilateral de gordura ou fáscia muscular autólogas. Resultados: Houve 4 perdas, sendo 3 animais até a primeira semana do período pós-operatório e outro após 19 dias da cirurgia. Nos animais subsequentes, n o houve mais nenhuma infec o, hematoma ou deiscência das suturas. Conclus o: O estudo permite concluir que a laringofissura experimental em coelhos é um método seguro e que pode ser usado para estudos em laringologia.
Condicionamento fisiológico de aquênios de girassol
Barros, Camila Santos;Rossetto, Claudia Antonia Vieira;
Ciência Rural , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782009005000136
Abstract: the priming technique has been used to promote the seeds performance in the yield, especially the low vigour and consequently to assure the uniformity of the original population. the objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of seed priming in sunflower achenes physiological quality, after methods application and two months after storage to commercial use. for this, we used a lot of cv. catissol 01 achenes previously aged at 45°c for zero, 24 and 36 hours. for each lot, there achenes were submitted to osmopriming in kno3 and polyethyleneglycol (peg) 6000 solutions and to hydropriming with subsequent drying. following, lots were divided into two sub-lots, the first one being immediately evaluated and the second kept under controlled conditions and evaluated two months after storage. achenes were submitted to germination tests at zero, 15, 35 e 45°c temperatures and at water potential zero, -0,3, -0,6 e -0,9mpa and vigour tests (first counting, electrical conductivity, accelerated aging, seedlings emergence and speed of seedlings). results indicated that during the storage, germination maintenance within the standard commercial, when not aged achenes were osmoconditioning with peg at 25°c and osmoconditioning with kno3 at -0.3mpa and when achenes artificially aged for 36 hours were osmoconditioning with peg, at 15°c. there were reduction of the sunflower achenes germination and vigour from water potentials -0.3mpa and temperature of 25°c.
Teste de germina??o sob condi??es de restri??o hídrica para avaliar o vigor de sementes de girassol
Barros, Camila Santos;Rossetto, Claudia Antonia Vieira;
Ciência Rural , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782009005000217
Abstract: different vigour tests have been used to classify seed lot. the aim was to evaluate the effect of different sunflower seeds (achenes= pericarp + seed) using the germination test under water restriction and to correlate the results of this methodology with other vigour tests. five sunflower lots were studied and were evaluated firstly by the germination test and vigour tests. after, the seed lots was submitted to germination test under water restriction. seeds were distributed on paper substrate moistened with a peg 6000 solution by the -0.3 and -0.6mpa. the germination under -0.6mpa, after 10 days, was efficient in the detection of physiological quality differences between sunflower seed lot. the result of the germination test under -0.6mpa by 10 days correlates significantly with the results of the ive test, seedling emergence test, the first counting test and aging test.
Existe importancia na utiliza??o de exames de fisiologia ano retal no diagnóstico da sindrome do intestino irritável?
Cesar, Maria Auxiliadora Prolungatti;Oliveira, Camila Carneiro de;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802009000300010
Abstract: introduction: in some patients the irritable bowel syndrome and the functional constipation is confuse, mainly when the predominant symptom in the irritable bowel syndrome is the constipation. amongst some examinations the anal manometry evaluates the esfincter function and retal sensitivity. method: a study of 55 anal manometry was performed at the clinic of anal physiology of the service of surgical clinic of the university of toubate hospital in patients with diagnosis of intestinal constipation or irritable bowel syndrome from january 2006 to may 2007. all the patients presented normal colonoscopy and were included in the diagnostic criteria of rome ii for functional constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. manometry was performed with alacer a perfusion device with 8 channels. results: there had not been found differences between the manometry about the pressures of rest, contraction and evacuation, as well as in the values of rectal sensitivity. we find differences in abdominal pain in patients with irritable bowel syndrome at the moment of the tolerable maximum volum where 69.2% of these patients had presented abdominal pain. conclusion: patients with the irritable bowel syndrome present pain with rectal tolerable maximum volume, that does not occur in constipated patients, in the gauging of the tolerable maximum volume, which did not have difference in relation to the other data of the manometry.
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