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Cardiologic Medical Evacuations in Burkina Faso: Contribution of Three Philanthropic Sponsors over a 10-Year Period  [PDF]
Koudougou Jonas Kologo, Georges Rosario Christian Millogo, Georges Kinda, Jean Baptiste Tougma, Nobila Valentin Yaméogo, Anna Thiam Tall, Larissa Kagambéga, Caleb Tindano, Eulalie Lingani, Mireille Simo-Moyo, Relwendé Aristide Yaméogo, Andre Koudougou Samadoulougou, Patrice Zabsonré
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103380
Introduction: This study aimed at describing the socio-economic, diagnostic, and progressive features of patients evacuated thanks to philanthropic sponsors. Patients and methods: all evacuated patients, contacted through the phone and interviewed, were included in the study. A questionnaire helped in collecting data which were analyzed through the software Epi-Info (version 7). Outcomes: A total of 63 patients out of 134 were included in the study among which there are 22 adults and 41 children. The sex-ratio was 1.30. Patients living in Ouagadougou accounted for 79% of cases. The children’s average age at evacuation was 3.58 ± 3.86 years against 27.52 ± 12.54 years for adults. Ventricular septal defects among children (58.53%) and mitral valve diseases among adults (72.72%) were the main diagnoses at the time of evacuation. The average fall was 47 months for children, and 54 months for adults in the post-operative period. 68% of adults had an income below 50,000 FCFA per month. The evacuation average cost was estimated at 21,083,000 FCFA per patient, corresponding to 2,825,122,000 FCA over 10 years. Each adult patient spent an average of 15,000 FCFA per month for the follow up, against 8725 FCFA for children. 16% of patients were lost of sight in the post-operative. Conclusion: Philanthropic sponsors significantly contribute to the management of cardiac patients, and their efforts should be supported by a better monitoring. Setting-up cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology in Burkina Faso are required to address these health shortcomings.
Contribution of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring to the Management of Arterial Hypertension at Blaise Compaoré University Hospital  [PDF]
Yibar Kambiré, Georges Kinda, Georges R.C. Milllogo, Lassina Konaté, Issa Diallo, K. Jonas Kologo, Jean-Baptiste Tougouma, Germain D. Mandi, R. Aristide Yaméogo, Salifou Yaogo, Caleb Tindano, André K. Samadoulougou, Patrice Zabsonré
World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases (WJCD) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/wjcd.2017.712043
Background: Hypertension is a major public health concern in Burkina Faso. Its management relies on in-office medical setting blood pressure monitoring which is known to be an imperfect diagnosis tool. Objective: This study aims to assess the contribution of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in the management of hypertension at Blaise Compaoré University Hospital. Methods: A monocentric descriptive retrospective study was conducted in the cardiology outpatient unit of Blaise Compaoré University Hospital. Patients aged at least 18 years who underwent ambulatory blood pressure monitoring between March 2013 and June 2015 were enrolled. Hypertension was defined as follows: average blood pressure over 24 hours > 130/80 mmHg, or diurnal blood pressure > 135/85 mmHg, or nocturnal blood pressure >120/70 mmHg. Data were analyzed using the SPSS 20.0 software. The threshold for significance was set at 5% for a validity interval at 95%. Chi square test was used for?the statistical analysis. Results: A total of 122 patients were enrolled. The main reasons for ambulatory monitoring were the evaluation of hypertensive therapy (51.6%) and the diagnosis confirmation (39.3%). The results of the ambulatory monitoring found 61.4% of the patients with hypertension and 37.7% with normal blood pressure. A treatment adjustment was made for 36.1% of the patients; an initiation of antihypertensive therapy was undertaken for 24.6%, an abstention from drug therapy was recommended?for 23.8%,?and the pursuit of previous treatment for 13.1% of the patients. Conclusion: Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring should be used more often in order to optimize the management of hypertension in our current practice.
‘I will not die a monster!’: The Transformation of the Human Body; its Portrayal, Interpretation and Storytelling in Contemporary Mainstream Anglo-American Cinema
Caleb Turner
Skepsi , 2012,
Abstract: The portrayal of the body in the mainstream blockbuster ‘movie’ is one of a duality, with the limitless potential of how it might be audio-visually depicted on the one hand and a more limited structure behind what that presentation might be designed to achieve in its expressive meaning on the other. Throughout the course of its argument, the article will concentrate on how the body is presented and why by focusing on a number of filmic examples where that presentation is at its most excessive and extreme. A discussion shall also be made on how the medium of the human body is pushed to its very representational limits, not only by being defined or epitomised, but more so in its distortion and manipulation, in how it is forcibly altered by being extended, compressed, deconstructed, or, quite literally reconstructed. Hence, the area that will be explored is that of the transformation of the body and what it means for the human form to be transformed from one entity into another within the storytelling process of mainstream Anglo-American cinema. Transformative bodies are those that undergo a visual ‘re-construction’ from one original template to another differing model, an effect achieved by means of cinematic technology and special effects (including prosthetics, animatronics, digital animation/Computer Generated Imagery, performance, etc.). By looking at bodily transformations in mainstream films, including those which incorporate elements of ‘fantasy’, the ‘supernatural’, ‘horror’ and ‘science fiction’, several issues might be explored in order to determine fully a spectator’s comprehension of and reaction to such entities.
Proof Pad: A New Development Environment for ACL2
Caleb Eggensperger
Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science , 2013, DOI: 10.4204/eptcs.114.2
Abstract: Most software development projects rely on Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) based on the desktop paradigm, with an interactive, mouse-driven user interface. The standard installation of ACL2, on the other hand, is designed to work closely with Emacs. ACL2 experts, on the whole, like this mode of operation, but students and other new programmers who have learned to program with desktop IDEs often react negatively to the process of adapting to an unfamiliar form of interaction. This paper discusses Proof Pad, a new IDE for ACL2. Proof Pad is not the only attempt to provide ACL2 IDEs catering to students and beginning programmers. The ACL2 Sedan and DrACuLa systems arose from similar motivations. Proof Pad builds on the work of those systems, while also taking into account the unique workflow of the ACL2 theorem proving system. The design of Proof Pad incorporated user feedback from the outset, and that process continued through all stages of development. Feedback took the form of direct observation of users interacting with the IDE as well as questionnaires completed by users of Proof Pad and other ACL2 IDEs. The result is a streamlined interface and fast, responsive system that supports using ACL2 as a programming language and a theorem proving system. Proof Pad also provides a property-based testing environment with random data generation and automated interpretation of properties as ACL2 theorem definitions.
Evidence for Direct Geographic Influences on Linguistic Sounds: The Case of Ejectives
Caleb Everett
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0065275
Abstract: We present evidence that the geographic context in which a language is spoken may directly impact its phonological form. We examined the geographic coordinates and elevations of 567 language locations represented in a worldwide phonetic database. Languages with phonemic ejective consonants were found to occur closer to inhabitable regions of high elevation, when contrasted to languages without this class of sounds. In addition, the mean and median elevations of the locations of languages with ejectives were found to be comparatively high. The patterns uncovered surface on all major world landmasses, and are not the result of the influence of particular language families. They reflect a significant and positive worldwide correlation between elevation and the likelihood that a language employs ejective phonemes. In addition to documenting this correlation in detail, we offer two plausible motivations for its existence. We suggest that ejective sounds might be facilitated at higher elevations due to the associated decrease in ambient air pressure, which reduces the physiological effort required for the compression of air in the pharyngeal cavity–a unique articulatory component of ejective sounds. In addition, we hypothesize that ejective sounds may help to mitigate rates of water vapor loss through exhaled air. These explications demonstrate how a reduction of ambient air density could promote the usage of ejective phonemes in a given language. Our results reveal the direct influence of a geographic factor on the basic sound inventories of human languages.
A Noncommutative Gauss map
Caleb Eckhardt
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to transfer the Gauss map, which is a Bernoulli shift for continued fractions, to the noncommutative setting. We feel that a natural place for such a map to act is on the AF algebra $\mathfrak{A}$ considered separately by F. Boca and D. Mundici. The center of $\ga$ is isomorphic to $C[0,1]$, so we first consider the action of the Gauss map on $C[0,1]$ and then extend the map to $\mathfrak{A}$ and show that the extension inherits many desirable properties.
Perturbations of completely positive maps and strong NF algebras
Caleb Eckhardt
Mathematics , 2009, DOI: 10.1112/plms/pdq008
Abstract: Let $\phi:M_n\to B(H)$ be an injective, completely positive contraction with $\V\phi^{-1}:\phi(M_n)\to M_n\V_{cb}\leq1+\delta(\epsilon).$ We show that if either (i) $\phi(M_n)$ is faithful modulo the compact operators or (ii) $\phi(M_n)$ approximately contains a rank 1 projection, then there is a complete order embedding $\psi:M_n\to B(H)$ with $\V\phi-\psi\V_{cb}<\epsilon.$ We also give examples showing that such a perturbation does not exist in general. As an application, we show that every $C^*$-algebra $A$ with $\mathcal{OL}_\infty(A)=1$ and a finite separating family of primitive ideals is a strong NF algebra, providing a partial answer to a question of Junge, Ozawa and Ruan.
Free Products and the Lack of State Preserving Approximations of Nuclear C*-algebras
Caleb Eckhardt
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Let $A$ be a homogeneous C*-algebra and $\phi$ a state on $A.$ We show that if $\phi$ satisfies a certain faithfulness condition, then there is a net of finite-rank, unital completely positive, $\phi$-preserving maps on $A$ that tend to the identity pointwise. This combined with results of Ricard and Xu show that the reduced free product of homogeneous C*-algebras with respect to these states have the completely contractive approximation property. We also give an example of a faithful state on $M_2\otimes C[0,1]$ for which no such state-preserving approximation of the identity map exists, thus answering a question of Ricard and Xu.
Quasidiagonal Representations of Nilpotent Groups
Caleb Eckhardt
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We show that every unitary representation of a solvable discrete virtually nilpotent group G is quasidiagonal. Roughly speaking, this says that every unitary representation of G approximately decomposes as a direct sum of finite dimensional approximate representations. In operator algebraic terms we show that C*(G) is strongly quasidiagonal.
Classification and Analysis of Mean Curvature Flow Self-Shrinkers
Caleb Hussey
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We investigate Mean Curvature Flow self-shrinking hypersurfaces with polynomial growth. It is known that such self shrinkers are unstable. We focus mostly on self-shrinkers of the form $\mathbb S^k\times\R^{n-k}\subset \R^{n+1}$. We use a connection between the stability operator and the quantum harmonic oscillator Hamiltonian to find all eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the stability operator on these self-shrinkers. We also show self-shrinkers of this form have lower index than all other complete self-shrinking hypersurfaces. In particular, they have finite index. This implies that the ends of such self shrinkers must be stable. We look for the largest stable regions of these self shrinkers.
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