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Research progress in the development of direct acting antiviral agents for hepatitis C and the anti-viral resistance
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army , 2011,
Abstract: Recently,directly acting antiviral agents against hepatitic C virus with different mechanisms have been developed and put into clinical trials.Especially,results of phase Ⅲ clinical trials of Boceprevir and Telaprevir have been published,and these two agents are to be approved for marketing in recent years.Also much attention has been paid on anti-viral resistance against direct acting antiviral agents.Great progresses have been made in field of direct acting antiviral agents against hepatitic C virus.Domestic studies in this area should take characteristics of virus and host of Chinese chronic hepatitis C into consideration.
The Existence and Uniqueness Result for a Relativistic Nonlinear Schr?dinger Equation
Yongkuan Cheng,Jun Yang
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/362985
Abstract: We study the existence and uniqueness of positive solutions for a class of quasilinear elliptic equations. This model has been proposed in the self-channeling of a high-power ultrashort laser in matter. 1. Introduction In this paper, we consider the following quasilinear Schr?dinger equation: where , , , and . Solutions of (1) are related to standing waves for the following quasilinear Schr?dinger equation: where , is a given potential, is real constant, and and are real functions. Quasilinear equations such as (2) have been accepted as models of several physical phenomena corresponding to various types of ; see [1–5] for physical backgrounds. The superfluid film equation in plasma physics has this structure for (see [6]). Putting , where and is a real function, (2) turns into the following equation: where is the new potential function and is the new nonlinearity. In this case, the first existence results are due to [7]. In [7], the main existence results are obtained through a constrained minimization argument. Subsequently, a general existence result was derived in [8]. The idea in [8] is to make a change of variables and reduce the quasilinear problem to semilinear one and Orlicz space framework was used to prove the existence of positive solutions via the Mountain pass theorem. The same method of changing of variables was also used in [9] but the usual Sobolev space framework was used as the working space. Precisely, since the energy functional associated (3) is not well defined in , they first make the changing of unknown variables , where is defined by ODE as follows: and , . Then, after the changing of variable, to find the solutions of (2), it suffices to study the existence of solutions for the following semilinear equation: where By using the classical results given by [10], they proved the existence of a spherically symmetric solution. In [11], the authors give a sufficient condition for uniqueness of the ground state solutions by using the same change of variables as [9]. In the case , (2) models the self-channeling of a high-power ultrashort laser in matter (see [12]). In this case, few results are known. In [13], the authors proved global existence and uniqueness of small solutions in transverse space dimensions 2 and 3 and local existence without any smallness condition in transverse space dimension 1. But they did not study the existence of standing waves. But we have to point out that the method of change of variables as (4) cannot be generalized to treat the case . In [14], the authors made the changing of known variable (see also
Bringing Reference Groups Back: Agent-based Modeling of the Spiral of Silence
Cheng-Jun Wang
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: The purpose of this study is threefold: first, to bring reference groups back into the framework of spiral of silence (SOS) by proposing an extended framework of dual opinion climate; second, to investigate the boundary conditions of SOS; third, to identify the characteristics of SOS in terms of spatial variation and temporal evolution. Modeling SOS with agent-based models, the findings suggest (1) there is no guarantee of SOS with reference groups being brought back; (2) Stable existence of SOS is contingent upon the comparative strength of mass media over reference groups; (3) SOS is size-dependent upon reference groups and the population; (4) the growth rate of SOS decreases over time. Thus, this research presents an extension of the SOS theory.
Analysis of Mobile Phone Reliability Based on Active Disassembly Using Smart Materials  [PDF]
Zhifeng Liu, Liuxian Zhao, Jun Zhong, Xinyu Li, Huanbo Cheng
Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology (JSEMAT) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jsemat.2011.12012
Abstract: When using shape memory materials into active disassembly of actual electronic products, because the elastic modulus of shape memory materials is affected by the temperature is relatively large, therefore, the main difference of environmental reliability between active disassembly products and common products is the impact of collision and vibration under different temperature. Establishing three-dimensional analysis model, comparing the impact of collision and vibration of mobile phone shells which are made up of PVC materials after casting & radiation and PC/ABS materials under different temperature. Analyzing the reliability of mobile phone under different temperature and optimizing its structure according to data of testing.
Formal Verification of Robertson-Type Uncertainty Relation  [PDF]
Takaaki Masuhara, Toru Kuriyama, Masakazu Yoshida, Jun Cheng
Journal of Quantum Information Science (JQIS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jqis.2015.52008
Abstract: Formal verification using interactive theorem provers have been noticed as a method of verification of proofs that are too big for humans to check the validity of them. The purpose of this work is to verify the validity of Robertson-type uncertainty relation toward verifying unconditional security of quantum key distributions. We verify the validity of the relation by using proof assistant Coq and it is turned out that the theorem regarding the relation formally holds. The source code for Coq which represents the validity of the theorem is printed in Appendix.
Effects of Human Insulin Gene Transfection on the Adipogenic Differentiation of Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Silk Fibroin Scaffolds in Vitro  [PDF]
Cheng Zhang, Yi Liu, Jun Tang, Meisi Xue, Sijia Min
Open Journal of Regenerative Medicine (OJRM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojrm.2015.42003
Abstract: The resorption of the transplanted fat over time limited the use of autologous fat for the reconstruction of soft tissue defect. Tissue engineering (TE) adipose with silk fibroin scaffold could be a promising substitute for soft tissue filling. In this study, we try to develop a tissue engineering adipose in vitro by seeding silk fibroin scaffold with human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (hUCMSCs) after transfected with recombinant human insulin gene lentivirus. Our aim was to observe the effects of the insulin gene transfection on the adipogenesis of hUCMSCs when cultured with silk fibroin scaffolds. The hUCMSCs infected with recombinant lentiviral pLenti6.3-insulin-IRES-EGFP were seeded on silk fibroin scaffolds and cultured in adipogenic differentiation medium for 5 - 7 days. The expression of adipogenic gene PPARγ-2 was tested by RT-PCR after 7 days culture of adipogenic induction. The accumulation of cytoplasmic droplets of neutral lipids was assessed by Oil Red O staining. The RNA and protein expression of transfected insulin gene in hUCMSCs were detected by QPCR and western blot. The effect of recombinant lentivirus transfection on the growth and proliferation of hUCMSCs was observed by MTT test. We observed that the 2-ΔΔCt value of insulin gene expression of hUCMSCs in the transfected group was 300.25 times higher than that in the untransfected group. The western blot showed that a positive band was discerned at the site of a relative molecular mass of 8 × 103 Dalton in transfected group. After adipogenic culture for 7 days, under the fluorescent inverted phase-contrast microscope, after Oil Red O staining, a lot of adipocytes appeared in silk fibroin scaffold; round adipose droplets showed intracellularly; the size of the adipocytes was not homogenous, and the density of adipocytes in transfected group was significantly higher than that in untransfected group (P = 0.007, P < 0.01). RT-PCR results showed that the expression of adipogenic gene PPARγ-2 in transfected group was much stronger than that in untransfected group. MTT test showed that there was no significant difference in optical density (A) at each time point between transfected group and nontransfected group (P = 0.056, P > 0.05). And there was also no significant difference in optical density (A) between cell group and cell-scalffold group (P = 0.066, P > 0.05). We concluded that insulin gene could obviously promote the adipogenic differentiation of hUCMSCs, and a tissue engineering adipose could be constructed
Correlation between Pre-Service Teachers’ Information Technology Integration Attitude and Creative Teaching Behavior  [PDF]
Cheng-Ping Chang, I-Jun Chen
Creative Education (CE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2015.616184
Abstract: This study aims to explore pre-service teachers’ attitude toward information technology based instruction and creative teaching behavior and their relationship. This study treated current teacher education students in National University of Tainan as subjects. As to research method, questionnaire was the tool of measurement. After eliminating invalid questionnaires with significant intention and incomplete responses, the researcher obtained 206 valid questionnaires. Valid return rate was 85.8%. Research findings are shown that there is a significant and positive correlation between information technology integration attitude and creative teaching behavior. Information technology integration attitude significantly predicts creative Teaching Behavior.
Sedimentary Characteristics of Stromatolites in Cambrian Strata in Songzi Liujiachang Area and Its Paleoenvironmental Significance  [PDF]
Mei Chen, Chuantao Xiao, Jun Cheng, Xilin Hu, Dongquan Sun
Open Journal of Yangtze Oil and Gas (OJOGas) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojogas.2018.32007
Abstract: Stratiform, irregularly stratiform and columnar stromatolites are found in the third section of Qingjiamiao Group, while columnar and hemispherical stromatolites are found in Sanyoudong Group in Cambrian strata in Songzi Liujiachang area. 1) From the stratiform and columnar stromatolites to hemispherical stromatolites, the internal plaster content is decreasing. And from obvious layer characteristics to intermittent layer characteristics, they reflect that the hydrodynamic conditions are strengthening gradually. 2) From the perspective of sedimentary petrology and the classification of stromatolites, it is concluded that the combinations of stromatolites in different sedimentary environments are different and the main sedimentary facies of different types are different: a) Stratiform (including irregularly statiform) and columnar stromatolites are mainly distributed in the upper tidal zone; columnar and hemispherical stromatolites mainly distribute in the intertidal zone. b) The stratiform stromatolites are mainly found in the upper tidal zone with weak hydrodynamic conditions, while the columnar and hemispherical stromatolites are mainly found in powerful hydrodynamic conditions of the lower intertidal zone. 3) A mass extinction of part of the metazoan is the main reason for the growth of stromatolites in Cambrian strata in Songzi.
The Study of Optimal Structure and Value of Dump Resistance in Direct-Drive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators  [PDF]
Jun Jia, Jie Zhao, Dichen Liu, Chen Cheng, Jun Wang, Linge Qi
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2014.24044
Abstract: This paper studied the direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous machine (permanent magnet synchronous generator, PMSG) Chopper optimal topology and resistance value. Compared the different Chopper circuit low voltage ride-through capability in the same grid fault conditions in simulation. This paper computes the dump resistance ceiling according to the power electronic devices and over-current capability. Obtaining the dump resistance low limit according to the temperature resistance allows, and calculating the optimal value by drop voltage in the DC-Bus during the fault. The feasibility of the proposed algorithm is verified by simulation results.
Teaching Research of Geology Field Courses: A Case Study from Wuhan University  [PDF]
Tao Wang, Long Cheng, Jun Xiao, Peng Qi, Jun Zeng, Wanrui Hu, Suifeng Wang
Creative Education (CE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2016.79128
Abstract: The geology field course is the fundamental course in geoscience education. It is an intensive course that applies classroom and laboratory training to solve geological problems in the field. Wuhan University has offered a geology field course for undergraduate students since the 1950s. This paper summarizes and analyzes the teaching research in aspects of field course location, teaching contents and teaching tools since 2010, when the site was changed from the city of Chibi to Zigui County near the Three Gorges reservoir region.
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