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Bioassay Procedure for the Diagnosis of Aflatoxicosis in a Pig Farm in Nsukka, South East Nigeria  [PDF]
S. V. O. Shoyinka, K. F. Chah, C. P. Eze, W. S. Ezema, I. R. Onoja, P. U. Umeakuana
Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine (OJVM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojvm.2014.47015

The owner of an intensively reared pig farm in Nsukka, South-East Nigeria reported the deaths (within one week) of 90 piglets (2-3 months of age) out of 150 piglets on the farm. The piglets were being fed home-compounded ration composed of spent grain (which appeared moldy) and other locally sourced materials. Clinical signs observed in affected piglets include sudden loss of appetite, diarrhea and distress grunting sound prior to death. Symptomatic treatment of the piglets which included the use of antibiotics (tetracycline, LA) did not appear to have ameliorated the condition. At necropsy carcasses were generally in fair to good body condition; with subcutaneous hemorrhages, mainly under the skin of head and neck regions. Lungs were congested and edematous, with froth along the tracheal and bronchial airways. The liver and spleen were moderately congested, while the mucosae of the gastrointestinal tract (which was free of ingesta) appeared mildly hyperaemic. No pathogenic bacterium was isolated from the heart blood and spleen. Histologic section of the liver showed centrilobular hepatocytes vacoulation and necrosis with hypertrophy of Kupffer cells that were in erythrophagocytosis. There was moderate fibrinous exudation into the interlobular septae. Spleen section showed severe erythrophagocytosis, but mild haemosiderosis. White pulp was either reactive or depopulated. Lungs were severely haemorrhagic with bronchitis and bronchiolitis. A tentative diagnosis of mycotoxicosis was made and the spent grain-compounded ration was fed to different groups of ducklings, with/without arginine and lysine supplementation. On the bases of clinical signs and mortality pattern; gross and histologic changes in the liver of the ducklings, a definitive diagnosis of aflatoxicosis was made. This paper emphasizes the experimental feeding of suspected feeds/feed ingredient to ducklings as a reliable diagnostic model for aflatoxicosis.

Influence of Delayed Feeding on the Performance, Development and Response of Immune System to Newcastle Disease Vaccination in Chickens
P.A. Nnadi,P.C. Eze,W.S. Ezema
International Journal of Poultry Science , 2010,
Abstract: The influence of delayed feeding on the performance, development and response of immune system to Newcastle disease vaccination were investigated. 72 day old cockerel chicks purchased from a local hatchery were used. These were at the onset divided into two groups A and B of equal numbers (n = 36) and housed separately. Group A was provided with a diet containing 25% crude protein and 2800Kcal of metabolizable energy from the day of hatch while group B was deprived of feed for the first 72 h post hatch (ph) after which they were introduced to feed and thereafter maintained on same diet as group A. Once feeding is commenced in each of the groups, same regimen was maintained till the end of the study. Other brooding arrangements were common to the groups. 21 days ph 12 chicks were randomly selected per group, weighed, sacrificed after which two blood samples were collected for general haematology and serum biochemistry respectively. They were then necropsied and lymphoid organs as bursa of fabricius, spleen and caecal tonsil as well as liver harvested weighed and their relative weights calculated. The remaining 24 chicks per group were then vaccinated with Newcastle Disease (ND) vaccine lasotaR. Five days later, 12 chicks were again randomly elected per group and same operations as on day 21 carried out on the chicks. On day 42 ph, all the remaining chicks in each of the groups were vaccinated against ND using ND vaccine komarovR and 5 days later, they were sacrificed and again all the activities of day 21 repeated. Our results showed that delaying feeding for up to 72 h ph does not significantly affect the growth, development and function of some organs of the immune system. Moreover, it also produced no effect on Packed Cell Volume early in life as significant variation between the two groups (p<0.05) was only observed on day 47 ph. However, our finding showed that early feeding significantly improved early response to vaccinations (p<0.05) shown by higher geometric mean antibody titre. There were no differences in organ morphology and histopathology between the two groups. The study demonstrated that early feeding could be beneficial in the response of chicks to early vaccinations but does not confer other productive advantage.
Analysis of Variance in an Unbalanced Two-Way Mixed Effect Interactive Model  [PDF]
F. C. Eze, E. U. Nwankwo
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2016.62027
Abstract: The expected mean squares for unbalanced mixed effect interactive model were derived using Brute Force Method. From the expected mean squares, there are no obvious denominators for testing for the main effects when the factors are mixed. An expression for F-test for testing for the main effects was derived which was proved to be unbiased.
Typical Hydraulic Properties of Deep Aquifers of Niger Delta from Pumping Test Data  [PDF]
S. A. Ngah, C. L. Eze
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2017.511010
Abstract: The hydraulic properties of deeper Coastal Plain Sands, which form the main aquifer in the Niger Delta, were investigated around Eleme, Rivers State. The intent was to find out if frequent well failure was as a result of the aquifer not having enough transmitting capacity to sustain the huge withdrawal necessary for Eleme and its environs where demand for groundwater withdrawal is very high because Eleme axis serves as a major industrial axis of River State or whether the frequent well failure was due to inefficient well construction practice. Constant discharge pumping tests were conducted in 8 deep borehole (250 - 310 m). Data generated during the test were analysed using Cooper-Jacob’s straight line method. The calculated transmissivity of the aquifers ranged from 1324 m2/day - 5815 m2/day. These values when compared with transmissivity values elsewhere indicate that the aquifers in the study area have excellent water yielding properties, plotting within the range of “Very Good” in water transmitting capacity scale. Coefficient of permeability ranged from 13.65 m/d - 59.9 m/d. Coefficient of Storage ranged from 28.2 × 10-5 - 29.1 × 10-5 while the Specific capacities of the wells ranged from 48.75 3 - 78.13 m3/d/m. It is concluded that the deep aquifers of the Niger Delta do possess the capacity to produce and sustain large groundwater withdrawal. It is further recommended that competent drilling contractors be engaged in deep well construction in the area.
Inequities in incidence, morbidity and expenditures on prevention and treatment of malaria in southeast Nigeria
Nkolika P Uguru, Obinna E Onwujekwe, Benjamin S Uzochukwu, Godwin C Igiliegbe, Soludo B Eze
BMC International Health and Human Rights , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1472-698x-9-21
Abstract: The study was undertaken in four malaria endemic villages in Enugu state, southeast Nigeria. Data was collected using interviewer-administered questionnaires. An asset-based index was used to categorize the households into socio-economic status (SES) quartiles: least poor; poor; very poor; and most poor. Chi-square analysis was used to determine the statistical significance of the SES differences in incidence, length of illness, ownership of treated nets, expenditures on treatment and prevention.All the SES quartiles had equal exposure to malaria. The pattern of health seeking for all the SES groups was almost similar, but in one of the villages the most poor, very poor and poor significantly used the services of patent medicine vendors and the least poor visited hospitals. The cost of treating malaria was similar across the SES quartiles. The average expenditure to treat an episode of malaria ranged from as low as 131 Naira ($1.09) to as high as 348 Naira ($2.9), while the transportation expenditure to receive treatment ranged from 26 Naira to 46 Naira (both less than $1). The level of expenditure to prevent malaria was low in the four villages, with less than 5% owning untreated nets and 10.4% with insecticide treated nets.Malaria constitutes a burden to all SES groups, though the poorer socio-economic groups were more affected, because a greater proportion of their financial resources compared to their income are spent on treating the disease. The expenditures to treat malaria by the poorest households could lead to catastrophic health expenditures. Effective pro-payment health financing and health delivery methods for the treatment and prevention of malaria are needed to decrease the burden of the disease to the most-poor people.About 40% of the world's population, mostly those living in the poorest countries, are at risk of contracting malaria, and of these 2.5 billion people at risk, more than 500 million become severely ill with malaria every year and more th
Organizations Adoption of MyKad Initiative
Han Foon Neo,Paul H.P. Yeow,Uchenna C. Eze,Huck Soo Loo
Communications of the IBIMA , 2012,
Abstract: Malaysia has invested multi-million ringgit on the Malaysia’s Multipurpose Identity Card (MyKad) initiative for the protection of citizens from terrorism as well as for effective and efficient government and private sector applications. If it is not used, the initiative is wasted. For the success of MyKad adoption, both individual and organizations need to accept this initiative. Prior studies have been conducted on individual acceptance (e.g. Yeow et al., 2007; Loo et al., 2011); however no study has been conducted on organization acceptance. This research investigates organizations (such as banks, insurance companies, unit trust agencies and hotels) acceptance of MyKad initiative. Organizations do not have MyKad; therefore, their MyKad acceptance (i.e., the dependent variable) can only be measured by their intention to use MyKad reader for identity verification of transactions such as opening a bank/unit trust account, making insurance claims and registering a hotel room. The independent variables were taken from UTAUT’s (Venkatesth, 2003) four constructs (i.e. performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence and facilitating conditions) and two other variables (i.e. anxiety and perceived credibility). In this preliminary study, fifty questionnaire samples were collected from two cities in Malaysia. The findings show that organizations did not have a high intention to use MyKad reader because of their lack of understanding about its benefits (performance expectancy), ease of use, social support and facilitating conditions. Recommendations were given to increase adoption.
Ruminal obstruction associated with non-digestible materials in a muturu cow: a case report
C. A. Eze
Nigerian Veterinary Journal , 2002,
Abstract: A five-year-old muturu cow in a semi-intensively managed herd with advanced pregnancy suddenly became anorexic, moribund and recumbent. While in recumbency, there was abdominal distension and the animal groaned respiration. Emergency slaughter was carried on the animal within 12hours of on set of these signs. A large nylon rope and a cloth (rag) with sediments of sand were found in the rumen. The foreign bodies together with pockets of sand in the cloth weighed 1.83kg.. Semi-intensive husbandry practice does not give the animal the opportunity of optimal grazing and as such some animals develop pica which include chewing of tethering rope and geophagia. This, coupled with pregnancy in this report predisposed the animal to pica. It is concluded that only good husbandry practices nutrition and environment can eliminate reproductive loses. Management practices and environment contribute to the presence and kind of foreign bodies present in the ruminal stomach. Again, field diagnosis of the presence of ruminal foreign bodies is naturally a difficult one except where exploratory surgery is involved. KEY WORDS: Foreign bodies, rumen, muturu cow. (Nigerian Veterinary Journal: 2002 23(2): 60-64)
Sex Hormones Secretion Pattern in Pregnant Sickle Cell Subjects in Niger Delta Region, South of Nigeria  [PDF]
F. C. Ezeiruaku, E. M. Eze, C. U. Okeke
Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases (OJEMD) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojemd.2018.87015
Abstract: Sickle cell anemia (SCA) patients are reported with infertility and low rate of pregnancies. This is associated with wide range of reproductive issues that are still relevant because of the complications and problems of the disease that still persist till date. This study was carried out to establish the secretion pattern of the sex hormones (Progesterone and Estradiol) in the three trimesters of pregnant sickle cell disease subjects in the Niger Delta Region, south of Nigeria. The study included twenty (20) pregnant sickle cell anemia subjects with average age of 27.4 years and twenty (20) apparently healthy (Hemoglobin AA) subjects with average age of 28.2 years. Their samples collection started when they registered for antenatal care at the clinics within the first trimester of pregnancy. The Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent assay (ELISA) method was used in the measurement of the hormones in the plasma of the subjects. The result showed a statistical significant reduction (P < 0.05) in the values of the hormones in the three trimesters obtained for the sickle cell disease (SCD) subjects when compared with apparently healthy subjects with the same age range. Statistical analysis showed a strong positive correlation ((r = 0.8151 for Estradiol and r = 0.8793) for Progesterone) between the secretion of the sex hormones, in the sickle cell subjects and the control. The result is attributed to the sickle cell gene abnormality and the treatment of SCA that affects the endocrine system by inhibiting the production of gonadotropins from the pituitary gland. The SCD itself does not directly damage the reproductive system; however it can affect other systems which will eventually cause harm to the reproductive system. The study concluded that the sickle cell anemia patients require the administration of the hormone drugs during pregnancy to prevent to a certain extent, complications arising from hormonal imbalance.
Accessibility Analysis of Healthcare Delivery System within Enugu Urban Area Using Geographic Information System  [PDF]
Ifeanyi R. Ejiagha, Johnbusco C. Ojiako, Chijioke G. Eze
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2012.44036
Abstract: The problem of accessibility of health institution, with respect to the available facility to serve the entire population leaving in an area, can be solved using GIS. This paper presents an analysis on accessibility of healthcare facilities in Enugu urban area in a GIS environment. This was achieved through acquisition of a base map of Enugu State showing geographic extent of Enugu Urban, determining the geometric positions of health institutions in Enugu urban using handheld GPS, Creation of a spatial database of existing healthcare facilities and demonstrating through various analyses the potentials of GIS in measurement of accessibility to healthcare facilities in Enugu urban Area. The analysis includes network analysis, used to determine the closeness of a facility and shortest route to these healthcare facilities. ARCGIS 9.3 was the main software used. This was supported by Geocal for coordinate conversion and Microsoft office packages. The result of the study showed the spatial distribution of health institutions, closest facilities in case of emergency and route to those health institutions within Enugu urban Area. It was noticed that most of the healthcare facilities were located within Enugu North local government area (LGA). Other settlements and LGAs had fewer healthcare facilities. Areas deprived of healthcare facility were also identified. Routes and closest facilities to those deprived areas were identified in the settlements/area. The analysis showed the efficacy of GIS in determining accessibility of healthcare institutions in Enugu urban area. The study is thus, recommended as a spatial decision support system for decisions regarding spatial accessibility of healthcare facilities in an urban area.
Increasing the Value of Agricultural Products in the Face of Global Economic Recessions: Anambra Experience
AN Eze
African Research Review , 2011,
Abstract: The Paper examined the increasing value of agricultural products in the face of global economic recession in Anambra State. The paper revealed that Anambra State is endowed with human and natural resources and if properly harnessed, can go a long way in arresting the food insecurity in the State and alleviate the poverty level of the poor masses. The study showed that yam, cassava, livestock and rice are the most common products produced in almost all the Local Government Area of the State. Although Anambra State is highly urbanized, its forest reserve covered 31897 hectares of land and the vast primary products can be transformed into secondary products, given the available and affordable technologies required. The paper revealed that in addition to N 150 million naira disbursed in 2007 and 2008 at an interest rate of 8.0%, the State Government has completed plans to disburse another N3.0 billion naira to small-scale businesses including farmers to boost their agricultural potentials. It was concluded that yield increasing technologies such as tractors, improved varieties of seeds, seedlings, livestock, agrochemicals and agro-machines should be highly subsidized by the state government to enable the resource poor farmers meet up with the yawning demands of improved products.
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