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Resveratrol Reverses the Impaired Vasodilation Observed in 2K-1C Hypertension through Endothelial Function Improvement  [PDF]
B. F. M. Pereira, A. C. Scalabrini, T. S. Marinho, C. R. K. Antonietto, C. B. A. Restini
Open Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (OJMC) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojmc.2014.42004
Background: The production of endothelial-derived factors induces either vasoconstriction or vasodilation; nitric oxide (NO) is the most distinguished relaxing factor. Endothelial dysfunction is associated with hypertension. The partial loss in the NO-promoted vasodilation is due to its decreased bioavailability and/or to an activity reduction of endothelium NO synthase (eNOS). Reactive oxygen species (ROS), present in oxidative stress, seize NO and diminish its bioavailability. Transresveratrol (RESV) has been proved to increase NO and eNOS levels. Thus, RESV could be capable of improving NO dependent vascular relaxation on aortic rings isolated from treated 2K-1C animals through ROS damage reduction. Aim: Evaluate the effects of RESV treatment on the relaxation of aortic rings isolated from treated 2K-1C rats while focusing on the effects of the treatment on systolic blood pressure. Methods: Male Wistar rats (180 g) were grouped: two 2K-1C and two Sham groups, one of each was treated with RESV (20 mg/kg, gavage) dissolved in Tween 80 and one of each was treated with water plus Tween 80 (control) for six weeks. The rats had their systolic blood pressure (SBP) measured before and after the treatments. Vascular reactivity studies were conducted in order to observe and compare acetylcholine (ACh)-induced relaxations in the presence and absence of the NOS inhibitor L-NAME (10-4 mol/L). Results: SBP for 2K-1C was significantly reduced in the treated group (179.13 ± 4.90 mmHg, n = 23) when compared to the untreated group (196.66 ± 6.06 mmHg, n = 15, p < 0.01). The maximum relaxation of aortic rings isolated from the 2K-1C treated group showed a higher efficacy (116.63% ± 1.72%, n = 12) than that from the untreated group (85.97% ± 0.69%, n = 6, p < 0.001); L-NAME exposure was responsible for a significant decrease in each group’s maximum relaxation efficacy. Conclusions: SBP reduction observed after RESV treatment in rat renal hypertension could be due to the reestablishment of vascular relaxation depend of NO.
The Effect of Extracellular pH Changes on Intracellular pH and Nitric Oxide Concentration in Endothelial and Smooth Muscle Cells from Rat Aorta
Verena K. Capellini, Carolina B. A. Restini, Lusiane M. Bendhack, Paulo R. B. Evora, Andréa C. Celotto
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0062887
Abstract: Aims It has been known for more than a century that pH changes can alter vascular tone. However, there is no consensus about the effects of pH changes on vascular response. In this study, we investigated the effects of extracellular pH (pHo) changes on intracellular pH (pHi) and intracellular nitric oxide concentration ([NO]i) in freshly isolated endothelial cells and cross sections from rat aorta. Main Methods The HCl was used to reduce the pHo from 7.4 to 7.0 and from 7.4 to 6.5; the NaOH was used to increase the pHo from 7.4 to 8.0 and from 7.4 to 8.5. The fluorescent dyes 5-(and-6)-carboxy SNARF-1, acetoxymethyl ester, acetate (SNARF-1) and diaminofluorescein-FM diacetate (DAF-FM DA) were employed to measure the pHi and [NO]i, respectively. The fluorescence intensity was measured in freshly isolated endothelial cells by flow cytometry and in freshly obtained aorta cross sections by confocal microscopy. Key Findings The endothelial and vascular smooth muscle pHi was increased at pHo 8.5. The extracellular acidification did not change the endothelial pHi, but the smooth muscle pHi was reduced at pHo 7.0. At pHo 8.5 and pHo 6.5, the endothelial [NO]i was increased. Both extracellular alkalinization and acidification increased the vascular smooth muscle [NO]i. Significance Not all changes in pHo did result in pHi changes, but disruption of acid-base balance in both directions induced NO synthesis in the endothelium and/or vascular smooth muscle.
Vascular Relaxation Induced by C-Type Natriuretic Peptide Involves the Ca2+/NO-Synthase/NO Pathway
Fernanda A. Andrade, Carolina B. A. Restini, Marcella D. Grando, Leandra N. Z. Ramalho, Lusiane M. Bendhack
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0095446
Abstract: Aims C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) and nitric oxide (NO) are endothelium-derived factors that play important roles in the regulation of vascular tone and arterial blood pressure. We hypothesized that NO produced by the endothelial NO-synthase (NOS-3) contributes to the relaxation induced by CNP in isolated rat aorta via activation of endothelial NPR-C receptor. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the putative contribution of NO through NPR-C activation in the CNP induced relaxation in isolated conductance artery. Main Methods Concentration-effect curves for CNP were constructed in aortic rings isolated from rats. Confocal microscopy was used to analyze the cytosolic calcium mobilization induced by CNP. The phosphorylation of the residue Ser1177 of NOS was analyzed by Western blot and the expression and localization of NPR-C receptors was analyzed by immunohistochemistry. Key Findings CNP was less potent in inducing relaxation in denuded endothelium aortic rings than in intact ones. L-NAME attenuated the potency of CNP and similar results were obtained in the presence of hydroxocobalamin, an intracellular NO0 scavenger. CNP did not change the phosphorylation of Ser1177, the activation site of NOS-3, when compared with control. The addition of CNP produced an increase in [Ca2+]c in endothelial cells and a decrease in [Ca2+]c in vascular smooth muscle cells. The NPR-C-receptors are expressed in endothelial and adventitial rat aortas. Significance These results suggest that CNP-induced relaxation in intact aorta isolated from rats involves NO production due to [Ca2+]c increase in endothelial cells possibly through NPR-C activation expressed in these cells. The present study provides a breakthrough in the understanding of the close relationship between the vascular actions of nitric oxide and CNP.
Antioxidant Protective Effects of the Resveratrol on the Cardiac and Vascular Tissues from Renal Hypertensive Rats  [PDF]
Joyce Cristina de Oliveira, Carla Renata Kitanish Antonietto, Angélica Cristina Scalabrini, Talita Sanches Marinho, Larissa Pernomian, José Wilson N. Corrêa, Carolina Baraldi Araujo Restini
Open Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (OJMC) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojmc.2012.23008
Abstract: Background: Accumulating reactive oxygen species (ROS) is involved in cellular signaling and function disturbances due to the oxidative stress, which contributes to several diseases. The consequences of ROS activity represent an im-portant mechanism on the pathogenesis of vascular diseases, such as hypertension. Increased blood pressure observed in renal hypertension of the 2 kidneys-1 clip (2K-1C) model involves increased ROS levels in the cardiovascular system. Resveratrol, a polyphenolic compound primarily found in red wine, has many biological and pharmacological proper-ties. Considering the antioxidant properties of resveratrol, the present study was aimed to investigate the effects of the chronic treatment with resveratrol on cardiovascular system from renal hypertensive rats. Results: 2K-1C hypertension presented increased blood pressure, which was reduced at the end of the fifth week of resveratrol treatment. The cardiac hypertrophy index and the basal levels of ROS in rat aortic rings were also reduced by resveratrol treatment. Conclusions: The present findings clearly show the protective effects from resveratrol on the blood pressure, the car-diac growth and the vascular ROS generation in renal hypertension.
Pollution Tolerance of Smoke in the Distribution of Neurotransmitter Enzyme (Acetylcholine Esterase) and Total Cholesterol in Tissues of Wistar Rats  [PDF]
A. C. Achudume, F. Aina, B. Onibere
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2010.14055
Abstract: This study was designed to assess total animal exposure to non-occupational but environmentally induced smoke through short-term landfill burning toxicity tests at the biochemical levels. Exposure to municipal land-fill burning using rat model focused primarily on inhalation exposure. The environmental monitoring consisted of 60 days exposure to refuse burning by evaluating the level of protein concentrations, neurotransmitter enzyme acetylcholine esterase (AcHE), and total cholesterol in different tissues of Wistar rats. Protein concentrations tended to decrease in the brain, liver and kidney and slightly increased in the plasma while acetylcholine esterase decreased in brain and liver and increased in the kidney. The non-depletion in total cholesterol levels in the tissues tended to be due to active mobilization towards tissue metabolism. The data were sufficient to support risk assessment for human.
The Mixing Matrix for a 3+2 Model
Machado, A. C. B.
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008,
Abstract: In this work we present the characterization of the mixing matrix when the mass matrix is considered, without seesaw, for 3+2 models like.
Profitability Analysis of Pig Production under Intensive Management System in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria
Ezeibe, A. B. C.
International Journal of Economic Development Research and Investment , 2010,
Abstract: The study examined the profitability of pig production under intensive management system in Nsukka Local Government Area in the year 2009. Data were obtained from five notable intensive pig farmers and their employees through well structured questionnaire and oral interviews. Data were analyzed using profitability tools like Gross Margin, Net Revenue and Cost Benefit Ratio. Findings showed that under one production year, the gross margin was N1,182,000 while Net Revenue was N1,004,750 and the Cost Benefit Ratio (CBR) was 1.30 which indicates that the enterprise is profitable since BCR is greater than 1. The result also revealed that feed cost was the most expensive resource. It was recommended that feed cost should be reduced through the process of substituting feed with locally available by products. Better marketing channels should be established for increased sales of pork.
Destination marketing organizations (DMO) established in mountain tourist resorts and regions – a solution for mountain tourism development
B?ltescu, C. A.
Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Series V : Economic Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: When a tourist destination succeeds in presenting itself before the potential visitors and companies interested in operating different activities in the area, as single whole, as an integrated ensemble of providers and professionals with a common aim, that of developing in the long run the region, their joint demarches promoting the existent tourist potential, the expected success, for the benefit of all, is easier to achieve and much more reliable. This article aims to highlight the importance and decisive influences of destination marketing organizations, known in the literature as DMOs, as well as the demarches initiated in this respect within the Romanian mountain tourism, with reference to Poiana Bra ov mountain resort.
Challenges and Opportunities Facing Brand Management in the Lodging Industry
B?ltescu C. A.
Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Series V : Economic Sciences , 2009,
Abstract: Brands are at the heart of marketing and business strategy. If a company’s offer is perceived to be the same as those of the competitors, then consumers will be indifferent and will choose the cheapest or most accessible. The purpose of marketing is to create a preference for the company’s brand. If customers perceive one brand as superior, they will prefer it and pay more for it. Successful brands create wealth by attracting and retaining customers. When a company creates this type of customer preference and loyalty, it can build a strong market share, maintain good price levels and generate strong cash flows. The notion that a hotel’s brand contributes significantly to the property’s market value is supported by an analysis of nearly eleven hundred hotel transactions over the past fifteen years.
The Behcet’s Disease: An Uncommon Cause of Venous Thrombosis in the Tropical Area: 10 Cases  [PDF]
B. C. Fall, A. C. Ndao, S. Sarr, M. Dieng, S. Ndongo, A. Leye, A. Pouye
Open Journal of Internal Medicine (OJIM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojim.2017.74020
Abstract: Introduction: The Behcet’s disease is deemed to be scarce in Black Africa where data are still scattered. The purpose of our study is to describe the epidemiological, clinical, paraclinic and evolutive particularities of the patients whose presenting symptoms of the Behcet’s diseases were a venous thrombosis. Patients and Methods: It was a descriptive, multicenter, and cross-sectional study lasting 15 months. We brought together all the cases of the Behcet’s disease revealed by venous thrombosis. The diagnosis was based on clinical criteria of the international group of study of the Behcet’s disease in 2007. Results: We have grouped 10 revealing thrombosis cases of the Behcet’s diseases during our study period. The average age was 34. The average wait period between the appearances of the early symptoms and the diagnosis of the very disease was 30 months. The admission motives were the abdominal pain (2 cases), a thrombophlebitis of the lower limb (2 cases), headaches (1 case), coma (1 case), a thrombophlebitis of the upper limb (3 cases). The thrombotic symptoms were exclusively venous-located. The seats of the thrombosis were the vena cava superior in 30% of the cases, the vena cava inferior in 20% of the cases, the veins of the lower limb in 20% of the cases, the cerebral vein in 20% of the cases, and the auxiliary vein in 10% of the cases. The treatment of the deep venous thrombosis consisted in all the cases of an effective anticoagulation associated with the colchicine. Primarily, the corticotherapy with a high dose was used in all the patients. One of them in the comatose stage, manifesting both cerebral thrombophlebitis and aseptic meningitis, had died. Conclusion: Behcet’s disease is a disease of the young adult, but it must be evoked even in old age, with a view to appropriate management, in order to avoid the complications of the disease. Although it is rare in our regions, it should be sought in the etiological assessment of venous thrombosis whatever the location.
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