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Enraizamento e crescimento de estacas herbáceas do cacaueiro (clones Cepec 42, tsh 516 e tsh 1188) em fun o da aplica o do ácido indolbutírico (AIB)
Faria José Cláudio,Sacramento Célio Kersul do
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2003,
Abstract: Estacas apicais herbáceas de ramos plagiotrópicos do cacaueiro (clones CEPEC 42, TSH 516 e TSH 1188) foram tratadas com 0 e 6.000 mg.kg-1 do ácido indolbutírico (AIB) e estaqueadas em tubetes de 288 cm3 contendo como substrato uma mistura de Plantmax e fibra de coco triturada (1:1), enriquecido com Osmocote (19-06-20) e PG mix (14-16-18). Os tubetes foram acondicionados em bandejas e estas foram mantidas em camaras de nebuliza o. Na avalia o, realizada aos 78 dias após o estaqueamento, verificou-se que, independentemente da aplica o de AIB, as estacas dos clones avaliados apresentaram índices de enraizamento superiores a 87%, mas o tratamento das estacas com AIB aumentou os índices de sobrevivência e de estacas enraizadas de todos os clones, número de raízes (clones TSH 516 e TSH 1188), matéria seca de raízes (Clones CEPEC 42 e TSH 516) e matéria seca da parte aérea (Clones TSH 566 e TSH 1188).
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X1999001100010
Abstract: a 5 x 5 diallel experiment was conducted at experimental station of tietê, sp, aiming to evaluate the combining ability amongst macadamia nut trees (macadamia integrifolia maiden & betche) cultivars iac campinas a, iac 2-23 a, iac 4-12 b, iac 4-20 e iac 5-10. the initial fruit set was evaluated 14 days after manual pollination and showed that every cultivar presented self incompatibility. there were significant general and specific combining ability amongst cultivars and reciprocal effects. the cultivar iac campinas a reduced the initial fruit set at all crossing in which was used as female progenitor. the best results for initial fruit set were showed by crossings between following cultivars: iac 4-20 x iac campinas a, iac 4-12 b x iac 2-23 a, iac 4-20 x iac 4-12 b, iac 5-10 x iac 2-23 a, iac 5-10 x iac 4-20, iac 4-20 x iac 2-23 a e iac 5-10 x iac 4-12 b.
Fitonematóides associados à gravioleira (Annona muricata) no sul da Bahia
Silveira, Arlete;Jucá, Francisca Feitosa;Melo, Patrícia de Araújo;Sacramento, Célio Kersul do;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452008000300048
Abstract: nematodes have been reported in some states of brazil causing damage to soursop (annona muricata l.). in the south of bahia, the soursop growing is very recent; therefore there is a lack of information regarding its phytosanitary problems. the present study aimed the survey of plant nematodes associated with soursop in the municipal district of una and ilhéus, south of bahia (ba). soil and root subsamples from 10 distinct soursop plants were randomly collected and mixed to form a representative composite sample of each orchard. the nematodes analyses were carried out in the laboratories of plant pathology and nematology of the university of ilhéus, ba (uesc) and vi?osa, mg (ufv). the nematodes found associated with soursop were: aphelenchoides sp., aphelenchus sp., helicotylenchus spp., mesocriconema spp., rotylenchus sp., rotylenchulus sp. and tylenchus sp. future studies will be conducted to evaluate the pathogenicity of these nematodes to soursop.
Constituintes químicos voláteis de especiarias ricas em eugenol
Oliveira, Rosilene Aparecida de;Reis, Tamara Vieira;Sacramento, Célio Kersul do;Duarte, Lucienir Pains;Oliveira, Fernando Faustino de;
Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-695X2009000500020
Abstract: essential oils were extracted from the leaves and fruits of pimenta dioica and leaves, stalks and floral buttons from syziguim aromaticum by hydrodistillation using a clevenger apparatus. the essential oil compositions were determined by cg-ms analyses. the yield varied from 0.97 to 1.41% and from 2.30 to 15.40% in the p. dioica and s. aromaticum, respectively. in both species the major component was the eugenol, varied from 72.87 to 90.41%, being richer the essential oil extracted from s. aromaticum. chavicol and β-caryophyllene were identified in low percentage.
Caracteriza o física e química de frutos de três tipos de gravioleira (Annona muricata L.)
Sacramento Célio Kersul do,Faria José Cláudio,Cruz Fábio Lopes da,Barretto Waldemar de Sousa
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2003,
Abstract: Frutos de gravioleira dos tipos 'Morada', 'Lisa' e 'Comum', produzidos na regi o Sul do Estado da Bahia, foram avaliados quanto às características físicas e químicas. Com rela o às características físicas, n o foram detectadas diferen as de peso entre os tipos Morada (3,21kg), Lisa (2,82kg) e Comum (2,39kg). Os frutos do tipo 'Lisa' apresentaram maior rendimento de polpa (85,85%) em rela o aos frutos dos tipos 'Morada' (83,57%) e 'Comum' (83,12%). A menor raz o entre o comprimento e o diametro, dos frutos tipos 'Morada' e 'Lisa', os caracteriza como cordiformes. Quanto às características químicas, n o houve diferen a entre os frutos, à exce o do maior valor de a úcares solúveis totais apresentado pelos frutos do tipo Lisa (14,55g/100g. Os valores médios apresentados foram: oBrix 13,11; acidez 0,94 g/100g; pH 3,46, e vitamina C 37,25mg/100g. Estes valores, com exce o do pH, superaram os valores mínimos estabelecidos no Padr o de Identidade e Qualidade do Ministério da Agricultura, para polpa de graviola.
Cultivo do mangost?o no Brasil
Sacramento, Célio Kersul do;Coelho Júnior, Enio;Carvalho, José Edmar Urano de;Müller, Carlos Hans;Nascimento, Walnice Maria Oliveira do;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452007000100042
Abstract: mangosteen (garcinia mangostana l.), family clusiaceae, is considered the most delicious fruit from the asiatic tropic. it wass introduced in the brazil in 1935 and currently is cultivated mainly in the states of para and bahia in an area estimated on 350 ha with production of 300 tons. the fructification period of the mangosteen tree varies according to climatic conditions and, in the state of pará, the principal harvesting season is usually from january to may and a small second crop in august and september. in the state of bahia the main harvest season is usually from march to april and a second harvesting occurs in august. few pests have been observed in brazilian mangosteen orchards and the related problems are caused by mite, triphs and trigona bees (trigona spinipes ) which damage the fruit rind difficulting the harvest. the mangosteen tree wilt, disease not yet observed in orchards of mangosteen in other countries, has been the main problem in adult's mangosteen trees in south of bahia region. gamboge disorder, a physical damage in the fruit pericarp, and the translucent pulp also area commons in mangosteen fruits in brazilian orchards. the fruits are harvested manually, cleaned, graded and packed into a 21 x 21.5, 6.5 cm cardboard box containing from 9 to 20 fruits. the fruits are sold mainly in big urban centers. the mangosteen presents average of 32.5% of pulp, 18.17 obrix and 1% of acidity. the rind has a group of substances known as xanthonas which are utilized by pharmaceutics industries.
Caracteriza??o física e química de frutos de três tipos de gravioleira (Annona muricata L.)
Sacramento, Célio Kersul do;Faria, José Cláudio;Cruz, Fábio Lopes da;Barretto, Waldemar de Sousa;Gaspar, José Walter;Leite, José Basilio Vieira;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452003000200037
Abstract: soursop fruit of types 'morada', 'lisa' and 'comum' produced in the south of the state of bahia, brazil, were evaluated as to physical and chemical characteristics. it wasn't detected mean weight differences among the types 'morada' (3,21kg), 'lisa' (2,82kg) and 'comum' (2,39kg). fruits of 'lisa' presented higher pulp percentage (85,85%) in relation to 'morada' (83,57%) and 'comum' (83,12%). the minor ratio among length and diameter observed on fruits types 'morada' and 'lisa', characterize them as cordiforme shape. except the bigger value of total soluble sugars presented by 'lisa' fruit (14,55g/100g), it was not significant the difference among soursop fruit types in respect to their chemical characteristics evaluated. which presented the following averages: obrix 13,11; acidity 0,94 g/100g, ph 3,46 and vitamin c 37,25mg/100g. these values, except the ph, overcame the minimum values established in the pattern of identity and quality of the ministry of agriculture, for soursop pulp.
Fenologia da flora??o da nogueira macadamia (Macadamia integrifolia Maiden & Betche) nas condi??es climáticas de Jaboticabal, S?o Paulo, Brasil
Sacramento, Célio Kersul;Pereira, Fernando Mendes;
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-29452003000100007
Abstract: studies about macadamia flowering were carried under conditions of jaboticabal, state of s?o paulo, brazil (latitude 21o 15's, longitude 48o 18'w) from may 1993 to october 1995 using six years old plants of cultivar iac 5-10 and iac 8-17 selected by instituto agron?mico de campinas (iac). there are three buds in the axis leaf but only on the upper and median form inflorescences. it was observed that floral buds born principally on thin branches ( diameter between 0.2 and 0.7 cm) and in a period of 48 and 55 days or 330 and 350 degree days (base temperature = 12.8 oc) from initial buds to anthesis. inflorescence and flower + pedicel presented sigmoid development. initial period of flowering (white buds) occurred during may and anthesis occurred principally from august to september.
Fenologia da flora o da nogueira macadamia (Macadamia integrifolia Maiden & Betche) nas condi es climáticas de Jaboticabal, S o Paulo, Brasil
Sacramento Célio Kersul,Pereira Fernando Mendes
Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura , 2003,
Abstract: Com o objetivo de conhecer a fenologia da flora o da nogueira macadamia, foram efetuadas observa es, durante o período de maio de 1993 a outubro de 1995, em plantas do pomar da FCAV-UNESP, Jaboticabal, S o Paulo, Brasil (latitude 21o 15'S, longitude 48o 18'W). Foram utilizadas plantas de 6 anos de idade, das cultivares IAC 5-10 e IAC 8-17, selecionadas no Brasil. Verificou-se que o período de intumescimento das gemas florais ocorreu a partir de maio. As gemas florais s o mistas e localizam-se principalmente em ramos finos (0,2 a 0,7 cm). Das três gemas existentes na axila foliar, a gema superior e a mediana geralmente originam inflorescências. O período ocorrido entre o início de crescimento da gema floral e a antese foi de 48 a 55 dias ou 330 a 350 graus-dia (temperatura-base = 12,8 oC). A inflorescência e a flor + pedicelo apresentaram um padr o de crescimento do tipo sigmoidal simples. O período de flores em antese concentrou-se entre meados de agosto e meados de setembro.
José Júlio César do Nascimento Araújo
Colloquium Humanarum , 2011, DOI: 10.5747/ch.2011.v08.n2.h106
Abstract: This article shows how you performed the teaching of writing in the classroom in the Wings Program Florestania acceleration in rural public schools of the Southern Cross-Acre. The central focus is directed at the relationship between cognition, building concepts and strategies of representation of information through genres. It is understood by speech genres, in this proposal, the superstructures. The work was developed based on qualitative methodology and its theoretical framework, especially the postulates VanDijk, (2004), Lopes-Rossi (2002) and Fairclough (2001). They want to expand the question: is that when teachers set out the names of discourse genres or genre or text types, are meaning the same theoretical object? Thus, it is necessary first of all, understand what you are addressing in Portuguese classes in the program Wings of Florestania, and what peculiarities in each different comprehensive approach. The texts were collected from classroom activities by teachers Florestania Wings of the Program on Southern Cross / AC. In analyzing the texts and the results have worked to see that the way the teachers guide the discursive practices of their students in relation to multimodal texts and this work contributes to building a critical discourse of the student, and also what are the guidelines regarding the many functions and meanings of Literacy, underlying the discursive practices used by teachers. Wanted, finally, to understand how the genres are worked in the classroom in an Amazonian community.
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