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Effects of Ovariectomy and 17β-Estradiol Replacement on Dopamine D2 Receptors in Female Rats: Consequences on Sucrose, Alcohol, Water Intakes and Body Weight  [PDF]
Abdoulaye Ba, Seydou Silué, Brahima Bamba, Lociné Bamba, Serge-Vastien Gahié
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2018.81001
Abstract: Background: Mechanisms underlying overeating-induced obesity in post-menopausal woman include functional lack of 17β-estradiol dysregulating dopamine D2 receptors, thereby inducing food addiction, glucose craving or alcohol dependence through reward circuitry. This study aimed at further understanding 17β-estradiol and dopamine D2 receptors interferences in the etiology of woman obesity. Method: Seventy-two Wistar female rats weighing 200 - 205 g, individually-housed, were divided into non-ovariectomized control (C = 6 groups) and ovariectomized rats (OVX = 6 groups) which were concurrently subjected to the following treatments: Non-drug-treated (DMSO vehicle), 17β-estradiol (E2, 5 μg/kg, s.c.), sulpiride (SUL, 20 mg/kg, i.p.), bromocriptine (BR, 0.1 mg/kg, i.p.), E2 + SUL or E2 + BR, designating the 6 constitutive groups of either control or ovariectomy. Within each experimental group, consumption of different solutions (10% alcohol, 10% sucrose and water) as well as food intake and body weight were daily measured, for 10 consecutive days. Results: This study indicated that D2S was a specific inducer of alcohol and food intakes, but reduced sugar consumption. In addition, 17β- estradiol regulated the body weight set point, modulating D2S functions towards increased food intake at lower weights and decreased food intake at higher weights. D2S met the slow genomic actions induced by 17β-estradiol. Conversely, D2L inhibited alcohol and food intakes, but induced specifically sugar consumption, thereby regulating blood glucose levels and promoting energy expenditure in reducing body weight. Indeed, 17β-estradiol exerted a tonic inhibition on D2L which was released by OVX, exacerbating sugar intake and increasing body weight. D2L mediated the rapid metabolic effects of 17β-estradiol. Conclusion: Our results supported physiological data reporting that activation of the mostly expressed presynaptically D2S-class autoreceptors decreased dopamine release stimulating food intake, whereas activation of the predominantly postsynaptic isoform D2L receptors increased dopamine activity inhibiting food intake. Our studies indicated that 17β-estradiol acted on the two types of D2 receptors showing opposite functions to equilibrate energy intake vs. expenditure for weight set point regulation. Our data also supported biochemical findings reporting that 17β-estradiol induced D2 genes transcriptional regulation, thereby involving both types of D2 receptors
Stress Management and Job Performance in the Industries Sector of Mali  [PDF]
Massaran Bamba
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2016.93023
Abstract: Work has severaldefinitions. However it is defined as an activity that is to perform a specifictask in a given environment social, organizational and production in a given time and for compensation. The first component of work is the physical environment in which it takes place. In this set are distinguished on one hand the atmosphere and the other hand factors of production. To qualitatively assess work, it’s determined by its performance. The stress is positive because of the finished product, marketing, margins and earnings. This means that the leaders of the industry manage well the micro and macroeconomics; shareholders ensure financial and strategic activity that bankers give the best loans and credits (heritage, Finance, strategy), that references to grant the delivery inputs of guarantee (economics, Finance, strategy) conditions take account of sociability, liquidity, sector risk, strength of the business, its future and the competence of its leaders. The stress is negative in an industry if it has increased internal and international competition; the emergence of substitute products; the loss of an important client or his bankruptcy; the bankruptcy of a bank with which the industry had preferred financial relations; the emergence of new regulations concerning safety and the protection of the environment in which the industry did not; the decline continues to the listing on the stock exchange; the rotation of stocks and different clients of the industry standard; the financing of investments by operation of repeated losses of operating resources; the impossibility of renewal of credit stress is a reaction to physical or psychological constraints. It can highlight different sources of occupational stress investments sources at work (working conditions, urgency of the time etc.). Ambiguities and overload conflicts of roles of responsibilities (several suicide in French companies); career too or no promotion, lack of job security, ambition thwarted, difficult professional relationship with supervisor, colleagues, subordinates, difficulties of delegation of authority, organizational climate: no or limited participation in the process of decisions, restrictions on the power of decisions (budget), family and personal life can also be a source of stress.
Measuring surface geometry of adherent cells using oblique transillumination  [PDF]
Shinji Deguchi, Haruhisa Bamba
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2011.25053
Abstract: We present a new technique for estimating cell surface geometry. A dish supporting adherent cells is observed using oblique transillumination and rotated in the horizontal plane using a stepping motor. The stage rotation-dependent movements of the start and end points of a shadow formed behind the illuminated cells uniquely determine the relative height differences between points along the cell surface. Thus, using custom-made apparatuses and living endothelial cells, we demonstrate that the combination of a rotating stage and oblique lighting allows for the evaluation of three-dimensional surface geometry of adherent cells. As compared to confocal microscopy and atomic force microscopy, which are commonly used for measuring cell surface geometry, this approach can be performed rapidly and is especially suitable for the observation of unstained cells over a large surface covering multiple cells at a time.
Cathodic Using of ZrB2-αSiC and TiB2-αSiC for PEM Electrolysis and Water Electrolysis at Low Temperature  [PDF]
Kafoumba Bamba, Nahossé Ziao
American Journal of Analytical Chemistry (AJAC) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ajac.2016.71001
Abstract: 39 mol% SiC of ceramic pellets ZrB2-αSiC and TiB2-αSiC were synthesized by the reactive hot pressure RHP process at 1850°C under 40 Mpa in vacuum. The XR diffraction displays the absence of other reagents apart from ZrB2, SiC and TiB2 confirming the purity of the pellets. The cathodic exploitation of both of them through electrochemical study shows that TiB2-αSiC is the most active for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER) and Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction (HOR) in 0.5 M of H2SO4 solution at room temperature. Moreover, the kinetic exploitation shows that for both pellets the system is controlled by mass transport when they are used as HER. However, in the case of HOR, the system is controlled by the electron transfer.
Property of the spectrum of large-scale magnetic fields from inflation
Bamba, Kazuharu
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2007, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.75.083516
Abstract: The property of the spectrum of large-scale magnetic fields generated due to the breaking of the conformal invariance of the Maxwell theory through some mechanism in inflationary cosmology is studied. It is shown that the spectrum of the generated magnetic fields should not be perfectly scale-invariant but be slightly red so that the amplitude of large-scale magnetic fields can be stronger than $\sim 10^{-12}$G at the present time. This analysis is performed by assuming the absence of amplification due to the late-time action of some dynamo (or similar) mechanism.
The interrelation between the generation of large-scale electric fields and that of large-scale magnetic fields during inflation
Bamba, Kazuharu
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2007, DOI: 10.1088/1475-7516/2007/10/015
Abstract: The interrelation between the generation of large-scale electric fields and that of large-scale magnetic fields due to the breaking of the conformal invariance of the electromagnetic field in inflationary cosmology is studied. It is shown that if large-scale magnetic fields with a sufficiently large amplitude are generated during inflation, the generation of large-scale electric fields is suppressed, and vice versa. Furthermore, a physical interpretation of the result and its cosmological significance are considered.
A Perceptual Study of Distributors of White goods for Measuring their Level of Satisfaction
Ajay Bamba
International Journal of Knowledge and Research in Management and E-Commerce , 2012,
Abstract: Developing countries such as India and China have largely been shielded from the backlash of the recession, as consumers continued to buy basic appliances. As the market spreads out from saturated urban regions to low penetration rural areas and tier II/III towns, distribution network will play ever more significant role in determining market share and profitability. This has created a situation where identifying the factors that motivate distributors have become imperative. This paper attempts to measure the satisfaction level of the distributors with the marketing policies and practices of white goods companies as perceived by them. It has been concluded that Provision of formal training program for the distributors’ sales persons and technicians by the companies is not sufficient. The distributors reported moderate satisfaction with the sales efforts of the company. The satisfaction with profit margins, promotion efforts and credit policy as perceived by the distributors of various companies was found significantly different. The factors that motivate them are Dealers’ Meets, qualified Sales & Service Team and Demo Products.
Finite-time future singularities in modified gravity
Kazuharu Bamba
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: We review finite-time future singularities in modified gravity. We reconstruct an explicit model of modified gravity realizing a crossing of the phantom divide and show that the Big Rip singularity appears in the modified gravitational theory. It is also demonstrated that the (finite-time) Big Rip singularity in the modified gravity is transformed into the infinite-time singularity in the corresponding scalar field theory obtained through the conformal transformation. Furthermore, we study several models of modified gravity which produce accelerating cosmologies ending at the finite-time future singularities of all four known types.
Behavior of $F(R)$ gravity around a crossing of the phantom divide
Kazuharu Bamba
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.2174/1874381101003020013
Abstract: We study a model of $F(R)$ gravity in which a crossing of the phantom divide can be realized. In particular, we demonstrate the behavior of $F(R)$ gravity around a crossing of the phantom divide by taking into account the presence of cold dark matter.
Equation of State for Dark Energy in Modified Gravity Theories
Kazuharu Bamba
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: We explore the equation of state (EoS) for dark energy $w_{\mathrm{DE}}$ in modified gravitational theories to explain the current accelerated expansion of the universe. We explicitly demonstrate that the future crossings of the phantom divide line of $w_{\mathrm{DE}}=-1$ are the generic feature in the existing viable $f(R)$ gravity models. Furthermore, we show that the crossing of the phantom divide can be realized in the combined $f(T)$ theory constructed with the exponential and logarithmic terms. In addition, we investigate the effective EoS for the universe when the finite-time future singularities occur in non-local gravity.
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