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Risk assessment during operating self-propelled lifting jib cranes in conditions of insufficient information
Lagerev A.V., Konchits S.V., Bleyshmidt L.I.
Nauchno-tekhnicheskiy vestnik Bryanskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta , 2017, DOI: 10.22281/2413-9920-2017-03-02-203-220
Abstract: Presents the results of statistical analyses identified by the expert diagnostics of defects of the self-propelled lifting jib cranes, spent a normative term of exploitation. The greatest number of defects associated with the destruction and deterioration of structural elements, the occurrence of fatigue cracks and a violation of the conditions of operation of the equipment. The greatest number of defects occurs in the hydraulic system of cranes, the rope-block system, and rarely in steel structures. To conduct risk analysis of self-propelled jib cranes in case of insufficient information, proposed the method of expert estimations. It allows to assess the impact of potential defects on self-propelled jib cranes on the value of the economic damage of the crane and moving cargo and the value of the traumatic exposure on men. The proposed list of possible defects self-propelled lifting jib cranes and a checklist of questions about the degree of influence of these defects. Proposed calculated dependences to the approximate calculation of the magnitude of technical risk in the operation of self-propelled jib cranes. The results of statistical analysis of expert estimations for each possible defect and performed their ranking in terms of impact on the magnitude of the economic damage of the crane and moving loads, the value of the traumatic exposure. Was calculated the value of technical risk for the surveyed taps.
Do the zones with negative eddy viscosity in longitudinally homogeneous turbulent flows exist?
L.I. Vysotskiy
Magazine of Civil Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: The article explains the experimental data and confirms the presence of a thin wall layer with contragradient flow in longitudinally homogeneous turbulent flows. Review of opinions about the possibility of existence of zones with negative turbulent viscosity in the longitudinally homogeneous turbulent flows is given. There were obtained criteria, which make it easy to identify the areas with negative turbulent viscosity using empirical formulas. Application of the proposed criteria to the most noted empirical formulas revealed the record of the estimated area. Engaging with the same purpose of the most accurate experimental data has led to a positive result that allows drawing a definite conclusion about the existence of the zone with negative turbulent viscosity near the solid boundaries of longitudinally homogeneous flows.
Shulga L.I.
Annals of Mechnikov's Institute , 2012,
Abstract: Fatty acids in lipophilic fractions of the herbal composition as well as of the tincture obtained from it were detected and identified by the method of gas chromatography. The presence of this group of biologically active compounds supplements the biological value of the herbal medicine since fatty acids are responsible for the manifestation of antimicrobial properties along with flavonoids and volatile compounds. An antimicrobial activity of extraction agents was experimentally determined in regard to gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms.
NLMS Algorithm with Orthogonal Correction Factors using Adaptive Gain for Adaptive Transversal Equalizers
L.I. Huxiong
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: A normalized least mean square with orthogonal correction factors using adaptive gain (NLMSOCF- AG) algorithm is proposed in order to improve the convergence rate and steady-state performance for adaptive transversal equalizers. The particular values of the step-size parameter are obtained that minimize the ensemble-average cost function by analyzing the estimated output-error. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm has fast convergence rate and small steady-state error compared with the conventional NLMS-OCF algorithm.
Urban space as sign-and-text landscape (by the example of Australian cities) / Городское пространство как текстово-знаковый ландшафт (на примере городов Австралии)
Nadyrshina L.I. / Надыршина Лилия Ирековна
Internet-Vestnik VolgGASU , 2006,
Abstract: In this article author analyzes important consequences that occur in the process of replacement of urban architectural environment with iconic and textual landscape and to trace some tendencies and possible ways of harmonizing coexistence of architecture and urban iconic and textual design. / Приведен анализ последствия, к которым ведет процесс подмены городской архитектурной среды текстово-рекламным ландшафтом на примере городов Австралии. Разработаны предложения для разрешения конфликта и гармоничного сосуществования архитектуры и городского текстово-знакового дизайна.
A Variation Principle in the Method of Mathematical Modeling of Limit States Design
L.I. Mironova
European Researcher , 2012,
Abstract: The article gives model of the critical state of the generalized construction with the purpose of definition of methods of research and forecasting its maximum capabilities.

金属学报(英文版) , 2000,
Abstract: Composition and service properties of high - strength low-alloyed steels with 590-980 MPa yield strength,which find an application in Russia, Belorus,Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR in manufacture of welded structures of a powerful mining and transport machinery, are given. Electrodes and wires for main processes of arc welding of these steels have been devel- oped on the basis of a rational use of different systems of alloying (08KhN2GM,08KhNG2M, and also economical systems of type 10G25, ect. ). Main approaches to the technological provess- es of manufacture of structures of high - strength steels are formulated.They are mainly directed to the weakening of de offect of the factors which contribute to a delayed fracture of joints (diffusive hydrogen,unfavourable rates of cooling,level of residual stresses). When there are no stress concentrators (and at a low level of residual stresses) the welded joints of these steels have a good resistance to fatigue and brittle fractures.As a rule, they are prevented with the help of the known approaches.It is shown that in addition to them and due to a proper selection of conditions of welding the life of welded joints of the high - strength steels can be 1. 2 - 1. 4 times in- creased.
Social Status Dynamics of Raising Professional Skills System of Paramedical Personnel (interview materials)
Andriyanova Е.А.,Aleshkina О. Yu.,Porokh L.I.
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2012,
Abstract: The results of sociological research (interview) are presented in the work. Factors of social status dynamics of raising skills system for paramedical personnel in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods have been revealed and studied
Sintering and composition of a powder mixture of fine Al2O3 and beta-sialon composite made from bauxite
Nan L.I.,Jun Wang
Science of Sintering , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/sos0203215n
Abstract: The sintering and composition of samples made of powder mixtures consisting of fine a-AI2O3 powder and beta-Sialon composite powder which was made from bauxite by carbonthermal reduction and nitridation were studied. The proportion of fine a-AI2O3 to beta'-Sialon composite powder in the powder mixture and soaking time give influences on porosity and relative density of the samples sintered at 1600eC. AI2O3, 15R and MgO which was added in 2 wt.% to improve sintering of the sample disappeared in the samples made of single P'-Sialon composite powder. They solubilize into beta-Sialon. In the sample made of a powder mixture consiting of 60 wt.% beta'-Sialon composite to 40 wt.% a-AI2O3 with addition of 2 wt.% MgO, beta'-Sialon, ct-AI2O3 and MgAION coexist after sintering at 1600BC.
Modelling of the operative control of plant cultivation
Szabo L.I.,Somogyi Sandor
Journal of Agricultural Sciences , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/jas0202241s
Abstract: In most farms the developments of the information systems or their elements are going on the basis of the demands of the accountancy and different reports to tax office and government. The demands of the operative managers are not taken into consideration on a suitable level. The recording of essential data on production, the making and feedback of essential reports the influence of operative decisions are insufficient because they rely on the knowledge, experience and memory of operative managers.

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