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Motivations and barriers to utilizing adult walking buses: An examination of demographic correlates of willingness to participate in a community-based walking program  [PDF]
Adrienne Milner, Elizabeth Baker, Virginia Sisiopiku
Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (OJPM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpm.2013.39070

Walking buses are a way to increase physical activity by encouraging people to walk rather than rely on motorized forms of transportation. Several communities support walking school buses as an alternative mode of pupil transportation to schools. A possible extension of this concept is the introduction of adult walking buses. Given the novelty of the concept, very little is currently known about the public’s perceptions regarding adult walking buses and their potential effectiveness to increase physical activity and decrease obesity among adults. To bridge this gap, this study examined motivations and barriers to participation in an adult walking bus program in Birmingham, Alabama using a comprehensive questionnaire survey. Analysis of over 340 responses revealed a positive reception of the concept among the survey responders. More specifically, 60.1% of the sample reported they would definitely or probably participate in a walking bus program. Results from nested ordinal logistic regression analysis indicate that health benefits are the strongest motivation for willingness to participate in a walking bus program. Sensitivity to environmental issues is also a significant predictor of willingness to participate across models. The most significant barrier to willingness to participate in a walking bus program is limited time. The significance of demographic variables (obesity, race/ ethnicity, and age) as predictors of willingness to participate is reduced once motivations and barriers are controlled. In conclusion, the positive response to the program among our sample is encouraging and suggests that adult walking buses should be explored further as an active alternative transportation option with a potential to improve the health and wellbeing of participants.

Nuevos espacios para nuevos usos
Gambles, Brian
BiD : Textos Universitaris de Biblioteconomia i Documentació , 2010,
Abstract: La Library of Birmingham es una nueva infraestructura cultural importante para el siglo xxi, caracterizada por una construcción y un redise o radicales de la arquitectura de las bibliotecas como espacios públicos. La función de la biblioteca como centro de aprendizaje social y experimental es explorada junto con su potencial para el desarrollo creativo, cultural, empresarial y formativo en el contexto urbano moderno. La biblioteca tiene que evolucionar de acuerdo con la ecología del conocimiento emergente de la ciudad, tiene que fomentar el asociacionismo y tiene que explorar la oportunidad de coproducción de servicios y contenido, haciendo casar a la perfección las bibliotecas físicas y las digitales. Este concepto es un reto para las instituciones de la ciudad y para los ciudadanos individuales para implicarlos con la biblioteca en la colonización de sus espacios físicos, lo que permitirá redefinir las relaciones tradicionales entre proveedores de servicios y clientes. Es fundamental entender los procesos de aprendizaje que convierten la información en conocimiento para la visualización de los nuevos espacios.
New spaces for new uses
Gambles, Brian
BiD : Textos Universitaris de Biblioteconomia i Documentació , 2010,
Abstract: The Library of Birmingham is a major new cultural development for the 21st century, involving radical architecture and a radical redesign of the architecture of libraries as public spaces. The role of the library as a social and experiential learning hub is explored together with its potential for creative, cultural, enterprise and knowledge development in the modern urban context. The library must move with the grain of the emerging knowledge ecology of the city, cultivating partnerships and testing to the limit the opportunity for co-production of services and content, marrying the physical and digital libraries seamlessly. The concept challenges the institutions of the city and individual citizens to engage with the library to colonise its physical spaces and in so doing redefine the traditional relationships between service provider and customers. Understanding the learning processes which convert information into knowledge is critical to the visualisation of new spaces.
Espais nous per a usos nous
Gambles, Brian
BiD : Textos Universitaris de Biblioteconomia i Documentació , 2010,
Abstract: La Library of Birmingham és una nova infraestructura cultural important per al segle xxi, caracteritzada per una construcció i un redisseny radicals de l'arquitectura de les biblioteques com a espais públics. La funció de la biblioteca com a centre d'aprenentatge social i experimental és explotada juntament amb el seu potencial per al desenvolupament creatiu, cultural, empresarial i formatiu en el context urbà modern. La biblioteca ha d'evolucionar d'acord amb l'ecologia del coneixement emergent de la ciutat, ha de fomentar l'associacionisme i ha d'explorar tot el que pugui oferir l'oportunitat de coproduir serveis i contingut, fent casar a la perfecció les biblioteques físiques i les digitals. Aquest concepte és un repte per a les institucions de la ciutat i per als ciutadans individuals, perquè s'impliquin en la biblioteca per colonitzar-ne els espais físics, la qual cosa permetrà redefinir les relacions tradicionals entre prove dors i clients. és fonamental entendre els processos d'aprenentatge que converteixen la informació en coneixement per visualitzar els espais nous.
The Ladywood regeneration framework
Joe Holyoak
Urbani Izziv , 1995,
Abstract: For two decades, from about 1955 to 1975 the inner areas of Britain’s cities were subjected to a programme of doctrinaire replanning and redevelopment. In few historical times or places has development or redevelopment been so sudden and cataclysmic. This article is a description of one example of this process, in a part of inner Birmingham called Ladywood.
Projekt prenove Ladywooda
Joe Holyoak
Urbani Izziv , 1995,
Abstract: V obdobju 1955–1975 je bil izveden program doktrinarne prenove in ponovnega na rtovanja sredi v britanskih mest. Malo je zgodovinskih obdobij ali krajev kjer je bila prenova tako nenadna in katakozmi na kot pri teh primerih. Tukaj nji prispevek obravnava enega od primerov tega procesa, to je Ladywood v centralnem obmo ju Birminghama.
Incident and Emergency Medical Services Management from a Regional Perspective
Virginia P. Sisiopiku,Ozge Cavusoglu
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ijerph9072266
Abstract: Traffic crashes and other emergencies have impacts on traffic operations in transportation networks, often resulting in non-recurring congestion. Congestion, in turn, may impede the ability of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to provide timely response to those in need of medical attention. The work in this paper investigated the impact of incidents of varying severity and duration on transportation network performance in the Birmingham (AL, USA) area. The intensity and extent of the impact over space and time were assessed on the basis of average speeds. The analysis of incident scenarios was performed using the Visual Interactive System for Transport Algorithms (VISTA) platform. Moreover, first responders’ travel times to the scene of the incident were collected to identify best units for responding, in an effort to improve current dispatching practices. Finally, a secondary incident on the EMS to the hospital was considered to further demonstrate the superiority of Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) over traditional static assignment methods in capturing dynamically changing traffic conditions. The study findings are expected to benefit local transportation planners, traffic engineers, emergency responders, and policy makers by allowing them to assess various response strategies to major incidents and emergencies and select the ones that minimize their potential impacts.
Tabula Rasa , 2009,
Abstract: this essay explains my commitment to and passion for cultural studies. i believe ideas matter, that we are better off approaching the daunting tasks of transforming the world with the best knowledge and understanding possible. aand i have believed, for my entire academic career, that cultural studies matters not because it is the only intellectual practice that can tell us something about what's going on in the worlds in which we live, but because it is a different way of doing intellectual work, and as a result, it can say and do certain things, it can produce certain kinds of knowledge and understanding, which may not be so readily available through other practices. in this essay, i try to define the common project that binds together the many different forms and formations of cultural studies. i start by telling two stories: the first, largely auto-biographical, retrospectively reads my desire for cultural studies out of my experience at the ccentre for ccontemporary ccultural sstudies (cccscccs) at university in the u.k.; the second will describe the project of cultural studies as the effort to produce knowledge based on a commitment to radical contextuality and constructionism, and a political engagement with the possibilities of social transformation. explicating the conjuncture as the specifically cultural studies notion of context, i briefly show how different formations of cultural studies can be seen as responses to different conjunctural problematics.
La razón transformadora. Reflexiones sobre la posición de saber de los estudios culturales
Kaliman,Ricardo J.;
Tabula Rasa , 2010,
Abstract: this paper examines the assumption of a specific knowledge, which has been attributed to latin american cultural studies practitioners and constitutes its specific contribution in the political arena. i maintain here that such knowledge is possible, even though it is not supported by a mere institutional endorsement. in order to support this position, i will discuss the notions of human reason, episteme and epistemology, so to characterize the birmingham center's foundational contribution in terms of the materialistic principle to subsume any knowledge practice to data provided by concrete human beings in their concrete relationships. following this approach, i analyze the idealistic risk to fall in essentialisms and therefore i'll offer several methodological inquiries that would guide work on latin american cultural studies, providing political and epistemological coherence.
Including the urban heat island in spatial heat health risk assessment strategies: a case study for Birmingham, UK
Charlie J Tomlinson, Lee Chapman, John E Thornes, Christopher J Baker
International Journal of Health Geographics , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1476-072x-10-42
Abstract: When looking at vulnerable sections of the population, the analysis identifies a concentration of "very high" risk areas within the city centre, and a number of pockets of "high risk" areas scattered throughout the conurbation. Further analysis looks at household level data which yields a complicated picture with a considerable range of vulnerabilities at a neighbourhood scale.The results illustrate that a concentration of "very high" risk people live within the urban heat island, and this should be taken into account by urban planners and city centre environmental managers when considering climate change adaptation strategies or heatwave alert schemes. The methodology has been designed to be transparent and to make use of powerful and readily available datasets so that it can be easily replicated in other urban areas.The aim of this paper is to integrate remotely sensed urban heat island data alongside commercial social segmentation data through a spatial risk assessment methodology in order to highlight potential heat health risk areas. This will build the foundations for a climate change risk assessment using the city of Birmingham, UK as a case study area.There is a growing recognition in the fields of bio-meteorology, epidemiology, climatology and environmental health that heat risk in urban areas is a problem, with literature considering cities in Europe [1], the USA [2,3], Australia [4] and Asia [5,6]. Elevated temperatures cause increased human mortality [7] which is exacerbated in heatwaves resulting in excess deaths. A number of examples are available in the literature such as in the 1995 UK heatwave [8], the 1995 Chicago heatwave [9] or the 2003 European heatwave [10] which affected France [11-14], England [15,16], the Netherlands [17], Portugal [18] and Spain [19]. There is growing evidence that the intensity, frequency and duration of heatwaves is likely to increase in the future [20]. This is prompting increased research into heat health risk projectio
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