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Treatment of Dye Effluent by Electrochemical and Biological Processes  [PDF]
Balakrishnan Ramesh Babu, Anand Kuber Parande, Saravanan Arun Kumar, Sirasanaganbla Udya Bhanu
Open Journal of Safety Science and Technology (OJSST) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojsst.2011.11002
Abstract: Textile dye wastewater is well known to contain strong colour, high pH, temperature, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and biodegradable materials. The electrochemical treatment of wastewater is considered as one of the advanced oxidation processes, potentially a powerful method of pollution control, offering high removal efficiencies the removal of colour of methyl red azo dye is a challenge in textile industry. The following methods have been adopted for the treatment of real textile wastewater: 1) Electro-oxidation (EO) and 2) Bio-treatment (BT). In EO process, reduction of COD and removal of colour were 70% and 81% respectively. The effluent was further treated by BT. BT showed a final reduction of 92% of COD and removal of colour by 95%. Both the combined processes were highly competitive and showed a very good reduction of COD and colour removal. Electrochemical processes generally have lower temperature requirement than those of other equivalent non-electrochemical treatments and there is no need for additional chemicals. These treatment methods may also be employed successfully to treat other industrial effluents.
The Mind’s Irreducible Structure  [PDF]
Mark Simes
Sociology Mind (SM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/sm.2012.23033
Abstract: The human mind is one of our most compelling subjects of scientific inquiry—and perhaps our most elusive. Despite impressive biological advances, neuroscience has yet to produce a logical and empirical analysis of the mind that exhibits universal, objective explanatory power of human mental phenomena on both an individual and species level. This article first explores the limitations of the current neuroscientific approach to the human mind and then argues for a reconceptualization of the relationship between human mental phenomena and the brain. Here I introduce a new interpretation of neuroscientific data and argue that this framework has the capacity to causally explain the link between social, psychological and biological levels of analysis.
Mizaj; past, present and future
Mahmoud Yousefifard,Mohsen Parviz,Mostafa Hosseini,Mohammad Ebadiani
Physiology and Pharmacology , 2013,
Abstract: Temperament (Mizaj), as an individual factor, has great importance in traditional medicine and its use in diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as the individual lifestyle is very common. Since medicine moves toward Personalized Medicine, the root of individual differences will find its position in different aspects of medicine in early future. In traditional medicine, temperament is defined as the only cause of individual differences and this scientific principle in the near future will be highly regarded. Recent studies also indicate the important role of temperament in body functions. Association of temperament with autonomic and immune systems, blood groups and various diseases also confirms this role. The present study provides a scheme of the history of temperament science, current status and its future, and tries to map a correct portray of temperament trend from the past to the future.
Algae-Silica Hybrid Materials for Biosorption of Heavy Metals  [PDF]
Ulrich Soltmann, Sabine Matys, Gunter Kieszig, Wolfgang Pompe, Horst Bottcher
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2010.22013
Abstract: Algae-silica hybrid materials for biosorption purposes were prepared using sol-gel technology. The resulting biological ceramics (biocers) ought to combine the mechanical stability and porosity of the silicate matrix with the algae’s capability for the biosorption for heavy metals. The structure, mechanical properties, and sorption capability of such algae-silicate materials were investigated. Comparative equilibrium sorption ex-periments were performed batchwise with 13 different microalgae and macroalgae powders, and the corre-sponding algae biocers using waters loaded with either concentrations of nickel below 3mg/L or a mixture of different heavy metals (Cr, Ni, Cu, Pb). The algae biocers showed good mechanical stability up to an algae content of 30-50% and a total porosity of 40-60%. The silica matrix itself was involved in the sorption of metals. The metal binding capability of embedded macroalgae biomass was unaffected by immobilisation in the silica matrix. In contrast, for waters with nickel or different heavy metals, reduced sorption capability was shown by embedded microalgae.
Takeuchi Tam,Caori Patricia; Cortés Cortés,Juan Carlos;
Revista Facultad Nacional de Agronomía, Medellín , 2011,
Abstract: in this paper, the process of cutting the bamboo guadua, the production of slats, the manufacture of laminates and results of tests in slats and laminated samples made with four types of glue: -melamine, resorcinol, polyvinyl acetate and natural glue are presented. it was found that the longitudinal shrinkage of the bamboo guadua slats is relatively low and the relationship between the tangential and radial shrinkage was close to one showing the feasibility of using bamboo for laminated processes. the following average values of resistance were found: for parallel shear 47 kg?cm-2 (melamine), 51 kg?cm-2 (resorcinol), 17 kg?cm-2 (pva) and 32 mpa kg?cm-2 (kola); for perpendicular shear 50 kg?cm-2 (melamine), 43 kg?cm-2 (resorcinol), 49 kg?cm-2 (pva) and 37 kg?cm-2 (kola); for perpendicular tension 8,3 kg?cm-2 (melamine), 4,9 kg?cm-2 (resorcinol), 1,7 kg?cm-2 (pva) and 3,7 mpa kg?cm-2 (kola); for parallel compression 419 kg?cm-2 (melamine), 424 kg?cm-2 (resorcinol), 506 kg?cm-2 (pva) and 375 kg?cm-2 (kola) and for perpendicular compression 216 kg?cm-2 (melamine), 206 kg?cm-2 (resorcinol), 245 kg?cm-2 (pva) and 240 kg?cm-2 (kola). in general, the specimens made with melamine and resorcinol showed a better mechanical performance.
Bioprovider implementation issues: a non-intrusive tool for process scheduling and biological data access - DOI: 10.3395/reciis.v1i2.Sup.99en
Maíra Ferreira de Noronha,Sérgio Lifschitz
RECIIS : Electronic Journal of Communication, Information & Innovation in Health , 2007,
Abstract: This work discusses the implementation of BioProvider, a tool that efficiently provides data for biological applications. It uses ad-hoc buffer management policies and specific process scheduling control to deal with very large sequence data. We explain how to consider a non-intrusive approach in order to encourage the use of BioProvider in a transparent way while keeping the original applications unchanged. The first instantiation of BioProvider is tailored to BLAST, the most popular sequence comparison program.
Stefania Iordache,Nicolae Petrescu,Cornel Ianache
Annals : Food Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: The aim of this work is to asses conditions for implementation of a Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) process in theWastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Moreni city (Romania). In order to meet the more increased environmentalregulations, the wastewater treatment plant that was studied, must update the actual treatment process and have tomodernize it. A comparative study was undertaken of the quality of effluents that could be obtained by implementationof biological nutrient removal process like A2/O (Anaerobic/Anoxic/Oxic) and VIP (Virginia Plant Initiative) aswastewater tertiary treatments. In order to asses the efficiency of the proposed treatment schemata based on the datamonitored at the studied WWTP, it were realized computer models of biological nutrient removal configurations basedon A2/O and VIP process. Computer simulation was realized using a well-known simulator, BioWin by EnviroSimAssociates Ltd. The simulation process allowed to obtain some data that can be used in design of a tertiary treatmentstage at Moreni WWTP, in order to increase the efficiency in operation.
Biological Significances and Progresses of miRNA in Digestive System Neoplasms

许丽娜, 张弘
Medical Diagnosis (MD) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/MD.2014.42002

微小RNA(microRNA, miRNA)是一类长度为18~25个核苷酸组成的内源性非编码小分子RNA,miRNA主要通过与靶基因序列特异性翻译抑制的相互作用在转录后水平对基因表达进行调节,从而参与多种生物学功能。与肿瘤细胞的增殖,凋亡等过程密切相关。在肿瘤的早期诊断和治疗中发挥了重要的作用。它们可以作为肿瘤诊断的潜在的生物标志物。本文就微小RNA(microRNA, miRNA)在消化道肿瘤中的生物学意义及进展做出综述。
miRNAs are a group of endogenous non-coding small RNA molecules of 18 - 25 nt. They regulate gene expression at the posttranscriptional level through interaction with inhibition of target gene translation, involving in a variety of important biological processes. They link closely to the proliferation and apoptosis of the tumor cell and play a very important role in the early diagnosis and therapeutic. They can be regarded as a promising biomarker of carcinoma. This review tries to do a short introduction of the research progresses and biological significances of miRNA in digestive neoplasms.

La fisiología y el problema de la correlación entre lo biológico y lo social
Barber Fox,María O; Barber Gutiérrez,Ernesto;
Educaci?3n M??dica Superior , 2000,
Abstract: the problem of the correlation between the biological and the social aspect has been a philosophical preoccupation and has been studied by many researchers linked to medical sciences. the predominance in medical sciences of the trend to make the biological aspect absolute, underestimating the action of the social aspect, is stressed in literature. taking into consideration the previous elements, it has been studied the behaviour of this correlation through the historical development of physiology and how it manifests in the function of the human body. emphasis is made on the importance of the approach of man as a social being. it is concluded that physiology before the xix century had an eminently biological character . the social character of man started to be accepted with the development of the study of the higher nervous activity and there are at present multiple evidences of the social essence of man.
Morfometría de especies de Trichogramma Westwood (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) de centros reproductores de México
GARCíA-GONZáLEZ, Fabián;GONZáLEZ-HERNáNDEZ, Alejandro;PINTO, Víctor Manuel;RAMíREZ-ALARCóN, Samuel;
Acta zoológica mexicana , 2009,
Abstract: the importance of trichogramma, as a biological control agent of crop pests, contrasts with the knowledge of his taxonomy in mexico, due to the lack of studies that show a suitable identity of the species that are mass reared and exist in native form in agricultural areas. the objective of this study was made a morphometric analysis of the trichogramma species mass rearing in mexico as a corroborated technique of determination based in morphology. the analysis of variance and mean comparisons by the duncan's test allowed separate t. pretiosum and t. exiguum from t. fuentesi and t. pintoi based on the longest funicular setae length of male antenna. with the intervoselar process length of male genitalia, it was possible to differentiate t. pretiosum and t. pintoi from t. fuentesi and t. exiguum. in the cluster analysis (hierarchic cluster analysis), the intervoselar process length allowed differentiate the four species referred.
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