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Influence of temperature and humidity on the biology of Triatoma mexicana (Hemiptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae) under laboratory conditions
Martínez-Ibarra, José Alejandro;Salazar-Schettino, Paz María;Solorio-Cibrián, Miriam;Cabrera Bravo, Margarita;Novelo-López, Mónica;Vences, Mauro Omar;Montes-Ochoa, Jazmín Yesenia;Nogueda-Torres, Benjamín;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762008000700015
Abstract: several biological parameters related to the triatoma mexicana life-cycle were evaluated in this study. three cohorts were maintained under different combinations of temperature and relative humidity (rh): 25oc/50% rh; 25oc/75% rh; and 30oc/75% rh. observed hatching rates varied from 49-57.5% whereas the average time of hatching varied from 19.5-22.7 days. in the three cohorts studied, the mean time-lapse between presentation of the blood meal and the beginning of feeding was less than 5 min in all instars; the mean feeding time was longer than 10 min in all the instars; the post-feed defecation delay was over 10 min in all the instars. less than 50% of nymphs in each cohort completed the cycle and the average time from 1st instar nymph to adult was more than 255 days for the three cohorts. the number of blood meals before molt at each nymphal instar varied from 1-9. our results appear to indicate a lack of influence of temperature and rh on the biological parameters of t. mexicana that were studied, which could reflect the adaptation capacity of this species. we also conclude that t. mexicana can not be considered an effective transmitter of trypanosoma cruzi to human populations in areas where this species is currently present.
Occurrence of hybrids and laboratory evidence of fertility among three species of the Phyllosoma complex (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) in Mexico
Martínez-Ibarra, José Alejandro;Salazar-Schettino, Paz María;Nogueda-Torres, Benjamín;Vences, Mauro Omar;Tapia-González, José María;Espinoza-Gutiérrez, Bertha;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762009000800009
Abstract: in seven studied communities of western mexico, triatomine specimens were sympatrically collected, some with atypical morphological characteristics in contrast to pure specimens, which were presumed to be hybrids. more than 200 specimens of meccus pallidipennis and meccus longipennis with brown-yellow markings on dorsal connexival segments were collected in ahuacapán and quitupan. in la mesa, more than 60 specimens similar to meccus picturatus in most morphological characteristics (including size) were collected, although they presented a largely yellowish corium like m. pallidipennis. interfertility was proven between all of the studied wild hybrid specimens, as well as between all the experimental laboratory hybrids. two different phenotypes (m. picturatus and m. longipennis) were obtained from crosses between m. picturatus x m. picturatus and m. longipennis x m. longipennis from the three studied localities in state of nayarit as from la mesita. results support the hypothesis that the subspecific ranking of those triatomines may, therefore, be more appropriate because reproductive isolation has not been developed and complete interbreeding was recorded.
Manejo de lesiones vasculares benignas
Trujillo R,Benjamín;
Gaceta Médica de Caracas , 2008,
Abstract: benign vascular lesions are mainly hemangiomas and vascular malformations. knowing the different clinicalpresentations is extremely important and will allow making the right diagnosis and, in consequence, applying the proper treatment.
El legado de Durkheim en Schutz: Hacia un horizonte en común
Enfoques , 2008,
Abstract: the relation between the works of alfred schutz and emile durkheim guides the interest of this article. we are interested in finding the contributions with which durkheim has enlightened schutz intellectual growth. the plan is to read schutz′s texts looking for vestiges of the french author, going from the level of the explicit quotes to the implicit and the potentialities. (first we will see the way in which schutz weighs conceptual schemes; and afterwords makes considerations on group, communication, formation of categories and even of war and inheritance.) furthermore, observations shall be given in order to clarify the common aspects between both authors as well as the gap that separates them. towards the end we will make some suggestions for future readings in which the two thinkers combine and articulate.
Herrera Chaves,Benjamín;
Historia Crítica , 2003,
Abstract: the u.s. military intervention in iraq has taken place in a región where states are artificial and historically recent creations that lack social homogeneity. the ethnic component (i.e., social groups whose identity is defined on the basis of one or more cultural features such as language, religión, or race) questions the very existence of the present-day states within their current borders and constitutes a major factor in the correlation of forces among the regional and extra-regional actors.
Sobre o "político": com Schmitt e apesar de Schmitt
Arditi, Benjamín;
Caderno CRH , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-49792008000300002
Abstract: a standard observation in the literature is that schmitt's take on the political wavers between nostalgia for the strong state of the westphalian era and a lucid depiction of the new statal and non-statal political scene. what is less obvious is that tensions like this don't close off more interesting possibilities in his work. to find them one must be prepared to think with and despite schmitt, either navigating through his theory of the political without endorsing all the consequences he draws from it or taking his reflection in directions he did not foresee or wish to go. i will look at some of the tensions - the nature of the link between war and politics, the status of enemies, the moral claim about the goodness of order - and use his distinction between politics and the political - perhaps his most original insight - to develop the theme of the double inscription of the political.
El origen de la historiografía: historicidad, escritura y plus-de-goce
Foulkes, Benjamín Mayer;
Psicologia & Sociedade , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822009000400008
Abstract: the nature of histogriography cannot be elucidated historically, but can be clarified in the domain of reading. taking allegorical recourse to gustave courbet′s "the origin of the world" and its colorful history, i thematize the arkhe of historiography and propose the thesis that the object of historiography is the permanent hiatus between historicity and the histories that ceaselessly attempt to capture its movement. that is the reason why the task of the historiographer would be essentially related to that of the psychoanalyst and the deconstructor.
Sobreeducación y desfase de conocimientos en el mercado laboral de profesionistas
Burgos Flores, Benjamín;
Revista de la educación superior , 2008,
Abstract: several studies made in different countries showed that an important number of graduated students from higher education, work in places where they do not need an university degree or do not use the knowledge and skills acquired. with this work we want to make a contribution to the labor market of graduated students in mexico, starting with information achieved by surveys made on graduated students, and their employers, from a public state university. based on econometric analysis, the evidence shows the existence of a phenomena called an overdose of education plus a lack of coordination between knowledge and its negative effects on wages thus validating the theory of the heterogeneous knowledge.
La investigación en salud en Chile
Stockins F,Benjamín;
Revista médica de Chile , 2000, DOI: 10.4067/S0034-98872000001200014
Abstract: an analysis of health research in chile is made, considering factors like exaggerated professional training during undergraduate studies and clinical residencies, and displacement of professionals from academic activities to more remunerative positions. additionally, the limited role of the ministry of health in research promotion, evidenced by the almost absent participation of public hospitals in clinical research is discussed. research investment, among a 0.6 to 0.8% of the gnp, is far from developed countries and chile has not defined relevant health problems where a search effort would have an impact in public health. the marked centralism of the country attempts against regional application to financed projects. the following suggestions are made: to increase the financing for investigation, to reassign resources allowing the access of regional institutions, to financing, to discuss in the chilean association of medical faculties (asofamech) the creation of an academic degree by means of a thesis during the professional studies and to give facilities to develop research during clinical residencies. also, the ministry of health should be involved, creating a national agenda or research priorities and increasing its association with universities. also training programs for professionals with a special interest in investigation should be devised (rev méd chile 2000; 128: 1389-95).
Manejo de lesiones vasculares benignas
Benjamín Trujillo R
Gaceta Médica de Caracas , 2008,
Abstract: Las lesiones vasculares benignas son básicamente hemangiomas y malformaciones vasculares. El diagnóstico preciso permite el tratamiento más adecuado a cada paciente. El conocimiento de las diferentes formas de presentación es importante para el éxito en el manejo de estas lesiones vasculares. Benign vascular lesions are mainly hemangiomas and vascular malformations. Knowing the different clinicalpresentations is extremely important and will allow making the right diagnosis and, in consequence, applying the proper treatment.
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