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Serological evidence for human cystic echinococcosis in Slovenia
Jernej Logar, Barbara Soba, Tadeja Kotar
BMC Infectious Diseases , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2334-8-63
Abstract: Between January 1, 2002 and the end of December 2006, 1323 patients suspected of having echinococcosis were screened serologically by indirect haemagglutination assay (IHA). For confirmation and differentiation of Echinococcus spp. infection, the sera of IHA-positive patients were then retested by western blot (WB).Out of 127 IHA-positive sera, 34 sera were confirmed by WB and considered specific for CE. Of 34 sera of CE-positive patients sera, 32 corresponded to the characteristic imaging findings of a liver cysts and 2 to those of lung cysts. The mean age of CE-positive patients was 58.3 years. No significant differences were found between the CE-positive patients in regard to their sex.In the study, it was found out that CE was mostly spread in the same area of Slovenia as in the past, but its prevalence decreased from 4.8 per 105 inhabitants in the period 1956–1968 to 1.7 per 105 inhabitants in the period 2002–2006. In spite of the decreased prevalence of CE in the last years, it is suggested that clinicians and public health authorities, especially in the eastern parts of Slovenia where the most CE patients come from, should pay greater attention to this disease in the future.Human cystic echinococcosis (CE) is caused mainly by the larva of tapeworm Echinococcus granulosus. E. granulosus occurs worldwide. It is 2–7 mm long and is harboured in the intestine of definitive hosts, typically dogs and other canids which are infected by the ingestion of offal containing larval stage of E. granulosus. The tapeworm eggs are excreted with the faeces of these animals. Following accidental ingestion of these eggs, CE in larval stage may develop in ungulates and sometimes in humans as intermediate hosts, usually in the liver or lung [1]. The aim of this study was to examine serologically whether the Slovenian patients suspected of having cystic echinococcosis had been infected by the larvae of E. granulosus.Between 1 January 2002 and the end of December 2006, 1323 patients
Sobański, Jerzy A.
Psychiatria i Psychoterapia , 2012,
Abstract: no abstract - conference report
Sobański, Jerzy A.
Psychiatria i Psychoterapia , 2012,
Abstract: no abstract - book review
Sobański, Jerzy A.
Psychiatria i Psychoterapia , 2012,
Abstract: no abstract - book review
Contemporary research directions in “Polish psychiatry” [Psychiatria Polska] on the basis of publications in the years 2010–2012. A preliminary report [Wspó czesne kierunki badawcze w polskiej psychiatrii na podstawie publikacji w Psychiatrii Polskiej w latach 2010–2012. Doniesienie wst pne]
Sobański, Jerzy A.
Psychiatria Polska , 2012,
Abstract: Aim. An attempt to determine the main research directions currently undertaken in Polish psychiatry. Material and methods. On the basis of the last 15 issues of the bimonthly journal Polish Psychiatry it was attempted to determine the main directions of research, subjected to publications in the bimonthly journal of PTP. The research topics, their authorship and place of origin, as well as bibliometric categories of the publications were analysed. Results. Most of the works concerned the psychopathology, diagnosis and aetiology of mental disorders. There were relatively not many publications concerning pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. Of the 370 authors and co-authors, the majority (70%) have published only one article in “Polish Psychiatry”. Empirical publications, especially the original ones, came mainly from academic centers. Sponsorship was rare – most often (15%) in the form of university, Ministry of Science and Higher Education and National Science Centre grants, incidentally (4%) came from pharmaceutical companies.Conclusions. At present, the empirical studies of Polish psychiatrists focus mainly on the aetiopathogenesis of psychoses (both original researches and reviews), mainly in the area of adult psychiatry.
Landscape Scenarios and Multifunctionality: Making Land Use Impact Assessment Operational
Katharina Helming,Marta Pérez-Soba
Ecology and Society , 2011,
Abstract: Ex ante impact assessment can help in structuring the analysis of human-environment interactions thereby supporting land use decision making for sustainable development. The contributions to this special feature focus on some of the challenges of making land use impact assessment operational for policy making. A total of nine papers deal with the needs and uses of assessment tools for policy making at the European level, with the value-based influence in scenario development, and with ex ante impact assessment studies in different contexts, spatial systems, and for different purposes and user groups. The concept of landscape multifunctionality was implicitly or explicitly employed as an integrating entity between socioeconomic and biogeophysical features of a spatial system. Three major aspects were revealed that could improve the relevance of the policy of land use impact assessment: the involvement of decision makers early on in the design of the impact assessment study; the integration of quantitative analysis with participatory valuation methods; and the robust and transparent design of the analytical methods.
Es relevante la prima ofrecida en una OPA en las decisiones de venta de los accionistas?
Pedro Durá,Inés Pérez-Soba
Universia Business Review , 2012,
Abstract: El objetivo de este trabajo es analizar la influencia que tiene la prima ofrecida en una OPA sobre la decisión de los accionistas de aceptarla o rechazarla. Ni la evidencia empírica ni los desarrollos teóricos ofrecen un apoyo claro a la idea de que cuanto mayor sean las primas mayores serán las probabilidades de éxito de la operación. El modelo empírico que desarrollamos para el caso espa ol tampoco ofrece un resultado concluyente ya que este efecto dependería, entre otras variables, de factores tales como si los accionistas de la empresa objetivo han alcanzado o no un acuerdo previo con el comprador.
MKB’ye Kay tl Se ilmi letmelere Y nelik Etkinlik l ümü ve Performans De erlendirmesi: Veri Zarflama Analizi ve Topsis Uygulamas
Mustafa SOBA,Fatma AKCANLI,I??l EREM
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: The fact that meeting the rapidly increasing requirements of population and having a flexible and compatible structure in viewof the improving technologies plays an important role in the meaning of making progress in the so-called sectors and catching thecertain stability level in the under-developed and developing countries.Non-Metallic mineral products sector and Fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment sector, which are the subbranchesof production industry, substantially show parallelism with the improvements in construction and white goods sectors inrecent years. Especially, cement sector involved in non-metallic mineral products sector is affected by the improvements inconstruction sector to a great extent ( Pala; 2006: 1). Because of the fierce competition in the so-called sector; it is observed thatthe domestic and foreign cement prices come down. So several operations are being conducted in order for retrieving thissituation and minimizing the fuel and energy expenses ( Pala; 2006: 3). According to the export data of 2010 in Turkey; it is seenthat the total export in automotive industry, which is 113,7 billion dollars, takes a 15 percent share and comes first among theother industries (T M, bt:1). This situation shows that both production and financial performance should be measured by somedifferent methods so as to look through more comprehensive vision. For this reason, in this study we tried to determine theefficiencies and to make performance evaluations of twenty six companies operating in Non-Metallic Mineral Products sector andtwenty eight companies operating in Fabricated Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment sector by applying both DEA andTOPSIS methods for 2008-2010 period. DEA-Solver-LV is used for DEA in efficiency measurement and TOPSIS Sannaprogramme is used for TOPSIS in performance evaluation.In 1957, Farrell firstly maintained the idea that a model appropriate for applying on whole economy from a single sector, thatis, in measuring efficiency of a concept, efficiency can fall to pieces in its inside (Eken ve Kale, 2011: 889-901). Then, in 1978; astudy was conducted by Charnes, Cooper and Rhades in measuring the efficiency of decision making units and the model whichFarrell suggested was termed as Data Envelopment Analysis(Ebnerasoul ve Yavarian, 2009: 42-48). Data Envelopment Analysis(DEA) is a field of study combining Operational Research, Management Science and Econometrics. This method gains moreimportance day by day in measuring and increasing the efficiency of production and service activities. It is observed th
Ocena mo liwo ci zapobiegania zachorowaniom na czerniaka skóry w grupach zwi kszonego ryzyka
Katarzyna Sobańska,Stanis?aw G?uszek
Clinical Dermatology , 2006,
Abstract: Wprowadzenie: Czerniak skóry (melanoma malignum, MM) stanowi wa ny problem w onkologii. Chirurgiczne usuwanie znamion barwnikowych stanowi jedn z wa nych metod zmniejszenia zachorowań na czerniaka skóry. Cel pracy: Ocena wp ywu chirurgicznego usuwania znamion barwnikowych wykazuj cych niepokoj ce cechy systemu oceny klinicznej ABCD oraz statusu spo ecznego na zachowania profilaktyczne w zakresie zapobiegania zachorowaniom na czerniaka, analiza trafno ci klinicznej oceny czynników ryzyka rozwoju MM, próba ca o ciowego okre lenia metod zapobiegania zachorowaniom na czerniaka skóry. Materia i metodyka: Do badań w czono 208 osób, u których usuni to znamiona o rednicy co najmniej 6 mm wykazuj cych niepokoj ce cechy systemu oceny klinicznej ABCD lub nara one na przewlek e dra nienie. Metod badawcz by o ankietowanie z zastosowaniem kwestionariusza. Badana grupa zosta a poddana analizie pod wzgl dem: danych demograficznych, umiejscowienia znamion, liczby usuni tych znamion, uzyskanych wyników badań histopatologicznych, korelacji mi dzy uzyskanymi wynikami histopatologicznymi a ocen kliniczn zagro enia rozwojem czerniaka, stanu zachowań profilaktycznych ocenianych na podstawie wyników ankiety przeprowadzonej po usuni ciu znamienia, zale no ci poziomu kultury zdrowotnej i zachowań profilaktycznych od statusu spo ecznego. Wyniki badań opracowano statystycznie. Wyniki: Wi kszo respondentów wykaza a zainteresowanie problemami chorób skóry i uzna a te choroby za wa ny problem spo eczny. Poddane analizie formy zachowań profilaktycznych (prócz ca kowitego unikania s ońca) zale od zmiennych okre laj cych status spo eczny badanych. Charakterystyka grupy badanych, która uwzgl dnia a nas onecznienie okolicy wybieranej na sp dzenie urlopu, stara a si poszerzy wiedz o chorobach skóry, w tym nowotworów, u ywa a kremów z filtrem ochronnym jest nast puj ca: s to osoby w wieku 21-30 lat, pracuj ce, z wy szym wykszta ceniem, mieszkańcy du ych miast, o do dobrej sytuacji materialnej. Usuni to 401 znamion barwnikowych. Znamiona cz ce i mieszane (najcz stszy punkt rozwoju MM) stanowi y 71,6% wszystkich znamion; stwierdzono 6 przypadków MM, co stanowi o 1,5% zmian usuni tych. Opracowano algorytm profilaktyki pierwotnej i wtórnej czerniaka. Wnioski: 1. Wi kszo chorych wy sz wiadomo zagro eń uzyska a dopiero po wykonaniu zabiegu chirurgicznego usuni cia znamienia. 2. Postrzeganie zagro eń oraz zachowania profilaktyczne w zakresie zapobiegania MM osób w badanej grupie zale a y od statusu spo ecznego. 3. Wykazano wysok trafno kliniczn oceny czynnika ryzyka,
A GIS Pre and Post Processing Contribution to a Multi Techniques Test Survey for an Ancient Railway Restoration in the Brembana Valley  [PDF]
Barbara Marana
Journal of Geographic Information System (JGIS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jgis.2018.105031
Abstract: Stemming from the renewed desire to requalify the former Brembana Valley railway route (inside one of the valleys of the Province of Bergamo and close to the important city of Milan), from Bergamo to Villa d’Almè, in 2017, the Bergamo Transport Company and other partners have signed a memorandum of understanding. They have also entrusted a project company to develop a technical and economic viability study, which would be an update of a preliminary one presented in 2009. A private proposal for the realization of a test survey, useful for the required engineering project, has been submitted to the project company and accepted. For this reason, a team, comprising different companies, and among them also the Geomatics group at the University of Bergamo, was formed so as to perform this task and develop it in a degree thesis. The aim of the test survey is to evaluate a joint use of the new available technologies, so as to possibly get faster, more economic and thorough results, by performing a 3D metric analysis over two sub-areas selected along the route. The paper describes this experience and the achieved results. In particular, the areas of interest in the test project have been analyzed first thing with a GIS software and then surveyed with a multi-sensor approach, i.e. terrestrial laser scanner, GNSS techniques and UAV. The final integrated results allowed providing a metric model of the morphological and urban aspect for the territorial layout, useful also for further advanced GIS analyses. The analysis of the reached precisions has provided satisfactory results which agree with the metric requirements of the project. Further meaningful considerations can be derived from this test survey: the implementation of different techniques has helped to overcome problems due to hidden parts in complex objects, it has allowed to provide a faster survey and to test different technologies and software packages. The results have been quite satisfactory.
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