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Synthesis, Characterization, and Study of PLGA Copolymer in Vitro Degradation  [PDF]
Anamaria Teodora Coêlho Rios Silva, Barbara Camilla Oliveira Cardoso, Maria Elisa Scarpelli Ribeiro e Silva, Roberto Fernando Souza Freitas, Ricardo Geraldo Sousa
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology (JBNB) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2015.61002
Abstract: The poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid), known as PLGA, is one of the main bioreabsorbable polymers used in the field of medicine today. This copolymer is widely applied in sutures, devices geared toward the controlled release of medication, and the guided regeneration of bone tissue as it presents a short degradation time. This work aimed to synthesize the 82/18 PLGA (expressed by the mass ratio of D,L-lactide and glycolide, respectively), to characterize and study the in Vitro degradation in the form of rods in phosphate buffer solution (PBS). The copolymer was synthesized by opening the cyclic dimer rings of the monomers D,L-lactide and glycolide, in the presence of the tin octanoate initiator and of the lauryl alcohol co-initiator. The characterization of the copolymer and the follow-up of its in vitro degradation were studied using: Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Thermogravimetry (TG), Infrared Molecular Absorption Spectroscopy with Fourier Transform (FTIR), Rheometry, and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). Through these characterization techniques, it was possible to obtain the glass transition temperature, thermal stability, chemical composition, morphology, and molar mass of both the synthesized and the degraded copolymer. The molar mass of the synthesized copolymer was, approximately, 106 g·mol-1. The degradation rate of PLGA significantly increased from the 19th to the 28th day in PBS. After 28 days in PBS, the glass transition temperature and the molar mass reduced from 45°C to 17°C and from 1.5 × 106 g·mol-1 to 7.5 × 10g·mol
Parametros sangüíneos e urinários, no pré e pós parto, de búfalas criadas em sistema exclusivo de pastejo
Oliveira, Carlos Magno Chaves de;Barbosa, José Diomedes;Pfeifer, Imke Barbara;Cardoso, Deugles Pinheiro;
Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-736X2003000200006
Abstract: eight lactating buffaloes of the murrah breed were used from 60 days before up to 60 days after calving, in order to evaluate alterations in the concentration of blood glucose, total plasmatic protein, haematocrit and the presence of ketonic bodies in the urine. the 5 to 10- year old buffaloes were clinically healthy and had had at least two lactations. during the experimental period the animals were maintained on brachiaria brizantha pasture and supplemented with a mineral mixture and water.the media concentrations of blood glucose and the media values of the haematocrit diminished significantly after calving (p<0,05). the concentrations of total plasmatic protein did not show significant variation during the pre and post-calving period. the ketonic bodies in the pre-calving period were only detected in the urine of one buffaloe, but after the 32nd day of lactation ketonic bodies were detected in all animals. there was a direct relationship between the color of the urine positive by the rothera test and blood glucose concentrations. it can be concluded that at the beginning of lactation the buffaloes had an energetic deficit, characterized by a decline of blood glucose concentrations and the presence of ketonic bodies in the urine, and that lactation caused a progressive decline of the hematocrit, but that the concentration of total plasmatic protein did not vary during the pre and post-calving period.
Parametros sangüíneos e urinários, no pré e pós parto, de búfalas criadas em sistema exclusivo de pastejo
Oliveira Carlos Magno Chaves de,Barbosa José Diomedes,Pfeifer Imke Barbara,Cardoso Deugles Pinheiro
Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira , 2003,
Abstract: Foi avaliada a ocorrência de altera es nas concentra es de glicose sanguínea, proteína plasmática total, hematócrito e presen a de corpos cet nicos na urina de oito búfalas leiteiras da ra a Murrah, com idade variando entre 5 e 10 anos, com no mínimo duas lacta es, clinicamente sadias, desde 60 dias antes até 60 dias pós-parto. As concentra es médias de glicose sangüínea e o valor médio do hematócrito diminuíram significativamente no pós-parto (p<0,05). As concentra es de proteína plasmática total n o sofreram varia es significativas do pré para o pós-parto. No período pré-parto os corpos cet nicos só foram detectados na urina de uma búfala; entretanto, a partir do 32o dia de lacta o foram detectados em todos os animais. Houve uma rela o direta entre a colora o da urina positiva para o teste de Rothera e as concentra es de glicose sangüínea. Pode-se concluir que na fase inicial da lacta o as búfalas utilizadas sofreram um déficit energético, caracterizado pela diminui o nas concentra es sangüíneas de glicose e presen a de corpos cet nicos na urina, e que a lacta o causou um declínio progressivo no hematócrito, enquanto que as concentra es da proteína plasmática total n o sofreram varia es do pré para o pós-parto.
A ilus o da seguran a jurídica, de Vera Regina Pereira de Andrade. 2. ed. Porto Alegre: Livraria do Advogado, 2003. 250 p.
Camilla Cardoso de Mello Prando
Sequência : Estudos Juridicos e Politicos , 2003,
Camilla Baldicera Biazus,Graziela Oliveira Miolo Cezne
Psicanálise e Barroco em Revista , 2010,
Abstract: The relation that involves art and psychoanalysis has been consistently worked today, but not exhausted. Considering this, this the theoretical construction has as main objective thinkingnew connections between the psychoanalytic theory and the creator making, throught a path that often is the opposite of the one that is usually followed. We chose to first investigate what the artists and researchers in the arts have to say about the creator making, and only after review this by a psychoanalytic perspective. The purpose of this action is to displace the relations between psychoanalysis and art in the field of interpretation in order to draw between these two fields of knowledge, a constructive dialogue that allows a reflection about the contemporary subjectivity - necessary matters both to the psychoanalytic as to art.
Current and Emerging Therapeutic Options in Adrenocortical Cancer Treatment
Antonio Stigliano,Lidia Cerquetti,Camilla Sampaoli,Barbara Bucci,Vincenzo Toscano
Journal of Oncology , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/408131
Abstract: Adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) is a very rare endocrine tumour, with variable prognosis, depending on tumour stage and time of diagnosis. The overall survival is five years from detection. Radical surgery is considered the therapy of choice in the first stages of ACC. However postoperative disease-free survival at 5 years is only around 30% and recurrence rates are frequent. o,p’DDD (ortho-, para’-, dichloro-, diphenyl-, dichloroethane, or mitotane), an adrenolytic drug with significant toxicity and unpredictable therapeutic response, is used in the treatment of ACC. Unfortunately, treatment for this aggressive cancer is still ineffective. Over the past years, the growing interest in ACC has contributed to the development of therapeutic strategies in order to contrast the neoplastic spread. In this paper we discuss the most promising therapies which can be used in this endocrine neoplasia. 1. Introduction Adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) is a rare malignant disease with poor prognosis and an estimated incidence between 1 and 2 per million population annually [1–4]. The age distribution is reported as bimodal with a first peak in childhood and a second higher peak in the fourth and fifth decade [3, 4]. Genetic studies performed on ACC were focused on molecular alterations either at the germline level in rare familial diseases or at somatic level in sporadic tumors. These advances underline the importance of genetic alterations in ACC development and indicate various chromosomal regions (2, 11p15, 11q, 17p13) and genes (IGF-II, p53, β-catenin, etc.), potentially involved in ACC [5–11]. In particular, the monoclonality analysis indicates that tumor progression is the final result of an intrinsic genetic mutation, whereas polyclonality suggests that tumor cells are affected by local or systemic stimuli. Analysis of the pattern of X-chromosome inactivation in heterozygous female tissue shows that ACC consists of monoclonal populations of cells [12]. Molecular alterations lead to inactivation of the tumor suppressor genes and sequential activation of the oncogenes. The insulin growth factor II (IGF-II) system, located at 11p15, is heavily involved in ACC ethiopathogenesis [5]. Loss of heterozygosity (LOH) at chromosome region 11p15, associated with a higher risk of tumor recurrence, is more frequent in ACC than in adrenal adenomas [6]. The development of ACC may be due to an activation of the Wnt signaling pathway caused by germline mutations of the Adenomatous Polyposis Coli (APC) gene [7, 8]. Germline mutations in TP53 are identified in 70% of families with
Os (des)caminhos da identidade
Oliveira, Roberto Cardoso de;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69092000000100001
Abstract: the aim of the conference was to present an interpretation of the vicissitudes of the ethnical and/or national identity when observed in ambiguous situations. this is when the identity process expresses real or virtual crisis, such as the case of latin american immigrants in the united states, or the people from different spanish regions who emigrated to barcelona, spanish catalans with french and andorrans living in andorra, and among the indigenous people on the brazilian borders with neighboring countries. the examination of the identity process that takes place in different latitudes, in the americas and europe, suggests that socio-cultural phenomena of ethnicity and nationality have common characteristics such as the search for recognition of the moral person, the respect to difference, and as an ethnical corollary, the rise of what it could be defined as an index of consideration.
Otimizando a qualidade de vida das pessoas idosas institucionalizadas
Oliveira, Cristiane Cardoso de
Textos & Contextos (Porto Alegre) , 2006,
Abstract: Pensar, refletir e estudar sobre a instaura o do processo de envelhecimento exige compreender as várias dimens es do mesmo. O intuito é a interven o, com ênfase no cuidado, a partir da equaliza o de idéias, da aloca o de recursos e da compatibiliza o de interesses e necessidades na busca por uma vida qualitativamente mais desejada, ainda que em condi o de abrigamento em servi os específicos de aten o e cuidado gerontológico. Problematizar o incremento na qualidade de vida dos idosos evidencia uma interven o profissional fundamentada, articulada e sensível às demandas emergentes e à viabiliza o de estratégias de enfrentamento das mesmas. A prática profissional viabiliza-se na execu o do processo de trabalho que tem como objeto as diferentes e múltiplas express es da quest o social e das necessidades sociais. Ser o abordados os elementos constitutivos do processo de trabalho do servi o social no contexto dos servi os gerontológicos. Assim como o referencial teórico metodológico adotado para subsidiar a problematiza o do estudo em quest o, no sentido de buscar alternativas para fomentar a garantia dos direitos sociais e do exercício da cidadania que incidem na melhoria das condi es de vida dos idosos institucionalizados.
La antropología latinoamericana y la "crisis" de los modelos explicativos: Paradigmas y teorías
Cardoso de Oliveira Roberto
Maguaré , 1996,
Abstract: El tema que pretendo desarrollar en esta conferencia, aunque no sea nuevo - ya que esporádicamente preocupa e nuestra comunidad profesional- merece, sin embargo, un examen más profundo por los problemas que genera. Muchos de esos problemas son el resultado de equívocos determinados por el carácter polisémico del término crisis . Por esta razón, comienzo mis consideraciones por el concepto de crisis, al menos por la forma como ha sido utilizado en la antropología. Posteriormente, buscaré distinguir modelo explicativo , que entiendo aquí como equivalente a paradigma, a teoría. Finalmente, concluiré intentando evaluar la vocación explicativa de algunos paradigmas constitutivos de nuestra disciplina frente al carácter comprensivo inherente al propio oficio del antropólogo. Mi expectativa es que podamos, juntos, profundizar el examen de la temática de la crisis en nuestra disciplina, aunque las ideas que aquí presento no deben ser tomadas más que como puntos de referencia capaces de orientar la discusión final, sinjamás limitarla.
Comunica o empresarial versus comunica o organizacional: novos desafios teóricos Business communication versus organizational communication: new theoretical challenges
Onésimo de Oliveira Cardoso
Revista de Administra??o Pública , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/s0034-76122006000600010
Abstract: O papel da comunica o e da informa o no ambiente organizacional, sem dúvida, tem despertado o desenvolvimento de diferentes enfoques conceituais e teóricos. Todavia, a n o-aplicabilidade de processos comunicativos relevantes no ambiente das organiza es, principalmente em situa es complexas, leva-nos a refletir sobre um novo conceito de comunica o organizacional. Neste artigo, analisamos fundamentos teóricos da comunica o de Habermas e de Cohn e, principalmente, algumas contribui es do teórico da complexidade, Dominique Genelot, para o embasamento da comunica o organizacional como um elemento estratégico na realiza o dos objetivos e da intencionalidade das organiza es, na tentativa de superar os limites dos enfoques reducionistas do conceito tradicional de comunica o empresarial, influenciado principalmente pela vis o instrumental da comunica o sustentada pela teoria da informa o e pelos corpora teóricos que se inspiraram em tal conceito e que com base nele se desenvolveram. The role of communication and information in the organizational environment has definitely triggered the development of different conceptual and theoretical approaches. However, the non-applicability of relevant communicative processes in such environments, mainly within complex situations, makes researchers think about a new concept of organizational communication. In this article, the theoretical foundations of communication by Habermas and by Cohen, as well as some contributions of Dominique Genelot, will be analyzed. These foundations are to be used as a basis for organizational communication, as well as a strategic element for accomplishing the goals and intentionality of organizations, trying to overcome the limits of reductionist approaches of the traditional concept influenced mainly by an instrumental view of communication and sustained by the theory of information and by theoretical corpora.
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