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The Entomopathogenic Bacterial Endosymbionts Xenorhabdus and Photorhabdus: Convergent Lifestyles from Divergent Genomes
John M. Chaston, Garret Suen, Sarah L. Tucker, Aaron W. Andersen, Archna Bhasin, Edna Bode, Helge B. Bode, Alexander O. Brachmann, Charles E. Cowles, Kimberly N. Cowles, Creg Darby, Limaris de Léon, Kevin Drace, Zijin Du, Alain Givaudan, Erin E. Herbert Tran, Kelsea A. Jewell, Jennifer J. Knack, Karina C. Krasomil-Osterfeld, Ryan Kukor, Anne Lanois, Phil Latreille, Nancy K. Leimgruber, Carolyn M. Lipke, Renyi Liu, Xiaojun Lu, Eric C. Martens, Pradeep R. Marri, Claudine Médigue, Megan L. Menard, Nancy M. Miller, Nydia Morales-Soto, Stacie Norton, Jean-Claude Ogier, Samantha S. Orchard, Dongjin Park, Youngjin Park, Barbara A. Qurollo, Darby Renneckar Sugar, Gregory R. Richards, Zoé Rouy, Brad Slominski, Kathryn Slominski, Holly Snyder, Brian C. Tjaden, Ransome van der Hoeven, Roy D. Welch, Cathy Wheeler, Bosong Xiang, Brad Barbazuk, Sophie Gaudriault, Brad Goodner, Steven C. Slater, Steven Forst, Barry S. Goldman, Heidi Goodrich-Blair
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0027909
Abstract: Members of the genus Xenorhabdus are entomopathogenic bacteria that associate with nematodes. The nematode-bacteria pair infects and kills insects, with both partners contributing to insect pathogenesis and the bacteria providing nutrition to the nematode from available insect-derived nutrients. The nematode provides the bacteria with protection from predators, access to nutrients, and a mechanism of dispersal. Members of the bacterial genus Photorhabdus also associate with nematodes to kill insects, and both genera of bacteria provide similar services to their different nematode hosts through unique physiological and metabolic mechanisms. We posited that these differences would be reflected in their respective genomes. To test this, we sequenced to completion the genomes of Xenorhabdus nematophila ATCC 19061 and Xenorhabdus bovienii SS-2004. As expected, both Xenorhabdus genomes encode many anti-insecticidal compounds, commensurate with their entomopathogenic lifestyle. Despite the similarities in lifestyle between Xenorhabdus and Photorhabdus bacteria, a comparative analysis of the Xenorhabdus, Photorhabdus luminescens, and P. asymbiotica genomes suggests genomic divergence. These findings indicate that evolutionary changes shaped by symbiotic interactions can follow different routes to achieve similar end points.
Influence of chosen factors on milk nutritional value
Barbara Topy a
Annales UMCS, Zootechnica , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10083-008-0003-5
Abstract: The aim of the work was to evaluate the influence of chosen factors, i.e. cow's geno-type, year seasons (feeding system), age (following lactation) and lactation phase on the nutritional value of milk. The milk chemical composition was analyzed in six genetic groups of cows (in total, 2227 samples) maintained in the Lubelszczyzna Region and Bieszczady Mountains. It was found out that milk obtained from the Simmental cows had the most beneficial chemical composition. Those cows' milk also showed the highest protein-fat ratio (0.89%). In bovine milk from the autumn-winter season higher fat (4.51%) and protein concentration (3.68%), including casein (2.69%), was observed. However, in milk from spring-summer season more beneficial protein and fat proportion (0.85%) was noticed. With the progressing lactation, the concentration of fat (from 4.27% to 4.53%), protein (from 3.47% to 3.78%) casein (from 2.50% to 2.82%) and dry matter (from 13.22 to 13.67%) increased. Moreover, the protein-fat ratio increased (from 0.82 to 0.84) as well. The evaluation of the considered genetic-environmental interactions showed substantial variations (P ≤ 0.01) in the breed and production season array for all analyzed milk characteristices, besides the casein content. In the arrangement of simultaneous influence of the four factors, i.e. breed and production season and lactation phase and the following lactation, no essential interactions were stated, apart from the lactose content (P ≤ 0.01).
Problemy z rozró nianiem ywno ci bezglutenowej
Barbara A. Cichańska
Pediatria Wspó?czesna , 2009,
Abstract: Wprowadzenie: Jedynym sposobem leczenia celiakii jest rygorystyczne przestrzeganie diety bezglutenowej. Skuteczno tego leczenia zale y od umiej tno ci w a ciwej identyfikacji przez chorych (lub ich opiekunów) produktów dozwolonych w diecie bezglutenowej. Cel pracy: Ukazanie problemów/barier, z jakimi spotykaj si osoby chore na celiaki podczas rozró niania produktów dozwolonych w diecie bezglutenowej. Materia i metody: Analiza przepisów prawnych pod k tem znakowania ywno ci, analiza informacji podawanych na opakowaniach produktów spo ywczych, rozmowy z osobami chorymi na celiaki (rodzicami dzieci chorych na celiaki ), ankieta przeprowadzona w ród dzieci i m odzie y chorych na celiaki , badanie umiej tno ci oceny produktów pod k tem zawarto ci glutenu. Wyniki: Osoby chore na celiaki maj problemy z rozró nianiem produktów bezglutenowych, co mo e mie niekorzystny wp yw na ich stan zdrowia. adna z badanych osób nie wskaza a prawid owo produktów dozwolonych w diecie bezglutenowej, przy czym najwi kszym problemem dla chorych (oraz ich opiekunów) okaza a si interpretacja informacji zawartych na opakowaniach ogólnodost pnych produktów spo ywczych. Wnioski: Z uwagi na problemy z identyfikacj wyrobów dozwolonych w diecie bezglutenowej jakie maj chorzy (oraz ich opiekunowie) warto rozwa y mo liwo utworzenia wykazu produktów bezglutenowych, który jednoznacznie wykazywa by ywno przeznaczon dla osób wymagaj cych stosowania diety bezglutenowej.
Wiskunde-onderwysers se reflektiewe klaskamerpraktyk en die gehalte van onderrig
A. Barbara Posthuma
Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Natuurwetenskap en Tegnologie , 2012, DOI: 10.4102/satnt.v31i1.365
Abstract: Navorsers en teoretici verskil of onderwysers se refleksie oor hul klaskamerpraktyk en die effektiewe onderrig van wiskunde met mekaar verband hou. Die doel van hierdie artikel is om te rapporteer oor die ondersoek wat gedoen is om reflektiewe klaskameronderrig in verband te bring met die gehalte van onderrig en die leer van wiskunde. ’n Kwalitatiewe gevallestudie is gedoen van vyf wiskunde-onderwysers in ’n plattelandse ho rskool in die Vrystaat. Data is ingesamel deur onderhoude te voer en lesaanbiedings waar te neem. Die reflektiewe aspek is ge valueer deur gebruik te maak van Lee (2005) se drie refleksievlakke naamlik recall level [beskrywingsvlak], rationalisation level [rasionaliseringsvlak] en reflective level [refklektiewe vlak]. Die gehalte van die onderwysers se wiskunde-onderrig is vergelyk met beginsels vir effektiewe onderrig wat saamgestel is deur Anthony en Walshaw (2009). Die studie het getoon dat daar wel ’n verband bestaan tussen onderwysers se reflektiewe klaskamerpraktyk en die wyse waarop hulle die leer van wiskunde effektief fasiliteer. Die onderwysers wat meer reflektief gehandel het in die beplanning en aanbieding van hul les, was ook dié wat ge valueer is deur die navorser as die mees effektiewe onderwysers. Die resultate van die studie hou implikasies in vir die professionele ontwikkeling van praktiserende onderwysers – nie alleen deur die feit dat onderwysers opgelei en aangemoedig behoort te word om te reflekteer oor hul onderrig en die leer van wiskunde nie, maar ook dat hulle in groepsverband bymekaar moet kom en besin oor die effektiewe onderrig van wiskunde. Mathematics teachers’ reflective practice and the quality of their instruction. Researchers and theorists differ whether teachers’ reflection on their classroom practices and teaching mathematics effectively are linked or not. This study aims to align the benefits of reflective practice with the quality of education and the learning of mathematics. A qualitative case study was conducted with five mathematics teachers at a high school in a rural area of the Free State. Data were collected by conducting interviews and observing lesson presentations. The reflective aspect was evaluated by employing Lee’s (2005) three levels of reflection – ‘recall level’, ‘rationalisation level’ and ‘reflective level’. The quality of the teachers’ mathematics instruction was compared to the principles for effective teaching set by Anthony and Walshaw (2009). The study found that there was indeed a link between the teachers’ reflective classroom practice and their effectiveness in facilit
The implementation of area protection provisions from European environmental directives in the Member States
Barbara A. Beijen
Utrecht Law Review , 2009,
Abstract: Several European environmental directives contain the obligation to designate areas. In this article four directives on area protection are discussed. The exact procedure for the designation of areas differs, but case law shows that this instrument is very likely to cause problems. The European Commission, the Member States and the European Court of Justice each have their own interpretation of the obligation. The Member States resort to a margin of discretion in designating areas or try to limit the scope of the directive to allow a balance of ecological versus other interests. The Commission and the ECJ focus on the goal of the directives, which is environmental protection. They usually come to a stricter interpretation of the directives with less freedom for the Member States.
Civic Education and the Learning Behaviors of Youth in the Online Environment: A Call for Reform
Barbara A. Jansen
Journal of Social Studies Education Research , 2011,
Abstract: Scholarly discourse in political science and communication studies is replete with empirical evidence lamenting the decline in civic engagement and political participation among adolescents and young adults. Scholars offer a variety of factors contributing to the disengagement of youth from the civic and political process including lack of attention paid to youth by politicians and the political process, the limited experience and a narrow frame of reference of young people in the political process, their aversion to traditional politics, and to poor quality courses and a decline in civic education in schools. Youth frequently lack civic and political knowledge as well as information and communications technology and social skills needed to engage in public life due in large part to the superficial coverage of substantive civic topics in textbooks and concentrating on knowledge level information that focuses on rights to the exclusion of obligations and participation. Civics curriculum often lacks opportunities for young people to embrace and communicate about politics on their own terms and frequently has little connection between the academic presentation of politics and the acquisition of skills that might help develop engaged citizens. Current approaches to civic education are at odds with young people’s experiences of informal participation with their peers in a nonhierarchical network. Traditional civics curriculum often treats subject matter as another academic subject with right or wrong answers arbitrated by the teacher as central authority and students in competition for grades. A growing body of literature discusses the affinity that youth have for Internet use and the possibilities of new media to address disengagement and to enhance new forms of citizenship calling for pedagogical reform in civic education.
The Boomerang age from childhood to adulthood: emergent trends and issues for aging families
Mitchell, Barbara A.
Canadian Studies in Population , 2006,
Abstract: English From a historical, cross-comparative, life course perspective, this paperexamines changing family-related transitions to adulthood and emergent trendsand issues for aging families. Primary focus is placed on Canadian families,although comparisons will be made with several Western industrializedcountries (U.S., Britain, France, Italy, Sweden). Using nationally representativedata, key findings reveal a general extension of young adulthood, in addition tocontinuation, diversity and reversibility of family behaviours. Future patterns arealso explored, in light of other socio-demographic and socio-economic change.It is concluded that aging families of the future will likely display elements ofboth modified individualism and increased diversification. French Cet article examine les transitions familiales au stage adulte et les tendances etproblèmes qui émergent dans les familles vieillissantes selon trois perspectives :le parcours de vie, la biographie et l’analyse comparative. Le focus estprincipalement placé sur les familles canadiennes bien que la comparaison estaussi faite avec plusieurs états occidentaux industrialisés (les états-Unis, laGrande-Bretagne, la France, l’Italie et la Suède). D’importantes conclusionsémergent des données représentatives à l’échelle nationale et révèlent uneprolongation générale du stage du jeune adulte, ainsi qu’une continuation, unediversité et une réversibilité des comportements familiaux. Les tendances futuressont explorées dans le cadre d’autres changements socio-démographiques etsocio-économiques. Il a été trouvé que les familles vieillissantes du futur auronttendances à manifester des éléments d’individualisme modifié ainsi qu’une plusgrande diversité.
The Research Results of the Individual Competences Influence on Direct Sales
Barbara A. Sypniewska
Contemporary Economics , 2009,
Abstract: The article presents the influence of individual competences on the effects of sales consultants” efforts working at few well-known cosmetic companies specializing in direct sales – multi-level marketing. The research proves dependence between individual competences and the level of effects. The competences profile derived from the analyses, characteristic for each study group, stresses the benefits and practical implications of this research.
Inheriting the City: The Children of Immigrants Come of Age
Barbara A. Mitchell
Canadian Studies in Population , 2012,
Book Review: Generations and Globalization: Youth, Age, and Family in the New World Economy. Edited by Jennifer Cole and Deborah Durham. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 2007.
Mitchell, Barbara A.
Canadian Studies in Population , 2009,
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