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What Causes the Differences in Management Practices between US and UK? An Application of Decomposition Analysis on Firms across Countries  [PDF]
Yi Su, Baoding Liu, Dan Li
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2018.810109
Abstract: The aim of this study is to examine what makes the differences of management practices between the United States and the United Kingdom using decomposition analysis. First, this study analyzes the determinants of management practices, and does the empirical research. Determinants of management practices are concluding product market competition, ownership, firm age, human resources (education, working hours, and payment). Essentially we argue that the differences (if any) between US and UK’s management practices can be expanded by product market competition and education. The results demonstrate that education (managers’ degree and employees’ degree) is positively correlated with management practice gap, but the impact of competition on management practices gap is negative. In particular, employees’ degree variables explained approximately 70% of the management gap.
Effects of the growth of clonal plant Psammochloa villosa Trin.bor on ecological distribution of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in Mu Us Sandland

HE Xueli,LI Yingpeng,ZHAO Lili,LIU Xuewei College of Life Sciences,Hebei University,Baoding,China Xinxiang Municipal Bureau of Agriculture,Xinxiang,China,

生态学报 , 2010,
Abstract: The sampling plots represented the typical Psammochloa villosa community and were chosen based on the presence of P. villosa to investigate the effects of its clonal growth on the distribution of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in Mu Us sandland. The plots were established in May and sampled in May, July and October 2007. Soil samples were collected in 4 replicates and divided a depth of 50 cm into 5 sections, i.e. 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40 and 40-50 cm. The results showed that a functional symbiont is formed between AM fungi and P. villosa, with an intermediate mycorrhizal type. AM fungal colonization significantly (P<0.05) increased initially and later decreased with sampling time, peaking in July. Spore density showed an inverted pattern of development and maximum numbers were recorded in October. The soil sampling depth had a significant (P<0.05) effect on spore density and colonization of AM fungi with the highest percent colonization and spore density in the two topmost sections i.e., 0-20cm. Spore density was significantly (P<0.05) and positively correlated with vesicular colonization. Soil available N content was significantly (P<0.01) and negatively correlated with hyphal and total root colonization. Soil temperature was significantly (P<0.05) and positively correlated with vesicular, arbuscular, hyphal and total colonization, but had a significantly (P<0.05) negative effect on spore density. Soil moisture was significantly (P<0.05) and positively correlated with arbuscular, hyphal and total colonization but significantly (P<0.05) and negatively correlated with spore density. The results suggest that the clonal growth of P. villosa has an influence on the colonization activity and spore density of AM fungi.
A Study on the Water Flow in Baiyangdian Lake

Ma Zhaipu Jing Aiqin College of Life Science,Hebei University,Baoding,China Pilot Center of Gene Engineering,Technology Application of Hebei Province,Baoding,China,

力学学报 , 2004,
Abstract: A study on the influence of wind stress on the flow character of water in Baiyangdian Lake is carried out, and we arrive at some important conclusions. These are: (1) wind stress can be regarded as the main driving force of the water circulation flow; (2) the water flow direction of surface layer is the same direction as the wind moves, while direction of the layers below is on the contrary or is almost inversed; (3) the flow character of water beneath the surface layer is complex. Double eddies can be seen evidently on the second horizontal layer; (4) the topography influences the vertical flow heavily, double eddies can also be seen in the complex vertical direction. The dynamic character of water in Baiyangdian Lake is studied in this paper, which laid a solid foundation for the further researches on biology.
A preliminary study on ecological diversity of myxobacteria

FANG Xiao Mei,ZHANG Li Ping College of Life Sciences,Hebei University,Baoding,Hebei,

生物多样性 , 2001,
Abstract: Through study on ecological diversity of myxobacteria in some areas of Hebei, Yunnan, and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, more than 150 strains of 10 genera ( Archangium, Myxococcus, Cystobacter, Corallococcus, Melittangium, Sorangium, Polyangium, Chondromyces, Angiococcus and Stigmatella ) of Myxococcales were isolated from 42 samples, including some special strains that have never been described before. These strains were preliminary identified to generic level by their fruiting bodies, swarms, myxospores and vegetative cells. Comparison of myxobacteria statistics with the different sites, vegetations and nutrition sources of these special habitats shows wide distribution and variety of ecological diversity of myxobacteria. This sets a strong base for developing and utilizing myxobacteria efficiently.
Detection of heterotrophic bacteria and vibrios in shoal of Bullacta exarata

WANG Guoliang,LU Tongxia,JIN Shan,YU Hong,QIAN Yunxia,WANG Yinong,LIN Baoding,

应用生态学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The number of heterotrophic bacteria and vibrios in shoal for Bullacta exarata rearing fluctuated mainly within 1.25 x 10(4)-7.21 x 10(4) cfu.g-1 and 0-1.08 x 10(4) cfu.g-1, respectively. 173 strains of bacteria, mainly belong to 13 genera were isolated. The predominant genera were composed of Bacillus, Photobacterium, Pseudomonas, Vibrio and some genera of Enterobacteriaceae. The number of bacteria changed in line with the alteration of the temperature, and was especially affected by the organic matter content after the use of pesticide. The predominant genera such as Bacillus were closely related with the environmental deterioration of rearing shoal.

Liang Baolai,Guo Qinglin,Fu Guangsheng College of Physics Science & Technology,Hebei University,Baoding Shang Yong Committee of Hebei Natural Science Fundation,Shijiazhuang,

光子学报 , 2002,
Abstract: 在非同时读出条件下测量了Ce:KNSBN晶体两波耦合光栅衍射效率随写入光强比,写入光 偏振态和写入光夹角的变化关系,并与同时出条件下衍射效率变化规律的测量结果进行了比较,发现二者基本一致。利用耦合以理论对实验结果进行了理论分析和拟合,拟合结果和实验数据较好的吻合。
Face recognition based on fuzzy chaotic neural network

PANG Chun-jiang,GAO Wan-qingSchool of Computer Science,Technology,North China Electric Power University,Baoding Hebei,China,

计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: For its sensitive dependence with the Initial value, chaos can be applied to the pattern recognition of the ones with extremely small difference. An algorithm based on chaotic neural network was proposed and used for face recognition. For introducing chaotic noise, the network obtains a better anti-jamming. It can avoid being affected by the factors such as illumination and gesture. And many complex feature extractions can be avoided. Experimental results based on ORL face database show that the precision of the chaotic neural network algorithm is higher and the iteration steps are fewer and the speed of convergence is quicker. Chaotic neural network used for face recognition is effective and it can enhance recognition rate.
Adaptive genetic strategy with continuous mutation

WANG Si-yan,ZHANG Guo-liCollege of Computer Science,Technology,North China Electric Power University,Baoding Hebei,China,College of Mathematics,Physics,

计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: A new algorithm based on continuous mutation was proposed. The mixed selection was used for choosing individuals. Through the combination of the phased crossover and the cosine adaptive crossover, the double adaptive crossover got the crossover probability. The continuous mutation strategy used continuous process from crude search to precise search. Numerical experiments show that the new algorithm is more effective in realizing the high convergence speed, convergence precision, reducing the convergence algebra and good at keeping the stability of the adaptive genetic algorithm.
Improvement of Holographic Storage Quality by Pump Beam Modulation in Ce:KNSBN Photorefractive Crystal

( College of Physics Science &,Technology Hebei University,Baoding ( Committee of Hebei Natural Science Fundation,Shijiazhuang,

光子学报 , 2004,
Abstract: The two-beam coupling process and the fanning noise in a Ce:KNSBN crystal are experimentally studied as a function of the pump beam modulation frequency and the duty ratio. The results show that the fanning noise is restrained and the quality of the reconstructed image is improved with a suitable modulation frequency.
The Model of Mobile Knowledge Services System in the Management of Complex Cluster Project  [PDF]
Yong Liu, Bingxin Liu
iBusiness (IB) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2011.31006
Abstract: Cluster projects are projects of large-scale or with huge investment, such as Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Shanghai 2010 Expo. A lot of on-site management works are involved in the process of cluster project management, especially the treatment of sudden accidents which would produce plenty of knowledge and experience. As cluster project on-site management spots change frequently, knowledge produced by mobile workers in the process of on-site management is hard to be saved into the knowledge repository on time. It may cause a knowledge distortion or even missing. On the other hand, in the process of cluster project management, a lot of knowledge is required by on-site workers to deal with on-site activities. However, due to lack of effective mechanisms for knowledge communion, they often face the risk of making wrong decisions. To solve the problems of knowledge management and acquisition in the process of cluster project on-site management, this paper presents a system model for mobile knowledge service.
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