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Place of Pheromone in Rape  [PDF]
Kalanghot Padmanabhan Skandhan, Osanai Kaoru, Buddhiwanthanally Manohar Mukund, Balakrishnan Sumangala
Advances in Sexual Medicine (ASM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/asm.2013.31005

The aim of the study was to find out if pheromone was one of the responsible factors leading to rape. Search in literature revealed many interesting facts. Majority of rape took place on the day or nearer to ovulation. Many rape victims became pregnant. In normal life, among couples most of the sexual intercourse happened on this day, more than on other days. Smell of the women on this day was different and was more attractive to men. Vaginal smell also differed on this day. One study showed many men were able to recognize a womans urine of ovulation day by its smell. It was not similar on other days. All above lead us to conclude that women exuded a sex attractant or pheromone on the day of ovulation which attracted men. Probably this is the hidden biological cause ending in rape.

Synthesis and Characterization of Ag/PVP Nanocomposites by Reduction Method  [PDF]
P. M. Geethu Krishnan,A. Sobha,Mini P. Balakrishnan,R. Sumangala
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1100519

A polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)/Ag nanocomposite was prepared by reduction of silver nitrate in ethylene-glycol in the presence of a polymeric protective agent (i.e., poly (N-vinylpyrrolidone)). The size dependent color variation of this nanocolloid is a clear indication of the presence of Ag as nanoparticles in the polymer matrix. The nonlinear optical properties were studied by Z-scan technique in which a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser with a pulse width of 7 ns at 532 nm was used as the source of light. Z scan measurement shows that Ag/PVP exhibits third order Nonlinear Optical effects. The peak-valley curve from closed aperture measurement indicates the self-defocusing process. The third order nonlinear optical parameters n2, β, χ3 are found to be of the orders of 10-9 esu, 10-9 m/W, 10-11 esu respectively. The very strong Plasmon resonance peak at 419 nm was observed and is a clear consequence of the nanosize of dilute Ag particles. The optical band gap of this nanomaterial was calculated as 2.535 eV. The XRD pattern indicates the presence of crystalline Ag and the average grain size was obtained as 17.4 nm. The SEM micrograph confirms this observation. Thermal Gravimetric Analysis implies that Ag/PVP nanocomposite exhibits high degree of thermal stability.

Limb body wall complex or body stalk complex or cyllosomas: a case report
S. Saritha,Gouri,Sumangala
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.5455/2320-6012.ijrms20130519
Abstract: Limb body wall complex (LBWC) is also called Body stalk complex and Cyllosomas. We present this rare congenital malformation complex highlighting the importance of early sonographic imaging findings in LBWC along with differentiation from other anterior abdominal wall defects. Limb body wall complex / Body stalk anomaly refers to a rare complicated polymalformative fetal malformation syndrome of uncertain etiology and results in head, heart, lung, diaphragm, kidney or gonadal abnormalities. LBWC was first described by Van Allen et al; in (1987). The two of the three following anomalies must be present to establish the diagnosis: 1. Exencephaly / Encephalocele with facial clefts, 2. Thoraco-Abdominoschisis / ventral body wall defects and 3. Limb defects. LBWC arises as a result of early amnion disruptions or error in embryonic development. If all components of the syndrome are present, the condition is lethal. LBWC is invariably fatal and incompatible with life. No case of postnatal survival is reported so far. Serum alpha-fetoprotein measurement and ultrasonography examination is the key to the prenatal diagnosis and followed by medical termination of pregnancy. It presents two distinct phenotypes described by Russo et al (1993) and later Cusi et al in (1996), according to the foetoplacental relationships: 1. Placento-cranial and 2.Placento-abdominal types. Among the 168 live births at S.V.S. Medical College & hospital Mahabubnagar (INDIA) during the period of 2010-2011 we came across an aborted female fetus. It was weighing 1800gms, 30 weeks of gestation diagnosed by antenatal ultrasonography as ventral body wall defect. It was associated with ompholocele, severe scoliosis and limb defects. Its confirmation of the diagnosis of Limb body wall complex with Placento-abdominal type was done by postmortem fetography. [Int J Res Med Sci 2013; 1(2.000): 132-137]
A New Procedure for Damage Assessment of Prestressed Concrete Beams Using Artificial Neural Network
K. Sumangala,C. Antony Jeyasehar
Advances in Artificial Neural Systems , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/786535
Abstract: A damage assessment procedure has been developed using artificial neural network (ANN) for prestressed concrete beams. The methodology had been formulated using the results obtained from an experimental study conducted in the laboratory. Prestressed concrete (PSC) rectangular beams were cast, and pitting corrosion was introduced in the prestressing wires and was allowed to be snapped using accelerated corrosion process. Both static and dynamic tests were conducted to study the behaviour of perfect and damaged beams. The measured output from both static and dynamic tests was taken as input to train the neural network. Back propagation network was chosen for this purpose, which was written using the programming package MATLAB. The trained network was tested using separate test data obtained from the tests. A damage assessment procedure was developed using the trained network, it was validated using the data available in literature, and the outcome is presented in this paper. 1. Introduction Concrete structures are designed and constructed to suit the requirements of its time. Damages may be unavoidable during its design life time due to various reasons. A structure which is said to be well designed may survive the damage but safety is not guaranteed. When the damage goes undetected and unrepaired, it will lead to failure or may demand costly repair and huge loss of life. Therefore, the problem of maintenance and repair of existing structures involves damage detection at an early stage. For massive structures like bridges which were constructed some 50 to 60 years ago, it is necessary to test their functionality under the present loading condition and quantify damage, if any, since demolishing and reconstructing them would involve huge expenditures. Evaluating the residual life and remaining load-carrying capacity of these structures is also important. Damage can be defined as the change in performance of structures, which can be identified in terms of crack formation and a consequent stiffness reduction. Damage recognition and location are the key factors in the design of a structural health monitoring system. When damage lies inside the structure and is not visible to the naked eye, it is possible to locate and quantify the damage with nondestructive tests and various analytical models [1]. Vibration-based damage detection methods seem to be effective at detecting and localizing the damage on full-scale structures [2]. The easiest and simplest way to detect damage with dynamic parameters is by noting the changes in the natural frequency of the system.
Chemical Compositions of RV Tauri Stars and Related Objects
S. Sumangala Rao,Sunetra Giridhar
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: We have undertaken a comprehensive abundance analysis for a sample of relatively unexplored RV Tauri and RV Tauri like stars to further our understanding of post-Asymptotic Giant Branch (post-AGB) evolution. From our study based on high resolution spectra and grid of model atmospheres, we find indications of mild s-processing for V820 Cen and IRAS 06165+3158. On the other hand, SU Gem and BT Lac exhibit the effects of mild dust-gas winnowing. We have also compiled the existing abundance data on RV Tauri objects and find that a large fraction of them are afflicted by dust-gas winnowing and now added by the present work, we find a small group of two RV Tauris showing mild s-process enhancement in our Galaxy. With two out of three reported s-process enhanced objects belonging to RV Tauri spectroscopic class C, these intrinsically metal-poor objects appear to be promising candidates to analyse the possible s-processing in RV Tauri stars.
Determination of Optimum Film Thickness and Composition of Cu(InAl)Se2 Thin Films as anAbsorber for Solar Cell Applications  [PDF]
Balakrishnan Kavitha, Muthusamy Dhanam
World Journal of Nano Science and Engineering (WJNSE) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/wjnse.2011.14017
Abstract: Cu(InAl)Se2 [CIAS] thin films have been prepared by chemical bath deposition [CBD] technique. X-ray diffraction [XRD] and Energy dispersive X-ray analysis [EDAX] spectra have been employed to confirm the structure and composition of the prepared films. The structural parameters have been estimated from XRD and EDAX spectra and their variation with film thickness and composition has been discussed in this paper in detail. From the discussion we enabled to find the optimum film thickness and composition of CIAS thin films for solar cell applications.
Golden Research Thoughts , 2013, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: Human resource management and accounting is growing rapidly. The target of this discover is to study present vision on the significance of human resource accounting (HRA) data to the capital market in India. The paper is by method of works review. It reviews the empirical research literature from disparate methodological strands and synthesizes the findings to provide facts on the impact/importance/usefulness of HRAfrom a capital markets perspective. Importance of HRA data has been examined employing assorted research methods encompassing capital markets research, experimentations, face-to-face interviews, content analysis of analyst reports and questionnaire surveys. These studies provide evidence on the usefulness/importance of HRA information. Also, facts from HR disclosure studies on initial public offering prospectuses sheds light on observed significance of kinds of HRA data to the capital market. Though, there is a scope for more research to refine the present understanding of the significance of HRA to the capital market. By studying and fusing the literature, this research provides a significant source of acknowledgement for upcoming researchers and strategy makers who desire to devise guidelines for HR describing to larger encounter the data needs of capital market actors. It additionally highlights upcoming research directions.
Sumangala Patil,P.Nagaraju,Somashekar Deasi
International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: This paper suggests an approach to software system architecture specification based on behavior models. The behavior of the system is defined as an event occurring probability and time. The behavior ofthe system over a time of stationary Markov process is completely characterized by the one step transition matrix, the matrix of instantaneous transition rates. Given the element of the appropriative matrix, it is possible to calculate probability of event of the process.
Low Actuation Voltage RF MEMS Switch Using Varying Section Composite Fixed-Fixed Beam
M. Manivannan,R. Joseph Daniel,K. Sumangala
International Journal of Microwave Science and Technology , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/862649
Abstract: The present authors have earlier reported the employment of varying section fixed-fixed beam for achieving lower pull-in voltage with marginal fall in restoring force. Reducing Young’s modulus also reduces the pull-in voltage but with lesser degree of reduction in restoring force. Composite beams are ideal alternatives to achieve decreased Young’s modulus. Hence new varying section composite fixed-fixed beam type RF MEMS switch has been proposed. The main advantage of this RF MEMS switch is that lower pull-in voltages can be achieved with marginal fall in stiction immunity. Spring constant of the proposed switch has been obtained using simulation studies and it has been shown that the spring constant and therefore the pull-in voltage () can be considerably reduced with the proposed switch. Simulation studies conducted on the proposed switch clearly demonstrate that the pull-in voltage can be reduced by 31.17% when compared to the varying section monolayer polysilicon fixed-fixed beam. Further this approach enables the designer to have more freedom to design lower pull-in voltage switches with improved stiction immunity. 1. Introduction At present RF MEMS devices are gaining popularity due to their appreciable performance at RF and microwave frequencies unlike their semiconductor counterparts and this has led to the growth of RF MEMS switching devices which are much closer to ideal switches [1–12]. However, most micromachined switches use electrostatic pull-in [13, 14] for the control of switching action and their main drawback is high pull-in voltage () against the current trend of using low voltage power supplies which makes them useless in miniaturized mobile systems. In the last decade researchers worldwide have been focusing their effort to design switches with lower pull-in voltage. Three different approaches have been employed generally by researchers, namely, reducing the air gap, increasing the electrostatic actuation area, and decreasing the stiffness constant by either increasing the length or reducing the width [3, 15–19]. Among these three, the third approach is widely attempted. This approach depends on decreasing spring constant of the beams by increasing the beam length () and/or reducing the beam width () but ensuring that the beam does not show the tendency to stiction with the surface. In other words reduction in pull-in voltage must be achieved without any serious loss of restoring force . Hence it becomes necessary to find an approach where pull-in voltage is reduced but with minimum loss of . The present authors have earlier
Perdebatan kajian sains sosial: Pengalaman penyelidik
Balakrishnan Parasuraman
Jurnal Kemanusiaan , 2011,
Abstract: In Malaysia, a qualitative research approach has not yet become a major methodology among social science researchers. Yusoff (2001: vii) has been argued that "qualitative research can not be regarded as additional or ancillary approach does not require the researcher to seriously mainstream”. The argument in this paper is whether the research in social science paradigm is focused on positivist or non-positivist in Malaysia. Currently this issue has become an opendiscussion among social science researchers in Malaysia (Salleh, 2003; R. Ray, 2003; Yusoff, 2001) or abroad (NK Denzin & Lincoln, 1998; Guba & Lincoln, 1994; Kelly, 1999: Cannon, 1998; Patton, 2002), especially issues involving social science research methods ualitative flowing. Therefore, the scope of writing in this paper is divided into three parts. The first part will discuss the debate in the empirical study and methodological issues especially in the socialscience research. In this section, researcher will focus on the debate in social science research rather than pure science. Research experience before and during doctoral studies (Doctor of Philosophy, PhD) will be considered in the second part. The focus in this section is how to transition of researcher initially influenced by the positivist paradigm and ultimately appreciate the non-positivist paradigm when he was at the University of Wollongong, Australia. The last section in this paper will discuss the lessons received during and before in Australia and the future of social science research which based on non-positivist paradigm in Malaysia.
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