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Membrane protein dynamics: limited lipid control
Balázs Szalontai
BMC Biophysics , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1757-5036-2-1
Abstract: PACS codes: 87.14.ep, 87.14.cc, 87.16.DMaintaining the barrier properties and the functioning (energy production, signal transduction, material transport etc.) of a biological membrane, a given membrane dynamics is required. This dynamics is adapted to the physiological conditions (e.g. temperature, light in photosynthetic organisms, different stresses) of the given membrane. Concerning barrier properties, the dynamics of membrane lipids and lipid-protein interactions are thought to be more important. The biological functioning is assured by the dynamics of the membrane proteins, which may depend also on lipid-protein interactions. The balance between lipid- and protein-dynamics and the role of lipid-protein interaction in maintaining membrane functionality is still not fully understood.It has been shown previously in a series of papers, mostly for photosynthetic organisms, that at the physiological low temperature limit and among cold-stress conditions, the physical state of the lipids and the capacity of the living organism to regulate it are very important factors in the survival and adaptation [1-5]. As regards signal transduction, changes of lipid composition in rat ventricular myocyte cell membranes were shown to affect receptor-mediated processes [6]. Around the high temperature physiological limit and among heat-stress conditions, a histidine kinase has been identified as a source of signalling for increased thermo tolerance [7]. In another series of papers, the membrane protecting function of heat-shock proteins [8], and the existence of "hyperfluid" lipid domains in the membranes (on the analogy of the effects of fluidising agents) have been proposed as sources of the heat-shock alarm signal [9,10]. We have shown earlier that around or slightly above the physiological high temperature limit of the living organism a rather steep membrane-protein denaturing appears [11], while the lipid disorder in biological membranes at high temperatures is a very smoothly
Risk premium shocks, monetary policy and exchange rate pass-through in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland
Ensayos sobre POLíTICA ECONóMICA , 2010,
Abstract: this paper investigates the role of monetary policy in a small open economy, where exchange rate shocks are important. var models are estimated for the czech republic, hungary and poland. contemporaneous and sign restrictions are imposed in order to identify the effect of monetary policy and risk premium shocks. estimates from the same model for canada, sweden and the uk are used as a benchmark for developed economies with low inflation. the results suggest that the typical size of a risk premium shock renders it almost impossible for the interest rate policy to smooth the exchange rate with the aim of minimizing inflationary consequences. on the other hand, low inflation may decrease the exchange rate pass-through, which helps the monetary policy ignore exchange rate shocks.
A New Forest Association in Hungary: Thermophilous Dry Oakwood on Rubble (Paeonio Banaticae-Quercetum Cerridis Kevey Ass. Nova)
Balázs Kevey
Hacquetia , 2007, DOI: 10.2478/v10028-007-0001-0
Abstract: In this paper a relic and edaphic (azonal) forest association new to science (Paeonio banaticae-Quercetum cerridis) is described and characterized. This association is compared by traditional phytosociological methods to associations with which it is in physical contact in the Eastern Mecsek Hills (Southwest Hungary). Stands of Paeonio banaticae-Quercetum cerridis occur on steep slopes with southern exposition between 280-640 m. The forest soil contains a large amount of rocks and rubble, and is slowly drifting. The microclimate of the forest is conducive to the survival of many species with submediterranean distribution. One of them is the endemic Paeonia banatica whose largest populations occur in this forest type. The new association is placed in the alliance Quercion farnetto I. Horvat 1954 and suballiance Quercenion farnetto Kevey in Kevey & Borhidi 2005.
Nekrasov's Partition Function and Refined Donaldson-Thomas Theory: the Rank One Case
Balázs Szendr?i
Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry : Methods and Applications , 2012,
Abstract: This paper studies geometric engineering, in the simplest possible case of rank one (Abelian) gauge theory on the affine plane and the resolved conifold. We recall the identification between Nekrasov's partition function and a version of refined Donaldson-Thomas theory, and study the relationship between the underlying vector spaces. Using a purity result, we identify the vector space underlying refined Donaldson-Thomas theory on the conifold geometry as the exterior space of the space of polynomial functions on the affine plane, with the (Lefschetz) SL(2)-action on the threefold side being dual to the geometric SL(2)-action on the affine plane. We suggest that the exterior space should be a module for the (explicitly not yet known) cohomological Hall algebra (algebra of BPS states) of the conifold.
A népi gyógyítás és kutatásának néhány kérdése Siklód példáján Popular healing in Siklód and some questions of the research
Balázs Dorottya
Kaleidoscope History , 2010,
Computer-aided Analysis of Phisiological Systems
Balázs Benyó
Acta Polytechnica Hungarica , 2007,
Abstract: This paper presents the recent biomedical engineering research activity of theMedical Informatics Laboratory at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.The research projects are carried out in the fields as follows: Computer aidedidentification of physiological systems; Diabetic management and blood glucose control;Remote patient monitoring and diagnostic system; Automated system for analyzing cardiacultrasound images; Single-channel hybrid ECG segmentation; Event recognition and stateclassification to detect brain ischemia by means of EEG signal processing; Detection ofbreathing disorders like apnea and hypopnea; Molecular biology studies with DNA-chips;Evaluation of the cry of normal hearing and hard of hearing infants.
On the symmetry of finite pseudorandom binary sequences
Balázs Sziklai
Uniform Distribution Theory , 2011,
Abstract: K. Gyarmati introduced the symmetry measure in order to study pseudorandomness of finite binary sequences. This paper focuses on the generalization of this measure. We will give upper and lower bounds for the generalized measures. We will also give some examples which show that these generalizations are indeed useful.
Identification of dental root canals and their medial line from micro-CT and cone-beam CT records
Benyó Balázs
BioMedical Engineering OnLine , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1475-925x-11-81
Abstract: Background Shape of the dental root canal is highly patient specific. Automated identification methods of the medial line of dental root canals and the reproduction of their 3D shape can be beneficial for planning endodontic interventions as severely curved root canals or multi-rooted teeth may pose treatment challenges. Accurate shape information of the root canals may also be used by manufacturers of endodontic instruments in order to make more efficient clinical tools. Method Novel image processing procedures dedicated to the automated detection of the medial axis of the root canal from dental micro-CT and cone-beam CT records are developed. For micro-CT, the 3D model of the root canal is built up from several hundred parallel cross sections, using image enhancement, histogram based fuzzy c-means clustering, center point detection in the segmented slice, three dimensional inner surface reconstruction, and potential field driven curve skeleton extraction in three dimensions. Cone-beam CT records are processed with image enhancement filters and fuzzy chain based regional segmentation, followed by the reconstruction of the root canal surface and detecting its skeleton via a mesh contraction algorithm. Results The proposed medial line identification and root canal detection algorithms are validated on clinical data sets. 25 micro-CT and 36 cone-beam-CT records are used in the validation procedure. The overall success rate of the automatic dental root canal identification was about 92% in both procedures. The algorithms proved to be accurate enough for endodontic therapy planning. Conclusions Accurate medial line identification and shape detection algorithms of dental root canal have been developed. Different procedures are defined for micro-CT and cone-beam CT records. The automated execution of the subsequent processing steps allows easy application of the algorithms in the dental care. The output data of the image processing procedures is suitable for mathematical modeling of the central line. The proposed methods can help automate the preparation and design of several kinds of endodontic interventions.
KULCSáR Balázs
Debreceni M?szaki K?zlemények , 2011,
Abstract: As a part of a broad-scale study, this paper examines the current use and utilization potentials of renewable energies in the North Great Plain Region. Due to its structural properties, geographical situation, climate and morphology, the Region sees a most favorable situation in the field of geothermal energy, biomass and solar energy. The analyses having been performed so far support the assumption that agricultural combined energy production has significant potentials in rural development. With the combined exploitation of the renewable energy potential, agriculture in the North Great Plain Region may provide fir the energy demands of its own activities and the local surroundings. Agriculture as the local energy provider may create a new source of incomes in the sector seeing a shortage of financial resources, as well as an opportunity of breakthrough for rural communities.
Balassa-Samuelson Meets South Eastern Europe, the CIS and Turkey: A Close Encounter of the Third Kind?
Balázs égert
The European Journal of Comparative Economics , 2005,
Abstract: This paper investigates the importance of the Balassa-Samuelson effect for two acceding countries (Bulgaria and Romania), two accession countries (Croatia and Turkey) and two CIS countries (Russia and Ukraine). The paper first studies the basic assumptions of the Balassa-Samuelson effect using yearly data, and then undertakes an econometric analysis of the assumptions on the basis of monthly data. The results suggest that for most of the countries, there is either amplification or attenuation, implying that any increase in the open sector's productivity feeds onto changes in the relative price of non-tradables either imperfectly or in an over-proportionate manner. With these results as a background, the size of the Balassa-Samuelson effect is derived. For this purpose, a number of different sectoral classification schemes are used to group sectors into open and closed sectors, which makes a difference for some of the countries. The Balassa-Samuelson effect is found to play only a limited role for inflation and real exchange rate determination, and it seems to be roughly in line with earlier findings for the eight new EU member states of Central and Eastern Europe
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