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Natural Light Cloaking for Aquatic and Terrestrial Creatures
Hongsheng Chen,Bin Zheng,Lian Shen,Huaping Wang,Xianmin Zhang,Nikolay Zheludev,Baile Zhang
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: A cloak that can hide living creatures from sight is a common feature of mythology but still remains unrealized as a practical device. To preserve the phase of wave, the previous cloaking solution proposed by Pendry \emph{et al.} required transforming electromagnetic space around the hidden object in such a way that the rays bending around it have to travel much faster than those passing it by. The difficult phase preservation requirement is the main obstacle for building a broadband polarization insensitive cloak for large objects. Here, we suggest a simplifying version of Pendry's cloak by abolishing the requirement for phase preservation as irrelevant for observation in incoherent natural light with human eyes that are phase and polarization insensitive. This allows the cloak design to be made in large scale using commonly available materials and we successfully report cloaking living creatures, a cat and a fish, in front of human eyes.
Repertori d'aliments en el "Tirant lo Blanc": "e dinaren-se ab molt gran plaer"
Eduard Baile
Tirant : Butlletí Informatiu i Bibliogràfic de Literatura de Cavalleries , 2009,
Abstract: This paper tries to compile the repertoire of foods contained in Tirant lo Blanc or, taking cue from Josep Pla and his classic work El que hem menjat, what the characters of our chivalry novel eat (and drink). We do not want to observe any kind of ritual when sitting at the table nor study any culinary process, but we would like to attend specifically to each element (meats, vegetables, fruits, drinks) which contributes to the nutrition of Tirant, Carmesina and the rest of characters as an approximate way for analysis over feeding habits through the 15th century, especially regarding those people belonging to nobility.
Fonaments catalans en la construcció de la historieta clàssica a l’Estat espanyol [Catalan foundations in the delevopment of the classic comics tradition in the Spanish State]
Baile López, Eduard
Zeitschrift für Katalanistik , 2012,
Abstract: From a historical point of view, Barcelona has been the center of the self-authored publishing market which constituted the main basis of what is known as the classic Spanish cartoon, thanks to, for instance, the significance of imprints such as Bruguera, which used to publish extremely popular characters such as "Mortadelo y Filemón" or "El Capitán Trueno", and Ediciones TBO. Our principal aim is to analyze how imprints based in Barcelona were a crucial factor for the creation of a genuine publishing market which had an enormous impact across the Spanish state; in doing so, we will also further explain the active presence of imprints in other places, with a special focus on the ones situated in Valencia.
Una mostra de la traducció de còmics al català: el cas de "Maus. Relat d’un supervivent" [An example of the translation of comics into Catalan: the case of "Maus. A Survivor’s Tale"]
Baile López, Eduard
Zeitschrift für Katalanistik , 2012,
Abstract: Apart from some isolated examples, most comics published in Spain are usually done so in Spanish. However, because of the success of the graphic novel, a concept which has expanded the core readership beyond the usual fans, some of the most popular works have recently been published in Catalan, a fact which, as we have stated, is not very common in a comic publishing market almost exclusively limited to editions in Spanish. Accordingly, our aim is to take a look at the linguistic guidelines and models used to translate these cultural artifacts into our language. More specifically, we have chosen "Maus" by Art Spiegelman, since it is considered to be a key example of the expressive possibilities the comic medium may aspire to as a narrative tool.
Recent Research Progress on Study of Paragonimus westermani in China  [PDF]
Dingli Xu, Jing Li, Qi Liao, Tuergong Jiang, Jiang Cai, Yuelong Lv, Jiakuan Lv, Baile Shen, Zexian Xu, Yanting Zhang, Jianfa Liu
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1101511
Abstract: Recently, along with the development of biochemical and molecular immunological techniques, the diagnosis methods have been improved in which preparing natural parasite antigens, and genetically engineered recombinant antigens have been applied by using agglutination test, complement fixation methods to detect the human’s serum antibodies for parasite identification of paragonimus infections. To improve the detection rate, some scholars have used phage peptide library technology to further improve the diagnostic effect on Paragonimus westermani in humans. In this paper, we summarized recent studies on diagnosis, pathogenesis and treatment of Paragonimus flukes in China.
Experimental demonstration of a free space cylindrical cloak without superluminal propagation
Su Xu,Xiangxiang Cheng,Sheng Xi,Runren Zhang,Herbert O. Moser,Zhi Shen,Yang Xu,Zhengliang Huang,Xianmin Zhang,Faxin Yu,Baile Zhang,Hongsheng Chen
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.109.223903
Abstract: We experimentally demonstrated an alternative approach of invisibility cloaking that can combine technical advantages of all current major cloaking strategies in a unified manner and thus can solve bottlenecks of individual strategies. A broadband cylindrical invisibility cloak in free space is designed based on scattering cancellation (the approach of previous plasmonic cloaking), and implemented with anisotropic metamaterials (a fundamental property of singular-transformation cloaks). Particularly, non-superluminal propagation of electromagnetic waves, a superior advantage of non-Euclidian-transformation cloaks constructed with complex branch cuts, is inherited in this design, and thus is the reason of its relatively broad bandwidth. This demonstration provides the possibility for future practical implementation of cloaking devices at large scales in free space.
Query optimization for Deductive Databases
Query Optimization for Deductive Databases

Aoying Zhou,Baile Shi,
Zhou Aoying
,Shi Baile

计算机科学技术学报 , 1995,
Abstract: A systematic, efficient compilation method for query evaluation of DeductiveDatabases (DeDB) is proposed in this paper. In order to eliminate redundancyand to minimize the potentially relevant facts, which are two key issues to theefficiency of a DeDB, the compilation process is decomposed into two phases.The first is the pre-compilation phase, which is responsible for the minimiza-tion of the potentially relevant facts. The second, which we refer to as thegeneral compilation phase, is responsible for the elimination of redundancy.The rule/goal graph devised by J. D. Ullman is appropriately extended andused as a uniform formalism. Two general algorithms corresponding to the twophases respectively are described intuitively and formally
A conservative multiversion locking-graph scheduler algorithm
A Conservative Multiversion Locking-Graph Scheduler Algorithm

Fang Chen,Baile Shi,
Chen Fang
,Shi Baile

计算机科学技术学报 , 1991,
Abstract: In order to improve the concurrency of multiversion database systems, a conservative MV locking-graph scheduler algorithm is proposed, which takes the power of MVS as a target. The algorithm combines the advantages of locking and graph, and does optimizing processes on read-only and write-only operations to reduce the blocks of transctions. The correctness and complexity of the algorithm are also provided.
Bottom-up evaluation of datalog with negation
Bottom-up Evaluation of Datalog with Negation

Baile Shi,Aoying Zhou,
Shi Baile
,Zhou Aoying

计算机科学技术学报 , 1994,
Abstract: Declarative semantics gives the meaning of a logic program in terms of properties,while the procedural semantics gives the meaning in terms of the execution or evalua-tion of the program. From the database point of view, the procedural semantics of theprogram is equally important. This paper focuses on the study of the bottom-up eval-uation of the WFM semantics of datalog- programs. To compute the WFM, first, thestability transformation is revisited, and a new operator Op and its fixpoint are defined.Based on this, a fixpoint semantics, called oscillating fixpoint model semantics, is de-fined. Then, it is shown that for any datalog program the oscillating fixpoint model isidentical to its WFM. So, the oscillating fixpoint model can be viewed as an alternative(constructive) definition of WFM. The underlying operation (or transformation) forreaching the oscillating fixpoint provides a potential of bottom-up evaluation. For thesake of computational feasibility, the strongly range-restricted program is considered,and an algorithm used to compute the oscillating fixpoint is described.
Cylindrical cloaking at oblique incidence with optimized finite multilayer parameters
Baile Zhang,Bae-Ian Wu
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: We propose multilayer cylindrical invisibility cloaks that are optimized for oblique incidences through combination of analytic formalism of scattering and genetic optimization. We show that by using only four layers of homogeneous and anisotropic metamaterials without large values of constitutive parameters, the scattering for oblique incidences can be reduced by two orders. Although the optimization is done at a single incident angle, the cloak provides reduced scattering over a large range of incident angles.
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