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Out of Plane Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Filled with Diamond Powder  [PDF]
M. Srinivasan, P. Maettig, K. W. Glitza, B. Sanny, A. Schumacher, M. Duhovic, J. Schuster
Open Journal of Composite Materials (OJCM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojcm.2016.62005
Abstract: Highly conductive fillers have a strong influence on improving the poor out of plane thermal conductivity of carbon fiber reinforced composites. The objective of this study has been to investigate the role of the diamond powder (DP) in enhancing the out-of-plane thermal conductivity of the woven composites. Samples of the standard modulus T300 carbon fiber composite with 44% and 55% fiber volume fraction and the high modulus YS90A carbon fiber composite with 50% volume fraction were fabricated with their matrices comprising of neat epoxy and different loading of diamond powder within epoxy resin. Steady state thermal conductivity measurements were carried out and it was found from the measurements that the out of plane thermal conductivity of the standard modulus composite increased by a factor of 2.3 with 14% volume fraction of diamond powder in the composite while the out of plane thermal conductivity of the high modulus composite increased by a factor of 2.8 with 12% volume fraction of diamond powder in the composite. Finite Element Modeling (FEM) with the incorporation of microstructural characteristics is presented and good consistency between the measurements and FEM results were observed.
Validation of Numerical Modeling for the Prediction of Elastic and Failure Behavior of Diamond Powder Filled Woven Composites  [PDF]
M. Srinivasan, P. Maettig, K. W. Glitza, B. Sanny, A. Schumacher, M. Duhovic
Open Journal of Composite Materials (OJCM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojcm.2017.72004
Abstract: A numerical investigation was carried out to examine the role of micro-sized diamond powder filler on the on-axis tensile stiffness properties of the standard modulus T300 and the high modulus YS90A woven fabric composite plates by progressive damage modeling. Finite element modeling (FEM) results for the T300 composite with and without diamond powder predicted a specific case of fiber failure in all the plies showing the characteristics of brittle failure. Static tensile tests were carried out on the YS90A composite coupons containing no diamond powder (DP) and filled with 6% and 12% volume fractions of DP. A higher content of diamond powder in the coupons led to agglomeration. This induced stress concentrations and subsequently reduced the mechanical properties. FEM was carried out considering specimens with and without an induced stress concentration geometry in the YS90A coupons filled with DP. The results of the on-axis tensile tests indicated a delamination type of failure in both cases with additional fiber fracture in the Open Hole Tensile (OHT) coupons.
Rese a de "Education plc: Understanding private sector participation in public sector education" de BALL, Stephen J.
Sanny Silva da Rosa
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o , 2012,
PEG-embedded KBr3: A recyclable catalyst for multicomponent coupling reaction for the efficient synthesis of functionalized piperidines
Sanny Verma,Suman L. Jain,Bir Sain
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry , 2011, DOI: 10.3762/bjoc.7.157
Abstract: PEG-embedded potassium tribromide ([K+PEG]Br3 ) was found to be an efficient and recyclable catalyst for the synthesis of functionalized piperidines in high yields in a one step, three component coupling between aldehyde, amine and β-keto ester. At the end of the reaction the [K+PEG]Br3 was readily regenerated from the reaction mixture by treating the residue containing [K+PEG]Br with molecular bromine.
Study on Rayleigh Wave Inversion for Estimating Shear-wave Velocity Profile
T.A. Sanny,Yoes Avianto
ITB Journal of Engineering Science , 2003,
Abstract: Rayleigh wave or ground roll is a noise in seismic body waves. However, how to use this noise for soil characterization is very interesting since Rayleigh wave phase velocity is a function of compression-wave velocity, shear-wave velocity, density and layer thickness. In layered-medium Rayleigh wave velocity also depends on wavelength or frequency, and this phenomenon is called dispersion. Inversion procedure to get shear-wave velocity profile needs a priori information about the solution of the problem to limit the unknown parameters. The Lagrange multiplier method was used to solve the constrained optimization problems or well known as a smoothing parameter in inversion problems. The advantage of our inversion procedure is that it can guarantee the convergence of solution even though the field data is incomplete, insufficient, and inconsistent. The addition of smoothing parameter can reduce the time to converge. Beside numerical stability, the statistical stability is also involved in inversion procedure. In field experiment we extracted ground roll data from seismic refraction record. The dispersion curves had been constructed by applying f-k analysis and f-k dip filtering. The dispersion curves show the dependence of Rayleigh wave phase velocities in layered media to frequency. The synthetic models also demonstrate the stability and the speed of inversion procedure.
Desain Prototipe Reaktor Steam Reforming Menggunakan Ultrasonik Nebulizer
Liherlinah,Muhammad Sanny,Ahmad Rifki Marully,Mikrajuddin Abdullah
Jurnal Nanosains & Nanoteknologi , 2008,
Abstract: Saat ini, produksi hidrogen dari methanol dapat dilakukan melalui rute proses dekomposisi, partial oxidation, dan steam reforming. Methanol steam reforming telah diselidiki sangat efektif dalam mengkonversi methanol menjadi hidrogen. Dalam paper ini akan dilaporkan desain prototipe reaktor methanol steam reforming menggunakan ultrasonik nebulizer. Keberadaan Ultrasonik nebulizer digunakan untuk mengkonversi metanol dan air fasa liquid menjadi droplet-droplet metanol dan air (dengan bantuan nitrogen sebagai carrier gas) yang memiliki ukuran beberapa mikron. Metode pembentukan droplet ini sangat berguna dalam mengalirkan metanol dan air ke dalam bed catalyst. Ketika temperatur operasi reaktor pada 2000C, didapatkan konversi hidrogen dari metanol dan air 76 %. Perbandingan pencapaian konversi hidrogen berdasarkan eksperimen ini juga menunjukkan kesesuaian dengan perhitungan teoritis konversi termodinamik methanol steam reforming.
Is the HIV sentinel surveillance system adequate in China? Findings from an evaluation of the national HIV sentinel surveillance system
Wen Lin,Sanny Chen,Nicole Seguy,Zhongdan Chen
Western Pacific Surveillance and Response , 2012,
Abstract: Background: An external evaluation was conducted to assess the performance of the national HIV sentinel surveillance system (HSS), identify operational challenges at national and local levels and provide recommendations for improvement.Methods: The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Updated Guidelines for Evaluating Public Health Surveillance Systems were followed to assess the key attributes of HSS. Comprehensive assessment activities were conducted, including: using a detailed checklist to review surveillance guidelines, protocols and relevant documents; conducting self-administered, anonymous surveys with 286 local China CDC staff; and carrying out field observations in 32 sentinel sites in four provinces.Results: China has built an extensive HSS with 1888 sentinel sites to monitor HIV epidemic trends by population groups over time. The strengths of HSS lie in its flexibility, simplicity, usefulness and increase in coverage in locations and populations. With its rapid expansion in 2010, HSS faces challenges in maintaining acceptability, timeliness, data quality, representativeness and sustainability.Recommendations: Implementation of the national guidelines should be standardized by strengthening training, monitoring and supervision of all staff involved, including community-based organizations. National surveillance guidelines need to be revised to strengthen data quality and representativeness, particularly to include specific instructions on HIV testing result provision, collection of identifying information, sample size and sampling methods particularly for men who have sex with men (MSM), collection of refusal information, and data interpretation. Sustainability of China’s HSS could be strengthened by applying locally tailored surveillance strategies, strengthening coordination and cooperation among government agencies and ensuring financial and human resources.
Variante de Arco Aórtico en Cadáver Humano Aortic Arch Variant in Human Cadaver
Jorge Eduardo Duque Parra,Sanny Lorena Estrada Pantoja,álvaro Montenegro A
International Journal of Morphology , 2012,
Abstract: Se muestra una variante anatómica de arco aórtico proyectado posteriormente hacia la derecha de la tráquea y del esófago que genera en sentido proximal-caudal una arteria carótida común izquierda, una arteria carótida común derecha, una arteria subclavia derecha y finalmente una arteria subclavia izquierda derivada posteriormente de la parte descendente de la aorta. Se muestra igualmente como consecuencia de la variante morfológica disminución del volumen aéreo circulante hacia y desde los bronquios debido a compresión traqueal con reducción de su diámetro. It shows an anatomy variant of the aortic arch projecting to the right of the trachea and esophagus that generated in-flow proximal left common carotid artery, right common carotid artery, right subclavian artery and finally a left subclavian artery subsequently derived from the descending aorta. It also shows involvement of circulating air volume decreased to and from the tracheal bronchus due to compression to reduce its diameter.
Gbit/s Data Transmission on Carbon Fibres
Tobias Flick,Karl-Walter Glitza,G?tz C. Kappen,Peter M?ttig,Judith M?ller,Bernd Sanny
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: Data transmission at the upgraded Large Hadron Collider experiments, foreseen for mid 2020s will be in the multi Gbit/s range per connection for the innermost detector layers. This paper reports on first tests on the possible use of carbon cables for electrical data transmission close to the interaction point. Carbon cables have the potential advantage of being light, having a low activation and easy integration into the detector components close to the interaction point. In these tests commercially available carbon cables were used, in which the filaments had a very thin nickel coating. For these cables data rates beyond 1 Gbit/s over more than 1m with an error rate of less than 10^{-12} could be transmitted. The characteristics of the cables have been measured in terms of S-parameters and could be reproduced with a Spice model. Some outlook on potential further improvements is presented.
Mammalian E-type Cyclins Control Chromosome Pairing, Telomere Stability and CDK2 Localization in Male Meiosis
Laetitia Martinerie equal contributor,Marcia Manterola equal contributor,Sanny S. W. Chung,Sunil K. Panigrahi,Melissa Weisbach,Ana Vasileva,Yan Geng,Peter Sicinski,Debra J. Wolgemuth
PLOS Genetics , 2014, DOI: doi/10.1371/journal.pgen.1004165
Abstract: Loss of function of cyclin E1 or E2, important regulators of the mitotic cell cycle, yields viable mice, but E2-deficient males display reduced fertility. To elucidate the role of E-type cyclins during spermatogenesis, we characterized their expression patterns and produced additional deletions of Ccne1 and Ccne2 alleles in the germline, revealing unexpected meiotic functions. While Ccne2 mRNA and protein are abundantly expressed in spermatocytes, Ccne1 mRNA is present but its protein is detected only at low levels. However, abundant levels of cyclin E1 protein are detected in spermatocytes deficient in cyclin E2 protein. Additional depletion of E-type cyclins in the germline resulted in increasingly enhanced spermatogenic abnormalities and corresponding decreased fertility and loss of germ cells by apoptosis. Profound meiotic defects were observed in spermatocytes, including abnormal pairing and synapsis of homologous chromosomes, heterologous chromosome associations, unrepaired double-strand DNA breaks, disruptions in telomeric structure and defects in cyclin-dependent-kinase 2 localization. These results highlight a new role for E-type cyclins as important regulators of male meiosis.
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