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Brain hypoperfusion in adolescents dependent of multiple drugs
Etchebehere, Elba Cristina Sá de Camargo;Oliveira, Felipe Martins;Amorim, Bárbara Juarez;Serrat, Saulo Monte;Camargo, Edwaldo Eduardo;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2010000200002
Abstract: brain spect imaging (bsi) with statistical parametric mapping (spm) offers a clear and accurate vision of perfusion changes. objective: to study brain perfusion abnormalities in adolescents' dependent of multiple drugs. method: sixteen male patients (15.1±2.1 years) were submitted to 99mtc-hmpao bsi with spm. results: cortical hypoperfusion occurred in 7/16 patients (44%). there was a significant inverse correlation between the number of hypoperfused regions and the patient's age (p= -0.6737; p=0.004) and with the age when the drug dependence began (p= -0.5616; p=0.023). there was also a tendency towards an inverse correlation between regions of hypoperfusion and the duration of the drug dependence. conclusion: bsi with spm can help detect hypoperfusion in adolescents dependent on multiple drugs. the younger the patients, the more regions of hypoperfusion are noted. probably, the neuronal plasticity has an important role in this phenomenon because the highest neural activity occurs in childhood.
Statistical voxel-wise analysis of ictal SPECT reveals pattern of abnormal perfusion in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy
Amorim, Bárbara Juarez;Etchebehere, Elba Cristina Sá de Camargo;Camargo, Edwaldo Eduardo;Rio, Pablo Augusto;Bonilha, Leonardo;Rorden, Chris;Li, Li Min;Cendes, Fernando;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2005000600014
Abstract: objective: to investigate the pattern of perfusion abnormalities in ictal and interictal brain perfusion spect images (bsi) from patients with temporal lobe epilepsy (tle). method: it was acquired interictal and ictal bsi from 24 patients with refractory tle. bsis were analyzed by visual inspection and statistical parametric mapping (spm2). statistical analysis compared the patients group to a control group of 50 volunteers. the images from patients with left-tle were left-right flipped. results: it was not observed significant perfusional differences in interictal scans with spm. ictal bsi in spm analysis revealed hyperperfusion within ipsilateral temporal lobe (epileptogenic focus) and also contralateral parieto-occipital region, ipsilateral posterior cingulate gyrus, occipital lobes and ipsilateral basal ganglia. ictal bsi also showed areas of hypoperfusion. conclusion: in a group analysis of ictal bsi of patients with tle, voxel-wise analysis detects a network of distant regions of perfusional alteration which may play active role in seizure genesis and propagation.
Brain SPECT in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: comparison between visual analysis and SPM
Amorim, Bárbara Juarez;Ramos, Celso Darío;Santos, Allan Oliveira dos;Lima, Mariana da Cunha Lopes de;Min, Li Li;Camargo, Edwaldo Eduardo;Cendes, Fernando;Etchebehere, Elba Cristina Sá de Camargo;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2010000200001
Abstract: objective: to compare the accuracy of spm and visual analysis of brain spect in patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (mtle). method: interictal and ictal spects of 22 patients with mtle were performed. visual analysis were performed in interictal (visual(inter)) and ictal (visual(ictal/inter)) studies. spm analysis consisted of comparing interictal (spm(inter)) and ictal spects (spm(ictal)) of each patient to control group and by comparing perfusion of temporal lobes in ictal and interictal studies among themselves (spm(ictal/inter)). results: for detection of the epileptogenic focus, the sensitivities were as follows: visual(inter)=68%; visual(ictal/inter)=100%; spm(inter)=45%; spm(ictal)=64% and spm(ictal/inter)=77%. spm was able to detect more areas of hyperperfusion and hypoperfusion. conclusion: spm did not improve the sensitivity to detect epileptogenic focus. however, spm detected different regions of hypoperfusion and hyperperfusion and is therefore a helpful tool for better understand pathophysiology of seizures in mtle.
Functional electrical stimulation improves brain perfusion in cranial trauma patients
Amorim, Bárbara Juarez;Santos, Allan de Oliveira;Oberg, Telma Dagmar;Romanato, Juliana;Anjos, Dalton A.;Lima, Mariana da Cunha Lopes de;Ramos, Celso Darío;Honorato, Donizete Cesar;Camargo, Edwaldo Eduardo;Etchebehere, Elba Cristina de Sá Camargo;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2011000500020
Abstract: objective: demonstrate brain perfusion changes due to neuronal activation after functional electrical stimulation (fes). method: it was studied 14 patients with hemiplegia who were submitted to a program with fes during fourteen weeks. brain perfusion spect was performed before and after fes therapy. these patients were further separated into 2 groups according to the hemiplegia cause: cranial trauma and major vascular insults. all spect images were analyzed using spm. results: there was a significant statistical difference between the two groups related to patient's ages and extent of hypoperfusion in the spect. patients with cranial trauma had a reduction in the hypoperfused area and patients with major vascular insult had an increase in the hypoperfused area after fes therapy. conclusion: fes therapy can result in brain perfusion improvement in patients with brain lesions due to cranial trauma but probably not in patients with major vascular insults with large infarct area.
Low sensitivity of three-phase bone scintigraphy for the diagnosis of repetitive strain injury
Amorim, Bárbara Juarez;Etchebehere, Elba Cristina Sá de Camargo;Torre, Graciella Dalla;Lima, Mariana da Cunha Lopes de;Santos, Allan de Oliveira;Ramos, Celso Darío;Gonzalez, Luiz Ricardo;Oliveira, José Inácio;Camargo, Edwaldo Eduardo;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31802006000300007
Abstract: context and objective: the diagnosis of repetitive strain injury (rsi) is subjective and solely based on clinical signs and physical examination. the aim of this paper was to assess the usefulness of three-phase bone scintigraphy (tpbs) in diagnosing rsi. design and setting: prospective study at the division of nuclear medicine, department of radiology, school of medical sciences, universidade estadual de campinas (unicamp). methods: seventy-three patients (mean age 31.2 years; 47 males) with clinical suspicion of rsi in the upper limbs were studied. a total of 127 joints with suspicion of rsi were studied. the shoulders, elbows and wrists were analyzed semi-quantitatively, using the shafts of the humeri and ulnae as references. the results were compared with a control group of 40 normal individuals. the patients? signs and symptoms were used as the "gold standard" for calculating the probabilities. results: from visual analysis, abnormalities were observed in the flow phase for four joints, in the blood pool phase for 11 joints and in the delayed images for 26 joints. visual analysis of the joints of the control group did not show any abnormalities. semi-quantitative analysis showed that most of the patients? joint ratios were normal. the exceptions were the wrists of patients with left-sided rsi (p = 0.0216). however, the sensitivity (9%) and accuracy (41%) were very low. conclusion: tpbs with semi-quantitative analysis has very low sensitivity and accuracy in the detection of rsi abnormalities in the upper limbs.
Laterization of epileptiform discharges in patients with epilepsy and precocious destructive brain insults
Teixeira, Ricardo A.;Li, Li M.;Santos, Sergio L.M.;Amorim, Bárbara J.;Etchebehere, Elba C.S.C.;Zanardi, Ver?nica A.;Guerreiro, Carlos A.M.;Cendes, Fernando;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2004000100001
Abstract: unilateral destructive brain lesions of early development can result in compensatory thickening of the ipsilateral cranial vault. the aim of this study was to determine the frequency of these bone changes among patients with epilepsy and precocious destructive lesions, and whether a relationship exists between these changes and epileptiform discharges lateralization. fifty-one patients had their ictal / interictal scalp eeg and skull thickness symmetry on mri analyzed. patients were divided into three main groups according to the topographic distribution of the lesion on the mri: hemispheric (h) (n=9); main arterial territory (at) (n=25); arterial borderzone (bdz) (n=17). the eeg background activity was abnormal in 26 patients and were more frequent among patients of group h (p= 0.044). thickening of the skull was more frequent among patients of group h (p= 0.004). five patients (9.8%) showed discordant lateralization between epileptiform discharges and structural lesion (four of them with an abnormal background, and only two of them with skull changes). in one of these patients, ictal spect provided strong evidence for scalp eeg false lateralization. the findings suggest that compensatory skull thickening in patients with precocious destructive brain insults are more frequent among patients with unilateral and large lesions. however, eeg lateralization discordance among these patients seems to be more related to eeg background abnormalities and extent of cerebral damage than to skull changes.
Valdés R,Enrique; Pastene S,Carolina; Morales P,Alejandro; Gutiérrez R,Bárbara; Canales P,Ana; Martínez O,Pabla; Juarez D,Guido; Caballero T,Rafael;
Revista chilena de obstetricia y ginecología , 2004, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-75262004000200008
Abstract: streptococcus agalactiae is the main bacterial agent in neonatal sepsis. to avoid the perinatal infection, a vaginal and anal culture in the third trimester is recommended and then treated with antibiotics during labour. the aim of the study was to study the prevalence of streptococcus agalactiae in pregnant patients in university of chile hospital in santiago. the study period was from march 1 to may 31 of 2003. vaginal and anal samples were taken at 35-37 weeks using selective medium (todd hewitt broth). a total of 185 patients were studied and the prevalence of streptococcus was 14,0%
Avalia??o da contratilidade segmentar na doen?a de Chagas utilizando a integral do gradiente intramiocárdico de velocidade (strain miocárdico) obtida pela ecocardiografia com Doppler tecidual
Silva, Carlos Eduardo Suaide;Ferreira, Luiz Darcy Cortez;Peixoto, Luciana Braz;Monaco, Claudia Gianini;Gil, Manuel Adán;Ortiz, Juarez;Ianni, Bárbara Maria;Andrade, José Lázaro;Mathias Júnior, Wilson;Barretto, Ant?nio Carlos Pereira;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2005000400003
Abstract: objective: to quantify the percentage of contractility of different myocardial segments in patients with chagas' disease by measuring myocardial strain and to assess the differences in the radial and longitudinal ventricular contractile function in the undetermined and dilated forms of chronic chagasic cardiomyopathy as compared with those in a group of healthy individuals. methods: the study comprised 39 individuals [20 (51.3%) of the male sex] divided into the following 4 groups: 1) nl: 17 (43.6%) healthy individuals; 2) und: 7 (17.9%) patients with the undetermined form of chagas' disease; 3) c1: 7 (17.9%) patients with the chronic form of chagas' disease with ejection fraction < 50%; and 4) c2: 8 (20.5%) patients with the chronic form of chagas' disease with ejection fraction > 50%. after performing baseline echocardiography, doppler tissue images were recorded to measure myocardial strain in different segments on longitudinal and transversal parasternal, and apical 2- and 4-chamber views. results and conclusion: the percentage of contractility in the different myocardial segments, both the radial and longitudinal components, is greater in healthy individuals than in patients with the chronic form of chagas' disease, and in those with the undetermined form of the disease as compared with that of chronic chagasic patients with ef < 50%. left ventricular radial contractility is greater than left ventricular longitudinal contractility in all groups (nl, und, and chronic). the data presented allow us to propose a progressive character of myocardial impairment in patients with chagas' disease.
Aproximaciones al estudio de las prácticas mortuorias de las sociedades cazadoras-recolectoras del humedal del Paraná
La zaranda de ideas , 2010,
Abstract: the cerro lutz archaeological site, located in the flood plains of southeast of entre ríos, evidences a detailed mortuary record of hunter-gatherer societies of the area. there were found primary and secondary burials in different positions and orientations, differences related to sex and age categories, a continued use of space as a cemetery and an organized distribution of burials. these characteristics classify cerro lutz as a typical formal disposal area, which importance lies in the variety of mortuary practices registered. this work, together with others recently published, reinitiates the systematic analyses of mortuary behaviors in the area
?Poder local versus poder real? Conflictos entre el Cabildo de Córdoba y el Gobernador don Joaquín Espinosa y Dávalos
Aramendi,Bárbara M.;
Andes , 2011,
Abstract: the aim of the present work is to analyze the mechanisms of the colonial administration in a fundamental moment of the political life in the colonial cities, in which the continuation or replacement of the governing elite were dealt with: elections in the cabildo. we propose to study the confrontation arisen because of the elections in the cabildo held in 1772 in cordoba, between the governor joaquín espinosa and the cabildantes of the city. this conflict will allow us to present the relations established by the governor in the local society. on the one hand, negotiation relationships that will permit us to analyze the action of a royal officer who was governing in representation the crown, among other things, by means of relationship networks. on the other one, the causes of his confrontation with the groups that did not support these networks, situation that cannot be avoided in politics, that always leads to a permanent struggle.
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