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Landslide Susceptibility Assessment in Planned Areas Using Geographical Information Systems and AHP Method: The Case of Artvin
Halil Ak?nc?, Aye Yavuzzalp, Sebahat Temu?in K?l??er
Dogal Afetler ve Cevre Dergisi , 2015, DOI: 10.21324/dacd.20952
Abstract: Artvin is one of the leading provinces in Turkey where landslides occur most frequently. There have been many landslides characterized as natural disaster recorded across the province. The areas susceptible to landslides in Artvin should be identified in order to ensure people's safety, to take the necessary measures for reducing any devastating effects of landslides and to make proper decisions for land use. In this study, using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, the landslide susceptibility map was produced for the area where the zoning plan of Artvin’s central municipality is based on. Parameters including lithology, altitude, slope, aspect, and proximity to the stream were used in landslide susceptibility analysis. In the evaluations, it was determined that 15% of the study area had a very high, 25.52% high, 28.95% moderate, 18.77% low, and 11.76% very low degrees in respect to landslide susceptibility. In addition, the administrative boundaries of the settlement units within the research area along with the building blocks in the current zoning plan were superimposed with the produced susceptibility map in order to determine the landslide susceptibility of both the building blocks and the settlement units. Accordingly, it was established that ?aml?k and Balc?o?lu neighborhoods along with over 50% of the lands in Seyitler Village and approximately 68% of the building blocks were susceptible to landslides at very high and high degrees.
The effect of heparin on the cell cycle in human B-lymphoblasts: An in vitro study
Aye Aksoy,Erol Erduran,Yavuz Tekelio?lu,Mehmet Mutlu
Turkish Journal of Hematology , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: Heparin has been shown to be a strong inhibitor of the proliferation of several cell types. In this in vitro study, we investigated whether different heparin concentrations can affect the cell cycle of lymphoblasts in newly diagnosed acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients.Materials and Methods: Lymphoblasts were incubated in different heparin concentrations (0, 10, 20 U/ml), and the percentages of lymphoblasts in each phase of the cell cycle were simultaneously measured by flow cytometry at 0, 1, and 2 hours (h).Results: The percentages of lymphoblasts at the G2/M and S phases were significantly increased in 20 U/ml heparin concentration at 1 h compared to 0 U/ml (without heparin) concentration. We demonstrated that heparin increases the percentages of lymphoblasts in the S and G2/M phases in a concentration- and time-dependent manner.Conclusion: It was shown that heparin expands the proliferation of lymphoblasts by increasing the transition to G2/M and S phases and the S-phase fraction ratio. Heparin thus appears promising for its contribution to new treatment fields such as by providing a synergistic effect with chemotherapeutic drugs.
The effect of smoking on the response to raloxifene treatment in postmenopausal osteoporosis
Sava? Erdem,Aye Filiz Yavuz Av?ar,Hüseyin Levent Keskin,Gülin Feykan Ye?in Ak?ay
Journal of Clinical and Experimental Investigations , 2012,
Abstract: Objectives: The aim of this study was to examine the effectof smoking on the efficacy of raloxifene treatment inpostmenopausal osteoporosis.Materials and methods: In this cross-sectional study,raloxifene HCl (60 mg/day) and 600 mg ionized calcium+ 400 IU vitamin D/day treatment were given to 63 cases(nonsmoker group n= 39, smoker group n= 24), who werein the postmenopausal period and detected as having osteoporosis.At the end of the first year of the treatment, thebone mineral densities (BMDs; g/cm2) were measured atfour regions, namely the femur neck, femur trochanter, totalhip, and lumbar vertebrae between L1-4, and T-scoreswere determined. The changes in BMDs were comparedbetween the two groups.Results: Before starting the treatment, the mean ages(55.8 ± 3.3 vs. 53.0 ± 1.3 years), menopausal ages (49.3± 2.9 vs. 48.1 ± 2.1 years), postmenopausal periods (5.0± 1.3 vs. 7.0 ± 1.4 years), body mass indexes, and estradiollevels were found to be significantly not differentbetween the two groups (p > 0.05). At the beginning oftreatment, the BMD values were not different for all measuredregions in both groups (p > 0.05). At the end of thefirst year of the treatment, statistically significant improvementsin BMD values and T-scores were detected for allmeasured regions in the nonsmoker group (p < 0.05).However, there were no significant differences in theBMD values from the initial values in the smoker groupafter treatment (p > 0.05).Conclusions: The treatment efficacy of raloxifene in improvingBMD values in postmenopausal osteoporosis isnegatively influenced by smoking. J Clin Exp Invest 2012;3(4): 457-462Key words: Raloxifene, postmenopausal osteoporosis,smoking
Does Left Ventricular Function on Echocardiography at Rest and Exercise Predict Recoarctation in Children with Postoperative Coarctation of Aorta ?
Naci ?ner,Kemal Ni?li,Taner Yavuz,Aye Y?ld?r?m
Ko?uyolu Kalp Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate ventricular performance before and after exercise in children who had surgically repaired coarctation of aorta (CoA) by using two dimensional, M- mode and Doppler echocardiography and to determine whether this method can be used for identifying recoarctation in comparison to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Design: We studied on 24 patients who were operated for CoA previously and compared with 24 healthy controls. Blood pressure monitoring, echocardiographies at rest and after exercise and MRI of aortic arc were performed. Patients having had ≥ 30 % of isthmic stenosis on MRI was diagnosed as recoarctation. The patient group were divided as Group A (patient without recoarctation) and Group B (patients with recoarctation) and were compared. Results: We found that 8 of 24 patients had recoarctation on MRI. Physical examination and echocardiographic evaluation revealed that hypertension on the right arm at rest, systolic and diastolic hypotension on the left leg after exercise, increased values of ejection fraction, fractioned shortening and aortic gradient on exercise may predict more than 30 % narrowing of the aortic isthmus. Conclusion: These findings can be useful as predictors for recoarctation.
Detection of oseltamivir-resistant influenza A (H1N1) viruses with H274Y mutation during the 2007 - 2008 influenza season in Turkey
Ahmet ?arhan,Nurhan Albayrak,Aye Ba?ak Alta?,Yavuz Uyar
Türk Hijyen ve Deneysel Biyoloji Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: Objective: In the beginning of the 2007-2008 influenza season in Northern Hemisphere, the frequency of influenza A (H1N1) viruses bearing a previously defined oseltamivir resistance increased dramatically. This is conferring to the amino acid exchange from histidine to tyrosine at position 274 (H274Y) in neuraminidase (NA) gene. The overall frequency of oseltamivir resistance in influenza A (H1N1) strains in Europe was reported as being 25%. Although it varied between countries, it was shown that the highest percentage was in Norway (67%), and the lowest was in Spain (2%). In this study, it was aimed to evaluate the oseltamivir resistance in influenza A H1N1 isolates from Turkey during the 2007-2008 influenza season.Method: During November 2007 – May 2008, 20 samples were randomly selected between 73 influenza A (H1N1) positive samples detected with real-time RT- PCR in National Influenza Center (NIC) of Refik Saydam National Public Health Agency (RSNPHA). To detect such resistant viruses in Turkey, an RT-PCR assay was performed targeting amino acid position at 274 in NA gene of H1N1 influenza strain to investigate the presence or absence of histidine to tyrosine mutation.The NA genes of influenza, viruses were sequenced. The presence of resistance was inferred by comparison with published sequences and known resistant mutations.Results:In our study, the histidine (H) to tyrosine (Y) substitution at position 274 (275 in N1 numbering) of the NA gene was evaluated. The change indicating resistance to oseltamivir was observed in two isolates of the total 20 influenza A (H1N1) strains (10%). The partial sequence analysis results of NA segments were submitted to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) GenBank with accession numbers GQ369800, GQ369799, GQ369798.Conclusion: Resistance to neuraminidase inhibitors was determined by NA gene sequencing in the isolates of A/H1N1 strains taken from central and eastern parts of Turkey by monitoring the presence of H274Y oseltamivir-resistant in 2008.
Prenatal Diagnosis of Chronic Granulomatous Disease in a Male Fetus
M. Yavuz K?ker,Aye Metin,Tuba T ?zgür,Martin de Boer
Iranian Journal Of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology , 2009,
Abstract: Mutations in any of four known NADPH-oxidase components lead to CGD. X-linked CGD (X-CGD) is caused by defects in CYBB, the gene that encodes gp91-phox. Autosomal recessive (AR) CGD is caused by defects in the genes for p47 phox, p22-phox or p67-phox. The aim of this study was to screen the molecular defect in the fetus of an X-CGD carrier mother and postnatal confirmation of the results. In a family whose first-born child died from X-CGD, fetal DNA was obtained from an ongoing pregnancy by chorionic villus sampling (CVS). Direct sequencing was used to detect the previously identified CYBB gene mutation. The NADPH oxidase activity in the neutrophils from the carrier mother and from the newborn was analyzed by the DHR assay. Our studies predicted that the fetus in question was not affected by chronic granulomatous disease, which was demonstrated to be correct at birth. For prenatal screening in a pregnant X-CGD carrier, direct sequencing is a good method for detecting the mutation in the fetal DNA. Postnatal confirmation of results with the DHR assay is more practical than mutation screening to show whether the newborn have normal NADPH oxidase activity or does not.
Metaphors: The Elementary School Teacher Candidates Come Up with Relation to the Concept of “Drama”  [PDF]
Aye Menti? Ta?
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.47063

The purpose of this study is to uncover the perceptions of the elementary school teacher candidates who have related to the concept of “drama” through metaphors. The study group consisted of 129 third-year students taking the “Drama” course during the fall semester of the 2012-2013 academic year in the Department of Elementary School Teaching of Necmettin Erbakan University’s Faculty of Education. 66 of the teacher candidates, who participated in the study, were females and the 63 of them were males. The data of the study was obtained by students completing the sentence of “Drama is like… because…”. To do this, the teacher candidates were given a blank sheet of paper with the aforementioned sentence written at the top of the paper and were asked to express their thoughts by using that statement and by concentrating on only one metaphor. During the analysis of the data, frequency, percentage calculations and content analysis which is a qualitative method, were used. The process of analyzing and interpreting the metaphors developed by the teacher candidates was carried in five phases: (1) naming stage, (2) screening and clarifying phase, (3) compiling and category development phase, (4) proving the validity and reliability phase, (5) transferring the data into the computer. According to the findings of the study, the teacher candidates developed 30 valid metaphors related to the concept of “Drama”. These metaphors were then grouped under five different conceptual categories after examining them in terms of common characteristics.

Sustainability in Drama  [PDF]
Aye Okvuran
Creative Education (CE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2014.519191
Abstract: Cultural sustainability is a very important concept. Drama can be considered in the area of cultural sustainability as well. Throughout the history of Turkish education, learning drama gained importance both in educational sciences as a teaching method and in arts education. The years of 1980s-1990s-2000s-2010s can be accepted as appropriate years to analyze the sustainability of drama. The purposes of this study are to obtain opinions of experts coming from different decades; to conduct interviews; to investigate how the transitions occurred among those decades and the reasons of this sustainability. In this qualitative research, data will be collected through semi-structured interviews and document analysis techniques. Participants will be chosen from four different decades.
Psychometric Properties of Turkish Version of Childhood Trauma Questionnaire among Adolescents with Gender Differences  [PDF]
Aye Rezan,e?en Erogul
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2012.310138
Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the psychometric properties of the Turkish version of Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ) and its subscales among adolescents. The participants consisted of 1275 high school students (14 - 19 years) with a mean age of 16.33 (SD = 1.01). The confirmatory factor analysis has revealed that CTQ has three subscale (physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse). Cronbach’s alpha for the total scale was .91, for physical abuse .84, for emotional abuse .89, for sexaul abuse .70. The test-retest correlation coefficient for the total score (n = 65) was .81, for physical abuse .82, for emotional abuse .80, and sexual abuse .75 at 3 weeks indicating adequate reliability. Discriminant validity was satisfactory. The results of the study have shown that the Turkish version of CTQ psychometrically sound among high school students.
Zoster Paralysis Secondary to Different Parts of Peripheral Nervous System
Ay?egül GüNDüZ,Derya YAVUZ,Nurten UZUN
N?ropsikiyatri Ar?ivi , 2012,
Abstract: In herpes zoster, motor complications are seen very rarely. Paresis of relevant muscles may develop secondary to involvement of the spinal cord, cervical, dorsal or lumbar anterior radices, brachial plexus, sciatic nerve and the phrenic nerve. Here, to increase the awareness of motor complications, we aimed to present 3 cases of herpes zoster motor paralysis in the light of literature. (Archives of Neuropsychiatry 2012; 49: 314-316)

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