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Oestrogen deficiency modulates particle-induced osteolysis
Christophe Nich, Jean Langlois, Arnaud Marchadier, Catherine Vidal, Martine Cohen-Solal, Hervé Petite, Moussa Hamadouche
Arthritis Research & Therapy , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/ar3381
Abstract: Polyethylene (PE) particles were implanted onto the calvaria of normal controls, sham-ovariectomized (OVX), OVX mice and OVX mice supplemented with oestrogen (OVX+E). After 14 days, seven skulls per group were analyzed using a high-resolution micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) and histomorphometry, and for tartrate-specific alkaline phosphatase. Five calvariae per group were cultured for the assay of IL-1β, IL-6, TNF-α and receptor activator of the nuclear factor κB (RANKL) secretion using quantitative ELISA. Serum IL-6 concentrations were obtained. The expression of RANKL and osteoprotegerin (OPG) mRNA were evaluated using real-time PCR.As assessed by μCT and by histomorphometry, PE particles induced extensive bone resorption and an intense inflammatory reaction in normal controls, sham-OVX and OVX+E mice, but not in the OVX mice group. In normal controls, sham-OVX and OVX+E mice, PE particles induced an increase in serum IL-6, in TNF-α and RANKL local concentrations, and resulted in a significant increase in RANKL/OPG messenger RNA (mRNA) ratio. Conversely, these parameters remained unchanged in OVX mice after PE implantation.Oestrogen privation in the osteolysis murine model ultimately attenuated osteolytic response to PE particles, suggesting a protective effect. This paradoxical phenomenon was associated with a down-regulation of pro-resorptive cytokines. It is hypothesized that excessive inflammatory response was controlled, illustrated by the absence of increase of serum IL-6 in OVX mice after PE implantation.Aseptic loosening of total joint replacements develops as a consequence of periprosthetic osteolysis, caused by a macrophage-mediated inflammatory reaction [1,2]. Although it is well established that generation of polyethylene (PE) particles by the bearing couple is correlated with the risk for revision due to aseptic loosening [3], great variations in the degree of osteolysis are sometimes observed in clinical practice. This suggests that patient-rela
Arts and Scholastic Performance  [PDF]
Arnaud Cabanac
Creative Education (CE) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2017.815163
Abstract: Pleasant environmental music during an academic test helped students to overcome stress. As a result the grades they obtained were higher. It was also demonstrated that students selecting music as optional course performed better, than music-less control students over three consecutive years. Yet, there remained ambiguities as for the causes of the higher test performance of these students. Our study confirmed a Mozart effect, and further showed a latency of two to three years for such a positive influence to take place, suggesting that it is the practice of music itself that helps cognition. We showed also that other art courses, when freely chosen, have similar positiveinfluences on students’ performances, illustrating that the principles of learning are linked to hedonism and to will effort in a more general manner.
Dissociation between Performances in Water Maze and Spontaneous Alternation in BALB/C versus A/J Mice  [PDF]
Julien Celestine, Arnaud Tanti, Arnaud Aubert
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2012.22018
Abstract: Learning processes are extensively studied in behavioral neuroscience. As experimental models, Morris Water Maze (MWM) and Spontaneous Alternation (SA) represent two of the most frequently used laboratory tests to respectively address spatial vs non-spatial tasks. Several factors have been shown to impact on those learning, including strain, gender, apparatus, conditioning, vision, lighting conditions and stress level. In order to focus on the later, we compared the acquisition of two learning tasks (MWM and SA) in BALB/c and A/J mice, which are known as fearful and stress-sensitive strains. Here, we report that BALB/c mice exhibited higher performances than A/J mice in the MWM (i.e. spatial reference memory task), whereas A/J mice performed better in the SA (i.e. spatial working memory task). These results indicate dissociated processes in the acquisition of spatial vs non-spatial tasks, and emphasize a varying influence of emotional reactivity on different forms of cognition.
Development and evaluation of a building energy model integrated in the TEB scheme
B. Bueno, G. Pigeon, L. K. Norford, K. Zibouche,C. Marchadier
Geoscientific Model Development (GMD) & Discussions (GMDD) , 2012, DOI: 10.5194/gmd-5-433-2012
Abstract: The use of air-conditioning systems is expected to increase as a consequence of global-scale and urban-scale climate warming. In order to represent future scenarios of urban climate and building energy consumption, the Town Energy Balance (TEB) scheme must be improved. This paper presents a new building energy model (BEM) that has been integrated in the TEB scheme. BEM-TEB makes it possible to represent the energy effects of buildings and building systems on the urban climate and to estimate the building energy consumption at city scale (~10 km) with a resolution of a neighbourhood (~100 m). The physical and geometric definition of buildings in BEM has been intentionally kept as simple as possible, while maintaining the required features of a comprehensive building energy model. The model considers a single thermal zone, where the thermal inertia of building materials associated with multiple levels is represented by a generic thermal mass. The model accounts for heat gains due to transmitted solar radiation, heat conduction through the enclosure, infiltration, ventilation, and internal heat gains. BEM allows for previously unavailable sophistication in the modelling of air-conditioning systems. It accounts for the dependence of the system capacity and efficiency on indoor and outdoor air temperatures and solves the dehumidification of the air passing through the system. Furthermore, BEM includes specific models for passive systems, such as window shadowing devices and natural ventilation. BEM has satisfactorily passed different evaluation processes, including testing its modelling assumptions, verifying that the chosen equations are solved correctly, and validating the model with field data.
Analysis of the railway heave induced by soil swelling at a site in southern France
Anh-Minh Tang,Yu-Jun Cui,Viet-Nam Trinh,Yahel Szerman,Gilles Marchadier
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.enggeo.2009.03.002
Abstract: In order to better understand the heave observed on the railway roadbed of the French high-speed train (TGV) at Chabrillan in southern France, the swelling behaviour of the involved expansive clayey marl taken from the site by coring was investigated. The aim the study is to analyse the part of heave induced by the soil swelling. First, the swell potential was determined by flooding the soil specimen in an oedometer under its in-situ overburden stress. On the other hand, in order to assess the swell induced by the excavation undertaken during the construction of the railway, a second method was applied. The soil was first loaded to its in situ overburden stress existing before the excavation. It was then flooded and unloaded to its current overburden stress (after the excavation). The swell induced by this unloading was considered. Finally, the experimental results obtained were analyzed, together with the results from other laboratory tests performed previously and the data collected from the field monitoring. This study allowed estimating the heave induced by soil swelling. Subsequently, the part of heave due to landslide could be estimated which corresponds to the difference between the monitored heave and the swelling heave.
Criatividade, comunica??o e produ??o do saber
Sales, Arnaud;
Sociologias , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-45222008000100003
Abstract: knowledge production is a key element of the dynamics of contemporary societies that until now have been based on uneven levels of scientific and professional knowledge. the aim of this work is to understand, from a sociological point of view, the various aspects of the relationship between creativity, communication and knowledge production, starting from the following questions: what is the role of communication in the elaboration of discoveries or intellectual advances? what is the role of individuals and networks in these advances? and finally, what are the characteristics, especially the communicational ones, of the more creative institutions? the text is based on the works of philippe breton (communication and the status of knowledge), randal collins (network creativity), rogers hollingsworth (cognitive complexity, institutional diversity, quality of the research environment in terms of scientific exchange and discussion). these questions are not restricted to a strictly academic debate. they are also directly related to the practices of research environments, professors-researchers and students of master’s and doctor’s degree.
Um candomblé na Bélgica: tra?os etnográficos de tentativa de instala??o e suas dificuldades
Halloy, Arnaud;
Revista de Antropologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-77012004000200004
Abstract: in this article, i propose to go through some difficulties encountered in a setting up attempt of a candomblé (afro-brasilian cult) in belgium. my analysis will propose three main categories of problems: situations undermining the legitimation of the cult's chief and the respect of some ritual constraints; various "adaptation" attempts to human and material resources available; difficulties of learning some categories of knowledge that are not based on a linguistic formulation. to focus in this study on problematic situations does not aim to drow a chaotic picture of a "disrooted" cult but to account ethnographicaly for the dynamic and the multi-facial and builded characteristics of religious experience.
Les réseaux négociants de trois maisons huguenotes de Cadix, à la fin du xviiie siècle : des réseaux languedociens, protestants ou fran ais ?
Arnaud Bartolomei
Liame : Histoire et Histoire de l’Art des époques Moderne et Contemporaine de l’Europe Méditerranéenne et de ses Périphéries , 2012,
Abstract: Dans le dernier tiers du xviiie siècle, pour faire leur commerce, les négociants fran ais de Cadix – le port qui servait de tête de pont au commerce colonial espagnol – s’appuyaient sur deux types de réseaux marchands : d’une part, des correspondants résidant en Europe, qui leur fournissaient les biens manufacturés recherchés sur les marchés américains et qui recevaient, en échange, les piastres et autres denrées coloniales que les cargadores leur rapportaient en retour ; d’autre part, de...
Le multilinguisme, un atout pour le fran ais au Danemark
Arnaud Sgambato
Synergies Pays Scandinaves , 2011,
L'affectivité et le comportement non verbal en classe de langue étrangère
Christine Arnaud
Synergies Espagne , 2008,
Abstract: Nous abordons dans cet article les aspects affectifs dansl’enseignement/apprentissage des langues étrangères et nous nous intéressonsplus précisément aux comportements non verbaux des apprenants et desenseignants. Nos réflexions sont basées sur la thèse de doctorat (Arnaud,1999) intitulée : Les enseignants et les apprenants en classe de langueétrangère. étude des aspects affectifs , et sur une étude postérieureconcernant les interactions en classe de langue. Des marqueurs non verbauxliés à des paramètres tels que l’implication, l’extraversion, le fait de sesentir à l’aise en classe, la cohésion de groupe et l’adhésion au professeur,sont décrits sur la base de nombreuses heures de classe filmées. Le r lenotamment du regard, du silence, du rire, de l’expression faciale, de certainsgestes, certaines postures est décrit et analysé, parallèlement aux jugementsémis par les apprenants au début et à l’issue du cours.
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