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Influence of photopolymerization light source on enamel shear bond strength after bleaching
Loretto, Sandro Cordeiro;Braz, Rodivan;Lyra, Arine Maria Víveros de Castro;Lopes, Luís Mário;
Brazilian Dental Journal , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-64402004000200009
Abstract: this study evaluated the influence of 3 different photopolymerization sources on enamel shear bond strength after bleaching with 10% carbamide peroxide. seventy-two incisive bovine teeth were randomly divided into 6 groups (n=12) according to bleaching treatment and photopolymerization source used: g1 - bleached / halogen lamp; g2 - not bleached / halogen lamp (control); g3 - bleached / light-emitting diodes (led); g4 - not bleached / light-emitting diodes (led) (control); g5 - bleached / xenon plasma arc; g6 - not bleached / xenon plasma arc (control). experimental groups were exposed to bleaching agent for a period of 14 days, with a daily contact of 4 h and then stored in artificial saliva at 37oc. control groups were stored in artificial saliva at 37oc for same period of bleaching treatment. procedures for bonding composite resin to enamel were carried out according to manufacturer instructions. after storage in distilled water at 37oc for 24 hours, all samples were submitted to shear bond strength test. g2 had the highest mean value (14.86 mpa) while g5 had the lowest (12.32 mpa). the comparison of groups by 2-way anova showed that there were no significant differences for either of the factors considered in this study (bleaching and photopolymerization source), hence the interaction between these factors. it was therefore possible to conclude that neither enamel bleaching nor the photopolymerization source used had any influence on enamel shear bond strength.
Social Comparisons on Self-Perception and Mate Preferences: The Self and the Others  [PDF]
Felipe Nalon Castro, Wallisen Tadashi Hattori, Maria Emília Yamamoto, Fívia de Araújo Lopes
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.57080

This study aimed to investigate the effect of social comparison on self-perception and mate preferences. For this purpose, 225 undergraduate student participants provided their self-perception before and after evaluating descriptions of stimuli subjects specifically developed with high or low levels of physical, social and status related attributes. Participants also provided a description of their ideal short- and long-term partner. We hypothesized that self-evaluations and mate preferences change in response to exposure to competitors with different levels of reproductively relevant attributes. Results indicated that individuals were aware of the characteristics valued by the opposite-gender in the mating market and that self-evaluation was affected by the attributes of other people. No effect of social comparison on mate preferences was observed. These findings advance our understanding of the mate selection process by contributing more evidence that one’s own perceptions of mate value seem to be affected by the values of other individuals. Attention to the reproductively relevant attributes of others can help individuals optimize the time and energy invested in mate selection and determine the mating tactic most appropriate to a specific social environment.

Glycine supplementation reduces the severity of chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis in hamsters  [PDF]
Odara Maria de Sousa Sá, Nilza Nelly Fontana Lopes, Maria Teresa Seixas Alves, Rajesh V. Lalla, Maria Luiza Vilela Oliva, Eliana Maria Monteiro Caran
Natural Science (NS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2013.59118

Objective: Oral mucositis (OM) is a devastating toxicity associated with cytotoxic cancer therapy. The OM pathogenesis and the complex interactions occur in response to tissue insult. Application of this evolving model has aided in the development of mechanistically based therapies for the prevention and treatment of mucositis. The present study was to assess the effects of glycine supplementation on chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis. Methods: In a hamster cheek pouch model of chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis, one group of 20 animals received systemic glycine supplementation for 7 days, while another similar control group did not. Clinical mucositis severity and neutrophil infiltrate (on histology) were assessed by blinded examiners. Free radical production was measured as malondialdehyde (MDA) levels. Results: As compared to control animals, glycine-treated animals demonstrated a highly significant reduction in clinical severity of oral mucositis, neutrophil infiltrate, and MDA levels (p < 0.001 for all). Conclusions: Glycine supplementation reduces the severity of chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis in an animal model. This effect is at least partly mediated through inhibition of the inflammatory response and reduced production of damaging free radicals.

Geometric and dimensional characteristics of simulated curved canals prepared with proTaper instruments
Martins, Renata de Castro;Bahia, Maria Guiomar de Azevedo;Buono, Vicente Tadeu Lopes;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572010000100009
Abstract: objective: this study identified which regions of protaper instruments work during curved root canal instrumentation. material and methods: twelve protaper instruments of each type, s1, s2, f1, and f2, were assessed morphometrically by measuring tip angle, tip length, tip diameter, length of each pitch along the cutting blades, and instrument diameter at each millimeter from the tip. curved canals in resin blocks were explored with manual stainless steel files and prepared with protaper instruments until the apical end following four distinct sequences of instrumentation: s1; s1 and s2; s1, s2, and f1; s1, s2, f1, and f2. image analysis was employed for measuring canal diameters. the diameters of the canals and diameters of the instruments were compared. data were analyzed by one-way anova and tukey's test. results: no statistically significant difference was found between the canals and instrument diameters (p>0.05). the largest diameters in the end-point of the instrumented canals were obtained with f1 and f2 instruments and in the initial and middle thirds with s1 and s2 instruments. conclusions: all instruments worked at the tip and along their cutting blades, being susceptible to fail by torsion, fatigue, or the combination of these two mechanisms.
Comportamento alimentar neonatal
Souza, Sandra Lopes de;Castro, Raul Manh?es de;Nogueira, Maria Inês;
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Materno Infantil , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-38292003000300002
Abstract: feeding behavior suffers intense changes during lactation. several studies describe the necessary changes in behavior involved in the feeding pattern of newborns. the control of this behavior also depicts physiological adjustment through lactation, changing from a pre-absorptive pattern in earlier stages to a post-absorptive pattern close to weaning. because of these changes this state is vulnerable to environmental aggressions that could influence the establishment of feeding standards associated to pathologies in adult life.
Comportamento alimentar neonatal
Souza Sandra Lopes de,Castro Raul Manh?es de,Nogueira Maria Inês
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Materno Infantil , 2003,
Abstract: Durante o período de aleitamento, aspectos do comportamento alimentar sofrem intensa transforma o. Vários estudos descrevem, do nascimento ao desmame, as modifica es nas a es comportamentais necessárias para aquisi o do alimento pelo neonato. O controle desse comportamento também apresenta ajustes fisiológicos através da lacta o, mudando de um padr o pré-absortivo, em período precoce, para pós-absortivo, próximo ao desmame. Devido a essas transforma es, esse período torna-se vulnerável a agress es ambientais que podem influenciar o estabelecimento de padr es alimentares que estar o associados a patologias na vida adulta.
Ortodontia como atividade de meio ou resultado?
Lopes, Erivaldo Ferreira;Ferrer, Kátia J. Novello;Almeida, Maria Helena Castro de;Almeida, Renato Castro de;
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-54192008000600005
Abstract: this study presents orthodontics as a support activity, approaching professional obligations and ways to avoid and defend against legal action. a considerable part of litigation between patients and orthodontists results from the mistaken fact, which still persists, that many scholars regard orthodontics as a core activity. in reality, its practice is subjected to factors that characterize it as a support activity. orthodontics must be, therefore, regarded as a support obligation, whereupon the professional has the obligation to make use of all means possible to meet the patient's expectations - without, however, having the obligation to achieve the idealized result. the orthodontist must be made responsible only upon acts of imprudence, negligence, malpractice, or in the case of false advertising. in order to avoid litigation, orthodontists must have good professional conduct, registering and filing all stages of the treatment, performing differential diagnostics, based on individual characteristics, and adequately choosing the treatment plan.
Análise TG-ROC de testes de imunofluorescência no diagnóstico de leishmaniose visceral canina
Silva,Rita Maria da; Laurenti,Márcia Dalastra; Gomes,Almério de Castro; Nogueira,Yeda Lopes;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89102009005000063
Abstract: objective: to analyze the accuracy of the diagnosis of two protocols of indirect immunofluorescence assays for canine visceral leishmaniasis. methods: dogs from the seroepidemiological survey conducted in an endemic area of the cities of ara?atuba and andradina, in northwestern s?o paulo state, in 2003, and in a non-endemic area of the metropolitan region of s?o paulo, were used to assess two protocols of indirect immunofluorescence assay (ifa) for leishmaniasis: one using a leishmania major heterologous antigen (ifa-bm) and another using a leishmania chagasi homologous antigen (ifa-ch). two-graph receiver operating characteristic (tg-roc) analysis was used to estimate accuracy. tg-roc analysis compared 1:20 dilution readings of the homologous antigen (ifa-ch), considered as reference test, with ifa-bm dilutions (heterologous antigen). results: the 1:20 dilution used in the ifa-ch test showed the best contingency coefficient (0.755) and the highest strength of association between the two variables studied (chi-square=124.3). thus, it was considered the test reference dilution in comparisons with different ifa-bm test dilutions. the best ifa-bm results were obtained from 1:40 dilutions with the best contingency coefficient (0.680) and highest strength of association (chi-square=80.8). with the change in the cut-off point, recommended for the ifa-bm 1:40 dilution in this analysis, the specificity parameter value rose from 57.5% to 97.7%, even though the 1:80 dilution showed the best sensitivity estimate (80.2%), with the new cut-off point. conclusions: tg-roc analysis can provide important information about diagnostic tests, in addition to offering suggestions on cut-off points that can improve test sensitivity and specificity estimates and assessing these tests in terms of the best cost-benefit ratio.
Potencial de linhagens de popula es locais de milho pipoca para síntese de híbridos
Bragantia , 2000,
Abstract: Médias dos principais caracteres agron micos de top crosses foram utilizadas para avalia o do potencial de 82 linhagens da variedade de milho pipoca Guarani e 27 da variedade IAC-64 para síntese de híbridos, utilizando-se como testador um híbrido simples de linhagens da variedade South American Mushroom (SAM). Os top crosses foram distribuídos nos experimentos I, II e III, sendo desenvolvidos em 1996/97, respectivamente, em dois, quatro e um local, totalizando seis no Estado de S o Paulo e um em Minas Gerais. Foram avaliados quanto aos seguintes caracteres: altura da planta (AP) e da espiga (AE), número de espigas por planta (NE), porcentagem de espigas doentes (ED), produtividade de gr os (PG) e capacidade de expans o (CE). Houve maior contribui o das linhagens da popula o IAC-64 para redu o de AP e AE e aumento de CE, enquanto as da popula o Guarani contribuíram para aumento de PG, NE e diminui o de ED. Em rela o às testemunhas Zélia e Composto USA, a maioria dos top crosses apresentou médias superiores para PG, NE, AP e AE, ao passo que, para CE, alguns foram superiores ao híbrido Zélia e equivalentes ao Composto USA. Com respeito à ED, as testemunhas foram mais suscetíveis que os top crosses. De modo geral, conclui-se que as linhagens das variedades Guarani e IAC-64 apresentam alto potencial para síntese de híbridos com o testador IAC HS SAM. Evidenciou-se também que híbridos triplos de milho pipoca de alta produtividade e qualidade podem ser obtidos do cruzamento de linhagens das variedades Guarani e IAC-64, com o referido testador.
Basic human needs affected for arterial hypertension and Lifestyle
Maria Euridéa de Castro,Vera Maria da Concei??o Lopes de Sousa,Maysa Oliveira Rolim,Gleudson Alves Xavier
Revista Brasileira em Promo??o da Saúde , 2003,
Abstract: Knowing that hypertension is a chronic disease, in which the individual may have his basic needs changed, resulting in having to learn to deal with a new life-style, we considered it appropriate to study this theme. It was designed to identify the affected basic needs and to discover the influence of life-style and of hypertension in alteration of those needs. The study is a descriptive-exploratory, accomplished at the Campus of a State Public University in Fortaleza – Ceará, Brazil. This study used as an instrument of data collection in the interview route the “Theory of Basic Human Needs” by Wanda Horta. The sample of this study consists of 30 employees of the university restaurent that answered a questionair.The study used a quantitative methodology and the speechs were classified in thematic units according to Bardin. The balance of those needs was focused, which is important for the blood pressure control, emphasizing sleep, rest, nutrition, socioeconomic condition and physical health.
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