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Higher toxicity with 42 Gy in 10 fractions as a total dose for 3D-conformal accelerated partial breast irradiation: results from a dose escalation phase II trial
Bourgier Celine,Acevedo-Henao Catalina,Dunant Ariane,Rossier Christine
Radiation Oncology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1748-717x-7-141
Abstract: Objective Recent recommendations regarding indications of accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) have been put forward for selected breast cancer (BC) patients. However, some treatment planning parameters, such as total dose, are not yet well defined. The Institut Gustave Roussy has initiated a dose escalation trial at the 40 Gy/10 fractions/5 days and at a further step of total dose (TD) of 42 Gy/10 fractions/ 5 days. Here, we report early results of the latest step compared with the 40 Gy dose level. Methods and materials From October 2007 to March 2010, a total of 48 pT1N0 BC patients were enrolled within this clinical trial: 17 patients at a TD of 42 Gy/10f/5d and 31 at a TD of 40 Gy/10f/5d. Median follow-up was 19 months (min-max, 12–26). All the patients were treated by APBI using a technique with 2 minitangents and an “enface” electrons delivering 20% of the total dose. Toxicities were systematically assessed at 1; 2; 6 months and then every 6 months. Results Patients’ recruitment of 42 Gy step was ended owing to persistent grade 3 toxicity 6 months after APBI completion (n = 1). Early toxicities were statistically higher after a total dose of 42 Gy regarding grade ≥2 dry (p = 0.01) and moist (p = 0.05) skin desquamation. Breast pain was also statistically higher in the 42 Gy step compared to 40 Gy step (p = 0.02). Other late toxicities (grade ≥2 fibrosis and telangectasia) were not statistically different between 42 Gy and 40 Gy. Conclusions Early toxicities were more severe and higher rates of late toxicities were observed after 42 Gy/10 fractions/5 days when compared to 40 Gy/10 fractions/5 days. This data suggest that 40 Gy/10 fractions/ 5 days could potentially be the maximum tolerance for PBI although longer follow-up is warranted to better assess late toxicities.
3D-conformal Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation treatment planning: the value of surgical clips in the delineation of the lumpectomy cavity
Maia Dzhugashvili, Elodie Tournay, Charlotte Pichenot, Ariane Dunant, Eduardo Pessoa, Adel Khallel, Sébastien Gouy, Catherine Uzan, Jean-Rémy Garbay, Fran?oise Rimareix, Marc Spielmann, Philippe Vielh, Hugo Marsiglia, Céline Bourgier
Radiation Oncology , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1748-717x-4-70
Abstract: Forty CT-based 3D-APBI plans were retrieved on which a total of 4 radiation oncologists, two trainee and two experienced physicians, outlined the lumpectomy cavity. The inter-observer variability of LC contouring was assessed when the CTV was defined as the delineation that encompassed both surgical clips and remodelled breast tissue.The conformity index of tumour bed delineation was significantly improved by the placement of surgical clips within the LC (median at 0.65). Furthermore, a better conformity index of LC was observed according to the experience of the physicians (median CI = 0.55 for trainee physicians vs 0.65 for experienced physicians).The placement of surgical clips improved the accuracy of lumpectomy cavity delineation in 3D-APBI. However, a learning curve is needed to improve the conformity index of the lumpectomy cavity.Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) is still under investigation to demonstrate equivalence to whole breast irradiation in terms of local control. Among the different APBI techniques (invasive or non-invasive), 3D-conformal APBI is widely used given its accessibility in radiotherapy centres [1]. However, several issues related to this technique still warrant investigation: e.g. the identification and contouring of the lumpectomy cavity (LC), the patient's set-up and optimal dose determination. The definition of the lumpectomy cavity is an essential part of 3D-conformal APBI treatment planning as the irradiation is confined to a limited volume of breast tissue adjacent to the lumpectomy cavity. Unlike intra-operative partial breast irradiation, LC determination is critical as treatment delivery is delayed after breast surgery. In 3D-APBI, the GTV (Gross Tumour Volume) and CTV (Clinical Target Volume) are generally defined as the contouring of a seroma within the lumpectomy cavity, expanded by a 1 cm margin [2,3]. However, the delineation of the seroma could vary among different observers and even among experienced ones[4].I
The Woman Question
Ariane Loening
Kasarinlan : Philippine Journal of Third World Studies , 1986,
Abstract: The issue of women’s oppression in a patriarchal society starts with two questions: (1) who is to do the housework and bring up the children; and (2) who is to control reproduction. The first question looks at how women are assigned domestic work without recognition for its value nor their contribution even though her tasks are concerned with survival and absolutely basic. This is justified in society by myths that prescribe the role of women, limiting their purpose as future wives and future mothers that only serve and are to do housework. While in the movement for socialism, there is a mistaken belief that women’s liberation will divide the movement. The question on reproduction looks at how the patriarchal society had moved to control private property and control the women’s right to produce offspring. The paternal law of inheritance ensured that property remained with the male heirs. And the institution of marriage had also given the control of reproduction and management of domestic needs to the males. Women are further denied access to social involvement and the means of production to strengthen male dominance. Women should realize that the struggle for women’s liberation is as important as the struggles of the peasants and laborers to win the land and means of production. The women must become conscious of the connection between the two and realize that the movement for socialism means equality with the men in all aspects of society.
Das "themenzentrierte Interview". Ein Verfahren zur Entschlüsselung manifester und latenter Aspekte subjektiver Wirklichkeit The "Theme-centered Interview". A Method to Decode Manifest and Latent Aspects of Subjective Realities La "entrevista centrada en el tema". Un método para descodificar aspectos manifiestos y latentes de las realidades subjetivas
Ariane Schorn
Forum : Qualitative Social Research , 2000,
Abstract: In dem Artikel wird das Verfahren des themenzentrierten Interviews vorgestellt, das sich an die von LEITH USER und VOLMERG konzipierte Methode der themenzentrierten Gruppendiskussion anlehnt. Neben dem forschungspraktischen Vorgehen bei der Erhebung werden die einzelnen Auswertungsschritte einer vertikalen und horizontalen Hermeneutik dargelegt und erl utert. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0002236 In this article, the method "Theme-Centered Interview" which draws on the theme-centered group discussion conceived by LEITHAEUSER and VOLMERG is introduced. Besides practical research steps of the survey, single steps of evaluation in vertical and horizontal hermeneutics are explained. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0002236 El artículo describe el procedimiento de la entreevista centrada en el tema, la cual se inspira en el método del grupo de dsicusión centrado en el tema de LEITHAEUSER y VOLMERG. Se explica, además, el método de recolección de datos y la interpretación de los mismos basada en la hermenéutica orientada psicoanalíticamente. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0002236
Mostafa Rejai (ed.), Ideology: Comparative and Cultural Status (Book Review)
Ariane Fischer
Perspectives : International Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy , 2010,
Abstract: A book review of Ideology: Comparative and Cultural Status, a collection edited by Mostafa Rejai.
Trajectoires de jeunes altermondialistes. Une étude comparée de l’engagement de jeunes altermondialistes en France et en Allemagne.
Ariane Jossin
Trajectoires , 2009,
Abstract: L’émergence du mouvement altermondialiste en Europe dans les années deux mille a permis d’observer l’engagement de jeunes militants en recherche d’un militantisme différent . On pouvait alors penser que ces jeunes resteraient engagés dans le mouvement altermondialiste, qu’ils seraient conquis par ce mouvement émergent, que les méthodes de fonctionnement au sein des groupes seraient différentes de celles des partis politiques et des organisations traditionnelles, et enfin que les moyens d’a...
Ha-Shiloah, pour une littérature engagée ? HaShiloah, an Engaged Literary Periodical? , ?
Ariane Bendavid
Yod : Revue des études Hébra?ques et Juives , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/yod.1582
Abstract: Si le mensuel littéraire Ha-Shiloah ne fut pas la première revue moderne de langue hébra que, il fut sans conteste l’une des plus prestigieuses. Fondé en 1896 et dirigé d’abord par Ahad Ha-Am, le chef de file du sionisme spirituel, puis par l’historien Joseph Klausner, secondé, entre 1904 et 1909, par le poète et nouvelliste Ha m-Nahman Bialik, Ha-Shiloah devint, dès son premier numéro, la référence incontournable dans le domaine de la littérature hébra que et de la pensée juive moderne. Though the literary monthly review Ha-Shiloah was not the first review in modern Hebrew language, it was undoubtedly one of the most prestigious. Founded in1896, first led by Ahad Ha-Am, the leader of spiritual zionism, then by the historian Joseph Klausner, assisted by poet and novelist Haim-Nahman Bialik between 1904 and 1909, Ha-Shiloah became from its very first issue the must reference in the field of Hebrew literature and modern Jewish thought.
Feederism: Transgressive Behavior or Same Old Patriarchal Sex?
Ariane Prohaska
International Journal of Social Science Studies , 2013, DOI: 10.11114/ijsss.v1i2.105
Abstract: In this paper, I review the sparse scholarship on feederism, a behavior that involves one partner encouraging or participating in the process of the other partner’s weight gain. The desired goal for one of both partners is sexual pleasure, either through the process of weight gain or as a result of the attraction to fat. I also discuss the results of a content analysis of feederism-related websites. My focus here is feederism in heterosexual relationships. I conclude that feederism takes many forms, and although it has been classified as a transgressive sexual behavior, it usually mimics patriarchal sex in the process. At its extreme, feederism is an abusive behavior dangerous to the partner (usually the woman) who desires to gain weight as quickly as possible. Suggestions for further research are given.
La conversion au christianisme comme articulation des dynamiques individuelles et collectives (IIIe - Ve siècle) The Conversion to Christianity as a Link between group and individuals dynamics from 3rd to 5th Centuries
Ariane Bodin
Cahiers d'études du Religieux , 2011, DOI: 10.4000/cerri.841
Abstract: Les récits de conversion de l’Antiquité tardive tendent à stéréotyper le processus, au point que la relation entre le converti et Dieu semble être la seule explication pour analyser un tel retournement. Or, les spéculations purement théologiques ne nous permettent pas de comprendre les origines de la conversion. Néanmoins, en étudiant les entourages et les milieux des néophytes, il appara t manifestement que d’autres explications sociales peuvent rentrer en ligne de compte. L’étude de certains réseaux sociaux – comme celui des Pélagiens ou des dames de l’Aventin –, de la famille au sens large ou encore des hiérarchies sociales sont autant de facteurs permettant de mettre en lumière des incitations à la conversion. The tales of Christian conversions during Late Antiquity tend to stereotype the process, so that the relationship between the convert and God appears as the only motive explaining such a reversal. However purely theological explanations are not sufficient to thoroughly understand the origins of the process. Nevertheless, by studying the neophyte’s social environment, it appears without a doubt that other social explanations can be taken into account to understand this phenomenon. Focusing on certain social networks – such as the Pelagian’s or the Aventine circle –, on extended families or even on the social pyramid allows us to shed light on the incentives to conversion.
Emo o e festa na cerim nia de posse de Lula: o sensacionalismo em matérias de polític
Ariane Diniz
Ciberlegenda , 2010,
Abstract: ResumoEste trabalho pretende levantar uma reflex o em torno do desenvolvimento do sensacionalismo como um fen meno cultural e de como ele pode aparecer em jornais que vendem uma imagem de seriedade, em oposi o aos claramente sensacionalistas. Para tanto, como objeto de análise, o artigo utiliza os títulos e subtítulos da edi o de O Globo do dia 02 de janeiro de 2003, que marca a repercuss o do Dia da Posse de Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, no momento da sua primeira posse. O evento cerimonial certamente oferece espa o para que o jornal utilize marcas sensacionalistas na constru o do seu texto, mas a imagem que O Globo tenta vender ao seu leitor priorizaincondicionalmente o jornalismo objetivo, transparente e imparcial. Teoricamentelonge, portanto, de qualquer apelo ao sensorial.
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