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Observando o céu, quantificando as nuvens e praticando modelagem: um exercício de apoio ao aprendizado das ciências atmosféricas
Assireu, Arcilan Trevenzoli;Reboita, Michelle Sim?es;Corrêa, Marcelo de Paula;
Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-11172012000100015
Abstract: modern pedagogical concepts agree with the fact that activities that allow students to experience processes are fundamental for the perfect and complete understanding of these processes. thus, this paper presents a didactic activity which involved the combined use of observation and modeling of the process. the goal of this paper is to encourage the teachers and educators to the importance of relatively simple experiments in bring out facilitations to physics teaching
A??es intersetoriais para promo??o da saúde na Estratégia Saúde da Família: experiências, desafios e possibilidades
Silva, Kênia Lara;Rodrigues, Andreza Trevenzoli;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672010000500011
Abstract: qualitative study with the purpose of analyzing intersectorial actions for health promotion in the context of the family health strategy, identifying experiences, facilitating and restricting factors to the process of building partnerships. subjects were health managers and informers from social equipment in the territory covered by a local health service in belo horizonte/minas gerais, brazil. the results indicate the existence of a wide social network. however, intersectorial health promoting actions are still incipient. intersectorial actions are faced with the challenge of creating communication spaces that allow the resolution of complex problems. it is concluded that intersectorial actions constitute an innovative strategy which is still under construction, and the paths of which are still being unraveled.
Relationship between the southern annular mode and southern hemisphere atmospheric systems
Reboita, Michelle Sim?es;Ambrizzi, Tércio;Rocha, Rosmeri Porfírio da;
Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-77862009000100005
Abstract: seasonal relationship between the southern annular mode (sam) and the spatial distribution of the cyclone systems over southern hemisphere is investigated for the period 1980 to 1999. in addition, seasonal frontogenesis and rainfall distribution over south america and south atlantic ocean during different sam phases were also analyzed. it is observed that during negative sam phases the cyclone trajectories move northward when compared to the positive one, and in the south america and south atlantic sector there is intense frontogenetic activity and positive anomaly precipitation over the southeast of the south america. in general, sam positive phase shows opposite signals.
Regimes de precipita??o na América do Sul: uma revis?o bibliográfica
Reboita, Michelle Sim?es;Gan, Manoel Alonso;Rocha, Rosmeri Porfírio da;Ambrizzi, Tércio;
Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-77862010000200004
Abstract: the distribution of south american lands on different latitudes and its diversified topography can influence the development and action of many atmospheric systems contributing to a non-homogeneous climate in this region. this work presents a review on the atmospheric systems present in the different sectors of south america contributing to the precipitation variability in these regions.
Estudo de caso de uma situa??o atmosférica entre 12 e 19 de setembro de 2008, com algumas características semelhantes ao evento Catarina
Iwabe, Clara Miho Narukawa;Reboita, Michelle Sim?es;Camargo, Ricardo de;
Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-77862011000100007
Abstract: in this work a synoptic/dynamic analysis of atmospheric conditions associated with the cyclone development occurred between 2008 september 12 and 19 is presented, aiming to highlight differences and similarities to the environment of catarina event in march 2004. the main similarities were found in the synoptic patterns: occurrence of a pattern typical of dipole blocking associated with the potential vorticity anomaly at upper levels; a trough at middle levels with westward slope; the presence of a column of cyclonic vorticity from surface to lower stratosphere; and on the surface, the pattern of a higher pressure to the south of a lower pressure. despite these similarities, differences that influence the intensity of the systems were found: the catarina occurred in lower latitudes compared to the 2008 september case; the blocking pattern associated with september 2008 case was a day and a half long, while the catarina lasted three days; the configuration of temperature advection in the 1000-500 hpa layer favored the displacement of the september 2008 event from eastward/southeastward, in contrast to catarina, in which the warm advection to the east of the cyclone was suppressed and the local tendency of geopotential height was positive, which hinder the displacement of the system eastward; in the case of 2008 september the pattern of the meridional temperature gradient inversion on the -2.0 units of potential vorticity (upv) surface was characterized by the incursion of an elongated region of warm air from the equator toward the south and cold air from the south toward the equator, while in the catarina that inversion occurred by the isolation of a cold air bubble to the north and a warm air bubble to the south, which may have contributed to increase the duration of the dipole blocking pattern in this case, because the dissipation gets harder. systems such as catarina may be rare in the south atlantic ocean, but this does not occur for the synoptic environment whic
Análise de um ciclone semi-estacionário na costa sul do Brasil associado a bloqueio atmosférico
Reboita, Michelle Sim?es;Iwabe, Clara Miho Narukawa;Rocha, Rosmeri Porfírio Da;Ambrizzi, Tércio;
Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-77862009000400004
Abstract: on the first week of may 2008, during four days, a semi-stationary surface cyclone acted over the coast of southern brazil. this system was responsible for large amount of rain and strong near surface winds over rio grande do sul and santa catarina causing many damages (fallen trees, floodings and landslides). this work evaluated cyclone development process to understand the reasons for its slow displacement, once most cyclones developed in this region move faster. the sutcliffe development equation showed that cyclonic absolute vorticity advection in middle troposphere, and positive thermal advection in layer between 1000-500 hpa were important mechanisms for cyclogenesis processes. in this same period, diabatic heating also contributes to cyclogenesis as far as it was opposite to adiabatic cooling due to strong upward movement. cyclonic absolute vorticity advection which propitiated cyclogenesis was associated with an upper level cyclonic vortex (ulcv) developed in a potential vorticity anomaly region. the ulcv was semi-stationary and part of a blocking dipole pattern. this blocking intensified a surface anticyclone at south/east of the cyclone, contributing to the cyclone staying semi-stationary near the coast of southern brazil. the slow and unusual surface cyclone movement to south and sometimes to southwest was associated with middle level cyclonic absolute vorticity and warm air advections in their southern sector. only when middle levels blocking and middle/high levels potential vorticity anomaly weakened, surface cyclone moved away from the coast of southern brazil.
Adsor??o de metais pesados em serragem de madeira tratada com ácido cítrico
Rodrigues, Rafael Falco;Trevenzoli, Rafael Lopes;Santos, Luciano Rodrigo Gomes;Le?o, Versiane Albis;Botaro, Vagner Roberto;
Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-41522006000100004
Abstract: in the present work, the exchange capacity of manilkara longifolia sawdust, chemically modified, was studied. the modification was carried out by a chemical treatment with citric acid, which introduced carboxilate groups in the material surface. the introduction of these groups was confirmed by infrared spectroscopy. cadmium and copper sorption was studied batchwise. isotherms were drawn and adjusted to the langmuir model. maximum loadings of 0.56 mmolcd/g and 0.94 mmolcu/g were achieved in single metal adsorption. cadmium uptake was reduced from 0.56 mmolcd/g to 0.21 mmolcd/g as the copper concentration increased in the reaction system. these results show that there is a competition between the two metals for the exchange sites.
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