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Marchando com a família, com Deus e pela liberdade: o"13 de Mar?o" das direitas
Mendes, Ricardo Antonio Souza;
Varia Historia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-87752005000100012
Abstract: since jango's inauguration in 1961, a growing campaign, created by the government, which had just begun and guided by various groups of the right, focused the likelihood of the country to adopt the communism. through the means of communication - newspapers, television, cinema, as well as through limited circulation journals which were very expressive -, the groups tried to show that it was being articulated, from the republic presidency, the break of the constitutional legality. nevertheless it was the radicalism of certain speeches at "central do brasil assembly. that brought up the big catalytic agent of the adherence of an important component of the society surrounding the proposals of the several actors who articulated jo?o goulart's overthrow. the "marcha da família com deus pela liberdade" (the family with god for liberty march) embodied this relation showing that to a big amount of brazilians the defence of the constitutional legality was not in the hands of the government any longer. on the contrary, for those who participated of the "march", it presented itself under the banner of the people who articulated the blow.
Tremor ortostático
Souza, Ricardo de Oliveira;Ribeiro, Sergio Antonio;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1987, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1987000300013
Abstract: orthostatic tremor (to) is a recently described new type of a high frequency irregular tremor which affects antagonistic sets of muscles in the lower limbs only since the erect posture is maintained. we describe two other cases of this peculiar kind of tremor which may be not so uncommon as up to now realized and emphathize its main diagnostic and semeiological characteristics. to may share some basic pathophysiological mechanism with tremors of the classical heredofamilial essential variety.
Ricardo Vinicius Dias Jord?o,Antonio Artur de Souza
Rege : Revista de Gest?o , 2013,
Abstract: The great number of merger and acquisitions (M&A) that they are processed worldwide is a subject of organizational economy that has unveiled the attention of researchers. There is a gap that needs to be filled in relation to the divergence between the expected benefits and those effectively accomplished with M&A. The acquisitions, particularly, despite being more significant than the mergers, have not been successful, according to principle of value generation. The post-acquisition management control system (MCS) has been pointed out in the literature as one of the factors that collaborate for the success of these transactions, for facilitating that the objectives established before the purchase are reached. The objective of the research described in this paper was to analyze the effect of the corporate culture in the changes that occurred in the MCS of Extrativa Metalquímica S.A. after its acquisition by the Grupo FASA Participa es. The paper presents and argues the main MCS approaches and the influence of both the acquisitions and the culture in the MCS. The results expand the knowledge on the subject, contributing to reduce the research gap in Brazil. It was possible to conclude that (1) changes in the acquired company MCS derived from the new culture aimed at financial results, which was introduced by the acquiring company with the intent of turning the acquired company in the world leader in its industry in 10 years; and (2) modifications in the production, financial and quality control, aiming at allowing the implementation of these new culture focused on financial results. El gran número de fusiones y adquisiciones (F&A) que se procesan en todo el mundo es un tema de economía de organizaciones que ha despertado la atención de los investigadores. Existe una laguna, que precisa ser mejor comprendida, relativa a la divergencia entre los beneficios esperados y aquellos efectivamente obtenidos con las F&A. Las adquisiciones, de un modo especial, aunque más significativas que las fusiones, no han tenido éxito, según la lógica de la generación de valor. El sistema de control gerencial (SCG) posterior a la adquisición ha sido apuntado en la literatura como uno de los factores que colaboran para el suceso de esas transacciones, por facilitar el alcance de los objetivos establecidos antes de la compra. El objetivo de la investigación descripta en este artículo fue analizar el efecto de la cultura corporativa en las mudanzas ocurridas en el SCG de la Extractiva Metalquímica S.A., después de su adquisición por el Grupo FASA Participaciones. De esa forma,
Specific Heat Anomalies in Solids Described by a Multilevel Model
Mariano de Souza,Ricardo Paupitz,Antonio Seridonio,Roberto E. Lagos
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: Specific heat measurements constitute one of the most powerful experimental methods to probe fundamental excitations in solids. After the proposition of Einstein's model, more than one century ago (Annalen der Physik \textbf{22}, 180 (1907)), several theoretical models have been proposed to describe experimental results. Here we report on a detailed analysis of the two-peak specific heat anomalies observed in several materials. Employing a simple multilevel model, varying the spacing between the energy levels $\Delta_i$ = $(E_i$ $-$ $E_{0})$ and the degeneracy of each energy level $g_i$, we derive the required conditions for the appearance of such anomalies. Our findings indicate that a ratio of $\Delta_2$/$\Delta_1$ $\thickapprox$ 10 between the energy levels and a high degeneracy of one of the energy levels define the two-peaks regime in the specific heat. Our approach accurately matches recent experimental results. Furthermore, using a mean-field approach we calculate the specific heat of a degenerate Schottky-like system undergoing a ferromagnetic (FM) phase transition. Our results reveal that as the degeneracy is increased the Schottky maximum in the specific heat becomes narrow while the peak associated with the FM transition remains unaffected.
A percep??o do autoconceito e sua influência no desempenho motor em crian?as e adolescentes
Serassuelo Junior, Helio;Bacarin, Diego Silva;Ronque, Enio Ricardo Vaz;Oliveira, Sérgio Ricardo de Souza;Sim?es, Antonio Carlos;
Revista da Educa??o Física / UEM , 2012, DOI: 10.4025/reveducfis.v23i1.11090
Abstract: the objective was to investigate the relationship between the self-concept perception and the motor performance in adolescents analyzed by gender and age. we evaluated 144 adolescents between 10 and 14 years (65 boys). the measurement of self-concept was performed by an inventory (piers; harris; herzberg, 2002); the motor tests used for the assessment of motor performance were the agility and vertical jump (american alliance for health, physical education and recreation and dance, 1988), the dynamometer strength (soares; sessa, 2001) and the aerobic endurance test (léger et al., 1988). for the equivalence of results produced by the motor tests z score was used. descriptive statistics were performed for stratify the sample by age and gender. the intragroup comparison of motor performance (db low, dm medium, da high) and the self-concept was performed by procedures non-parametric wilcoxon and kruskal-wallis anova (p <0.05). the final results showed that age negatively influences the self-concept perception, and students with better motor performance also had higher values in the perception of self-concept in relation to their peers.
Variabilidad del número de días de lluvia en el Estado de Alagoas
Emerson Ricardo Rodrigues Pereira,Joherlan Campos de Freitas,Antonio Ricardo Souza de Andrade,Monica Larissa Aires de Macedo
Pesquisa Aplicada & Agrotecnologia , 2012, DOI: 10.5777/1696
Abstract: Entre os múltiplos fatores que afetam as atividades humanas, principalmente a agrícola, o clima se destaca por sua decisiva influência nas varia es apresentadas pelas irregularidades nos períodos secos e de chuva em determinada regi o. Entre as variáveis que comp em o clima, principalmente para as culturas anuais, a chuva é a variável que mais condiciona o resultado da produ o das culturas. Neste sentido, o objetivo do trabalho foi avaliar a variabilidade de dados pluviométricos no Estado de Alagoas, AL, por meio da elabora o de mapas de isolinhas dos valores médios do número de dias de chuva, e dos coeficientes de varia o (CVs) da precipita o pluvial e do número de dias de chuva, para os períodos anual, seco e chuvoso. Neste trabalho foi utilizada a série histórica mensais dos totais de precipita o de 32 esta es pluviométricas, com no mínimo de 30 anos de dados, contínuos e sem falhas. Verificou que os maiores valores do coeficiente de varia o s o associados aos menores valores de precipita o pluvial e ao número de dias de chuva. A variabilidade da precipita o é menor nas regi es de períodos de chuva em rela o às de períodos secos. Entre los muchos factores que afectan las actividades humanas, principalmente la agricultura, el clima se destaca por su influencia decisiva en las variaciones presentadas por las irregularidades durante la época seca y de lluvia en una región determinada. Entre las variables que componen el clima, sobre todo para los cultivos anuales, la lluvia es la que más influye en el resultado de la producción. En este sentido, el objetivo fue evaluar la variabilidad de los datos de precipitación en el Estado de Alagoas (AL), a través de la elaboración de mapas de isolíneas de los valores medios de los días de lluvia, y de los coeficientes de variación (CV) de la precipitación pluvial y el número de días de lluvia, para los períodos anuales, secos y de lluvia. En este trabajo fue utilizada la serie histórica mensual de la precipitación total de 32 estaciones pluviométricas, con al menos 30 a os de datos, continuos y sin defectos. Se verificó que los más altos valores del coeficiente de variación se asocian con los menores niveles de precipitación y con el número de días de lluvia. La variabilidad de la precipitación es menor en las regiones de periodos de lluvia en relación con las de períodos secos.
Hemiplegia espástica pura de origem piramidal
Souza, Ricardo de Oliveira;Gusm?o, Dayse L.;Figueiredo, Wagner Martignoni de;Duarte, Antonio C. Goulart;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1988, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X1988000100014
Abstract: the relationship between the interruption of the human pyramidal tract and its attendant clinical manifestations has been a matter of concern to neurologists and neurosurgeons for over a century. we presently report three cases of unilateral pyramidal tract ischemic lesions within the cerebral hemispheres who presented with a contralateral pure spastic hemiplegia syndrome. in none could we find any disturbance in the somato-sensitive evoked potentials of the four limbs. the review of some cases on record since the time of charcot and erb has made it clear that the pyramidal syndrome is a valid clinical concept which should be qualified according to the particular animal species one is referring to. in man, it manifests itself by paresis, hyperactive muscular reflexes, spasticity and babinski sign. based on this evidence we propose the idea of a ?differential control* exerted by the pyramidal tract upon the segmental neuronal pool as its key mode of normal functioning.
Contribui??o da tomografia computadorizada no estadiamento do carcinoma de células escamosas da supraglote
Arag?o Jr., Antonio Gilson Monte;Souza, Ricardo Pires de;Rapoport, Abr?o;
Radiologia Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-39842007000400008
Abstract: objective: the present study was aimed at evaluating the role of computed tomography in the local clinical staging of supraglottic tumors according to the tnm classification, as well as the interobserver agreement on the detection of the tumor extent. materials and methods: thirty-nine dossiers of inpatients of hospital heliópolis with supraglottic squamous cell carcinoma in the period between 1988 and 1998 were retrospectively evaluated. ct studies were individually analyzed by two radiologists. the kappa test was utilized for evaluating the interobserver agreement. results: computed tomography has played a decisive role in the upstaging of 38.5% of cases, as a result of a deep tumor extent undetected at clinical examination. conclusion: interobserver agreement was considered as excellent for vocal folds and subglottis; good for supraglottic, paraglottic and preepiglottic spaces, thyroid and cricoid cartilages and for extralaryngeal tumor extension; and regular for the base of the tongue.
Análise de agrupamento de diferentes densidades de marcadores no mapeamento genético por varredura gen?mica
Jangarelli, Marcelo;Euclydes, Ricardo Frederico;Cruz, Cosme Dami?o;Cecon, Paulo Roberto;Carneiro, Antonio Policarpo Souza;
Revista Ceres , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-737X2010000600001
Abstract: simulation has contributed to the advancement of genomics in the different areas of genetic improvement. genetic mappings were simulated using different densities of genetic markers to estimate phenotypic values of quantitative traits with heritabilities of 0.10; 0.40 and 0.70 in marker assisted selection (mas). cluster analysis with phenotypic performances was carried out to generate classification structures among the densities aiming to optimize qtl detection . the genetic simulation system (genesys) was used to simulate three genomes (each consisting of a single characteristic differing in the heritability value) and the base and original populations. each initial population was subjected to selection assisted by markers for 20 consecutive generations, in which selected parents mated selectively, between best and worst. the mapping using medium to high marker density showed efficiency in the phenotypic progress obtained with mas. smaller marker quantities are required to maintain power of qtl detection with increase in heritability. the cluster analysis indicated optimization and correspondence in phenotypic increases, when allowing the densities of 4 and 6 cm, 4, 6, 8 and 10 cm, and 6 and 8 cm for the heritabilities of 0.10; 0.40 and 0.70, respectively.
Vida útil pós-colheita do repolho roxo minimamente processado, armazenado em diferentes embalagens
Gioppo, Mariane;Souza, Adenilson Mroginski de;Gon?alves, Jaciara;Ayub, Ricardo Antonio;
Revista Ceres , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-737X2012000400019
Abstract: the demand for minimally processed foods is due to the need for saving time and facility in food preparation. the aim of this study was to evaluate the behavior of the cabbage cv. red dynasty minimally processed and subjected to four types of packaging and cold storing. after minimal processing, 200g of cabbage were stored into four types of packaging: polyethylene terephthalate with cover, polystyrene trays with flexible film coated with 12 μm polyvinyl chloride; film of low density polyethylene of 70 μm and perforated polypropylene. the temperature during the storage period in the cold chamber was 5 ± 2 c. evaluations were made every four days, totaling twelve days of storage. the parameters evaluated were: weight loss, soluble solids, ph, titratable acidity, vitamin c and anthocyanins. the pp packaging is not recommended due to the cabbage loss of weight. pet and pebd were the best material of packaging for the storage of minimally processed cabbage, providing lower mass loss for twelve days, but, as soon as four days, its appearance had already become darkened due to oxidation.
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