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Monitoramento localizado da produtividade de milho cultivado sob irriga??o
Santos, Antonio O.;Maziero, José V.G.;Cavalli, Antonio C.;Valeriano, Márcio M.;Oliveira, Henrique de;Moraes, Jener F.L.;Yanai, Kiyoshi;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662001000100016
Abstract: improvement of agricultural management through the increased knowledge on production activities has been discussed as decision-making strategies. real-time field level positioning may allow site-specific investigation of soil and plant variables. in brazil, the grain crops show great need for research in this area, due to their importance and technological demand. aimed at discussing some aspects of the increased level of information on an agricultural environment, a field experiment was installed in 1998 in angatuba, sp, on a grain crop. in an area of 34,3 ha, irrigated by a center-pivot system, monitoring of maize yield was done in the growing season 99/00 besides the soil fertility parameter. results showed different patterns of yield distribution inside the field, and the causes of observed yield variability. preliminary analysis of soil data showed low correlation between yield and soil chemical properties in a site-specific base. observation of yield data suggests the development of strategic management zones, based on trend analysis of the most influent yield components.
Fortran code for generating random probability vectors, unitaries, and quantum states
Jonas Maziero
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: The usefulness of generating random configurations is recognized in a variety of contexts, as for instance in the simulation of physical systems, in the verification of bounds and/or ansatz solutions for optimization problems, and in secure communications. Fortran was born for scientific computing and has been one of the main programming languages in this area since then. And the several ongoing projects targeting towards its betterment indicate that it will keep this status in the decades to come. In this article, we describe Fortran codes produced, or organized, for the generation of the following random objects: numbers, probability vectors, unitary matrices, and quantum state vectors and density matrices. Some matrix functions are also included and may be of independent interest.
Juliana Maziero Furlani,Carlos Roberto Daleck,Felipe Antonio Mendes Vicenti,Andrigo Barboza De Nardi
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2008,
Abstract: This retrospective study included 49 dogs, 28 males and 21 females, of several breeds, between two and 17 years old. The majority of dogs were mixed breed or Boxers and Teckels, six to nine years old. Eleven animals showed grade I mast cell tumor, 10 grade II and nine grade III. Surgery alone or associated with chemotherapy were performed in the most of cases. The results from our study indicate that surgery alone promotes the highest survival time because surgery procedure is indicated in cases with better prognosis. Teckels and Boxers show highest survival time. Dogs with multiple lesions have lowest survival time. The histologic grades of mast cell tumors have similar incidence, however the incidence tends to decrease from grade I to III. High-grade tumors promote lowest survival time. Fine needle aspiration cytology allow accurate diagnosis of canine mast cell tumors, although the histopathology is required to determine the histologic grade allowing an adequate treatment and so a highest survival time. Both incomplete chemotherapy and untreated groups have poor prognosis. In the most of cases the survival time is low. Este estudo retrospectivo incluiu um total de 49 c es, 28 machos e 21 fêmeas, de diversas ra as, entre dois e 17 anos de idade. A maioria dos c es acometidos era mesti a ou da ra a Boxer e Teckel, apresentavam idade entre seis e nove anos. Onze animais apresentaram mastocitoma grau I, 10 grau II e nove grau III. Na maioria dos casos, empreitou-se apenas a interven o cirúrgica ou esta associada à quimioterapia. Conclui-se que a interven o cirúrgica isolada, utilizada em casos de prognóstico favorável, proporciona maior sobrevida. C es das ra as Teckel e Boxer apresentam sobrevida maior. C es acometidos em múltiplas regi es do corpo apresentam menor sobrevida. A incidência dos graus histológicos do mastocitoma canino se dá de forma semelhante, porém tende a decrescer do grau I ao III. Mastocitomas de grau elevado est o associados à menor sobrevida. A citologia aspirativa permite o diagnóstico preciso do mastocitoma canino, porém, a histopatologia faz-se imperativa para a determina o do grau histológico e delineamento adequado do tratamento. A quimioterapia incompleta ou a ausência de tratamento apresentam resultados pouco alentadores. Na maioria dos casos de mastocitoma, atendidos neste estudo, o tempo de sobrevida foi baixo.
A feature-based object-oriented expert system to model and support product design
Maziero, Nilson Luiz;Ferreira, Jo?o Carlos Espíndola;Pacheco, Fernando Santana;Prim, Marcelo Fabrício;
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-73862000000400003
Abstract: in this paper a computer program to model and support product design is presented. the product is represented through a hierarchical structure that allows the user to navigate across the product?s components, and it aims at facilitating each step of the detail design process. a graphical interface was also developed, which shows visually to the user the contents of the product structure. features are used as building blocks for the parts that compose the product, and object-oriented methodology was used as a means to implement the product structure. finally, an expert system was also implemented, whose knowledge base rules help the user design a product that meets design and manufacturing requirements.
Equipamento para medi??o do consumo de combustível em experimentos agrícolas
Gonzalez Maziero, José Valdemar;Corrêa, Ila Maria;Yanai, Kiyoshi;Menezes, Jo?o Floriano de;
Bragantia , 1992, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051992000200010
Abstract: a description and test's results of an equipment for measuring tractor fuel consumption in agricultural experiments are presented. the equipment was constructed with two reservoir tanks made of pvc tube, a feeder tank, a graduated glass tube and solenoidal valves (12 vcc) which are connected to the tractor fuel system with low pressure hoses. the flow is controlled by input/output key. a thermometer integrates the equipment for determining the density of fuel when it is necessary to measure the specific fuel consumption. this equipment developed by the se??o de máquinas de tra??o e de potência, state of s?o paulo, brazil, is simple, inexpensive, easy to use and has satisfactory accuracy for measuring tractor fuel consumption from 5.0 to 50.0 l/h.
Universal isolation precautions for patients at an academic hospital Precauciones universales en el aislamiento de pacientes en un hospital universitario Precau es universais em isolamentos de pacientes em hospital universitário
Vanessa Gomes Maziero,Marli Terezinha Oliveira Vannuchi,Dagmar Willamourius Vituri,Maria do Carmo Louren?o Haddad
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2012,
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To apply universal isolation precautions for patients at an academic hospital by a nursing team. METHODS: This descriptive and prospective study used data from advice service of quality control and nursing care that were gathered in observational reports of universal isolation precautions for patients admitted in two surgical inpatient units during 2008 and 2010. RESULTS: The mean general classification for both units was between desirable and adequate in the observational analysis of universal precaution. A borderline effect was observed only in November 2008 at the Men's Surgical Unit. The units assessed had compromised biosecurity, however, as time advanced data showed an improvement on their performance. CONCLUSION: The effective involvement of nurses in the unit is critical to prevent and control nosocomial infections. OBJETIVO: Utilización de las precauciones universales por el equipo de Enfermería en el aislamiento de pacientes en un Hospital Universitario. MéTODOS: Estudio descriptivo, prospectivo. Fueron utilizados datos de la Asesoría de Control de Calidad de la Asistencia de Enfermería, correspondientes a los informes de las observaciones respecto a las precauciones universales en el aislamiento de pacientes en dos unidades de internamiento Médico - Quirúrgico, en el período comprendido entre 2008 y 2010. RESULTADOS: Las dos unidades de la institución presentaron un promedio general de clasificación, del análisis observacional de precaución universal, entre deseable y adecuada, siendo limítrofe apenas en noviembre del 2008 en la unidad Médico-Quirúrgica Masculina. Las unidades evaluadas, respecto a la adhesión a las precauciones universales, presentaron compromiso con la bioseguridad, y los datos exhibidos se mostraron mejores en cada a o descrito. CONCLUSIóN: La participación activa del enfermero responsable por la unidad es importante en la prevención y control de infecciones hospitalarias. OBJETIVO: Utilizar as precau es universais pela equipe de Enfermagem em isolamento de pacientes em Hospital Universitário. MéTODOS: Estudo descritivo, prospectivo. Foram utilizados dados da Assessoria de Controle de Qualidade da Assistência de Enfermagem, correspondentes aos relatórios das observa es das precau es universais em isolamento de pacientes em duas unidades de interna o Médica - Cirúrgica, no período entre 2008 e 2010. RESULTADOS: As duas unidades da institui o apresentaram média geral de classifica o, da análise observacional de precau o universal, entre desejável e adequada, sendo limítrofe apenas em novembro de 2008 na uni
A feature-based object-oriented expert system to model and support product design
Maziero Nilson Luiz,Ferreira Jo?o Carlos Espíndola,Pacheco Fernando Santana,Prim Marcelo Fabrício
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences , 2000,
Abstract: In this paper a computer program to model and support product design is presented. The product is represented through a hierarchical structure that allows the user to navigate across the product?s components, and it aims at facilitating each step of the detail design process. A graphical interface was also developed, which shows visually to the user the contents of the product structure. Features are used as building blocks for the parts that compose the product, and object-oriented methodology was used as a means to implement the product structure. Finally, an expert system was also implemented, whose knowledge base rules help the user design a product that meets design and manufacturing requirements.
Buquera Luiz Eduardo Carvalho,Canola Júlio Carlos,Padilha Filho Jo?o Guilherme,Furlani Juliana Maziero
Ciência Rural , 2002,
Abstract: A ruptura do ligamento cruzado cranial é uma das principais doen as ortopédicas que afetam os c es. Muitas técnicas cirúrgicas foram descritas no intuito de aliviar a dor, restaurar a estabilidade biomecanica do joelho e prevenir a progress o da osteoartrite. Fáscia lata, fio de poliéster tran ado e fio de poliamida foram empregados na estabiliza o do joelho após excis o do ligamento cruzado cranial em c es, os quais foram submetidos à avalia o radiográfica e macroscópica da articula o. Neste estudo, foram utilizados 18 c es com massa corporal superior a 15Kg (peso médio - 19,67kg), separados em 3 grupos eqüitativos correspondentes a cada técnica, avaliados durante 30 e 60 dias. Ao exame radiográfico, independentemente de grupo, os c es apresentaram evidência de efus o articular moderada a severa, distens o da cápsula articular e, na maioria dos casos, ausência de sinais de doen a articular degenerativa. Ao exame macroscópico da articula o do joelho observou-se espessamento da cápsula articular e tecidos moles periarticulares, eros o da cartilagem articular dos c ndilos femorais em todos os grupos e afrouxamento dos fios nos c es submetidos às técnicas de estabiliza o extra-articular com fio de poliéster tran ado e fio de poliamida.
Bragantia , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051997000100020
Abstract: vehicles travelling over a crop field have become a primary source of forces compacting agricultural soils.the type of tires used by those vehicles, their physical dimensions, their displacement speed on the soil, the number of times that their tires pass by the same place, and the load those tires support are some factors which cause higher or lower degree of soil compaction. the objective of this study was to determine, under field condictions, the effect of slip of an agricultural tractor driving wheel upon the compaction of a specific type of soil. a field experiment arranged in a randomized complete block design was carried out to analyse four different levels of slip (0, 10, 20 and 30%) with five replications, in split-plots. the degree of compaction was determined through the cone index of a soil penetrometer. fifteen samples were taken from points along the center line of the driving wheel track, and another fifteen samples were taken from points along but outside the driving wheel track on soil band not compacted by the tires. each sample was composed by readings from the penetrometer cone index at six different depths: 25; 50; 75; 100; 125 and 150 mm. it was found that slip had influence on the degree of soil compaction up to 5 cm depth, under the conditions this study was carried out. the 30% level of slip was the one that produced significant differences on soil compaction degree. although it was observed an increasing compacting effect from 19.2 to 31.9%, no significant differences were observed among the cone index values for the 10 to 20% slip range.
Desempenho operacional de trator com e sem o acionamento da tra??o dianteira auxiliar
Yanai, Kiyoshi;Silveira, Gast?o Moraes da;Lan?as, Kleber Pereira;Corrêa, Ila Maria;Maziero, José Valdemar Gonzalez;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X1999000800015
Abstract: the factors that may have influence on tractor performance are several, inclusive tire load and inflation pressure. these factors were studied in field conditions (surface not disturbed), under four tire load, four inflation pressure with and without the use of the mechanical front wheel assist drive. a randomized complete block design with three replications was used. the tractor under evalution was submitted to a constant drawbar pull by other tractor linked with a load cell. the results showed the significant influence of load tire on the rear wheel slip and on coefficient of traction, which increased with the decreasing of the load tires. the inflation pressure influenced significantly the slip, the forward velocity and drawbar power without to show a general tendency in the behaviour. the use of mechanical front wheel assist drive showed significant advantages to the some prior parameters. the interactive effects of load tire and inflation pressure indicated that some combinations were more favourable to develop major velocity and minor slip. the characteristics concerning to engine performance (fuel consumption and speed engine) were not influenced by neither factors and/or their interactive.
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