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Impacto de interven??o fisioterapêutica na preven??o do pé diabético
Barros, Maria de Fátima Alcantara;Mendes, Jéssyca Carneiro;Nascimento, Jo?o Agnaldo do;Carvalho, Antonio Geraldo Cidro de;
Fisioterapia em Movimento , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-51502012000400007
Abstract: introdiction: diabetic foot is the most common complication of diabetes mellitus, which is characterized as the leading cause of non-traumatic amputation of lower limbs. objective: to evaluate the impact of a physiotherapy intervention on the prevention of diabetic foot. materials ans methods: an intervention study was carried out with 24 patients, randomly selected, registered in the cais diabetes program - jaguaribe, jo?o pessoa (pb). data were collected through a physiotherapy assessment form and structured questionnaires, applied before and after intervention. statistical analyses were performed using spss. for dichotomous variables, the mcnemar test was adopted, considering p < 0.05 as statistically significant. results: after intervention, changes in relation to the habit of walking barefoot (p = 0.003), to examine the feet frequently (p = 0.006), not using the practice of hot footbath (p = 0.013) and drying feet properly (p = 0.016) were observed. regarding the use of appropriate footwear and therapeutic massage on feet, proper hydration and the detection and resolution of any changes in the feet, intervention had a significant impact (p < 0.001). all users (100%) considered feet exercises beneficial (p < 0.001), making it a frequent habit. conclusion: the results showed that physiotherapy interventions with emphasis on health education was an essential tool to raise awareness and change habits and attitudes that endangered the patients' feet.
Diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia in children of Northeast Brazil
Carvalho,Antonio Geraldo Cidro; Lira,Pedro Israel Cabral de; Barros,Maria de Fátima Alcantara; Aléssio,Maria Luiza Martins; Lima,Marília de Carvalho; Carbonneau,Marie Annette; Berger,Jacques; Léger,Claude Louis;
Revista de Saúde Pública , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-89102010000300015
Abstract: objective: to diagnose iron deficiency anemia in children. methods: the study was conducted with a sample of 301 children aged six to 30 months attending public daycare centers in the city of recife, northeast brazil, in 2004. the diagnoses of anemia were based on a combination of different hematological and biochemical parameters: hemoglobin, mean corpuscular volume, ferritin, c-reactive protein, transferrin saturation and transferrin receptor. the chi-square test and anova were used in the statistical analysis. results: of all children studied, 92.4% had anemia (hb <110 g/l) and 28.9% had moderate/severe anemia (hb <90 g/l). lower levels of hemoglobin were found in children aged 6-17 months. iron deficiency was found in 51.5% of children using ferritin (<12 μg/l) as parameter. taking into consideration the combination of hemoglobin level, ferritin and transferrin receptor, 58.1% had anemia with iron deficiency, 34.2% had anemia without iron deficiency and 2.3% had iron deficiency without anemia. mean ferritin concentration was significantly higher in children with high c-reactive protein when compared with those with normal levels (22.1 vs. 14.8 μg/l). conclusions: the use of several biochemical and hematological parameters allowed to diagnosing iron deficiency anemia in two thirds of children, suggesting a need to identify other determinants of anemia without iron deficiency.
Helicobacter pylori eradication using tetracycline and furazolidone versus amoxicillin and azithromycin in lansoprazole based triple therapy: an open randomized clinical trial
Frota, Laura Cidro;Cunha, Maria do Perpétuo Socorro Saldanha da;Luz, Carlos René Lima;Araujo-Filho, Antonio Haroldo de;Frota, Luciano A. S.;Braga, Lucia Libanez Bessa Campelo;
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-28032005000200009
Abstract: background: optimal anti-helicobacter pylori treatment has not yet been established. aim: to evaluate h. pylori eradication using tetracycline and furazolidone versus amoxicillin and azithromycin in lansoprazole based triple therapy in northeastern of brazil. patients and methods: one hundred and four patients with h. pylori infection, as determined by rapid urease testing and histology, were randomly assigned to receive either: lansoprazole (30 mg q.d.), tetracycline (500 mg q.i.d.), and furazolidone (200 mg t.i.d.) for 7 days (ltf; n = 52); or lansoprazole (30 mg b.i.d.) and amoxicillin (1 g b.i.d.) for 1 week, plus azithromycin (500 mg q.d.) for the first 3 days (laaz; n = 52). h. pylori eradication was assessed 3 months following completion of therapy by means of rapid urease testing, histology and a 14c-urea breath test. results: h. pylori eradication was achieved in 46 of 52 (88.4%, 95% ci: 77.5%-95.1%) patients in ltf group and in 14 of 52 (26.9%, 95% ci: 16.2%-40,1%) patients in laaz group. on a per-protocol analysis, eradication rates were 91.8% (95% ci: 81.4%-97.3%) and 28.5% (95% ci: 17.2%-42.3%), respectively in ltf and laaz groups. conclusion: the laaz regimen yielded unacceptably low eradication rates. on the other hand, the ltf scheme represents a suitable alternative for h. pylori eradication.
Assessment of Cardiorespiratory Fitness without Exercise in Elderly Men with Chronic Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases
Geraldo A. Maranh?o Neto,Antonio P. de Leon,Vitor A. Lira,Paulo T. V. Farinatti
Journal of Aging Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/518045
Abstract: Low cardiorespiratory (CRF) is associated with health problems in elderly people, especially cardiovascular and metabolic disease. However, physical limitations in this population frequently preclude the application of aerobic tests. We developed a model to estimate CRF without aerobic testing in older men with chronic cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Subjects aged from 60 to 91 years were randomly assigned into validation ( ?? = 6 7 ) and cross-validation ( ?? = 2 9 ) groups. A hierarchical linear regression model included age, self-reported fitness, and handgrip strength normalized to body weight ( ?? 2 = 0 . 7 9 ; SEE?=?1.1 METs). The PRESS (predicted residual sum of squares) statistics revealed minimal shrinkage in relation to the original model and that predicted by the model and actual CRF correlated well in the cross-validation group ( ?? = 0 . 8 5 ). The area under curve (AUC) values suggested a good accuracy of the model to detect disability in the validation (0.876, 95% CI: 0.793–0.959) and cross-validation groups (0.826, 95% CI: 0.677–0.975). Our findings suggest that CRF can be reliably estimated without exercise test in unhealthy elderly men. 1. Introduction Cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) maintenance is important for functional independence and physical capacity throughout aging [1, 2]. Substantial declines in the ability to tolerate physical exertion generally predict mobility problems and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, particularly in the sedentary elderly [3, 4]. Despite the importance of CRF assessment, very low functional capacity and frailty may hinder the use of exercise tests in this population [5, 6]. In this context, nonexercise prediction models become practical alternatives to estimate CRF [7] and may have important applications both in clinical and epidemiological settings. These models are developed by means of regression-based equations that usually include variables of simple and fast assessment, such as anthropometric measures, demographic characteristics, and daily habits [8]. Recently, Mailey et al. [7] cross-validated an equation developed primarily in middle-aged adults by Jurca et al. [9] and suggested that nonexercise models could be used to estimate the CRF of older adults. The sample studied was mainly composed by healthy old women (~60%). However, the prevalence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes increases dramatically with age [10], and is associated to lower physical capacity, inactivity, and limitations in the ability to exercise [2]. It would be therefore important
Carlos Eduardo Varej?o Marinho,Antonio José dos Santos Neto,Geraldo Galdino de Paula Júnior
Vértices , 2010,
Abstract: Este trabalho trata de uma metodologia de distribui o de homens-hora (HH) dentro de um setor produtivo, com o objetivo de maximizar o uso da for a de trabalho proprietária (empresa). O método para a obten o da máxima utiliza o de HH modela o problema como um problema de programa o linear, classificando-o como um Problema de Fluxo de Custo Mínimo (PFCM) resolvido com o algoritmo simplex para redes. A distribui o de ganho celular e individual baseia-se no seguinte: (i) no parametro a da célula atratora (demandante); e, (ii) na performance individual. Essa distribui o tem como proposta a motiva o irradiada, dentro da organiza o, decorrente de uma política de melhoria de ganhos que privilegia a habilidade e o progresso individual.
Hérnia intrapericárdica transdiafragmática em trauma contuso: relato de caso e revis o da literatura
PORTO Antonio Sebasti?o,OSHIRO Yasuo,PONTES José Carlos Dorsa Vieira,MEDEIROS Carlos Geraldo Sobral de
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 1998,
Abstract: Os autores apresentam 1 caso de hérnia intrapericárdica transdiafragmática, resultado de trauma contuso e fazem revis o de 37 casos similares. Os traumas, em 71,05%, foram conseqüentes a acidentes de transito, com veículos automotores. Os pacientes apresentaram sintomatologia tardia predominante do cora o e, também, queixa do aparelho digestivo. Contudo, a insuficiência cardíaca só foi comprovada duas vezes e os sintomas abdominais, na maioria dos casos, foram confirmados pelos sinais de tra o, de distens o ou de oclus o gastrointestinal. Com estudos radiográficos contrastados, o diagnóstico foi conclusivo em 28, 94% e houve suspeita de hérnia diafragmática em 55,26% dos casos. O tratamento cirúrgico foi empregado em todos os pacientes, havendo poucas complica es pós-operatórias e apenas 3 (7,89%) óbitos. A jun o entre o centro tendíneo diafragmático e o pericárdio basal foi o local comum das roturas em todos os casos e o colo transverso foi a víscera mais herniada. Em alguns casos, as roturas alcan aram as hemicúpulas diafragmáticas, permitindo hérnias também para os espa os pleurais. Hipóteses de existirem coincidentes pontos de enfraquecimento embrionário nas hemicúpulas diafragmáticas, de haver regi es anat micas centrais frenopericárdicas adelga adas e de ocorrer períodos latentes para as forma es herniárias, s o levantadas com as devidas argumenta es. Detalhes seletivos dos exames complementares s o apontados no intuito de facilitar o diagnóstico. S o realizadas análises sobre a abordagem cirúrgica empregada e apresentadas sugest es quanto ao uso da via abdominal ou torácica.
Validade e equivalência da vers?o em português do Veterans Specific Activity Questionnaire
Maranh?o-Neto, Geraldo de Albuquerque;Leon, Antonio Carlos Ponce de;Farinatti, Paulo de Tarso Veras;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2011005000071
Abstract: background: the veterans specific activity questionnaire (vsaq) has been used to individualize exercise testing (et) and to indirectly assess cardiorespiratory fitness (crf) in epidemiological studies. nevertheless, there is no validated portuguese version. objective: to verify the criterion-related validity and the measurement equivalence of a portuguese version of vsaq in 95 individuals, 8 women (aged 69 ± 7 years) referred to et. methods: the subjects performed a cardiopulmonary test with incremental to maximal exercise on a cycle ergometer. the correlation between vsaq score and maximum measured and estimated mets was compared to results from other studies. the vsaq nomogram was calculated and its results were compared to crf real values by linear regression. limits of concordance and mean differences (biases) were assessed according to the bland altman methodology. results: the vsaq scores were significantly correlated to the measured mets (r = 0.64) and estimated mets (r = 0.67), results that were equivalent to those obtained by the original versions. the vsaq nomogram presented multiple r of 0.78 (measured met) and 0.80 (estimated met). however, the nomogram seems to have underestimated crf values greater than 6 mets. conclusion: the vsaq version confirmed its validity and equivalence to the original version, especially when evaluating individuals with coronary heart disease and older adults.
Equivalência transcultural de três escalas utilizadas para estimar a aptid?o cardiorrespiratória: estudo em idosos
Maranh?o Neto, Geraldo de Albuquerque;Leon, Antonio Carlos Monteiro Ponce de;Farinatti, Paulo de Tarso Veras;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2008001100005
Abstract: this study aimed at establishing the cross-cultural equivalence of scales used to evaluate physical activity level and measure cardiorespiratory fitness, for further application in elderly subjects. three scales were identified after systematic review: veterans physical activity questionnaire (vsaq), rating of perceived capacity (rpc), and physical activity rating (pa-r). the model proposed by herdman et al. was applied to analyze equivalence. test-retest reliability was calculated in a sample of 12 elderly subjects (74.5 ± 3.5 years) using lin's concordance coefficient and intraclass correlation coefficient. good reproducibility was detected in all scales except rpc. due to the small sample size, hardly any conclusions can de drawn, but the results point to the need for changes in the original scale's structures. the findings also suggest the adequacy of the scale's portuguese-language version, although further validity studies appear to be necessary.
Correla??o e correspondência topográfica entre espessura da camada de fibras nervosas da retina e campo visual no glaucoma primário de angulo aberto
Almeida, Paula Botur?o de;Almeida, Geraldo Vicente de;Cohen, Ralph;Prata Júnior, Joao Antonio;Melo, Paulo Augusto de Arruda;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27492001000200004
Abstract: purpose: to determine the relationship between nerve fiber layer thickness detected by scanning laser polarimetry (gdx) and visual field function measured by automated conventional white-on-white perimetry. methods: 82 eyes of 48 open angle glaucoma patients were studied. the following correlations were inves-tigated: 1- correlation between mean sensitivity of 4 quadrants plus the fixation point, in dbs, and the mean of the nerve fiber layer thickness of the correspondent retina, in micra. 2- correlation between mean sensitivity of 4 quadrants plus the fixation point, in dbs, and the mean of the nerve fiber layer thickness of the correspondent retina, in micra, in the patients classified according to the amount of visual field loss. 3- correlation between the global indices of visual field and the numeric indices of gdx. 4- correlation between the mean of "total deviation" of visual field and the "deviation from normal" of gdx. 5- topographic match between visual field and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness changes. statistical analysis was performed using the spearmann coeficient correlation test. results: we observed a very poor correlation regarding: 1- total gdx and vf total; superior gdx and nasal inferior vf; inferior gdx and nasal superior vf; nasal gdx and temporal vf; superior gdx and inferior vf; inferior gdx and superior vf. 2- inferior gdx and nasal superior vf (severe eyes). 3- normal eyes: psd and em; cpsd and si. mild glaucoma eyes: sf and sn. severe glaucoma eyes: md and sn; md and em; md and s; cpsd and em. 4- dn t and td t; dn s and td ni; dn i and td ns. 5- a positive topographic match in 51.43%. conclusion: there is no good correlation between the two examinations.
Tree mortality in a riparian forest at Rio Paraguai, Pantanal, Brazil, after an extreme flooding
Damasceno-Junior, Geraldo Alves;Semir, Jo?o;Santos, Flavio Antonio Ma?s dos;Leit?o-Filho, Hermógenes de Freitas;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33062004000400014
Abstract: a study was conducted in a riparian forest (rio paraguai, brazil) to verify the vegetation mortality after an exceptional flooding in 1995. individuals with diameter at breast height > 5 cm were sampled in 108 (10×10m) plots in 1994, and re-sampled in 1996. the total mortality rate was 4.1% per year. the mortality increased with the increasing of topographic positions, at community level, suggesting that places where the flooding is less frequent are more affected by extreme floods.
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