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Qual a melhor incidência radiográfica para avaliar o desvio das fraturas tipo die-punch? Estudo em cadáver
Falcochio, Diego Figueira;Crepaldi, Bruno Eiras;Trindade, Christiano Augusto;Costa, Antonio Carlos da;Chakkour, Ivan;
Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-36162012000100003
Abstract: objective: the aim of this study is try to show the best view for distal radius fractures so called die-punch fractures. methods: there has been used a human cadaver radius bone from the salvador arena tissue bank. this bone was cleaned up after removing the soft tissues and osteotomies created displaced lunate fossa fractures of 0, 1, 2, 3 and 5 mm. we have fixed this fragment with adhesive tape. then the joint deviation were significantly increased with step-offs of 1 mm. radiographs were then taken into 5 different positions: postero-anterior view, lateral view, oblique views and tangencial view for each of the deviations. the resulting lunate fossa depression in each x-ray film was analyzed by the autocad 2010? software. results: the tangencial view was the best one to see the 1mm and 3mm bone degrees and the second one view to see the 2mm and 5 mm degrees. the pronated oblique view was the best to see the 2mm degrees and the oblique supinated view wasn't able to see the degrees between 1 and 2mm. conclusion: the tangencial view was the best one to see the 1mm and 3mm bone degrees and the second one view to see the 2mm and 5 mm degrees.
Avalia o da fun o do membro superior nos pacientes com paralisia obstétrica após cirurgia de Sever-L'Episcopo modificada Evaluation of upper-limb function in patients with obstetric palsy after modified Sever-L'Episcopo procedure
José Roberval de Luna Cabral,Bruno Eiras Crepaldi,Marina Tommasini Carrara de Sambuy,Antonio Carlos da Costa
Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0102-36162012000400008
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Avaliar a fun o do membro superior acometido, por meio do escore de Mallet, nos pacientes com contratura em rota o medial do ombro submetidos à cirurgia de Sever-L'Episcopo modificada, e correlacionar a evolu o com a idade e com o tempo de seguimento pós-operatório. MéTODOS: Dezesseis pacientes foram avaliados, sendo comparadas as medidas pré e pós-operatórias do escore de Mallet, e correlacionada a diferen a entre esses valores com a idade no momento da cirurgia e tempo de seguimento. RESULTADO: Observou-se melhora do escore de Mallet pós-operatório estatisticamente significante, enquanto a correla o da diferen a dos valores do escore com a idade e o tempo de seguimento n o foram estatisticamente significantes. CONCLUS O: A cirurgia de Sever-L'Episcopo modificada proporcionou melhora da fun o do membro superior, de acordo com o escore de Mallet. N o houve rela o entre a idade e o tempo de seguimento com a fun o do membro. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate upper-limb function by means of the Mallet score, in patients with medial rotation contracture of the shoulder who underwent the modified Sever-L'Episcopo procedure, and to correlate evolution with age and length of postoperative follow-up. METHODS: Sixteen patients were assessed by comparing the pre and postoperative Mallet scores and correlating the differences between these scores with age at the time of surgery and length of follow-up. RESULTS: A statistically significant improvement in the postoperative Mallet score was observed. The correlations of the differences in scores with age and length of follow-up were not statistically significant. CONCLUSION: The modified Sever-L'Episcopo procedure led to improved upper-limb function according to the Mallet score. Limb function did not present correlations with age or length of follow-up.
Detection of three Allexivirus species infecting garlic in Brazil
Melo Filho, Péricles de Albuquerque;Nagata, Tatsuya;Dusi, André Nepomuceno;Buso, José Amauri;Torres, Antonio Carlos;Eiras, Marcelo;Resende, Renato de Oliveira;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2004000800002
Abstract: garlic viruses often occur in mixed infections under field conditions. in this study, garlic samples collected in three geographical areas of brazil were tested by dot-elisa for the detection of allexiviruses using monoclonal specific antibodies to detect garlic virus a (garv-a), garlic virus b (garv-b), garlic virus c (garv-c) and a polyclonal antiserum able to detect the three virus species mentioned plus garlic virus d (garv-d). the detected viruses were biologically isolated by successive passages through chenopodium quinoa. reverse transcriptase polimerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) was performed using primers designed from specific regions of the coat protein genes of japanese allexiviruses available in the genetic bank of national center of biotechnology information (ncbi). by these procedures, individual garlic virus genomes were isolated and sequenced. the nucleotide and amino acid sequence analysis and the one with serological data revealed the presence of three distinct allexiviruses garv-c, garv-d and a recently described allexivirus, named garlic mite-borne filamentous virus (garmbfv), in brazil.
Influence of calcium carbonate nanoparticles on the crystallization of olypropylene
Eiras, Daniel;Pessan, Luiz Antonio;
Materials Research , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392009000400024
Abstract: the aim of this work was to study the influence of calcium carbonate nanoparticles in crystallization process of polypropylene. four compositions of pp/caco3 nanocomposites were prepared in a co-rotational twin screw extruder machine with calcium carbonate content of 3, 5, 7 and 10 wt. (%). the tests included sem analyzes for calcium carbonate, differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) and wide angle x-ray diffraction (waxd) for the nanocomposites. the results showed an increase in pp crystallization temperature and crystallinity degree, and a reduction in spherullites size. the formation of pp β phase was confirmed by dsc and waxd results. finally from dsc analyses under isothermal conditions it was confirmed that calcium carbonate nanoparticles have a nucleation effect in polypropylene crystallization process by reducing the half crystallization time and increasing the kinetic constant (k).
Mechanical properties of polypropylene/calcium carbonate nanocomposites
Eiras, Daniel;Pessan, Luiz Antonio;
Materials Research , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392009000400023
Abstract: the aim of this work was to study the influence of calcium carbonate nanoparticles in both tensile and impact mechanical properties of a polypropylene homopolymer. four compositions of pp/caco3 nanocomposites were prepared in a co-rotational twin screw extruder machine with calcium carbonate content of 3, 5, 7 and 10 wt. (%) the tests included sem analyzes together with eds analyzer and ftir spectroscopy for calcium carbonate, tensile and impact tests for pp and the nanocomposites. the results showed an increase in pp elastic modulus and a little increase in yield stress. brittle-to-ductile transition temperature was reduced and the impact resistance increased with the addition of nanoparticles. from the stress-strain curves we determined the occurrence of debonding process before yielding leading to stress softening. debonding stress was determined from stress-strain curves corresponding to stress in 1% strain. we concluded that the tensile properties depend on the surface contact area of nanoparticles and on their dispersion. finally we believe that the toughening was due to the formation of diffuse shear because of debonding process.
Síndrome dos cabelos anágenos frouxos associada à distrofia macular: descri??o de uma família
Sato, Mário Teruo;Brenner, Fabiane Mulinari;Marzag?o, Rodrigo;Sabbag, Fábio;Bordignon, Gisele;Fillus Neto, José;Eiras-Stofella, Daura R.;Franco, Antonio;Moreira Júnior, Carlos Augusto;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962004000600010
Abstract: the article describes a family with loose anagen hair syndrome (lahs) associated with macular dystrophy. complete dermatological and ophthalmological exams, and hair examination under optical and electron microscopy were performed in eleven index cases. two individuals demonstrated hair findings with lahs without ocular problems. within the four cases with ocular problems, two sisters presented with lahs and pigmentary dispersion on the retina with macular coloboma. two brothers presented with lahs and pigmentary dispersion on the retina without macular coloboma. the findings suggest that this new association is a disorder among the ectodermal dysplasia.
Análise da sensibilidade de um modelo de atenua??o espectral da irradiancia na atmosfera em diferentes condi??es atmosféricas: uma aplica??o para o Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor (SeaWiFS)
Omachi, Claudia Yuki;Garcia, Carlos Alberto Eiras;
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-261X2003000300001
Abstract: a sensitivity analysis of an irradiance spectral attenuation model is performed by varying three atmospheric parameters: total ozone, visibility and total precipitable water. the incident solar spectral irradiance over the sea surface is calculated at the sea-viewing wide field-of-view sensor (seawifs) bands for remote sensing applications. the effects of these atmospheric parameters over some remote sensing reflectance ratios usually used for mapping chlorophyll a concentration from the space are also assessed. the results have shown that visibility is the most important parameter which exerts influence on modeled spectral irradiance but its effect on the remote sensing ratios is smaller than that from total ozone. the total precipitable water did not alter both modeled spectral irradiances and remote sensing ratios for solar zenith angles smaller than 60o. no significant differences were found when solar zenith angles varied from 0 and 60o, even when we used extremely high values of atmospheric parameters. for remote sensing reflectance band ratios 490/510, 490/555 and 510/555 under solar zenith angles smaller than 60o, average values of these atmospheric parameters tested here are enough to model irradiance band ratios.
Inclusive Decays of Heavy Quarkonium to Light Particles
Nora Brambilla,Dolors Eiras,Antonio Pineda,Joan Soto,Antonio Vairo
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.67.034018
Abstract: We derive the imaginary part of the potential NRQCD Hamiltonian up to order 1/m^4, when the typical momentum transfer between the heavy quarks is of the order of Lambda_{QCD} or greater, and the binding energy E much smaller than Lambda_{QCD}. We use this result to calculate the inclusive decay widths into light hadrons, photons and lepton pairs, up to O(mv^3 x (Lambda_{QCD}^2/m^2,E/m)) and O(mv^5) times a short-distance coefficient, for S- and P-wave heavy quarkonium states, respectively. We achieve a large reduction in the number of unknown non-perturbative parameters and, therefore, we obtain new model-independent QCD predictions. All the NRQCD matrix elements relevant to that order are expressed in terms of the wave functions at the origin and six universal non-perturbative parameters. The wave-function dependence factorizes and drops out in the ratio of hadronic and electromagnetic decay widths. The universal non-perturbative parameters are expressed in terms of gluonic field-strength correlators, which may be fixed by experimental data or, alternatively, by lattice simulations. Our expressions are expected to hold for most of the charmonium and bottomonium states below threshold. The calculations and methodology are explained in detail so that the evaluation of higher order NRQCD matrix elements in this framework should be straightforward. An example is provided.
High frequency dielectric relaxation in lanthanum modified PbTiO3 ferroelectric ceramics
Guerra, José de los Santos;Eiras, José Antonio;
Materials Research , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392004000200017
Abstract: dielectric measurements of lanthanum modified lead titanate ceramics were carried out in a frequency and temperature range of 70 ′ 106hz - 2 ′ 109hz and 300 k - 420 k, respectively. dielectric relaxation appears around 7 ′ 108hz at room temperature, and the maximum of the dielectric relaxation was around 393 k, the transition temperature (tc). the relaxation frequency passes through a minimum at tc and the dielectric relaxation exists in both paraelectric and ferroelectric phases. a fitting of the experimental data with the debye relations gives some keys for understanding the dielectric behavior of such materials.
Hipertens o intra-abdominal associada à les o pulmonar aguda: efeitos sobre a press o intracraniana Intra-abdominal hypertension associated with acute lung injury: effects on intracranial pressure
Antonio Luis Eiras Falc?o,Douglas Guimar?es de Oliveira
Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/s0103-507x2011000200002
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