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Japan’s Saving, Financial Linkages, and Capital Mobility in East Asia before the 1997-98 Currency Crisis: An Empirical Investigation
Vinh Q. T. Dang
International Journal of Economics and Finance , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/ijef.v2n4p221
Abstract: I examine financial linkages in East Asia before the 1997-98 crisis by testing long-run and causal relationships between Japan’s saving and eight other Asian economies’ domestic investment. The results suggest that there is a long-run (cointegrating) relationship between Japan’s saving and the domestic investments of four of the five crisis economies and Taiwan. There is also evidence that Japan’s saving Granger-causes the domestic investments of five economies. In contrast, no such long-run and causal relationship is found with respect to each country’s own domestic saving and investment. The results suggest a presence of financial linkage and high capital mobility in the region prior to 1997-98 and lend support to the literature on the role of financial contagion in the Asian currency crisis.
Evaluation of a Rumen Protected Omega 3 Supplement for Reproduction in Dairy Cows as Determined in Three Large Herd Field Trials  [PDF]
Malcolm Ballard, Anthony T. Byrd
Open Journal of Animal Sciences (OJAS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojas.2018.83026
Abstract: Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to support reproductive performance in dairy cows, but large amounts are needed due to ruminal biohydrogenation of fatty acids. Three long-term large herd feeding trials, two with heifers and one with mature cows, were conducted to evaluate the effects of adding a rumen protected fish oil supplement on reproduction. In all trials, there were over 1000 animals eligible to be bred/treatment. Cows received a ration with 40 g of a rumen protected fish oil supplement (Salmate®?the Ballard Group, Cincinnati Ohio) during the test periods, while controls received no supplementation. The additive was provided to the test cows from the onset of lactation until 90 ± 5 days in milk. Cows entering the pen on or after the first day of the study were included in the dataset. Individual cow records were compiled by Dairy Herd Improvement Association (National DHIA, Verona WI USA) were compared to records from the same time period the year prior. Results were compared using ANOVA for single mean variables and Fisher’s exact test for proportional data. In trials 1 and 2 involving heifers, pregnancy rates were improved (22.4% vs 14.8% in trial 1 and 22.0 vs 17.8% in trial 2, (p < 0.05)). In both cases the improved pregnancy rate could be attributed to higher numbers of cattle bred that became pregnant (P < 0.05), resulting in fewer services/conception (P < 0.05). Early embryonic abortion rates were under 2% in trial 1 and did not differ by treatment. Embryonic abortions rates were 9.2% for the control group as compared to 5.6% for the test group in trial 2, but failed to reach significance. There were no differences in pregnancy rates for the mature cows evaluated in trial 3 (P > 0.05). However, early embryonic abortion rates were 16.8 during the control period, as compared to 4.7% during the test feeding period. The rumen protected omega 3 fatty acid supplement was found to be of
Mucin Variable Number Tandem Repeat Polymorphisms and Severity of Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease: Significant Association with MUC5AC
XueLiang Guo, Rhonda G. Pace, Jaclyn R. Stonebraker, Clayton W. Commander, Anthony T. Dang, Mitchell L. Drumm, Ann Harris, Fei Zou, Dallas M. Swallow, Fred A. Wright, Wanda K. O'Neal, Michael R. Knowles
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0025452
Abstract: Variability in cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease is partially due to non-CFTR genetic modifiers. Mucin genes are very polymorphic, and mucins play a key role in the pathogenesis of CF lung disease; therefore, mucin genes are strong candidates as genetic modifiers. DNA from CF patients recruited for extremes of lung phenotype was analyzed by Southern blot or PCR to define variable number tandem repeat (VNTR) length polymorphisms for MUC1, MUC2, MUC5AC, and MUC7. VNTR length polymorphisms were tested for association with lung disease severity and for linkage disequilibrium (LD) with flanking single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). No strong associations were found for MUC1, MUC2, or MUC7. A significant association was found between the overall distribution of MUC5AC VNTR length and CF lung disease severity (p = 0.025; n = 468 patients); plus, there was robust association of the specific 6.4 kb HinfI VNTR fragment with severity of lung disease (p = 6.2×10?4 after Bonferroni correction). There was strong LD between MUC5AC VNTR length modes and flanking SNPs. The severity-associated 6.4 kb VNTR allele of MUC5AC was confirmed to be genetically distinct from the 6.3 kb allele, as it showed significantly stronger association with nearby SNPs. These data provide detailed respiratory mucin gene VNTR allele distributions in CF patients. Our data also show a novel link between the MUC5AC 6.4 kb VNTR allele and severity of CF lung disease. The LD pattern with surrounding SNPs suggests that the 6.4 kb allele contains, or is linked to, important functional genetic variation.
Anticancer Conjugates and Cocktails Based on Methotrexate and Nucleoside Synergism
Anthony R. Vortherms,Hester N. Dang,Robert P. Doyle
Clinical Medicine : Oncology , 2009,
Abstract: Conjugates of methotrexate (MTX) and the nucleoside analogs 3-azidodeoxythymidine (AZT), iododeoxyuridine (IUdR) and dideoxycytidine (ddC) linked using poly(ethyleneglycol) are presented. In vitro cytotoxicity assays of the conjugates against drug resistant ovarian cell line A2780/AD are preformed and comparisons made to such assays performed for unconjugated (cocktail) systems. All systems tested were inactive, or had low activity, at 24 h. After 72 hr incubation however, the cocktails of MTX and AZT, IUdR or ddC showed high cytotoxicity in the low nanomolar range. The conjugates were only very moderately active with IC50 values in the [0.1 to 1.0 mM] range. Conjugation of the antifolate to the nucleoside analogs has it seems reduced the activity significantly when compared to a cocktail of the components, indicating a conjugate approach is unlikely to translate into success in vivo. The positive note comes from the observation that by combining two of the new conjugates, namely those based on MTX with IUdR or AZT, an IC50 at 24 hours of ~ [180 μM] was produced.
Creative providers: Counseling and counselors in family planning and reproductive health
Anthony T. Carter
Demographic Research , 2008,
Abstract: This paper is a comparative qualitative analysis of counseling and counselors in family planning and reproductive health services in four settings: two in the United States, one in London, and one in Kenya. Accomplished counselors perform in a dual sense, carrying out a difficult task and doing so in a way that is skillful, realized, and persuasive. Because counseling protocols provide only the barest indications of how counseling is to be done, counselors must improvise their performances. To do this, they draw on structuring resources from the wider society and culture as well as the settings in which they work.
From quantum mechanics to the physical metallurgy of steels
Anthony T Paxton
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: In the last decade there has been a breakthrough in the construction of theories leading to models for the simulation of atomic scale processes in steel. In this paper the theory is described and developed and used to demonstrate calculations of the diffusivity and trapping of hydrogen in iron and the structures of carbon vacancy complexes in steel.
Can Interactions between Timing of Vaccine-Altered Influenza Pandemic Waves and Seasonality in Influenza Complications Lead to More Severe Outcomes?
Utkarsh J. Dang, Chris T. Bauch
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0023580
Abstract: Vaccination can delay the peak of a pandemic influenza wave by reducing the number of individuals initially susceptible to influenza infection. Emerging evidence indicates that susceptibility to severe secondary bacterial infections following a primary influenza infection may vary seasonally, with peak susceptibility occurring in winter. Taken together, these two observations suggest that vaccinating to prevent a fall pandemic wave might delay it long enough to inadvertently increase influenza infections in winter, when primary influenza infection is more likely to cause severe outcomes. This could potentially cause a net increase in severe outcomes. Most pandemic models implicitly assume that the probability of severe outcomes does not vary seasonally and hence cannot capture this effect. Here we show that the probability of intensive care unit (ICU) admission per influenza infection in the 2009 H1N1 pandemic followed a seasonal pattern. We combine this with an influenza transmission model to investigate conditions under which a vaccination program could inadvertently shift influenza susceptibility to months where the risk of ICU admission due to influenza is higher. We find that vaccination in advance of a fall pandemic wave can actually increase the number of ICU admissions in situations where antigenic drift is sufficiently rapid or where importation of a cross-reactive strain is possible. Moreover, this effect is stronger for vaccination programs that prevent more primary influenza infections. Sensitivity analysis indicates several mechanisms that may cause this effect. We also find that the predicted number of ICU admissions changes dramatically depending on whether the probability of ICU admission varies seasonally, or whether it is held constant. These results suggest that pandemic planning should explore the potential interactions between seasonally varying susceptibility to severe influenza outcomes and the timing of vaccine-altered pandemic influenza waves.
Influence of bio-fertilizers on the availability of nutrients (N, P and K) in soil in relation to growth and yield of Stevia rebaudiana grown in South India
K Das,R Dang,T N Shivananda
International Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products , 2008,
Abstract: Summary: A field experiment was conducted at Ripponpet (Dist. Karnataka), India in an acidic soil (pH 6.10) to study the response of Stevia plant by the application of bio-fertilizers. The results showed the amount of available nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) contents in soil have been found to increase significantly up to third month and thereafter, the amount of the same decreased with the progress of the plant growth up to sixth month irrespective of treatments. However, the results further envisaged that the total yield of fresh biomass has been recorded an increase up to sixth month, being highest in the combined application of bio-fertilizers over that of their corresponding sole applications. The percent increase of bio-mass yield was recorded highest (22.14%) in the treatment when all the bio-fertilizers were applied together. Industrial relevance: The demand of Stevia is increasing widely due to its non caloric nature and usages as sugar supplement. The leaves are having commercial importance due to presence of di-terpene sweet glycosides which are 300-400 times sweeter than sugar without any side effects. The plant was domesticated in India in last 20th century from the wide source. So there is a need to set up certain protocols for cultivation of Stevia in various soil conditions so that farmers can be benefited by selling, and industries also can get healthy leaves throughout the year for isolate the active components and can formulate economical market products.
Unimodal primary sensory cortices are directly connected by long-range horizontal projections in the rat sensory cortex
Jimmy Stehberg,Phat T. Dang,Ron Frostig
Frontiers in Neuroanatomy , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fnana.2014.00093
Abstract: Research based on functional imaging and neuronal recordings in the barrel cortex subdivision of primary somatosensory cortex (SI) of the adult rat has revealed novel aspects of structure-function relationships in this cortex. Specifically, it has demonstrated that single whisker stimulation evokes subthreshold neuronal activity that spreads symmetrically within gray matter from the appropriate barrel area, crosses cytoarchitectural borders of SI and reaches deeply into other unimodal primary cortices such as primary auditory (AI) and primary visual (VI). It was further demonstrated that this spread is supported by a spatially matching underlying diffuse network of border-crossing, long-range projections that could also reach deeply into AI and VI. Here we seek to determine whether such a network of border-crossing, long-range projections is unique to barrel cortex or characterizes also other primary, unimodal sensory cortices and therefore could directly connect them. Using anterograde (BDA) and retrograde (CTb) tract-tracing techniques, we demonstrate that such diffuse horizontal networks directly and mutually connect VI, AI and SI. These findings suggest that diffuse, border-crossing axonal projections connecting directly primary cortices are an important organizational motif common to all major primary sensory cortices in the rat. Potential implications of these findings for topics including cortical structure-function relationships, multisensory integration, functional imaging and cortical parcellation are discussed.
Neutron transition strengths of $2^+_1$ states in the neutron rich Oxygen isotopes determined from inelastic proton scattering
Nguyen Dang Chien,Dao T. Khoa
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.79.034314
Abstract: A coupled-channel analysis of the $^{18,20,22}$O$(p,p')$ data has been performed to determine the neutron transition strengths of 2$^+_1$ states in Oxygen targets, using the microscopic optical potential and inelastic form factor calculated in the folding model. A complex density- and \emph{isospin} dependent version of the CDM3Y6 interaction was constructed, based on the Brueckner-Hatree-Fock calculation of nuclear matter, for the folding model input. Given an accurate isovector density dependence of the CDM3Y6 interaction, the isoscalar ($\delta_0$) and isovector ($\delta_1$) deformation lengths of 2$^+_1$ states in $^{18,20,22}$O have been extracted from the folding model analysis of the $(p,p')$ data. A specific $N$-dependence of $\delta_0$ and $\delta_1$ has been established which can be linked to the neutron shell closure occurring at $N$ approaching 16. The strongest isovector deformation was found for 2$^+_1$ state in $^{20}$O, with $\delta_1$ about 2.5 times larger than $\delta_0$, which indicates a strong core polarization by the valence neutrons in $^{20}$O. The ratios of the neutron/proton transition matrix elements ($M_n/M_p$) determined for 2$^+_1$ states in $^{18,20}$O have been compared to those deduced from the mirror symmetry, using the measured $B(E2)$ values of 2$^+_1$ states in the proton rich $^{18}$Ne and $^{20}$Mg nuclei, to discuss the isospin impurity in the $2^+_1$ excitation of the $A=18,T=1$ and $A=20,T=2$ isobars.
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