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Rotational Oscillation Effect on Flow Characteristics of a Circular Cylinder at Low Reynolds Number  [PDF]
Alice Rosa da Silva, Aristeu da Silveira-Neto, Antnio Marcos Gonalves de Lima
World Journal of Mechanics (WJM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/wjm.2015.510019
Abstract: Two dimensional numerical simulations of flow around a rotationally oscillating circular cylinder were performed at Re = 1000. A wide range of forcing frequencies, fr, and three values of oscillation amplitudes, A, are considered. Different vortex shedding modes are observed for a fixed A at several values of fr, as well as for a fixed fr at different values of A. The 2C mode of vortex shedding was obtained in the present study. It is important to point out that this mode has not been observed by other investigators for rotationally oscillating case. Also, it is verified that this mechanism has great influence on the drag coefficient for high frequency values. Furthermore, the lift and pressure coefficients and the power spectra density are also analyzed.
Finite element reduction strategy for composite sandwich plates with viscoelastic layers
Diacenco, Adriana Amaro;Lima, Antnio Marcos Gonalves de;Corrêa, Edmilson Otoni;
Materials Research , 2013, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-14392012005000185
Abstract: composite materials have been regarded as a convenient strategy in various types of engineering systems such as aeronautical and space structures, as well as architecture and light industry products due to their advantages over the traditional engineering materials, such as their high strength/stiffness relation characteristics and their anti-corrosion properties. this paper is devoted to the finite element modeling of composite laminated structures incorporating viscoelastic materials to the problem of vibration attenuation. however, the typically high dimension of large finite element models of composite structures incorporating viscoelastic materials makes the numerical processes sometimes unfeasible. within this context, emphasis is placed on a general condensation strategy specially adapted for the case of viscoelastically damped structures, in which a constant (frequency- and temperature-independent) reduction basis to be enriched by static residues associated to the applied loads and the viscoelastic forces is used. after presenting the theoretical foundations, the numerical applications of composite plates treated by viscoelastic materials are addressed, and the main features of the methodology are discussed.
Revasculariza??o completa do miocárdio. Pontes seqüenciais de veia safena, anastomoses seqüenciais da artéria torácica interna e enxertos compostos: análise de 165 casos consecutivos
RABELO, Raul Corrêa;REIS FILHO, Fernando Antnio Roquete;BERNARDES, Rodrigo de Castro;MOTTA, Giancarlo Grossi;LIMA, Luiz Cláudio Moreira;GONALVES, Leonardo Augusto D'ávila;RABELO, Walter;MARINO, Roberto Luiz;MARINO, Marcos Antnio;BRASIL, Juliana A. Amaral;GOMES, Maurício Castro;
Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-76381997000200002
Abstract: the authors analyse 165 patients out of 359 submitted to myocardial revascularization during the period between january 1995 and january 1996, in which the saphenous veins and the internal thoracic arteries have been used as a sequential graft, or associated with a composit graft; 132 received saphenous veins as a sequential graft to two or more coronary branches, 25 had sequential anastomosis of the left internal thoracic artery to iva and diagonal branches of the left coronary artery, and 8 cases had both saphenous veins and internal thoracic arteries used as a composite graft to branches of the left and right coronary arteries. in 96% of the cases the scheduled surgery was performed, one patient died in the immediate post-operative period (0.6%) and the morbidity was not different from that found in the standard coronary artery surgery. details of the preparation of the grafts, as well as operative technique is discussed, and the results of this series stimulated us for further use of the sequential grafts aiming for complete myocardial revascularization.
Dengue viruses activity in Piauí, Brazil
Castro, José Adail Fonseca de;Andrade, Hélida Monteiro de;Monte, Semiramis Jamil Hadad do;Silva, Adalberto Socorro da;Gomes, Karlla Celma Batista Lima;Amaral, Leila Fernandes de Brito e;Cipriano, Flávio de Oliveira;Rego, Juciane Vaz do;Araújo, Marcos Antnio da Mota;Faustino, Symonara Karina Medeiros;Nogueira, Rita Maria Ribeiro;Schatzmayr, Hermann Gonalves;Miagostovich, Marize Pereira;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762003000800007
Abstract: the present paper reports a laboratory investigation performed between the years of 2000 and 2002 to stydy a virological surveillance program introduced in the state of piauí to support an epidemiological survey of the disease. dengue virus type 3 (denv-3) existence in the state was detected in may 2002 when a high number of dengue cases due to denv-1 and denv-2 were reported. an assessment on the population knowledge about the disease and its transmission showed that almost 50% of the population were still unaware of the epidemiological features of dengue.
Effect of heat stress on the maturation, fertilization and development rates of in vitro produced bovine embryos  [PDF]
Mayra Fernanda Alves, Roseli Fernandes Gonalves, Danielle Labadessa Pav?o, Eduardo Gimenes Palazzi, Flavio Souza, Roberta Kelly Ribeiro de Queiróz, Magali D’ Angelo, Marcos Antnio de Achilles
Open Journal of Animal Sciences (OJAS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojas.2013.33026
Abstract: Heat stress is one of the main reasons for reproductive performance decrease in cattle, resulting in severe economic losses. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of heat stress during maturation, fertilization and development of in vitro produced bovine embryos. Cumulus oocyte complexes (COCs) were obtained by follicular puncture from slaughterhouse ovaries and after identification, were divided into four groups: control (CG), exposed 1 (EG1), exposed 2 (EG2), and exposed 3 (EG3). The oocytes of the group CG and CG3 were cultured at 38°C and the oocytes of group EG1 and EG2 were cultured at 40°C during the maturation period (24 hours at 5% CO2 in air). After the maturation period, oocytes of group CG, EG1, EG2, and EG3 were fecundated with frozen thawed semen. The oocytes of CG, EG2 and EG3 groups were cultured at 38°C, and the group EG1 was cultured at 40°C (18 hours at 5%
Leiomioma benigno metastatizante de veia cava inferior: rara complica??o tardia de histerectomia
Filgueiras, Marcos;Lima Jr, Antnio Carlos Barros;Baldoni, Walter Giulliano;Milezi, Washington Sérgio Gonalves;Zorron, Ricardo;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912008000400012
Abstract: large vessel tumors diagnosis is usually difficult. benign metastasizing leiomyoma is a rare condition occurring inside peripheral vessels. there are few publications about this tumor inside inferior vena cava. a 54 years old female patient is presented with a previous hysterectomy for myomas. she complained of no specific symptoms 18 months after surgery. computer tomography revealed a 7.5 x 3.5 x 4.0 cm mass at inferior vena cava and right psoas muscle. after surgical management and immunohistochemical screening biopsy, the diagnosis was benign metastasizing leiomyoma of inferior vena cava. the patient recovery was uneventful. benign metastasizing leiomyoma of inferior vena cava is a very rare condition, and must be suspected in patients with primary leiomyosarcoma, especially in women previously submitted to hysterectomy for leiomyomatosis.
Maximization of genetic gain in rubber tree (Hevea) breeding with effective size restriction
Costa Reginaldo Brito da,Resende Marcos Deon Vilela de,Araújo Antnio José de,Gonalves Paulo de Souza
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2000,
Abstract: The heritability coefficients and the genetic gains associated with individual, combined and among and within progeny selection, and with multi-effect index selection in long-term rubber tree [Hevea brasiliensis (Willd. ex Adr. de Juss.) Muell.-Arg.] breeding were determined using effective population size (Ne) restriction. Twenty-two half sib progenies were planted at the Jaú Experimental Station, S o Paulo State, Brazil, in a complete randomized block design, with five replications and 10 plants per plot. The following traits were assessed when the plants were three years old: number of laticiferous vessel rings (NR), dry rubber production (RP), bark thickness (BT) and stem girth (SG). Significant variability was found among progeny with good chances of obtaining genetic gain for RP, BT and SG. Effective population size restriction caused a greater reduction in genetic gain for RP with combined selection and with the multi-effect index than for individual or among and within progeny selection. The simultaneous use of accuracy values and genetic gain from the lower limits of the confidence intervals for gain indicated that individual selection is to be preferred in Hevea breeding programs.
Produ o de biossurfactante por Pseudomonas fluorescens UCP 1514 utilizando milhocina como substrato
Thayse Alves de Lima e Silva,Juliana Moura de Luna,Marcos Antnio Moraes Filho,Elias Basile Tambourgi
Exacta , 2010,
Abstract: Biosurfactants are natural surfactants produced by microorganisms, being classified in accordance with their chemical composition, microbial origin and molecular mass. In this way, the production of a biosurfactant by Pseudomonas fluorescens UCP1514 was initially studied to evaluate the influence of the following culture medium components, named: sunflower seed oil (post-frying), burned oil of motor and industrial waste (corn steep) on the surface tension reduction. The best surface tension (31,68 and 33,72 mN / m) were found in medium containing, respectively,(5 % corn steep and 5% and burned oil of motor) and (10% of corn steep and 5% sun flower oil post-frying). The growth kinetics demonstrated that the stationary phase was reached in the first 24 hours of cultivation. The best emulsification indexes had been observed with corn oil and Oil. The promising results obtained indicate the viability of powerful biosurfactants produced from low-cost medium based on corn steep.
Mapping of QTLs related with wood quality and developmental characteristics in hybrids (Eucalyptus grandis x Eucalyptus urophylla)
Rocha, Rodrigo Barros;Barros, Everaldo Gonalves;Cruz, Cosme Dami?o;Rosado, Antnio Marcos;Araújo, Elza Fernandes de;
Revista árvore , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-67622007000100003
Abstract: the present work aimed to characterize and identify qtls for wood quality and growth traits in e. grandis x e. urophylla hybrids. for this purpose a rapd linkage map was developed for the hybrids (lod=3 and r=0.40) containing 52 markers and 12 linkage groups. traits related to wood quality and growth were evaluated in the qtl analyses. qtl analyses were performed using chi-square tests, single-marker, interval mapping and composite interval mapping analyses. all approaches led to the identification of similar qtls associated with wood density, cellulose pulp yield and percentage of extractives, which were detected and confirmed by both the interval mapping and composite interval mapping methodologies. some qtls regions were confirmed only by the composite interval mapping methodology: percentage of soluble lignin, percentage of insoluble lignin, cbh and total height. overlapping qtls regions were detected, and these, can be the result of major genes involved in the regulation and control of the growth traits by epistatic interactions. in order to evaluate the effect of early selection using rapd molecular data, molecular markers adjacent to qtls were used genotype selection. the analysis of selection differential values suggests that for all the traits the phenotypic selection at seven years should generate larger genetic gains than early selection assisted by molecular markers and the combination of the strategies should elevate the selection efficiency.
Usina de sonhos com realidade
Rener Busso de Martini,Heidi Miriam Bertolucci Coelho,Marcos Antnio Barbieri Gonalves,Michele Andréia Marino
Revista Ciência em Extens?o , 2010,
Abstract: Introdu o: Inserido no maior bairro de Assis, este projeto visa integrar as Comunidades Acadêmica e Assisense através de um grupo já existente chamado “Associa o de Líderes Comunitários da Vila Prudenciana de Assis”. Este grupo é formado por aproximadamente oitenta “líderes” que têm o compromisso de representar a popula o estimada em 800 pessoas no referido bairro. Criado a partir da iniciativa de um Padre (Pe. Vicente), tem por objetivo dar forma o inicialmente aos líderes, instrumentalizando-os no acompanhamento de grupos. Nota-se que no imaginário popular da cidade circula a idéia de que esse bairro é palco de alto índice de violência (física e psíquica), daí o convite para a inser o das contribui es da universidade. Objetivos: Mais que integrar a popula o com a universidade, o projeto busca desfazer uma pré-concep o enclausurante de subjetividades marcada pela desigualdade social e cultural. Outra proposta do projeto é ampliar os conhecimentos em diversas áreas e, conseqüentemente criar possibilidades ao cidad o para que possa habitar novos lugares – sociais, econ micos, culturais e subjetivos. Essas possibilidades nada mais s o do que oferecer condi es de apropria o dos direitos humanos por esta popula o. Métodos: Para levantar informa es sobre as necessidades da popula o atendida, problematizá-las e propor alternativas, o projeto conta com a participa o de alunos dos diversos cursos do campus de Assis intentando, assim, que o conhecimento possa ser transversalizado. Neste sentido, os alunos buscam se inserir nas atividades desenvolvidas pelos líderes de modo a proporcionar momentos de escuta das demandas da comunidade. Delineadas essas demandas, s o oferecidos palestras, cursos e oficinas que têm por objetivo a constru o de subsídios teóricos e práticos juntamente com a comunidade, evitando assim que os agenciamentos se dêem de maneira vertical. Resultados: Os alunos dos diversos cursos podem antecipar sua prática profissional através deste projeto, posto que levam seus conhecimentos de modo a contribuir cultural, social, educacional e politicamente, desenvolvendo sua fun o de agentes sociais. No que se refere à comunidade, o Projeto oferece espa os de express o da demanda e, aos agentes, uma possibilidade de reflex o.
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