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Modifications on the Strand’s Sampling Method Applied to Stands of Pinus elliottii Engelm  [PDF]
Sylvio Péllico Netto, Doádi Antnio Brena, ?ngelo Augusto Ebling, Aurélio Loureno Rodrigues
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2014.27066

This work was carried out with the objective of proposing some changes in the Strand’s sampling method, in which the trees are selected in sampling units with probability proportional to its diameter for the calculation of the stand density and basal area, and proportional to its height for the calculation of volume per hectare. Data used to evaluate the efficiency of the sampling of Strand in clusters were collected in stands of Pinus elliottii Engelm, located in a National Forest, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. In the course of this research work it was proposed to convert the sampling unit into a cluster, structurally more efficient to obtain consistent estimates of volume and of dominant heights, using volumetric equivalence, which results in a form factor equal to one for the final calculation of volume per hectare and an indirect method to obtain the average height of Lorey. The objectives of this study were achieved, because with this methodology it is not necessary to measure heights of trees in the sampling unit, except a dominant height by cluster to evaluate sites. The development of independent estimators for basal area and volume gave rise to the proposition of an estimator for average height of Lorey, but without measuring any tree height in the sampling. The proposed methodology is an attractive solution to reduce costs in forest inventories, with the ability to have greater accuracy and scope for information at the level of compartments, without increasing the cost of sampling in comparison to that performed with units of fixed area. The use of smaller permanent sampling units with higher intensity in the compartments before the final cut will substantially increase the precision of the estimators in these management units, which will enable them to eliminate the pre-cut inventory in forest enterprises.


Rain water quality of a cistern used for pigs and beef cattle
Julio Cesar Pascale Palhares,Antnio Loureno Guidoni
Ambiente e água : An Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Science , 2012,
Abstract: Santa Catarina State has encouraged the use of cisterns as a technology to offer water in quantity and quality to livestock. The region is characterized by severe droughts in the summer months. The aims of the study were: to monitor physical, chemical and microbiological rain water quality parameters of a cistern; to evaluate if water had quality for pigs and beef cattle water consumption. Concentrations of nitrate, nitrite and ammonia were in accordance with the standards for animal consumption. E. coli was present in some samples. The rainfall and speed of wind influenced the concentrations of nitrogen. Investigations of the relations between these environmental parameters and water quality must be conducted to avoid agricultural and livestock emission sources to have a negative impact on water quality. The water stored in the cistern showed satisfactory quality for use of pigs and beef cattle drinking. This gives support to the utilization of this technology to improve the water use efficiency for livestock.
MOREIRA, José António,LEANDRO, António José,GRABULHO, Duarte Loureno
European Review of Artistic Studies , 2010,
Abstract: ResuméCe travail présente l'étude architectonique et l’héritage artistique (retables, peintures du plafond etsculptures) dans l'Eglise Matrice de Sainte Agueda à Carl o, municipalité d’Alijó. Cette étude essayed’accomplir une analyse stylistique et artistique en termes de planimétrie, de spatialité, de la technique, dela composition et des éléments structuraux et décoratifs, que ce soit en architecture ou dans l’héritageartistique. à cette fin, nous utilisons une méthodologie de nature qualitative, en utilisant des techniquesnon-interactives, telles que la consultation des notes de terrain et des sources et des documentshistoriques. Nous concluons que la croyance religieuse, la foi dans le sacré et les habitudes sectaires sontplus importants pour les communautés rurales que les grandes entreprises techniques, artistiques et del'évolution stylistique. D’une part, les oeuvres débordent les limites chronologiques généralement établiespour les différents styles artistiques, de l’autre elles recréent, avec une telle intensité, l’image sacraliséeet divine ainsi que les traditions liturgiques de la communauté d’origine.ResumoApresenta-se neste trabalho o estudo arquitectónico e do espólio artístico (retábulos, pintura do tecto eimagens em escultura) da Igreja Matriz de Santa águeda em Carl o, concelho de Alijó. Este estudoprocura realizar uma análise estilística e artística, em termos de planimetria, espacialidade, técnica,composi o e elementos estruturais e decorativos, quer na arquitectura, quer no espólio. Para o efeitorecorremos a uma metodologia de cariz qualitativo utilizando técnicas n o interactivas, como a consultade notas de campo e fontes e documentos históricos. Concluímos que a cren a religiosa, a fé no sagrado eos hábitos culturais s o mais importantes para as comunidades locais rurais do que as grandespreocupa es técnicas, artísticas e da evolu o estilística. Se por um lado, as obras extravasam os limitescronológicos comummente estabelecidos para os diferentes estilos artísticos, por outro elas recriam comintensidade a imagética sagrada e divina e as tradi es litúrgicas da comunidade original.
Perfil sociodemográfico e motivos do espectador de basquetebol
Biscaia, Rui Daniel Gaspar Neto;Correia, Abel Hermínio Loureno;Rosado, António Fernando Boleto;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências do Esporte , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-32892010000200014
Abstract: this study aimed to identify people's motives to attend basketball games and their socio-demographics characteristics. a total of 459 questionnaires were answered within eight play-off matches at the liga de clubes de basquetebol 2008 championship and through a factor analysis it was possible to identify that belonging to city and team, escape, family, knowledge of the game, physical skills, interest in player and drama are the most important motives. the demographics analysis suggests diversity in spectators according to age, gender, education level, household, income, geographical proximity, companion and basketball experience.
Metabolizable energy and amino acids relationships with the soluble fractions of protein and fiber of vegetable feed ingredients
Bellaver, Claudio;Zanotto, Dirceu Luís;Guidoni, Antnio Loureno;Brum, Paulo Antnio R. de;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982004000900013
Abstract: to estimate nutrient and energy digestion with animal from in vitro variables it is necessary to control factors that may interfere on digestion such as: source and concentration of digestor substance, as well as the origin and processing of test ingredients. in this study there were performed five laboratory assays, two with poultry and finally regression equations were established based on variables generated with twelve vegetable ingredients. the results showed that there is greater solubility of proteins with naoh than with koh. on average, both alkali produced better discrimination of soluble protein with concentration of 0.02% (range of 68.61%) in relation to a concentration of 0.2% (range of 37.97%). considering interaction between alkali and concentration, the best discrimination on protein solubility was reached with naoh at 0.02%. the methods of protein or fiber solubilization together with the chemical analysis showed significant results variation among ingredients and when they were used to estimate in vivo variables they produced good estimates. it was concluded that reliable digestion estimates for energy or amino acids from vegetable feed ingredients could be obtained from in vitro variables, when considering solubilities of protein and fiber with chemical analysis.
Estimativas das Exigências de Lisina e de Energia Metabolizável em Frangos de Corte de 1 a 21 dias de Idade, Utilizando-se uma Variável Multivariada Can?nica
Bellaver, Claudio;Guidoni, Antnio Loureno;Brum, Paulo Antnio R. de;Rosa, Paulo Sérgio;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982002000100008
Abstract: an experiment was carried out to evaluate the effects of metabolizable lysine (lm) and metabolizable energy (em) on uni and multivariable of performance and carcasses of broilers, maintaining the ideal protein balance. were used 2808 male chicks from a commercial line from 1 to 21 days and allotted to 104 pens. the treatments resulted from a factorial arrangement of three me levels (3,000, 3,100 and 3,200 kcal/kg) and four lm levels (0.92, 1.02, 1.12 and 1.22%) plus another treatment on which amino acids were supplied on total basis. eight replicates per treatment were installed according to the initial weight. diets were based in corn and soybean meal plus crystalline amino acids. the studied variables were related with the performance, tissue deposition and the multivariate canonical variable (can). the last was created from primary variables such as weight gain, feed intake and protein deposition in carcasses. there was significant effect for lm, me and the interactions on performance tissue deposition and can. by the broken line model, can allowed to estimate lm requirement at 1.18% when the diet has 3,000 kcal of me/kg. in this work, among studied models, the linear was better to estimate the requirement at 1.22 % of lm when diets contained 3,100 or 3,200 kcal me/kg, not reaching the optimum level, that could be at higher level.
Avalia??o da resistência ao cisalhamento do compósito Right-On em diferentes condi??es de esmalte
Pithon, Matheus Melo;Bernardes, Luiz Antnio Alves;Ruellas, Antnio Carlos de Oliveira;Romano, Fábio Loureno;
Revista Dental Press de Ortodontia e Ortopedia Facial , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-54192008000300008
Abstract: objective: to evaluate the shear bond strength of metallic brackets bonded with right-on composite under different enamel conditions. materials and methods: forty-five bovine permanent lower incisors were used, and were divided into three groups (n = 15). for group 1 (control), the bonding procedures were performed by using transbond xt according to the manufacturer?s recommendations, that is 37% phosphoric acid etching, washing, drying, application of primer xt and, finally, the bonding procedure itself. for the other two groups, the brackets were bonded by using the right-on composite. the bonding procedures for group 2 were performed according to the manufacturer?s recommendations, that is 37% phosphoric acid etching, application of the composite activation liquid, both on the etched surface and the bracket?s base, and insertion of the composite on the bracket?s base and bracket positioning. in group 3, the dental surface was etched by using transbond plus self-etching primer, and the composite activator liquid was applied on the bracket?s base only. following the bonding procedures, the shear bond strength test was performed by using an instron machine at the speed of 0.5mm/min. for mechanical tests. results and conclusion: results showed no statistical differences between groups 1 and 2 (p > 0.05). however, both groups were statistically superior to group 3 (p < 0.05). a greater number of fractures on the bracket/composite interface was evidenced by the ari results.
Estimativas das Exigências de Lisina e de Energia Metabolizável em Frangos de Corte de 1 a 21 dias de Idade, Utilizando-se uma Variável Multivariada Can nica
Bellaver Claudio,Guidoni Antnio Loureno,Brum Paulo Antnio R. de,Rosa Paulo Sérgio
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2002,
Abstract: Foi conduzido um experimento com o objetivo de avaliar os efeitos da lisina metabolizável (LM) e da energia metabolizável (EM) sobre variáveis uni e multivariada de desempenho e deposi o de tecidos na carca a de frangos de corte, mantendo-se as dietas equilibradas com base no conceito de proteína ideal. Foram utilizados 2808 pintos machos de linhagem comercial, com início no 1o dia e final com 21 dias de idade, distribuídos em 104 boxes. Os tratamentos foram resultantes de um fatorial de três níveis (3.000, 3.100 e 3.200 kcal/kg) de EM e quatro níveis (0,92, 1,02, 1,12 e 1,22%) de LM, mais um tratamento com as exigências supridas por aminoácidos totais. Foram utilizadas oito repeti es em cada tratamento, sendo blocadas por peso inicial. As dietas foram baseadas em milho e farelo de soja e aminoácidos cristalinos. As variáveis em estudo foram baseadas em desempenho, deposi o de tecidos e pela variável multivariada can nica (CAN), criada a partir das variáveis primárias: ganho de peso, consumo de ra o e deposi o de proteína na carca a. Houve efeito significativo da LM, EM e suas intera es sobre o desempenho, deposi o de tecidos e CAN. Pelo método da linha quebrada, a variável CAN permitiu estimar a exigência de LM em 1,18% na dieta com 3.000 kcal de EM/kg. Nesse trabalho, entre os modelos estudados o linear foi melhor para estimar a exigência de 1,22% de LM, quando as dietas contêm 3.100 ou 3.200 kcal de EM/kg, n o sendo alcan ado o ponto ótimo que poderá ser superior ao encontrado.
Triticale em dietas para frangos de corte
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2000,
Abstract: Foi realizado um estudo com o objetivo de verificar os efeitos da substitui o do milho pelo triticale em dietas para frangos de corte. Foram utilizados 1.560 pintos de corte sendo metade de cada sexo, os quais foram criados de 1 até 42 dias de idade. O delineamento experimental foi em blocos casualizados, com cinco tratamentos (T1=0, T2=25, T3=50, T4=75% de substitui o do milho por triticale e T5= uma dieta à base de triticale e farelo de soja). Utilizaram-se seis repeti es de cada sexo de 26 aves em cada tratamento. As dietas foram isocalóricas e isoprotéicas. Foi verificado efeito de sexo (P<0,05), exceto na convers o alimentar média na primeira fase. Os machos apresentaram melhor desempenho do que as fêmeas. A intera o entre sexo e tratamento n o foi significativa (P>0,05). De acordo com os resultados médios de desempenho, verificou-se que é possível substituir o milho por triticale em até 75%, sem afetar o desempenho. O uso do triticale será econ mico, em dietas para machos e fêmeas juntos, quando o seu custo representar 63, 46 e 45% do pre o do milho, nas substitui es de 25, 50 e 75%, respectivamente. No tocante ao T5, mesmo com desempenho inferior em rela o ao T1, é economicamente viável se o pre o do triticale representar 42% do pre o do milho.
Recria de bovinos Nelore em pastos de Brachiaria brizantha com suplementa??o protéica ou com acesso a banco de proteína de Leucaena lecocephala: características de fermenta??o ruminal
Manella, Marcelo de Queiroz;Loureno, Antnio Jo?o;Leme, Paulo Roberto;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982003000400028
Abstract: the rumen fermentative characteristics of nelore steers grazing brachiaria brizantha pastures (teste), or supplemented during the dry season (seca), dry and wet seasons (ano) or with free access to a leucaena bank (banco), in a randomized block design with four replications, were evaluated. the dry season supplement had 46.9% cp, 70% rumen degradable, and the wet season supplement, 43.9%cp, 60% degradable. rumen liquor was collected on august, november, february and may. the molar proportions of propionic acid in the supplemented animals were higher in august in the ano and seca treatment, and in the others periods animals in the treatment ano had greater proportions. similarly, the acetate:propianate ratio was lower in the supplemented treatments in all periods. the values of n-nh3 showed an interaction between period and treatment, with the animals receiving proteic supplement showing higher values in august (ano and seca), february and may (ano. urea nitrogen showed an interaction between period and treatment, with supplemented animals showing higher values in august (ano and seca), february and may (ano) than the other treatments, and in november the ano treatment was higher than teste only.
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